Days of Chaos – The Demonic Manifests

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Hackensack Man Stabbed Himself, Threw His Skin And Intestines

Police: Hackensack Man Wayne Carter Stabbed Himself, Threw His Skin And Intestines At Officers « CBS New York

(Photo at left is a stock photo and only represents what may have occurred.  The photo does not imply that the person who is mentioned in the article looked this way, it is only to suggest what he may have looked like.  L.A. )

The link to the story above is prehaps one of the most bizarre I have ever read.  A man, who had locked himself in a room, began to cut pieces of his skin and intestines off his own body and throw them at police.  We don’t know the mental condition of this man, whether he was/is insane or perhaps demon possessed.  The way our media works, we may never know, as I believe the supernatural has been so dumbed down and ignored that many mental health professionals ignore the reality of the demonic altogether.   I have heard that the response to this type of behavior is to heavily medicate the patient.  This serves to keep the demoniac docile and so drugged up that the demon can’t manifest.

How does a person get to the point where they wind up cutting pieces of themselves and throwing them at police?  Here’s a passage of scripture that tells a similar story:

Mark 5: 1-10 They came to the other side of the sea, to the territory of the Gerasenes. When he got out of the boat, at once a man from the tombs who had an unclean spirit met him. The man had been dwelling among the tombs, and no one could restrain him any longer, even with a chain. In fact, he had frequently been bound with shackles and chains, but the chains had been pulled apart by him and the shackles smashed, and no one was strong enough to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and on the hillsides he was always crying out and bruising himself with stones

In this passage we see that this man had super human strength as he was able to free himself from the chains that the authorities had bound him with.  No one was able to subdue him.  He was also bruising himself with stones. Other translations say he was cutting himself.

The demonic is real and when encountered it can be shocking and deeply unsettling.  Those of us who are born again have authority over the demonic realm and that authority comes from our being born from above, in Messiah.  When we put on our daily armor we can rest assured that; greater is He that lives in me, than the scum-bag that lives in the world. (L. A. Marzulli translation)  In other words, we have authority over the demonic realm because of our relationship with Jesus.

In closing todays post:  I believe that we are moving into an unprecedented time.  It is a time of chaos and we are seeing the beginning signs of this manifest all around us.  Demonic possession is real.  Drugs serve as a catalyst that opens the doorway to the demonic realm, that of the second heaven.   I would suggest that in both these cases, that of the cannibal in Miami who was shot dead, and this man who was cutting pieces of his body off and throwing them at police, the demonic was manifesting.  There is much more to come as the church, for the most part refuses to educate and equip its people with the knowledge that we have authority to command the demons.  When we say, The Lord Rebuke you and in Jesus name, come out of him or her, we are activating our power in Messiah.  We are taking part in the war that is raging all around us.  We are helping to destroy the works of the Fallen One.  Declaring The Blood of Jesus, is one of our most powerful weapons and can send the demons fleeing.  It’s a pity that the police who arrived on the scene did not know this, as we are living in the Days of Chaos.



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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your watchers series as well as the messengers of deception! I watched you on Sid Roth and had wanted to watch your video’s for some time now, so i ordered them.  They really answered a lot of questions I had about the many deceptions going on and how satan uses all these different people to push his agenda.  The way you teach about the new age and other deceptions makes it very easy to spot now, which is awesome!!!! I do have a question though.  Have you looked much into the deception befalling the church via the Kundalini spirit??  I have recently been studying on this topic and have been very alarmed and greatly saddened by what I am finding.  I even see this manifestation in my family. Anyway, thank you for your work. The Lord has given you a very needed ministry to keep the eyes of His children open and watching in this crazy time we live in!
Thanks again!  God Bless
 Karen W.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains

Katla volcano (Iceland)

Katla volcano (Iceland): small earthquake swarm, but not likely indicator of activity in the near future


Volcano belches ash in Russia’s Far East 

Volcano belches ash in Russia’s Far East |Europe |


When The Derivatives Market Crashes 

When The Derivatives Market Crashes (And It Will) U.S. Taxpayers Will Be On The Hook


Executions reported in Syria 

Executions reported in Syria – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Syria’s Russian card,2506,L-4235233,00.html


Syria Houla massacre: ‘for hours I heard the screams of women and children, and always gunshots’

Syria Houla massacre: ‘for hours I heard the screams of women and children, and always gunshots’ – Telegraph


67 thoughts on “Days of Chaos – The Demonic Manifests

  1. It’s beyond words. Listening to folks trying to explain that stuff away with psychology and psychobabble goes past pathetic and delusional. Uttery depravity and it’s getting bad enough that the mainstream media can’t ignore it completely any more.

    A few others odds and ends.

    Cultural: Prometheus reviews are coming out. Spoilers ahoy but I know you and some others have mentioned this thing and the kind of cultural impact and furtherance of this “alien gospel” message it’s going to have and these reviews pretty much confirm all of that. and

    Alien Gospel ALL the way, wall to wall with a high end budget for the rest of the summer. It’s huge and not in a good way.

    Political: The real government, or part of it, the Bilderbergers are meeting again but I’m sure they’re just getting together to exchange golf and fishing stories and have a nice fun mini-vacation together. Nothing to see here. 😉

  2. I think you are so right, LA, that these things we’re observing are like the break in a log jam. The flood that might follow is staggering in its implications.

    Here’s yet another instance: GRAPHIC: California: American cage fighter ‘rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil’

    Also, in my devotions this morning, I read Prov. 30:14 and my mouth dropped open. Are we this generation?

    • Wow Kathy, that verse gave me cold chills. Thank you for sharing that! He has been confirming so much to me the last two days, this verse was just one more. I believe that we are this generation.

    • Me too! What exactly do you say when you plead the blood of Jesus? Just trying to equip myself and my children.

    • Any of that is good. The key to the whole thing is the name of Jesus/Yeshua getting mentioned in there. If you can’t say anything else, just call his name out! 🙂

    • What I was referring to is that even Michael did not dare to rebuke Satan(there’s some kind of authority and status, protocol that still is observed we do not understand as GOD allows him to enter his presence until the “time” is up and GOD casts him out of heaven to earth) he said the Lord rebuke you!

      Yes it’s in the precious Lord Jesus’s name/authority=Right Hand of GOD! His power and authority. Maybe it’s the absense of time and we are bound in time and space. Maybe it’s all like a quick succession and to us it’s almost 6000+yrs. We wonder how long, but to GOD it’s fast.

      We must stand in that authority of Jesus because He placed His Body in that authority. He gave us all things of His. We are “In Him” The Mystery Hidden in GOD before the Foundations of the World=Predestined.(Eph.) God chose to have us born at this very time, during a period of GRACE for HIS purpose, amazing and humbling!

    • An article in one of L.A’s past newsletters spoke of some Christians and non Christians and their encounter with Sasquatch creatures. I was a bit surprised that the Christians did not rebuke the creatures in the name of Jesus but to me seemed to be letting the creatures set the agenda even though one of the Christians said that it was the Christians who were going to set the boundaries. The Christians were aware that the creatures were evil but appeared to allow themselves to be manipulated.

  3. Well, that picture made my eyes hurt so bad that I had to go away for a few minutes before I could read the blog!!!! OUCH!
    The last headline: The “hours of screams of women and children and always gunshots” is a horrible thought. We always wonder and plan for what we will do when it all begins in earnest here but how horrifying will it be when we are hidden away in our chamber but must hear the carnage going on outside!
    Will we pray and sing louder to drown out the screams like those Germans did when the trains went past to the death camps during their church service?

  4. Very good post, as per usual. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, LA, and have always enjoyed the content (now if only I could afford your books and DVDs!). In any case, I decided to chime in the morning and say this: It could certainly all be drug-related, as well, but we must be open to the demoniac idea, especially considering the “growling.” I’ve studied LSD and have always had an interest in the effects of hallucinogenic mind-altering drugs, and the effects of the brain, what people see, their stories, the schizophrenia, how the mind reacts or slumbers, etc. I think of Syd Barrett who went completely insane after experimenting with hallucinogenics; particularly mushrooms and LSD. It only takes ONE TIME and it could be the final trigger that sends that person’s mind into Darkly Abodes. LSD and other hallucinogenics can open up the demonic realm.

    One case that I’ve always enjoyed and have had an interested in is the case of Daniel Paul Schreber (, who I believe was absolutely possessed by demons. Of course, Schreber is known for his popular book, “Memoirs of My Nervous Illness,” which became one of the most “influential books in the history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis thanks to its interpretation by Sigmund Freud.” If you are not familiar with this book or this case. I highly recommend it, particularly since we believers can look at it from a biblical lens and see what was really going on in this man’s psyche’, which was an obvious demonically-influenced psychosis, based on the accounts of his experiences.

    There is another case that I also find interesting and highly recommend and that it is the case strange ‘trips’ and drug-experimentation of artist/writer Henri Michaux ( who delved into Buddhist philosophy and other ruinous motives. Michaux’s experimentation with Mescaline after his wife died in 1948 produced “deeply disorienting often traumatic experiences” which lead him to write about his experiences, which became the book, “Miserable Miracle.” Fascinating what he speaks about in these texts–some of them mind-bending–but he was obviously in a demomic realm. You can read several chapters from the book here: — If interested, that will give you some insight and see how the mind can be unlocked and the gateways of the demonic realm is opened.

    With that said, Satan’s days are numbered, closing in day-by-day, and considering the fact that Satan doesn’t know “the number” that God has before He tells The Son to “go get the Bride!” Satan must be trembling on a daily basis; he’s working overtime, as man totally annihilates the planet under the guidance of “the god of this world.” The news will only grow worse.

    God Bless you, LA, and to all of the readers/posters! The clock is ticking!

  5. Just went and read that story about the man who was throwing his entrails at the police man. You posted the perfect verse to decribe that incident. Mark 5:1-10 that demon possessed man was doing the exact thing.
    Well Mr. Marzulli, if that picture wasn’t of that man who on earth was it? Is that what the eyes of a demon possessed person looks like? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one myself.
    Have a great day:)

    • When I was younger, I was in this group called AWANAS?, any how I remember going to a house of a warlock somewhere in Pasco County Florida. My youth minister, I think his name was Paul, took me and we (mainly him) witnessed to the woman of the house. Her husband was not available.

      I remember being in the Navy and one of my fellow classmates was a practicing Satanist. He talked about his sexual conquests and how he convinced his girlfriend to abort her baby. He didn’t believe in taking baths when he could get away with it, consequently he stunk. He didn’t want to hear about Jesus Christ and he was blasphemous when he could be, until we quit talking about Christ. He got quite angry and was filled with hate. The closest time I came to someone who I thought was “possessed” was when I was driving home from work one night and noticing a lady of the night. I got one look in her eyes and felt unsettled. Partly maybe because I shouldn’t have looked at her with a brief sexual curiousity not that I really wanted her in that way but I was curious to say the least b/c if you see a hooker there’s this brief thought of the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and there were those eyes- Hollow, looking for destruction, almost glowing seemingly silver. The woman with those eyes looked tired and run down but she was walking with purpose to only God knows where….

      About Face food Bernadette, I was just using that as an expression. You know, instead of fingerfood… facefood since the man was eating the man’s face in Miami. Of course, Hannibal Lecter said the cheeks were the best portion to eat. Also, Guy Fieri has said that cheeks of swine are the best parts to eat of a pig.


    Listening to this on audiobook right now and praying that we, the church, wake up fast and get equipped. Thanks for keeping this in our face, L.A. It is so horrific that it is hard to face. I am so sad for this world and for what is coming. Let us pray for the Lord to send workers into the harvest and to raise up an army of L.A.’s and Russes. That is my prayer.

  7. I’d agree these were both totally demonic. Who’s to say mental illness isn’t caused by the demonic in the first place?

    Drugs also serve as a gateway as LA said. U not only have all those ayawasca stories as proof, but I knew a guy who used to do meth, and he told me he used to hear voices when he was high. That, and he wouldn’t have to eat or sleep for days.

    • Great post Frank, I often wonder the difference. Lets say someone suffers from either OCD, anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, tourettes syndrome, phobia’s, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder), sleep paralysis, or epilepsy. Sadly some of these conditions have been mistaken in the past as demon possession,
      Are the people suffering from these illnesses possessed by an evil spirit? Probably not, they may be oppressed by these spirits (especially with depression), but possessed, I don’t think so.
      I think the difference is, demon possession comes with increased strength, hatred towards any kind of Christian intervention. Really the most effective way to determine the difference is to have medical experts examine the person. If a psychiatrist or neurologist can’t find an explanation it becomes less likely that the problem is natural in origin. Medication is another good indicator. While not every medication works on every psychiatric patient no medication exists that will treat demonic possession. If medication alleviates the problem it becomes more likely the case is psychological in origin not spiritual.
      The last and most important indicator is preternatural phenomenon. The fact no mental illness can be found is not proof a person is possessed. Tests are fallible, and medications do not have 100% success rates. If objects move in the person’s presence without being touched, the person abruptly gains the ability to speak a language they were never taught (meaning a real identified language like Latin or Hebrew not simply something that sounds like a language), shows knowledge of things they have no possible way of knowing, or reacts violently to the presence of blessed objects even without being aware of them it becomes clear something unexplained is going on.

      By the the photo of the red eye, I feel asleep one night a few years ago with my contacts on, I was not far from that pic, I had to go to the ER…I had zombie golf ball eyes for a few days. I was a cross between a zombie and Marty Feldman. The lesson of that night was never fall asleep with your “daily wear” contacts on. Even the ER doctor has problems prying them loose…

    • Ditto for you matt.

      I agree that oppression is likely the cause, that’s what I meant instead of posession, tho not to rule it out.

    • I knew a guy with OCD and his tic was he was obsessed with reading manhole covers, Im not joking. He couldn’t go anywhere that had manhole covers as it would take him hours to walk just a few blocks. Some of the people I know in this group at my church are what they call pickers…they pick their own skin until they have scabs. Some are cutters. They cut themselves and its gives them mental relief and or pleasure to do this.
      On the other hand you have people that pierce every inch of their body with safety pins, or get tattoos form head to toe, even get permanent vampire teeth, anyone that mutilates their body to me is dealing with evil spirits to even be drawn to that lifestyle. Might not be demon possessed but im sure they have a large influence of their lives.

    • It’s not “actually” bath salts, like you would find at bed, bath and beyond. They package it like that so they legally can sell it in the open. That is because it hasn’t been classified as a controlled substance.

  8. Something strange going on at Toronto airport yesterday

    So we flew from Bologna Italy to Frankfurt Germany to Toronto yesterday and then on to Denver. When we landed in Tornonto there were security cars at every taxi runway with a security guard standing outside the car next to each car? Standing Why Standing?

    If you’ve flown anywhere lately you know there are dozens of taxi runways going inbetween the takeoff and landing air strips that go to the main terminals. Total I would guess there were 20 to 30 security cars with security guards standing up next to them? These taxi runways were only 25 to 50 feet apart so seeing a security guard and security car that close was extremely odd. What was also weird was that there were cars drivng along side the landing runway and the car going along side the runway had to stop at each checkpoint and check in. That was every 25 to 50 feet? Why check in with each security car?

    We when we got off the plane before we entered the terminal there were three armed guards in black informs with guns and no distinguishable badges. Each requesting to see our passport before we entered the terminal.

    Our passports and boarding passes were checked at luggage and then 3 separate times at customs. We were checked at the gate desk and then at the gate and then the pilots and stewardesses checked both our passports and boarding passes before boarding?

    I have never seen a pilot check boarding passes or a passport for that matter?

    When we flew to Denver there were no security guards and it was business as usual and Denver is the Fort Knox of Airport security nationwide

  9. Been a few years. Rubio and girlfriend Camacho, an illegal visitor from Mexico, killed their 3 children and decapitated them. Drugs were involved, and sex, and witchery, but they said it was demons.


    Whether you call it abnormal psychology, or temporary insanity, or a bad drug trip, or bad upbringing, or demonic possession — I don’t make such distinctions. It’s the same wickednesses behind all of it. And connects right back to the rebel angels including satan.

    Why buy into the word games? Illegal immigrants aren’t immigrants. Evolution doesn’t mean any type of change. The problem is sin.

    The solution is Jesus Christ / Yeshua Messiah.

    And my name is written in Heaven because of Him sacrificing himself on the Cross, resurrecting and ascending to the Throne of Heaven. He saves. He enables us to overcome even the darkness and not give in.

    • I soooo agree, Nome! Illegal immigrants should be called international trespasser/invaders not to mention thieves for stealing our tax dollars to get so many entitlements! Legal immigrants have to do it the hard way!
      And also agree that “evil” just kinda covers it all! And evolution should be called the theory of mutants…..wonder if there would be so many adherents if they had to say they had mutated instead of evolved?

    • Hehe Elaine! “foreign invaders” seems exactly right to me. I reckon I should rebuke that tresspassin’ invader spirit in Y’shua’s Name same as I would any mutant alien invader.

      Glad you responded since now I have opportunity to activate the spiritual and other dimensional walls and protective devices our wonderful Creator has put in place for just such situations…..

    • I agree Nome and I post comments re. the Ilegals and in correspondence to my Congressman and Senators I always use “ILLEGAL INVADERS”, I hope they think I’m shouting 🙂 !! They are Treasonous/Traitors to our Constitution they pedged to protect by allowing a foreing entity in mass enter our borders without restraint, or declare war on that country! That would not work well with their North American Union and the roadway construction, ports being built in Mexico/US/Canada and their Global one world everything! They do NOT intend to stop this plan and NO one is getting in the way of it either, 2012 election, impeachment, Romney, nothing!!! The Fix is IN. If you are not for it you are the enemy!

      Be glad your name is written in Heaven and you are in Christ, hidden and the child of GOD, beloved as Christ is Loved by the Father. Such Precious Blood that would wash away my sins and make me right with GOD again! Seat me with Jesus at GOD’s Right Hand.

  10. This kind of stuff with people attacking other people and eating their faces or slicing peices of their bodies off and throwing their stomachs at people is just shockingly insane! It upsets me because I always wonder what is going through these people’s minds as they are commiting these unspeakable acts twards someone or themselves. What kind of torment are they experiencing inside?! These kind of reports have not just recently been happening…they have been happening for a long time. I am reminded of a man, I believe in New York, some years ago that had parts of his mother in a frying pan when the police found him. However, I am on board with the idea that these things happening now are signs of what is coming to the world. It most certainly is demonic. I am a Christian and I believe that these cases smack of demonic possession full stop. 20 years ago I began entertaining the thoughts of ufo’s and what they might actually be. I watched a video taped lecture by a professor who was a Christian ufologist. He was warning people back then that it was a deception. Not until recently have I heard certain bible teachers, whom I have a tremendous respect for, eluding to the nephilim and ufo’s. I’ve been trying to study up as much as I can so that I understand the nephilim of the past and the nephilim now. I believe that it is essential to have on the armor of God and I pray for protection over my household and especially my children. I believe that God protects us. I’m not the kind of Christian that hunts devils, I don’t want anything to do with them. I’m not a power hungry person. I just want to be equipped to deal with situations as they arise and to be able to help equip others to do the same. I don’t really understand why pleading the blood of Jesus is essential in dealing with demons. I mean, when a demon discerns the real Jesus in you they will know the authority from which you speak and react accordingly right? This is a sincere question and if someone would like to respond I would love to hear any input. God bless.

    • I think verbally pleading the blood of Jesus is vital…..the demon may sense but not know that there is no chink in your armor unless you say it. Only God is omnipotent and only God knows our heart! By saying they would just know is elevating them to a status they do not have or deserve!

    • Didn’t Simeon the magician try that and the demons attacked him and he was rebuked by the Apostles. Even Satan knows and fears the name of Jesus and cursers can use it often, but only those who have placed all confidence/Trust i the finished work of Jesus, The ONLY Begotten Son of the Father, the 2nd person of the trinity can claim that authority. God doesn’t even hear the prayers of the unrighteous(unsaved) the Bible says. HE may show mercy where HE will, but they are outside. Jesus showed an example with the Samaritan women as the dogs, but she showed such great Faith, that she declared even the dogs eat the scraps under the table and he gave her her miracle because of her FAITH.

      If you come up to something like that, or an alien aka demon/Nephilim you better be in the Faith, or watch out! Remember the one who said Jesus we know, but who are you? They were outside of the Faith, outside of the Power given to Jesus by GOD as the Godman, fully GOD and fully man. IN Him we have access to that power, ouside of Him we are acting in vain. Saying the name isn’t magic it is His Person as All Authority! This I say for anyone reading here that might not be IN Christ yet.

      “In Ephesians 1:13 the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul declares that men are saved and sealed by hearing and BELIEVING the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your Salvation. Therefore, here, now, is declared unto you the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your Salvation: “that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. BELIEVE today. The time is short. (from)The Lion and Lamb Ministry Pastor David Picos, D.D.
      Minister and Ambassador for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20)”

      Maybe we should end ev. we post how he does it, so anyone has a chance to hear!!

    • Good point, Linda! It never entered my mind that someone unsaved might use His name as a charm!!!!! And yeah, I bet it would be worse for anyone who used it that way!
      Hmmm, imagining the scenario the other day in Miami….from what we know now about the victim and his history of being drunk and disorderly as well as homeless….how likely is it that he took the Lord’s name in vain when that demon possessed thing first grabbed at him…..I wonder….could something like that have enraged the devil even more just hearing His name but used by someone without the authority to use it?

    • Daniel E. as Christians/The Body of Christ(Eph.) we have no authority except that In Christ. We are taught he is our mediator between God and man, He is our propiator also. We are dead in our flesh, In Christ we are alive. We go and make are pleas to God in His name. God only sees us now still in our unclean flesh through Jesus/His Blood Atonement. Through our new placement “imputed” as Righteous and an organic member of His Body. ie. we are His hands, fingers legs feet etc. We are His Ambassadores to the world for Reconcilliation(to GOD).( (2 Cor. 5:18-20)

      If they will believe the Gospel of Salvation and place their complete reliance on Christ(Who He is & Finished work on the Cross and His Resurrection to The Right Hand of GOD/Authority they are saved!!. As 2nd person of the Godhead he now will always be seen by us as in His Human form, but suited for the 3rd heaven. (so will we one day) He will be like that in the 1000yr Mil. also when ev. knee shall bow and call Him Lord!

      So using His name is everything! Since we are ONLY alive in Him! (the New man) Dead in trespasses in our flesh. Hope that helps. 🙂

      He is Supreme in ALL things! Whether the devil and demons can surmise a believer or not we don’t know unless the devil has accused us before God and then Jesus declares us as IN Him and Righteous, which must INFEARIATE him all the more so on goes the attacks! Be Born from Above and Rest IN CHRIST JESUS!
      (Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved!)

    • Thank you Elaine and Linda for your responses. I should have framed my question a little different I think. I am a born-again Christian and at second glance I can see how it might have been understood differently. My line of thought was about the nessecity of “pleading the blood of Jesus” not about speaking with the authority of Jesus(or speaking in Jesus’ name). Yeshua is my Salvation…without His blood covering my sin I would be a lost sinner on my way to hell instead of now being a sinner saved by Grace thru Faith in Him. I pray for protection and that His hand would be upon our family. I heard L.A. speaking about “sleep paralysis”…I have had many frightful experiences with that in the past as well as just waking up and being in total fear knowing that there was an evil presence in my room. I can tell you for a fact that calling upon Jesus will make it stop and or leave. L.A. is absolutely right about that and the feeling of utter fear melting into the Peace that only comes from God is almost overwhelming. He truly loves us and is there for us. Perhaps I am just hungup on semantics but I do think that many Christians put their faith in the practice of “pleading the blood of Jesus” and put their faith in the name Jesus like it is a majical phrase or majical name. It is not the name Jesus that demons can’t handle…it is person of Jesus. If you truly have the Spirit of God in you and speak with the authority of Jesus(in His name) a demon will know what’s up. I certainly don’t want to be seen as being contentious, please forgive me if it reads that way. I am just concerned that many are using a fork to eat their soup. Like I said, it may just be semantics but I have been told many times that I do have to say the words “I plead the blood of Jesus over…”

    • Hi Daniel, I thought you were a Christian 🙂 I think I see where you’re coming from. I don’t think you need to “plead the Blood”, I don’t know what they may be meaning. I never heard Peter, Matt. etc. doing that. I don’t recall Paul instructing us on that. I am not an authority lol Maybe more of man’s Traditions” unless I’m wrong.

      I mentioned some things more for viewers who may not understand Christianity, only “religion” and may not understand the position a believer is put in.

      I also once in my first yr of marriage had an encounter. I was raised Catholic until Soph. yr. I was a rebel to Catholic Doctrine esp. the Pope and confessing to a “man” as if he had power like that. Anyway my Cath. experience was scarring as I was not a nice little compliant thinker lol So this exp (then converted to Luthern and married to one, and my father was one also) I was dabbling with Astrology it was late 60’s! I had been mad at God prev. “if HE was asst with Catholic in any way” I fell asleep on the sofa and an entity appeared on the ceiling like a cloudy mass if I recall. I was so terrified, the presence of fear was so great!!! I think after I was abe to move(like paralysed) in my mind or maybe under breath I call out to Jesus it left and I ran to my bedroom. My husband asked if I had a nightmare I couldn’t speak, only mutter yes at that point and I was breathless. So I know the demonic realm is real and I had a few more terrifying dark experiences where the presence was with me in the car and meaning me harm. One was a suggestion to my mind like talking, to take the cut through a roadwork area near my apt. Dark and sort of deserted. I didn’! Another on a dark road in the country suburb going to a friends for a get together. Who knows what “it” had planned! Once yrs later an audible voice in my mind (I was now Born again) it was during a financial mess in Real Estate and it said plain as day “why don’t you kill yourself” I blurted out, oh Satan you over played your hand now, be gone in the name of Jesus! I was mad and shocked and stated it with anger and fury and authority! lol Righteous indignation I guess. Power from the HS (I was in the word reading a lot at the time! I’m curious if anyone hear can show us where you are instructed in the word to plead the blood. I’ve heard it also. I know it says “in the name of Jesus”

    • Hi Linda, what a wonderful testimony you must have! I think a lot of ppl get involved in occult things because they desire to be a part of something spiritual. The devil sure makes these things seem so appealing sometimes. I know that the enemy has tried to spiritually seduce me in the past. I remember watching a movie called Spellbinder. The whole time I remember thinking”this isn’t cool…I should turn it” but I just continued to watch. After the movie was over, my sister and me looked at eachother and told eachother that we had strong feelings of curiosity and pullings to know more about the occult. It was very strange considering that we know better. The enemy was trying to seduce us away from our faith.

      My wife has a wonderful testimony as well. She was saved out of Wicca. She was always doing spells and reading cards for people. Long story short, I gave her a book to read called This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. I was there when she turned the last page. She got out of her chair, gathered up all of her occult materials and paraphinalia in a pile on the floor and and gave her life to Jesus. She also verbally renounced her involvement with the occult. Nobody led her to do or say any of this, it just came out. She said that when she turned the final page, that everything in her head went dark and she saw Jesus standing way off in the distance and He was showing her that she was going to go to hell. Jesus revealed the occult to her. She sais it is like a veil was torn down and what she was involved in was exposed for what it truly is. She wept. What a wonderful God! He is full of mercy and grace! Time and time again now I have heard similar stories of ppl that have come out the occult. Praise God!

    • What I saw was people all around me(Catholics) family etc. we lived 3 blks from church and I went from 1st to 10th grade where Mother Superior and I parted waves and I won’t repeat wher I told her to go! She dogged me ev. step I walked and so did the nuns I was invoved with why, I was ichabod my dad was Luthern and I asked questions they could NOT answer. I saw through their hypocrasy! I still cry when I remember back the cruelity I wa shown! Even the Mother Superior with her spys warned my girl friends that if they attended my wedding(Luthern/Luthern Church they would be expelled! So my dearest friend could not be there. I may be the only one not divorced (1964)etc.! It took until 30+ yrs before I felt I had any worth because of them! I just found w/Cath. so false and empty, lighting candles, praying to saints, jenuflecting, Holy water it was not a stretch to look into astrology which seemed more real! I read Hal Lindsay’s book The Late Great Planet Earth a co-worker (Believer) gave me and I saw Hell running at me and I quit it all. I/we also attended a Bible study the man and his wife held in their home and it was beautiful! Every step of the way God placed someone in my path to bring me along. Even an overbearing Penticostal where we moved to who asked me if I was saved(very legalsticly) I was so annoyed I took her up on her visit her church offer and became Born Again. I knew and believed who Jesus was, but I guess with Cath. law with a dab of Jesus I felt I never measured up for Him to be mine. In school they always found some fault and made me do more and then I’d get my grade ie. I did a work on communism, asked to lecture the class, did 25 resources (I had to take a bus downtown to ref. library)and then because I was hurrying to finish up note cards to turn in and I didn’t sign ea. one I got an D or F(?) and if I did 25 more I could get a passing grade. By then I was so angry and discouraged I told my NUN/teacher I quit the Catholic Church and I was leaving, she was quite upset as it would go to the POPE!!! You don’t quit and are never not counted as Catholic! I could not take tests since my mother owed for 2 wks.Tuition, she got pd. ev. 2 wks and the MS would not extend to me to pay after tests. Mind you some got free tuition for just helping in cafeteria! We always pd ontime and my mom was paying for 2 childrens Cath. school (my brother/who is still not saved=all roads lead to God) my dad was alcoholic and not much of a provider! That’s when I told her to shove her school and church up it! Well I was a youth with a strong opinion!! She was a beast with power! I have many more situations and I have a strong detest for Catholicism.( I know they are blind 🙂 ) They are also very hard to reach! Sorry long, but ev. has baggage and it adds to our paradigm ! That’s why we are to keep renewing our minds through the word! A good washing!!

    • Oh I am not Penticostal lol It wasa non denominational church and the first Bible study I attended there was John, I cried for one yr hearing how God loved me!!! I tear up even as I write it! The Cath. around me wee such phoneys it drove my dad away. They did the rituals and felt approved, confessions, candles etc. and then lived as they so chose! God w/o power just up there if they needed something, maybe! That’s what my dad saw as they admonished him to be Catholic! My unce was a Deacon and NO grace there either. When he died he didn’t want himat his church, my mom knew he wouldn’t want a priest. I found a sweet Pastor who did the service and you would have thought he knew him all his life!=GOD did that!!

    • Wow Linda…sounds like things were a little rough early on. Yes there are many things about Catholicism that prove it is not a true Christian belief system. You can not practice Roman Catholicism without sinning bottom line. I’m sure there are saved Catholics out there but I also think God is telling them “come out of her my people”.
      I grew up in a non-denominational church. There were truly saved, very loving people and there were also fruit loops and power hungry pharisee types as well. One thing that was very hard for me was sitting through a session of dualing tongues. You always knew, without fail, if so and so’s tongues sounded louder and better then so and so would get louder and better sounding. Every demon you could think of was bound twice a week. I was really struggling with this because there were things going on certain doctrinal positions that seemed off to me. When I would question them and point out scriptures to back up my questions, I was told that I was being legalistic and to just yield to what was going on. So I stayed. I will never forget on a Wednesday night when it was offering time…everyone took out there wallets and checkbooks, held them up and started pray/yelling to the angels to go and fill their wallets in Jesus name. These people were getting into it too! I split man. That was the last time I attended services there. I loved those people but to this day, to them, I am marked. I am the pharisee, I am the divisive one, I am without love, I am rebellious, etc. The pastor warned people to be careful about talking to me saying I was deceived by the devil. This all went down in 1996′ or 97′. To this day, some of them would probably spit on me if others wouldn’t be around to see it. For many years I walked around with a big open wound from this. I mean I was hurt deeply! For a period of time, it was like that wound got infected and it started making me sick(spiritually speaking). The Lord really had to deal with me on some things. Mainly all the sin in my heart from that untreated infection. Man that was a rough time. Praise God for new days! Amen?!

    • Oh! The 90’s esp. late, Mega Churches modeled after man’s idea of big congregations big money we had a Texan/Bus Consultant I guess come in to ours(AZ. )to convice us the $3mil purch. of the Baptist church now needed to become the fellowship hall. Yeah we had tongues and almost had Binny Hinn until the Pastor wised up, or saw something not advantages!! I read tongues comes from the Babylonian Rel. Touching and pushing over. Opening the 3rd eye at the touch etc. Have to go back and see if I can find it. The Babylonians even had the “Baptism” . The water touched with a torch to purify and then the sprinkling!! How many Protestants and Catholics due this. We are not Baptized to be saved we are to BELIEVE! Semiramis was the Redeemer, and Tammuz was Nimrod Incarnate, He slipped into the background and she became everything, (Queen of Heaven sound familar?) She was the dove/ HS and so the Baptism.(Pure in her). Everyone should read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hissop! Cathoicism takes ev. from that Rel=Semiramis/Mother+Child worship!

      So we are being healed and renewed in our spirit as we allow God/HS help us. Yeah it all still hurts. Woe to them! Shamans speak in the same tongue. I got clear of that stuff! The Church is a mess and needs correct teaching=good luck on that one! Everyone once again does what is right in their own eyes. They like “Books”. They have “arrived” and not in need of reproofing what they have learned in case something is “off” We should desire to study scripture and if we then see something is in error the teaching or our ideas correct it! Not today this is my truth and I’m sticking to it! 😦

      Thank You for your sharing and responses to me! 🙂 They’re their own problem not you amazing you stayed so long! We are told to mark false prophets/teachers/people who have another Gospel so no one else falls in their trap!

      The church has confused “judging their motives and salvation with “marking” error. Again a mess! No discipline being done either!

    • Yes Linda, I have read The Two Babylons. It is amazing that that book was written over 100 years ago. My wife asked me to loan it out to a guy she worked with and I never saw it again…oh well, I pray things were revealed to him and he passed it on to another. I wasn’t done with it though but I sure did get quite a bit of history from what I did read.
      I stayed at the church I was talking about because it was my home church. My father founded that church when I was a boy. At the time, my family was in the mission field thousands of miles away and these people were my family. I grew up with most of them. That is why that situation was so hard for me. A lot of opposition to what I was asking or saying was, I believe, automatic responses. When I think about it, when I was coming up I don’t really ever remember being taught anything but to think that “we had the truth” and stay away from Baptists “they will kill your faith”. Stuff like that. Almost all of the teachers and “prophets” I listened to pretty much would make you feel like if you didn’t believe the way they did then you might get sick and die, especially if you spoke against them or their teaching. It really is sad. Very cultish in my opinion. People are subtlely controlled by fear and the idea of being ostricized(sp?). Your put on the spot with having to choose.
      I am actually looking for a church right now. We had been attending a Baptist church in town(we live in the country) that we really liked but it really is more of a social club type and I’m just not into that. The Lord knows where we’re at and He will lead us to the right fellowship. It gets discouraging sometimes given the fact that over the years we have been to so many churches looking for a home. I just want to find a church…go in, worship, fellowship, be a blessing where I can, and be fed by someone who actually has the gift of teaching. Apart from the internet, that’s a hard thing to find around here…lol. I’d like to find a good Calvary Chapel or a squared-away non-denominational church. Perhaps, home fellowships are where it’s at. I’d even be happy with a moderate Pentacostal church, and I do mean moderate. Can’t put the gifts above the giver and certainly one that does not abuse the gifts. Too much control and the Spirit can be quenched…absolute lack of control and you could get a spirit masquerading as the Holy Spirit.

      Be blessed Linda…I like the video 🙂

    • I gave up looking! They are all weird around here small bdr comm. They are clickish and new age,dull/lifeless and satelite of some social club. The one before this (Ind. Baptist) signed on as a satellite to Bill Hybels Chuch, Ill. It Went Purpsose DrivenNew Age and drove out the old etc.! I taught a Sunday Sch.class it was sad, but had to go!! Sad your own “Home” Church!! I know we can all tell the tales of churches!!! A few of us have her lol

      Go to Mike Hoggards Ministry, the site where his church is and he gives away all,, books videos etc. you are encouraged to copy, and spread far and wide. He has some good YouTube video teachings on everything going on. He is gifted to see Numbers,repitition etc. in the scriptures and then zeros in on the various subject. He says you can find and undrstand al going on right in thr KJB, you can also download and read on line if you choose. He will take a donation as led, but never chgs. He has The Two Babylons!! 🙂 I thought I’d get one and mail to my friend who’s alone all the time, a church, but still alone(they/married). I’ll donate as I can for it! 🙂 Will be after he fact as small fixed income! Soon none if Obama has his way!! I’ve always been prvided for by GOD in all situations and HE will as I need it 🙂

  11. Thirty years ago I was working in a public library — in this case, a small branch library in the inner city — and of course we had our share of the strange people who like to hang out at public libraries.

    There was one woman we saw occasionally, a short Latina in her 30s or early 40s with a shaven head. She was antagonistic and almost certainly had some sort of mental problem. She was difficult to deal with, didn’t like people staring at her, had a tendency to make sudden odd and/or hostile remarks out loud, and resented being told her behavior was unacceptable inside our building.

    My favorite story about her was once when I told her to leave because of the noise level, she responded that I couldn’t tell her that — because her brother was a lawyer [Oh-oh, I thought, he’ll sue the City and I’ll get in trouble]. But then she continued, “and my sister is a cosmetologist, and I have rights!” Well, I am cursed with a logical mind, and it was difficult to keep a straight face. After all, if the fact that your sister is a cosmetologist gives you the right to ignore Library rules….

    But anyway, another time I looked her in the eye … and I would swear that there was something feral, knowing, possessive, gloating — and utterly non-human! — inside her eyes looking out at me.

    If you’d asked me before that if I believed in demon possession in our modern times, I’d have waffled. Never since.

    • I once had a possession of two people happen in my own house…my brother and his wife. It was truly bizarre and dangerous. A cop told me to get out of there and get a PPO against my own kin because “That psycho “_____” isn’t going to stop”
      Strong language!
      At one point (I don’t know why I did not know to plead the Blood of Jesus then or why I did not command the evil to be gone completely but it was a very nerve wracking time!) but I did say to her, “In the name of Jesus Christ, be silent foul spirit” and she did not say another word to me for 2 weeks and then just some mumbles as I had friends and the police there to move me out of the house! Very creepy!

    • JLL…I know exacly the look that you are talking about. That is such a perfect description…I have experienced that before and I could feel the hatred too. It was weird because it was at a gathering with many believers around. We all used to go to church together. I tried to tell some people that this lady had something going on and that I could see it…I told them to look at her eyes, but no one knew what I was talking about. I will never forget that day as long as I live.

    • Sorry you had to go through that Elaine, sounds like a scary situation. I liked the fact you took control and said “be silent foul spirit” and she did not say another word to you for 2 weeks. Do you suppose this also works for mother-in-laws?

  12. One day my mom and I were shopping in Ross, and a wild woman came in harassing people, it was demonic. She totally freaked out this poor woman. If she came up to me I was going to rebuke her, but she did not.

    Another time my aunt was doing her morning walk, she was walking around a building her church wanted to buy, praying around it. A man came up to her and started to attack her. She didn’t have money or anything, but she began to come up against it rebuking him, and he turned around and ran off!

  13. You’ve got to see this one! No doubt ties in w/belief in UFO/Aliens.

    Deep in Siberia’s Taiga forest is Vissarion, a cult leader who looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God. He’s known as “the Teacher” to his 4,000 f…

  14. The whole world truly seems to be going down the drain fairly quickly. Here is more on the story about a severed foot mailed yesterday to the Conservative Party (Canadian Government). The suspect is from Montreal, Quebec.


  15. L.A., your exactly right about the dude that did look like if he is not under a demonic possession he missed a good chance. i attended pharmacology college and almost have a 4 year degree and i am Christian, i can say beyond a doubt that heavily medicating that guy would only sedate his flesh,(which prob. would have a limited effect under possession), and the demon would still be in complete control of the man and his last state may be worse than at the first. it is WAR, this is not a game were playing in these latter days.

    • Here’s a thought. If you were face to face with a live Nephilim, would you be able to taser, shoot, or sedate him. I read about a kid who supposedly knocked one out with a rock…hit him in the head.

      Point is, I suspect they are also vulnerable after they die, and then re enter someone else’s.

    • Boy this blog cause a stir lol That’s a thought little fair haired David!! Five Rocks ready to take on Goliaths giant brothers allso, but they RAN!!!! Yea they have vulnerbility even if inhuman strength once they dress up in our flesh!!!

      Like L.A. says Rebuke 1st and then …

    • The word is if you turn them upside down they will become paralyzed just like sharks……. problem is turning them upside down might be a tad tricky.

    • Matt, next thing you’ll be telling us that Nephilim can be incapacitated by putting them on their backs and tickling their tummies.

    • ghillie, you must have read the same article I did by Binny Hinn, however, I believe he said to tickle them under their arms pits not their tummies.

    • By the way, this only works if you have a step ladder handy or have the vertical leap of a NBA player.

  16. DEMONIC ALIEN AGENDA – PART 1-11 – features interviews with LA Marzulli and Chuck Missler.

  17. national power emergency…

    a. eliminate non-critical loads first
    b. secure all power to rural areas next
    c. secure all power to towns and small cities
    d. try to keep critical loads in large cities going


  18. Moderate tremor hits off the coast of Malibu; L.A., did you feel this?


  19. From Thurs. a.m. news item: “Rudy Eugene, 31, originally from Haiti,”
    Hmmm, I know I saw a statistic back when they had the earthquake that even the Catholics in that country still practice voodoo and that the country got its independence from France long ago by swearing allegiance to the devil. Hmmmmm, I’m just sayin’……..

  20. Wow interesting “Haiti” I posted something about Haiti Catholic and Voodoo was just thinking a lot have been imported from Haiti to Miami!!! I remember reading that statistic or an article mentioning the practice/mix also with mexico and some weird voodoo like beliefs still prevelant today and we need not mention how many they “invited” here and allow to reside as ILLEGAL INVADERS!!! Steal our jobs steal our services, fill our schools and then we have to hire interpreters for them and language specialists at schools! 😦 (I went to the Dominican/vac. and No one helped me communicate, I had to buy a book and labor through it and gestures trying to communicate and it cost my daughter almost $3000.+ to go there!!!). Only in Amerika/Land of the Political Whores

  21. Wowsa! A lot here today for sure! Ask the Lord to start showing you the demon possessed and he will! Its called discernment. I saw one get cast out in prison ministry once and EVERY PERSON in the room got saved and delivered that night. After that night, I can spot them pretty easily EXCEPT for the ones that lay low for awhile.
    Mental illness is real too. I feel very sorry for people with mental illnesses. And I’m sure some of the people with mental illness do have issues with oppresion and possesion but not all.
    Now, how the illegal aliens came into this conversation, I don’t know. I feel really sad that some of you can’t understand the desperation of starving and living in fear, and be willing to risk your very life in order to have a better life for your family 😦
    Now violent gangs etc are quite different than a hungry man trying to support his family. And I know its difficult if you live in an area (say border of Texas and Mexico) where its really hitting the fan.
    More hispanics are leaving the U.S. currently than are entering, and they are leaving in droves. If you live in an area that provides your tax dollars to illegal aliens then the people you need to be upset with are your elected officials not the immigrants.
    But remember, not matter what, these people are human beings and you are REQUIRED by YOUR SAVIOR to act and walk in LOVE towards them!!!!!!!!!
    We in this nation have been very fortunate, but due to the non practice of what the Lord requires of us all, our “luck” is running out. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if one day pretty soon, we might find ourselves needing to cross the border. (I personally believe that is why the gun running “scam” to the cartels, and the fence building idea have been pushed so hard on us. It would be pretty hard for us migrate south with a giant fence in the way and armed cartel members on the other side waiting for us) Chew on that for awhile.
    I’m stoked LA is coming back to MD. only one state away and I’m trying really hard to come up with gas money for that so say a little prayer for me guys.
    Love ya”ll!

    • regarding Illegal Invaders they are just that ILEGAL! When we are obeying GOD HE also declares we obey the Laws unless they come ag. HIS laws. Now we can have mercy on the deprived, but it is also their gov’t they should be addressing. We are not to be confused by “feelings”, yes they are in a bad situtation, but we can not support the world! We can not take in the world and we should not et people invade when we know nothing of them and their intent. Maybe if they came out of Catholicism they could rise up out of their demise. GOD is not pleased with man who mixes superstition and Catholic Catecism inplace of HIM! We are to be concerned with their souls, not giving them a cushy life/homes, water, food etc. on their way to hell! That’s what the “Social Gospel” does. The world gov’ts exploit these people for cheap labor and votes to keep them going and they are locked out of society by their illegal behavior for the most part. If Christ has made you free you are free indeed! Even in Mexico even as a save even in suffering. When you have destroyed America by the burden/impact to all including the enviroment they won’t have a “Nice” place here either. I’m not going to support lawbreaking, nor am I running to Mexico to escape trouble!

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