19 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio Returns! Thursday 7:30 pm (PST)

  1. I’m in the Eastern Time Zone. Ain’ no way I’m firing up your show at 10:30 pm my time and then trying to go to sleep right afterwards. 😉 I’m assuming the show will be “archived” somehow for us folks that may not be able to listen to it live to catch up with later? 🙂

    • Bruce Collins (Fringe Radio Network) does archive and is posted on Itunes as well. The network has a few other shows, and also posts old radio detective shows for fun. I like to podcast them then listen in bed.

  2. Glad to hear it. I work during those hours and may be able to listen to segments, but I hope the shows will be archived/podcast. I listen to podcasts of all my favorite internet radio shows almost exclusively.

  3. Yay!

    Is it just a half hour, then? I can’t find anything that gives the actual network schedule (not discounting my ineptitude as the explanation *lol*).

    • I could be wrong, but i don’t think it is 24 hour broadcasting.. yet. You can see the various shows listed, and archives are on Itunes as well. That’s where i usually get the shows, though i try to catch Marzulli live when i can.

  4. Hot dog !!! Thursdays just weren’t right with out the Spooky Mulder show. Congrats, glad yer back 🙂

  5. Hey everybody. Get your questions in so LA will do a regular Q&A broadcast.

    Q1. Have you thought about how many interpreters you might need at Chichen Itza?

    Q2. Thinking about end times troubles, why do you suppose that the Almighty let Job, Joseph, Daniel, etc. go through the traumas they did?

    Q3. Are you ok with having a fan following?

    Q4. What’s the topic for the next book? Video?

    Q5. Overcoming has 3 parts in the end time: a. By the word of their testimony, b. by the Blood of the Lamb, and c. they loved not their own lives unto death. You’ve got the 1st two nailed. What about the 3rd? What does it mean?

    Of course, you need not answer all or any of these. I often ask rhetorical questions. Just providing a warm-up.

    Grace and peace, brother! Congrats!

    • Q6: what’s the difference between a nephilim and a rephaim? What’s a rephaim exactly? Is it some sort of undead kind of thing

      Q7: although “alien” abductions are clearly demonic, what do you think about the possibility of alien life “out there”? What about “monuments” on the moon, mars etc.? If demons/nephilim, how did they do it? (My thoughts, ancient high technology looks incredibly unlikely as I heavily researched and debunked ancient aliens)

      Q8: who does Georgio T’s hair? Is it real or fake?

      Q9: What’s Georgio’s favorite sigourney weaver movie? (Hint, it’s not what you’d think!)

      Q10: La marzulli, a rabbi and a nephilim walk into a bar…

    • “Q8: who does Georgio T’s hair? Is it real or fake? Q9: What’s Georgio’s favorite sigourney weaver movie? (Hint, it’s not what you’d think!) Q10: La marzulli, a rabbi and a nephilim walk into a bar…” hahahahaha

      So, when L.A. needs a warm up act for his road show…..I vote for Frank the comedian! I can hear it now…….
      “I just flew in with L.A. and boy are my arms tired”

    • Daniel had a great life because he was obidient to the Word of The LORD by Jeremiah in 29.10-14, those 70 years had to be accomplished, the ones with far worse trial and toil were the ones that remained in the Land or fled to Eygpt.

    • Hey Nick,

      Granted those left behind had it worse, Daniel was apparently castrated early on, had the lion’s den trial, almost lost 3 friends in a furnace, had a crazy king (Nebuchadnezzer) to deal with, and was part of an enslaved people moved by force to a foreign land.

      Would you trade places?

  6. UFO sightings May 2012


    [25] And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

  7. There are whistle blowers and survivors of the Montauk Project that are claiming alien and Tesla etc, technology was used for mind control, teleportation and time-travel experiments in the US. According to the book of Enoch fallen angels (the Watchers) gave forbidden knowledge and technology to fallen humanity after the fall. Many Christian researchers believe entities we call “aliens”
    are simply the Watchers manifesting again to corrupt mankind in the times before Jesus’ second coming, The following video clip
    shows what happen at Montauk, New York in the early 80’s which put an end to the Montauk Project, Unfortunately whistleblowers
    are saying that this kind of alien inspired technology is still secretly being used to this present day,

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