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June 8-10: Cornerstone Fellowship Maryland!  L. A. returns! 

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Here’s the review of Wathcers 4 – On the Edge 


Bob Ulrich of Prophecy in the News!


L.A. Marzulli, host of the wildly popular Watchers DVD series, loves to explore the world of the supernatural. His first three DVDs covered the strange events taking place outside the realm of the secular media—real footage of UFOs and the explosive Temple Mount event—the strange sounds emanating from both Heaven and Earth—the coverup behind the Shroud of Turin—and alien implants and interviews with the doctor who specializes in their removal.
His latest DVD in the series, Watchers 4: On the Edge, pushes the envelope even further in pursuit of the truth. We all know about the hybrid race that the Bible describes in Genesis 6. Fallen angels left their “first estate” and created a new hybrid breed—half angel, half human—the Hebrew calls them the Nephilim. But where’s the proof of these biblical giants? Marzulli tackles this highly controversial issue head on, hitting the road with his producer and partner Richard Shaw to interview the experts—authors, scientists, forensic archaeologists and professors and they get to the root of the legend. Were these giants really the cause of Noah’s Flood?
Near death experiences are another highlight of Watchers 4 as Marzulli interviews the leading experts in the field, one of whom shares his research into more than 3,000 case studies on heaven and hell. Have these people really seen the afterlife and come back to tell us about it? What proof do we have to prove that they’ve seen the other side?
And there is a lot more. Dr. Roger Leir returns with his latest alien implant research, more spectacular than ever. The roots of the Arab Spring are exposed in an exclusive interview with a source from inside Israel’s Parliament. Prophecy expert Chuck Missler joins L.A. for an interview and author David Brennan also makes a special appearance, sharing the spectacular news about what happens to countries that attempt to divide Jerusalem—mammoth disasters seem to occur within 48 hours of their divisive actions! Lastly, biblical numerology is discussed and exposed. What significance are the numbers 13-13-13 and the number 12,111 and how will these numbers affect our future? Are the Torah Codes real? Or just happenstance—the product of an overactive supercomputer ? This is easily the best Watchers DVD yet as L.A. and Richard continue to expand their production budget and our supernatural horizons.


Chitzen Itza Trip! 

Sign up now as I will be speaking on December 21, 2012 at the Mayan Temple!  We are raising money to get Russ Dizdar and Richard Grund on the Trip.  So far we have $2250.00 our goal is $12,000.  Donate now by going to the right side of this page and clicking DONATION.   I won’t go alone on this trip!  L.A.

Yucatan 2012

L. A. Marzulli will be speaking:  “Exploring the meaning and relevance of two myths and their relevance in this time of transition in 2012; the stories of the “watcher gods” in the first century text, “The Gospel of Enoch”, and the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent-god of the Aztecs. We will be examining correlations between these two in light of our contemporary times.”


L.A. Marzulli Speaking Engagements!

June 8-10: Cornerstone Fellowship Maryland!  L. A. returns! 

June 22-24:  Chicago Conference with Russ Dizdar:
July 6- 15:  Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference


July: 13 -15: BRANSON Prophecy Conference –
August 30:  September 1: Genesis Project
September 29: Newark Ohio with Russ Dizdar! (Details pending!)
October 13: Portland Oregon – Big Foot Conference!
October 20-21:  Just ADDED!  Conference with Dr. Stan Montieth -DETAILS COMING SOON!
 November Conference with Randy Demain
December 21: Chitzen Itcha, Mexico – Conference –
Links to all speaking engagements will be up soon! 
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Disclaimer: L. A. Marzulli speaks at a variety of venues that feature other speakers.
L. A. Marzulli in no way endorses or necessarily holds similar views, as those who share the platform with him, unless specifically noted!


In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Black Sea Ecologists Alarmed By Dolphin Deaths 

Black Sea Ecologists Alarmed By Dolphin Deaths


Manum Island’s volcano erupting 

Manum Island’s volcano erupting | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia


Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever

Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever | World news |


21 Signs That This Could Be A Long, Hot, Crazy Summer For The Global Financial System 

21 Signs That This Could Be A Long, Hot, Crazy Summer For The Global Financial System


Jordan clerics protest against government 

Jordan clerics protest against government – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


European bank bailouts signal crisis is gathering speed 

European bank bailouts signal crisis is gathering speed – The Globe and Mail


UFO close to Viking Town hovering over farmland roadway

UFO close to Viking Town hovering over farmland roadway | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

32 thoughts on “Watchers 4 – On The Edge!

  1. L.A.
    Finally; Watcher’s 4. It seems we’ve been waiting a long time for this one with expectation, of course.
    Order is in.
    God Bless.

  2. Doesn’y say much for the Black community, who profess Christianity, to have voted for alias BHO instead of a real Christian man, Alln Keys!!! I was ready to vote for him! I lived in Az with McCain(CFR) Az. :Good Ole Boy” and his scandels. Aong with his buddy Keating!

    related to the news/Watchers signs (Bilderbergs)

    • i liked Allen Keyes for a around the year 2000 right before he ran against BHO for a Senate seat; that is how Obama slipped in to the club. in that race when George W ran against Kerry? the RNC moved Allen Keyes to that district to provide a opponent who could articulate the anti-late term abortion position to clash with Obama’s Pro-abortion for everything as a money making industry. i had a strange feeling when Barak(sp?) won that he was going to end up president. i agree with Linda to a point. the Black electorate was cheated to get BHO for their first president. i like Colin Powell quite a bit but his wife strongly protested to him running in 2000.

    • i forgot, i do not believe the majority of the our Black brothers and sisters in Christ will make that mistake again and at least are going to hold him at his word for a “bright shining city on a hill” and why he is taking the fight to The Catholic Church and Billy Graham/Franklin Graham types. in BHO’s year 1 he disinvited Franklin Graham from the yearly Prayer Breakfast and Billy Graham invented it?????

    • Nick, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are bot CFR!! She a Methodist, or maybe Presbeterian I beieve and Prederist so taking Jerusalem away is the “right thing to do”

      I am not as sure of as you that the Blacks will not repeat their error! As Alan said who in their right mind with any human decency could vote for someone who would let a surviving baby of an abortion, just lay on a table in a empty cold room, alone to die=Nazi’s would. What’s their excuse?

      I think maybe the church needs to read up on CFR and all the officials/Exc., Media, Corp. in it, and also Prederists/ main-line churches. James Kennedy was at the for front!

      Billy Grahm was shunned as early as the 50’s for Ecumenicalism and he does not believe in Eternal Security, nor the Salvation Army for that matter! I think you can get info at Noise of Thunder radio/Chris Pinto. I forget. It’s well known and documented (maybe at Worldview Weekend w/Brannon House archives).

    • That strange feeling about Obama probably stemmed from their intro of an unknown as ‘presidential hopeful’ Barack Obama … before he had been elected to anything. Made it obvious someone was pulling his strings and pushing him onto us.

  3. Yesterday’s Prophecy In the News (“Syrian Support”) points out that with Turkey’s sudden abandonment of the Syrian rebels — allying instead with Syria, Russia, and Iran — the Ezekiel 38 lineup is now in place!

    Here’s the PitN video on YouTube:

    You may also be interested in the Debka article, Turkey ditches Syrian rebels. Will Israel attack Hizballah’s Scuds?

  4. Marc Rubio at The Council on Foreign Relations yesterday said “We have to get the general public ready for war with Iran”

    The scariest part of the statement is Marc is making statements from the CFR which means the CFR just told Marc we will be going to war with Iran soon.

    • I knew Marco Rubio was a traitor, he kept back from a vote ev. anti-Illegal Invasion Bill in Fl. and was united with the prev. Senator, Martinez who was connected to LaRaza. (I watched a video of him being introduced to LaRaza at a event. The Race! (Then there’s Sotamyer/Puerto Rican/LaRaza, SCJ!) Then Marco moved away from the Amnesty Issue and acted pro anti-Illegals and after elected wrote the new and improved Amnesty via their children!!! Now you say CFR well the proof is in the pudding as they say! He’s also not born here, but not to worry for a Vice Pres.!! The Florida Est. and Republican at large Establishment secured his election! A leopard NEVER changes his spots!!! A plant once again. CFR is to destroy the soverignty of Nations for the NWO, need we say more? I’m so sick of the liars anything for a buck and power!

  5. This just raised the stakes even more in the Middle East. Israel just hit another motherload of oil and natural gas up in Asher. See Genesis 49:20. As usual: No coverage in our media whatsoever.

  6. The Dark Side of Flying Saucers – Are We Dealing With Something Evil?

    Submitted by Sean Casteel on Tue, 03/01/2011 – 09:20st
    By Sean Casteel

    The mystery of just who is piloting the UFOs witnessed around the world since ancient times has many so-called “solutions. ” Working from the available evidence, one can argue for any number of interpretations of the phenomenon, and those interpretations run the gamut from the UFOs being an early harbinger of the Second Coming of Christ to an invasion by cold-blooded, methodical aliens bent on colonizing our planet by the skillful combining of our DNA with theirs.

    There is also this less frequently heard interpretation: that the present day UFO and alien abduction phenomenon are simply a modernized, more technological manifestation of the same demons that have tormented and sought to manipulate mankind since the beginning of time. In other words, the gray aliens are nothing new and their basic malevolent intent has never changed.

    This statement, by no less an authority than Lord Hill-Norton, the late five-star admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defence, helps to put that perspective into focus: “UFOs are essentially a religious matter rather than a military threat, and furthermore there is certainly a degree of psychic involvement in almost every case. Quite often, however, such experiences are definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian beliefs.”

    I recently took part in the writing of a new book on this darker side of flying saucers. The book is called “Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer.” A portion of the book is a reprint of an earlier book, circa sometime in the 1950s, by Cecil Michael, with which the later anthology shares its title. In the book, Michael describes a hellish abduction experience in which he visits the domain of the damned and is somehow miraculously returned and left coherent enough to write about the experience. Michael’s take on the subject is exactly the opposite of the majority of 1950s contactees, most of whom describe pleasant-looking, blond, Nordic aliens who compassionately warn mankind of his potential coming doom through nuclear warfare and environmental decay. cont…

  7. Yes!! Watchers 4 will be here soon. I just ordered 2. Can’t wait to see it. Thank you, LA., for doing this series. If only you could get it on the History Channel and give Ancient Aliens a run for its money.

    • I’m starting to believe the history channel has Ancient Aliens a running on a continuous loop. Every time I turn to the history channel there is Giorgio Tsoukalos and his hair in all its glory. They (the history channel) need to give Ancient Aliens a rest and put it on the shelf for awhile.
      The History Channel has a tendency to fixate on things to the point of lunacy .Bring back the documentaries.

      List of the top 10 shows on the History Channel
      1. 2012/Nostradamus predictions
      2. Pawn Stars
      3. Swamp People
      4. Ax Men
      5.Cajun Pawn Stars
      6.Hairy Bikers
      7.Ice Road Truckers
      8.Big Shrimpin’
      9.Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
      10.Full Metal Jousting

      Terrible programming. The only thing in common with actual History is the name of the channel. Seems American culture deteriorates more each year.

    • I like Only in America, and I did watch Hatfields and McCoys. It had some excellent acting, but pretty violent.

    • Hatfields and McCoys was a good movie.. Did you know the Hatfield–McCoy feud is also said to be the inspiration for a long-running game show, Family Feud, and some of the Hatfields and McCoys descendants actually appeared on the show in 1979? Also a fun fact is the character Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek was allegedly descended from the McCoys of the famous feud.

    • If you like Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy and you find him slightly entertaining as I’m sure some folks do, do yourself a favor and stay far away as possible from the film Tooth Fairy 2. That will be 90 minutes of your life you will never get back. It will ruin your opinion of him forever. Who green lights these films anyway? Tooth Fairy 2 makes the Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer look like a masterpiece

    • i’ll stay clear of that movie, thanks! Interesting info about the show, I just heard that guy who was host passed away a few days ago. We have a McCoy on our street ad some days I wonder if he’s related if you know what I mean!

    • My great great grandmother was a McCoy the daughter of Sam McCoy from the show Her name was Elizabeth McCoy and her first cousin was Jessy McCoy whom went to the Alamo…..and died there

    • I’ve never understood (well actually I do understand) why a channel called “The HISTORY Channel” would be so fixated on UFO’s. You would think that shows like “UFO Hunters” and “Ancient Aliens” would be the domain of “the Paranormal channel” or something. HC used to have a lot of good programs that dealt with historical events. Now they are ramming the ET agenda down our throats.

  8. Just ordered Watches 4 we can not wait to see it ! How is Dr. Leir doing? We just listened to your earlier radio show and were very saddened to hear of his illness….we are praying for him and we did make a donation

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