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I arrived in Pittsburg Pa. and was met by my host Dana Miller.  We drove about 2 hours to his beautiful farm located at the end of a gravel road.  I awakened this morning and go my first ‘gander’ at his spread.  He and his wife, Debbie are truly blessed as this is paradise in the hills and ‘holler’s of West Virginia.  We saw a raccoon last night on the way in and hummingbirds this morning.   We will leave at noon today to head up to the campsite which is another two-hour drive and get set up for the conference tomorrow.  I speak  six times between Saturday and Sunday so this promises to be a weekend with lots of YAK!


Onto the BLOG!

Israel revives military option after Obama rejects its nuclear demands of Iran

Israel revives military option after Obama rejects its nuclear demands of Iran

According to the DEBKA File this morning, it would appear that Israel is once again entertaining a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program, in spite of Obama’s appeal not to strike the Islamic republic before the November elections.  If this happens I believe it will plunge the region into chaos and possibly WWIII.

Here’s a quote from the article: “There is no need to tell us what to do, and we have no reason to panic. Israel is very, very strong, but we do know that the Iranians are accomplished chess players and will try to achieve nuclear capabilities. Our position has not changed. The world must stop Iran from becoming nuclear. All options remain on the table.”

As the quote above indicates, the Iranians are master chess players and so they know of Israel’s intentions of implementing a preemptive strike, thus the Iranians are not going to sit idly by and wait for it to happen.  In my opinion, what we may see is an attack by Iran and a coalition of other countries to rid the region of the so-called Zionist menace.  This begs the question, are we looking at the prophecies of Ezekiel  38, penned 2600 years ago about to be fulfilled?

With the unrest brought about by the Arab Spring, one can only wonder what the future holds as even Egypt, one of two countries that had a peace agreement with Israel, is now vocalizing that the peace treaty is no longer applicable.  The other country that maintains its treaty is Jordan, which has a multi-national task force of over 12,000 commando units on its northern border with Syria.

With Hezbollah, HAMAS, Syria, and the elephant in the room, which is Russia, hemming Israel in from all sides,  the situation grows more intense with each passing day.

Coupled with this is the European Union financial instability, which is centered in Greece.  There is now talk of a five-day bank holiday.   Will this lead to the collapse of the Euro?   If that happens, how will it affect the dollar, which is propped up by the FEDS magic printing press?   I have stated this before on this BLOG and so again now that I believe we are looking at the perfect storm as when war breaks out it may serve to collapse the already fragile global economy.

In closing today’s post.  I am headed to the conference which is about a two-hour drive from here and I’m not sure if there is an Internet connection there.  If there is, I will post tomorrow.  If not then I’m dark until Monday morning when I get back to Dana and Debbie Millers house.

Blessings to all.


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  1. Give em plenty of informed yak L.A.!! 🙂 Time is short. “In my opinion, what we may see is an attack by Iran and a coalition of other countries to rid the region of the so-called Zionist menace.” Yeah L.A. and GOD sees it as a ridding of Islam as they are all turning to the radical Muslim Brotherhood for their answers! We know behind MB sits Satan and it’s the war between God & Satan. I still think about Gary Sterman’s article on the Aswan Dam, Tower of Syrene!! (April,11 Mag.) Nuked it would flow through the center of Egypt contaminating all of it (Bible/not inhabited for forty yrs). This has never been fulfilled and it seems we stand on the edge of Eternity with our Lord :). The things coming to Egyt after that would sure convince them that this so called Allah god is not working out for them. Israel has GOD’s favor not Islam/Allah. Big shocker!

  2. Have a great Yak!
    It just struck me that you never mention having your “wifey pooh” as a traveling companion! I do hope you are able to stay near each other in these troublesome times! I know how uneasy that mere 200 miles between me and my grand kids makes me feel….can’t imagine having to go farther from them! I hope you either get a ticket for her in your contracts or that our little donations here add up to enough for you to take her with you! When the grid goes down it would be awful for you to be on opposite sides of the country!

  3. Not on board with you, Elaine, on that suggestion. (Not that my opinion matters in the least.)
    Subjecting one family member to TSA groping is enough
    Someone has to stay home to handle mail orders. (Believe me, having NOone to manage my business other than myself, it’s always a drag to be on the road when an order comes in. Then what do I do? Nothing but make the customer wait ’til I get home.)
    Sometimes it’s good to get a break from the other person. We all need space between the oak trees.

    • LA, you were ON FIRE in Vienna, OH, as well as Russ. Now you’re in Appalachia. Bet you guys spit fire and brimstone. AMEN!

  4. Bad things are everywhere. Smoke here in northern New Mexico due to out of control wildfires in the south, smoke coming here by high winds. Fire in other states—Arizona, Colorado. Picture of great fire on Standeyo.com today, click on the first Picture of the Day. Many of us got really sick, even temporarily blind last year with the Las Conchas fire which came very near to us, biggest fire in NM history. The summer and drought are just beginning. So Egypt will flood if the dam is bombed, and we out west will burn. Getting “prepared” for this seems irrelevant, although I am prepping…but what good will prep do if a fire and smoke destroys everything?

    • In the Denver paper yesterday the Denver Post said Colorado Mountains have a 7% snow pack compared to normal conditions. Meaning the snow pack is negative 93%. It will make for a fire filled summer.

  5. Should-da packed your 45. auto while in those hills of virginy. May the angels surround you. Grace be to all of them that love our Lord
    Jesus Christ in sincerity.

    • Thanks for posting this one ! I also recommend for Zions sake the very next in line from Prophecy in the news . I learned the whos who in deception from that video and much study on the group mentioned by the associate pastor. GOD BLESS and Thanks AGAIN.

    • Awesome Jan. 🙂 I love PITN. I’ll be getting that For Zion’s Sake package real soon along with other goodies. 😉

      God bless you, too. 🙂

  6. God bless you and be with you on your travels, LA.

    Has anyone here noticed the message posted at the top of TruNews website about Three Prophetic Dreams About the Judgement of America? Click on the picture to go to the dreams.


    Very interesting because I know there have been many similar dreams posted here including from LA. My husband also had such a dream the other night.

    • After reading the message on trunews, I am terrified! I know God has told us not to be afraid, but how can we not be?! Will we be raptured before all of this happens?! I am praying for that to be the case! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!

    • “what shall we say then say to these things, if GOD be for us who can be against us?” !!!!! Romans 8:26-39 (37=39 🙂 )
      This is when we must keep our eyes on Jesus listen to what the HS is saying to us and then check it ag. the word of God, rightly dividing the word! If Jesus gave Paul to the Gentiles and the other Apostles agreed and said they were instructed by Jesus to go to the Jews then why place ourselves under Matt. etc. We can learn by these Gospels, but they are written to the Jew, & those after the period of Grace has ended, when the world goes back under the Law. and all things turn back to God’s people for leaving their 1st love, for abandoning God for killing HIS Son! (He will be purging them to rule and rein with Him in the 1000yr Millenium!) When the HS is not in a believer, but upon them. (like with David) When they must keep themselves pure, and when the Jew will learn by the 144000 witnesses and the 2Witnesses that they did NOT understand the time of their Viisitattion and they crucified their Messiah! The judgement on the world systems and for those who mistreated HIS chosen people. Remember we were never cvenant people we were “outside”, but then grafted in to the wild olive branch. Rev. is written to the synagogues/assemblies NOT the Church. We are the Body of Christ the Groom we are His members ie. hands feet etc.We are NOT the Bride. We already sit in heavenly places seated with Christ at God’s Right Hand meaning Power and Authority. We are imputed already Pure!!! We are not getting rid of the spots and wrinkles, or God is Confused and HE Is NOT! Rightly divide the word and if you need help Lion and Lamb Ministry/Pastor David Picos DD will help you go through the scriptures so it’s clear. The Revelation Series, :it’s also on YouTube. Here’s his site and the series. It’s important we understand and not folow Traditions of men! There Traditions kept us from understanding this whole alien/fallen ones in the 1st place. What ese have they hidden and kept back, or taught as unlearned men and sometimes evil men. The HS will lead us into all truth if we allow Him!

      And yes it is scary, but NO ONE knows for sure what GOD plans for HIS children (In Christ) I see and hear from GOD trouble and before or after the election, I see the world crashing and I see violence, but GOD has NOT let me see what HE has planned for me and my closest family members & we are sticking tight! I have thought we may see death as martyers if HE allows, but yet I don’t feel this sense of great fear as if I’m on the outside looking in! Time wil tell and I’m more preparing mysef and fam. esp my 12 yr old grandson for poss. inprisonment or death and NOT to be in fear & deny Christ! No matter what. That occupies my thoughts most. I believe we will be Raptured on Rosh Hashana, maybe it will be this one 🙂
      http://www.tedmontgomery.com/bblovrvw/C_5a.html The Fall Feasts!

      Give your burden to Jesus He said His yoke is easy! I hope this comforts you some.

      Get your pen and paper ready you’re going to go through a lot of scripture! 🙂

      Sisters In Christ 🙂 Linda

  7. In Venice today. The scenery again is beyond belief. English European sread either British papers or the International Obserever which is the New York Times which I hate to read because its nothing more than Liberal Trash which is rarely vetted. Ive checked the NYT and their news seems to be different from the International Observer.

    However its been interesting to read what is happening in Spain as well as the rest of of EU in regards to the Euro. Spains teachers were on strike this week. The teachers union said there was 80% participation. Spain has to cut 10 billion Euros from teachers incomes and health care. Its getting ugly.

    20 to 25% of Greeks upper class has already taken their money out of Greeks banks and deposited it into German banks. Spain is really worried about the same happening to their country as well as Italy.
    Economist claim that when it happens it may happen in one to two days. I see no hope.

    When the Euro rashes the world Finanes will crash. If the Euro crashes you can bet Obama will authorize a false flag attack. War will occur with Iran and his numbers will increase. Happens to every president.

    LA Sheena is from Greene County right on the Penn West Virginia border.

    We have got to come up with a conference here in Denver this summer. Maybe you can email me the names of the individuals who put on past conferences here in Denver and the three of us can get together to put something together

    I was trying to get Jeck Peckman and his connections here in Denver to work with us but his father recently died and his mother is sick and living with him. I would love to get you and Stan together.

    If you can next week please forward me that info. Thanks Best Wishes

    • Thanks for this intel. 🙂 This is one of any number of things going on right now that I believe are being deliberately whitewashed and glossed over to avoid the outright chaos and panic one would expect starting in Europe and working its way out from there.

      I remember watching Zola Levitt not too long ago when Myles and Katharine Weiss first came on board and Miles were there in the streets of Greece when that first round of the real bad rioting and all started and he went around off script and started doing random man on the street interviews and all these people were talking about how they were “looking for Superman” or some great leader to solve it all.

      That’s everywhere. Everyone is looking for an easy answer and some great leader to sweep in and solve it all.


  8. If Iranians are master chess players, then the moves wouldn’t be as linear as Iran believes Israel will attack so they strike first. It would be something along these lines.

    Iran is posturing so that they can maintain their appearances of the victims and peace makers to the Islamic nations around them. The whole Iranian push for weapons grade uranium is exagerated on purpose by Iran to provoke an attack from Israel. Israel attacks uniting the other Muslim nations. Syria attacks with rockets from Russia and WMDs provided from the fall of Sadam Hueissen in Iraq.

  9. Must be “dark” at the retreat center.
    No offense, but actually, how nice to be away from technology. To be alone with one’s thoughts. To be spirited away in a “cave” with God, able to hear his voice without the “prince of the power of the air” humming in our ears.
    Ah, peace and quiet.

    • so true! I know my day is always better if I take even 10 minutes (more is better!) to drive down to the lake and just sit and listen and watch the waves when there is no one but God and me there in the morning! The only place in town where there is no cell signal……God has a plan!

  10. The IAEA found 27% enriched Uranium in Iran Today according to the International Observer in Europe Today. The attack will follow shortly. It has to if your Israel!

  11. Man killed by Police ‘eating’ face off victim

    A Miami police officer on Saturday fatally shot a naked man who was chewing on the face of another man on a downtown causeway off-ramp, police and witnesses said.

    Witnesses said that a woman saw two men fighting and flagged down a police officer, who came upon a naked man mauling the other man. The newspaper quoted witnesses as saying that the officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he ignored the demand, the officer shot him. Witnesses said that the naked man continued his attack after being shot once, and the officer shot him several more times.

    Police said the other man was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center. The newspaper said he had suffered critical injuries.

    This reminds me of the story LA had a while back on those two woman in the UK that crossed a busy highway and one was truck by a truck and got up and moved on like it never happened.
    This guy was shot at close range by a high caliber weapon and this didn’t seem faze or stop him from continuing eating the victims face, he had to be shot a few more times before going down.
    This is highly unusual not to go down with a large caliber gun shot. Not to mention whatever it was that had to be shot several more times before finally going down was eating a person face. This reeks of high wickedness coming from the rulers of darkness.
    Whatever this was, they need to do a DNA test on it. They might be surprised with the results which is exactly why they won’t do any testing at all.

    Story from today’s Miami herald

    • I wanted to say that was the first thought that came to mind. I wonder how many of those creatures are already around us, on the earth!

  12. Author of the book “The Beautiful Side of Evil” ; Johanna Michaelsen talks about her experiences as a new ager and assistance to to a trance medium healer. . Are miracles and wonders always from God? Or could they be from the opposite? Johanna Michaelsen talks about her experiences, how she was duped by evil, and how she was delivered from it.

    She spoke recently at a Learn to Discern conference in Mission B.C. May 26th/12 I was attending. She said there is a great falling away from the teaching of Christ in these end times because of false mystical experiences now practiced and promoted in the Emerging and evangelical churches.

    • So true and she emphasized “another Jesus” and that’s what the masses are following as they “play Christian/Church. There’s going to be a lot of people in the tribulation and a lot of martyrs!! They like the Jews will then realize too late they’ve been duped and had itching ears and brought themselves to that place when they could’ve had GRACE! They won’t see or hear and justify so much garbage and new age heros and watered down Bibles etc. All to undeify Jesus and illuminate Satan! Bibles produced from Mystics/Luciferian Occult practicing men and women! Bibles ommiting and rewriting scripture for copyright laws and to please their agendas. NIV being the worst! Mimics the Jehova Witness Bible!! God help them!!

  13. May I also add that strides and breakthroughs in science will also contribute to the “great failing away?”

    In today’s headlines “Scientist predicts controversy over evolution will end within three decades as new discoveries convince skeptics”

    I’m not sure what they are talking about because there really is no “controversy” over evolution. 98% of the 40,000 scientific members of the Science Foundation regard the matter as proven and settled. Anyone who has ever “actually” studied subjects like molecular biology, cellular biology, and genetics knows for a fact that evolution exists. Everything evolved. Evolution happened in the past and continues to happen now.

    • Am I hearing you right? “Anyone who has ever “actually” studied subjects like molecular biology, cellular biology, and genetics knows for a fact that evolution exists. Everything evolved. Evolution happened in the past and continues to happen now.” If so I guess you will agree the “aliens” seed the earth and now they’ve come to save you from those evil Christians etc. who won’t follow “Peace” and are such a danger to mankind.

  14. We went to see Battleship today. I couldn’t help think of the latest news of Obama leaking sensitive security info to Holywood for them to make movies(must be very lucretive for campaign donations!!) and how it sort of fit the scenarios we throw around on disclosure coming soon. They looked like hybrids! Hollywood has been dropping hints of the agenda for a long time and this movie seemed really fitting. Then Clinton was close to them all also! Do I hear $$ for the Lincoln Bedroom, someone give me $$ Traitors, also a world ecumenical army, cumbaia (sp.?)

  15. Two prophecies that really worry me in light of the current issues in the Middle East are found in Zechariah 5. Here we find two prophecies I did not begin to understand until I asked the Lord to reveal the meaning to me: The flying scroll and the woman sitting in the basket. I soon found myself on a website with a really interesting interpretation of the prophecies based on the original Hebrew meaning of the words in the prophecy.
    I found that the flying scroll wasn’t a normal scroll, but rather a megillah or single tube. It isn’t thirty feet tall and 15 feet across like my NIV says, but instead it thirty to forty feet tall and 15 feet measured by a string going around it (circumference). The megillah of the scroll of Esther comes to mind which is sometimes silver in color. This huge tube (could it be silver in color??) is predicted to fly as a curse to the lands that claim to know the living God Almighty, but do not. They and their homes will be destroyed even including the stones of their homes by the power of destruction in this tube.
    The woman seated in the basket also may not be what is seated there, but instead another meaning of the Hebrew word used here for woman (isha) can be “fire offering.” So if this is the correct usage of the term, then we see a fire offering seated in the “ephah” which is a container holding roughly 40 liters and isn’t necessarily a basket at all. Then the prophecy mentions a lead lined top is placed onto the ephah (is the whole ephah lead lined but not described that way?). The basket is then lifted up on something with wings like a stork and flown to the land of Shinar (not Babylon as the translators said). There it is not just “set there in its place” (NIV), but the correct wording would be more like set “erect” in its place. Shinar’s exact location is a mystery, but it is very possible that it is in modern Iran. In verse 6b it says in my NIV: this is the iniquity of the people throughout the land. The word translated “land” could also be translated “world.”
    I truly fear that these two prophecies have been poorly translated and are a very real forewarning of a coming atomic war that begins with the launching of missles from Iran. The size of the silver tube and its described destruction of even the stones of the houses are all too close to the missles in today’s arsenals. The fire offering sitting in the 40 liter lead lined ephah is way too close to modern design of nuclear missles for comfort.
    I see these particular prophecies as worrisome because when combined they seem to be saying that atomic destruction will be coming to the lands that say they believe in God Almighty, but do not. In Revelation 6:8 we are told that ¼ of the earth will die, just from the initial onslaught brought by the four horsemen of chapter 6. The entire population of the US, Canada, and Europe is just over 1 billion people. One quarter of the world’s population is about 1.75 billion people. So all of these supposedly “Christian” nations could die and it would be just over half the predicted mortality rate of just the first 8 verses of chapter 6 alone. I fear that we in America sometimes assume we are detached from the horribleness of the Tribulation and I have heard pastors tell people that it is just 10 nations around the Middle East, not the World that will be terribly effected. Oh people, wake up!! The Tribulation will involve the entire world and America may be one of the prime targets of prophesied devastation.

    • Janet in all the kindness I can’t say enough or stronger throw away or burn that NIV!!! I am not at home so I can’t give details of how many poor translations and ommitted words and important vs. totally left out in that Book! Wescott and Hort were known occultists and a detest for the Bible/King James etc. They were friends with Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society, they had there own spiritist club they recruited young college students in for guinee pigs to communicate with the dead. They followed Plato etc. All this alone is enough to burn anything they contributed to! It mirrors the Jehova Witness Bible.

      Regarding Tribulation Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation (and we do!!), but are NOT appointed to the wrath of The Great Tribulation aka Jacob’s Trouble! Rightly divide the word and study Epesians, esp. and the other letters from Paul to the BODY of CHRIST! We are to follow Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles given by Christ Himself to Paul! We have to understand who the Gospels are speaking to=the Jews!!! They were forbidden to go to the Gentiles, so they agreed that Jesus prepared Paul for that to fulfill OT prophecies “concerning the Gentiles… in the end one new man, Jew and Gentile.

      We can experience some horrific things if God alows and the Body is not completed by then, but we are NOT destined for the Great Tribulation it is NOT what it’s about. God is judging a world system and people who have CHOSEN Satan and His rule and the Jews who killed Jesus and rejected their salvation! They will be purged through it Israel out of Israel. The remnant out of National Israel. They will be made pure like a refiner purifying gold. They are to rule and reign over all peoples in the Milenium with Christ!! They will need to get ready for that and accept their Messiah. They have chosen at that time the AC because of their blindness looking to man for their salvation not God. They left their 1st Love! They will come back to HIM! as through fire.

    • My KJV says the same thing basically in the description of the items in the prophecy varying only to call the lead cover a lead disc. So the basic poor translation still stands no matter which translation you use. I am completely convinced that I and others who love God will go in the pre-tribulation rapture and that it will happen soon. The problem is that unlike some Bible courses that are put out by a certain unnamed huge supposedly “Christian” Ministry saying that everyone who has ever walked down the aisle to profess faith in Jesus is saved and will go in the rapture – I think God Almighty and the True Jesus/Yeshua/Yehoshua is trying to warn us in the letters found in chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation, as well as the parable of the 10 virgins of Matthew 25, and other places that everyone that wants to call themselves a Christian isn’t necessarily someone who loves God.
      I will look at my own little country church as an example of the problem. This little church recently celebrated its 200th anniversary. They are so proud of that little building and fight to keep it just like it always has been or just like they think it should be. However, I must ask where is God Almighty and His Messiah in all of this? Strangers come to the church and get looked at like they are a fish under glass unless they fit just the right mold. I actually had one little old lady come and ask me one time in a condemning tone, “Where did all these kids come from?” Not that even most members would say that, but still, it was said. So really my point is that I was praying about the church and asked God which church in Revelation this one was most like. He said, “Sardis.” So I went looking. Revelation 3:1-6 discusses the church of Sardis. I read the passages and discovered that it is the sleeping church and Yeshua tells it to wake up for He will come like the thief in the night. They have some pretty good missions groups going out of the area, so I shrunk back and told Him that seemed a little harsh, had He really meant that one. He responded, “Yes, Sardis.” So I negotiated a little and told Him to give me a sign if this was true. About a week later I was in an evening service and a man was acting a little weird. He was a neighbor who had gone to this church a few times, but been looked at like a bug under glass and stopped going. I went over to him to see what was wrong and discovered he was a bit tipsy. He talked about how the church wasn’t loving him and then suddenly he got a different look in his eye. He looked straight into my eyes and said, “I am the angel of the church of Sardis and this is my church.” Oh wow, I just about fell over backwards.
      Also, I heard another minister discussing the idea of the Thief in the Night and that it was apparently a code name or alternate name for the captain of the Temple Guards. His job was to guard the Temple and to make sure the priests assigned to night duty stayed awake at all times. If he found them sleeping he would take his torch and light their clothes on fire. So the question becomes to each one of us, “Are you sleeping?” “Is the oil in your lamp being replenished daily as you walk with Him in a love relationship daily?”

    • I suggest you test the spirits and see if they are of GOD. ” I went over to him to see what was wrong and discovered he was a bit tipsy. He talked about how the church wasn’t loving him and then suddenly he got a different look in his eye. He looked straight into my eyes and said, “I am the angel of the church of Sardis and this is my church.” Oh wow, I just about fell over backwards.” “Tipsy” does that sound like a angel on the right side of GOD/clean. You wanted to believe it was Sardis and you asked for a sign. Jesus was angry at those who need a sign, the sign people! A wicked generation and they had the prophets, the fulfilled prophecies all around them by Jesus and the Messiah Himself in their presence. We have the WORD of GOD and the HS inside us! I don’t agree that the letters to the “Churches” are that they are letters to the synagogues/assemblies, one “church” was not even in existance at the time of writing! The Jews will understand in the Trib. just where they failed in each circumstance. Consider studying Rev. Series at LLM/Pastor David Picos DD and search the scriptures all together in the study/videos and see what the HS shows you. 🙂 I know you will find it profitable!! 🙂 One thing for certain though we are to walk in Love and be a peacemaker and that is a tall order and gets harder with each day as the world becomes more demonicly mean and evil. I know I want to be more sensitive to it as Jesus gave that to us as our new covenant/command so the world would be drawn and see a difference in us. I know I have failed most of the time in some way in that area, but my Tust is in HIM alone, not inme at all! I need my savior!! 🙂 I also have experienced all the churches and more that you described and I don’t bother to go anymore. I fellowship here etc. and my family and a close friend! They are all the Body/the Church and we strive to help one another in this walk! To help us grow and to understand things. L. A. is kind to et us express ourselves here to each other. I am grateful he does.


      The whole series is there and at the top banner you will see the “Rev Series” for each section if it doesn’t auto movel to it. You will find indepth scripture study her to challenge your ideas and knowledge. I found it absolutely incredible what Traditions of man have passed on in the church! No wonder most mainline churches have turned ag. Israel and have embraced New Age men and philosophies!! But then you well described the reasons by the churches actions. Man made structures where the HS is stifeld.

  16. Yes, I am aware that the manifestation was not God or a good angel. I am also aware that I asked God for the sign and He let me see the truth of what was within the church. Sometimes we need a little push to truly understand the spirits that are infecting a place. God allowed me to see the evil so that I could stand against it. Unfortunately as believers we are still asked to interact with the World and proclaim our witness even when the main mission field is the people who think they are Christian, but are actually worshiping a building, themselves, the pastor, the television set, money, or any other thing rather than the Creator God Almighty. No I will not be giving up on the people around me, I am called to pray and conduct spiritual warfare for them which I will do. I will continue to go out and reach the lost even if they are sure they are not lost and think I am because I am one of those nutty Jesus Freaks that makes them uncomfortable. I have a wonderful walk with the Lord God Almighty even though I have encountered a few demons in my life. Actually I think that is sort of why, because I am close to Him, He allows some things like this to happen to reveal deeper truths to me because I really, deeply trust Him. I was not scared of the thing. I was just really like, “Wow, Lord. Well I guess the Word really was from You and I am sorry I didn’t just take your discussion with me at face value, but needed a follow up to make it clear.” I have also had the marvelous opportunity to see a few of God’s good angels. What an awesome sight that was when they stood near me to protect me. Praise and honor to the Lord Most High, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    The Gospels reveal the truth that Jesus/Yeshua revealed to the people around Him. Yes, His ministry and purpose was primarily to the Jews of the day, but He also ministered to Gentiles. This can be seen in the example of the Samaritan Woman, Jesus’s healing of the Centurion’s Servant (Matthew 8:5-13), the healing of a Centurion’s daughter, possibly the healing of the Gadarene Demoniac (not clear if he was Jewish or not, but the pigs were for sacrificing by the Greeks on the local altar to zeus), and my favorite (which also bears inspection in the original Greek) is the passage about the Canaanite woman who’s persistence and faith got her daughter healed in Matthew 15:21-28. So while the primary target of the Gospels is the Jews, just like in the story of the Canaanite woman, the Gentiles are extended the blessing of them as well. Paul is a wonderful gift to the Christian Church, but we need the whole word which includes the Old Testament, Gospels, Acts, the letters from Paul and the others, and Revelation to fully understand God’s Word and grow in Him.

    As to signs, well the Lord does not condemn us for asking for a sign to show us the way that He wants us to go, or if we are honestly searching for the Truth and greater understanding. Actually the Lord, Messiah Yeshua gave the unbelieving Jews a sign, the sign of Jonah carried out through his death and resurrection. The main thing He was saying to them in the passages you are paraphrasing is that they followed Him around constantly asking for a sign, which he gave, and they didn’t believe anyway and just demanded another sign. They were not listening anyway, I was listening to my Lord and Master. At any rate I can truthfully say He was not angry with me, just sort of “See, I told you so.”

    I pray that you too will find the strength to stand and fight in the Holy Spirit through prayer, study, and fellowship with others.

    • “I pray that you too will find the strength to stand and fight in the Holy Spirit through prayer, study, and fellowship with others.”

      Thank you I do and I do it daily! 🙂 I also didn’t say we didn’t need the whole councel of God, but that we need to know who is being spoken to and in what context and is it present, future, or both. I still say we are not to look for signs as we have the Word & the HS to prove all things. I don’t think that man tipsy , with a look in his eye was a clean spirit from GOD. Unclean spirits can hang around church bldgs. and it’s people , easy to lead some astray also when not testing the spirits. Anyway I didn’t mean it in a mean way and not to get you mad! Just as an investigation into the word as we are to be open to search the scriptures and make sure we understand what they are saying. You may still disagree after, but you searched 🙂

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