Waiting for the War to Begin. The Calm Before the Storm?

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L. A. Marzulli

I awakened this morning and while sipping my cup of tea, I combed the Internet looking for news.  If you go to the,  In Other News, section you’ll see my “picks” for today.  While there were no stories about the troops that are still positioned on the Jordanian/Syrian border, there was a story that Obama secretly approved anti-tank weapons to the Syrian Rebels.

Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu, also stated that to give up Jerusalem would be a fatal mistake and I couldn’t agree more with him.

We are moving to the month of June when summer will begin and I wonder if we will see war come to the Middle East.  Just because there’s not much news today concerning the area, nothing has changed as Egypt is about to elect a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood – so much for the Democracy we were told would come about by the talking heads.

Syria is still in the midst of their Arab Spring with President Bashar Al Assad, showing no signs in stepping down and the violence and body count continues to mount.

Lebanon, which essentially is a Hezbollah stronghold, remains a threat to Israel’s northern border.

Iraq continues with its bloody sectarian violence.

Afghanistan continues to harvest its Trillion dollar a year opium crop, with no signs of US troop removal.

Yemen has a rash of suicide bombers.

In closing todays brief post:  I am waiting for the war in the Middle East to begin.  I am not hoping for it, or wishing that it would erupt, as I dread what will happen when it begins, but I am expectant that it will erupt at some point.  As I sit here in my office, all is well.  The sun is out, the birds are on the feeders,  my dog, Scooter is asleep on the rug, everything is “normal.”   It’s a beautiful day, but I have this nagging tug that I won’t  have to wait much longer, and I wonder, is this the calm before the storm?


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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your watchers series as well as the messengers of deception! I watched you on Sid Roth and had wanted to watch your video’s for some time now, so i ordered them.  They really answered alot of questions I had about the many deceptions going on and how satan uses all these different people to push his agenda.  The way you teach about the new age and other deceptions makes it very easy to spot now, which is awesome!!!! I do have a question though.  Have you looked much into the deception befalling the church via the kundalini spirit??  I have recently been studying on this topic and have been very alarmed and greatly saddened by what I am finding.  I even see this manafestation in my family. Anyway, thank you for your work. The Lord has given you a very needed ministry to keep the eyes of His children open and watching in this crazy time we live in!
Thanks again!  God Bless
 Karen W.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Obama secretly approves top-of-the-line anti-tank arms for Syrian rebels

Obama secretly approves top-of-the-line anti-tank arms for Syrian rebels


Obama’s Five Trillion Dollar Lie 

Obama’s Five Trillion Dollar Lie


Netanyahu: ‘Fatal mistake’ to concede sacred sites

Maan News Agency: Netanyahu: ‘Fatal mistake’ to concede sacred sites


Al-Qaeda claims bombing that killed nearly 100 Yemeni soldiers

Al-Qaeda claims bombing that killed nearly 100 Yemeni soldiers


Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk 

Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk | CTV News


As Obama Preaches Patience, Mattis Prepares for War With Iran

As Obama Preaches Patience, Mattis Prepares for War With Iran – The Daily Beast


Secret Central Bank Aid Props Up Greek Banks

Secret Central Bank Aid Props Up Greek Banks – Europe Business News – CNBC

27 thoughts on “Waiting for the War to Begin. The Calm Before the Storm?

  1. Same here brother Lynn. I think it was Prophecy in the News’s update yesterday where Gary mentioned a clear deadline before the Russians lock down a no fly zone. A handful of months.

    As we all know, Israel created the largest Coalition Unified Government in their entire modern history here last week. The last time they did this the Six Day War happened within days.

    I think everyone knows at this point that Israel is going to be in a “now or never” situation where the element of time is running out quickly. And she knows she’s alone, too, because our government has been selling them down the river yet again. It’s known that we’ve given Iran the “ok” to go ahead and build the bomb behind the scenes. (Search engine will yield credible hits)

    I can’t help but take in the layers of meaning about these pointless peace talks happening tomorrow between Israel in Iran…in Baghdad.

  2. I so agree that it feels like we are on the very precipice and it does make sitting on the porch seem very very wonderful! My 2nd son is in town on business again and his brother who lives with me and his wife and I spent a really nice early evening in the yard showing off our garden and making house fix up plans instead of going out to dinner and public visiting as we have done in the cold months….paint and trellises and seeds and raised beds and…..yet through the whole time I kept thinking, “Thank you Lord for this quiet peaceful evening with my family!” We need to cherish every moment of quiet and no news days! I didn’t say anything but kept thinking, “I wonder if we will get to do this again, if those squash will mature, and if there will even be a hardware store by the time we save the money to buy the paint!” yet…..plan we do.

  3. L.A., the way you described your morning and the constant Spiritual feeling that the storm has gathered and it is right upon us and “the world” is blind to it and we are crazy folk to them, even brainwashed, they think. when you watch MSNBC 5 minutes you can see where the lost are in their train of thought, (if you want to call it thought or thinking which i don’t think they qualify),. i felt exactly the same this morning drinking my coffee. how many big earthquakes have there been in the last 3-5 days? 15? a annular solar eclipse with the umbra crossing the USA, same day as the New moon i think, the gathering of NATO in this country minus Putin who stood them up, an animal die off, and the first named tropical storm of the 2012 hurricane season which has not begun yet. i live in VA Beach, VA and i have seen a ton of storms but never like that, our costal water is not even warmed yet, even still i sat in for over 2 days while it was dumpin rain on us. so much so quickly, L.A. you have so much to keep up with to bless us in your ministry, i pray the Holy Spirit continues to energize you until His coming, praise God. i ask this in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ and in accordance with God’s will.

  4. Among the watchmen, there are forerunners, scouts, the firstfruits. You already know the birth pangs are coming more quickly.

    Here’s a look ahead. Credit/debit card companies are locking in their control by using automated calling to “authorize” purchases you make. They call your cell. Even for all purchases. If you don’t recognize a purchase because of a category error and don’t authorize the purchase – then you’ve just killed your card and jeopardized any additional purchases – with no reprieve. And when they call from a toll free number there is no caller ID … and then they want privacy info.

    This may be the ramp up to economic war countermeasures … but it can also be the ramp up to market acess for the 666 system.

    At least now you’re forewarned. That might save you a 5 to 10 day delay on getting a replacement card. Imagine if it happens while you’re on vacation.

    • This is most interesting! Not sure I grasp the details but would really appreciate a link (s) to this topic. If not then maybe you can elaborate a bit more. Thanks Nome :^)

    • More then. Cell phones are being linked to purchases. Unless the user provides authentication that they’re who they say they are and then authorizes the purchase, it won’t be allowed. The problem is the delay. It doesn’t happen right when you make the purchase but later in the day, or several days, when purchases trigger some heuristic that flags them as unusual for that consumer. Such as shopping out of town.

      At that point the verification and authentication process starts. Seems like a good idea, but unusual purchases mean unusual life events — such as moving, births, vacations, etc. One wrong move and your ATM card, Credit Card, and Debit Card are not only locked but invalidated. And you have to get another — no choice. Couldn’t happen at a worse time. And it’s an automated system. No one available to help on a weekend.

      So disaster strikes. You make some unusual purchases. You have to authorize each of them. Even the smallest. The delays begin. Answer wrong (fail to authorize) even just one purchase and your card is fried. No reprieve. If you’re on vacation and you didn’t bring checks or another card or cash — your screwed. No funds. And the card company doesn’t care. You aren’t their customer — the bank is. And they’re forcing you to open more accounts for more cards. That makes them and the bank more money. You have to go in person to get another card or an additional account. No opt out.

      What I’m saying hits the poor, the disabled, and the elderly the hardest, who only have limited means. The practice is prejudicial. Possibly illegal regarding the disabled. BUT IT”S ALREADY STARTED. And it can’t be turned off.

      What do you do in a disaster?

      “http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-928-9251” (read especially last 2 entries)

      Don’t take a call from an unknown 8xx- number, especially while driving. One wrong move and your card is cancelled.

      Even during war overseas — you may not get it back.

    • Whoa. Whuh-oh. No no no. Not good. At all. ((how does this work if one does not have a cell phone?))

    • They call your home phone. If you don’t have voicemail, and don’t answer, such as on vacation, then the card gets locked.

      At that point, you’d call the bank. They’d put you in touch with Fraud Prevention. You’d authorize the transactions. If there were a transaction you wouldn’t authorize — they’d kill the card. Charges would likely have already been paid. They’re there to limit risk. But now you have to get another card, which takes a week or two. Wait too long or answer wrong on the call, zap. This isn’t a future system. It’s in use now.

      The rationale is that it’s better to kill the card than it be used by someone that happened to get your number. So this automated system is supposedly something that helps. My point is that no one but the card companies know how frequently card cancellations happen — when there is no fraud.

      This is not the type of system Christ would build; there’s no grace. It’s sloppy. The actual name of the business is not used. Just a general category which can easily be mismatched. During weekday business hours, they might arrange to send some emergency funds. But during major unrest — or events ramping up to WWIII — the system easily overloads, with too many people trying to get their cards uncancelled. That’s not going to happen. You have to get a new card.

      Much as RFID is a tracking and protection system, this is similar. What could happen? Let’s say google buys up the credit card system or the equivalent in a smartphone. And you have to enter “gog” to activate them.

      a = 1
      b = 2
      c = 3
      d = 4
      e = 5
      g = 6

      and instead of an “o” they use a Δ for “3 score” also the alchemical symbol for fire (thinking prometheus)

      They make you use “gΔg” to activate a “positive ID fraud prevention system” (makes ya wanna gag, right)

      Or antichrist comes along and buys up the credit/debit system. And says, for your own protection, you have to authenticate who you are every transaction. This is to track the transfer of illegal funds, money laundering, muslim financial transactions, un-taxed transactions (income, sales tax, etc)….

      We’re there now. And all it takes is someone like a George Soros willing to give themselves completely over to the rebel angels and satan. Add a meltdown like the euro collapsing, and of course, that’s why there’d be a war — to spur the economy and even more debt spending (causing more slave labor). More arms production, more blood, more security needed….

      Slippery slope? When you get that call to authenticate your purchases, think about it.

    • ahem… my apologies … 6th letter only if you’re an english coder (ie. start numbering with zero)

      a = 0 = aleph = alpha
      b = 1 = bet = beta
      c = 2 = gimel = gamma
      d = 3 = dalet = delta
      e = 4 = he = epsilon
      f = 5 = vav = zeta
      g = 6 = zayin = eta

      6 Δ 6

    • I must say Nome… your posts certainly are remarkable. Fascinating stuff – makes me think (and our Lord knows I already do enough of that. sigh.) I remember last year hearing about BO wanting to bring some computer user authentification-verification system on board. What you’re saying here kinda sounds like that idea. Have you heard about it before? So these authorization phone calls will be happening to everyone at some point then? I always was of the belief that the ‘mark of the beast’ would be offered in a different manner… so that people are given something like a choice and it wouldn’t be forced on you (like these phone calls sound.) But I’m guessing that there is more to know than what you’ve shared here, which is probably just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We are indeed living in most perilous times. Yet for believers it is a trumpet herald to keep our eyes and hearts looking up. The promised appearance of our blessed hope draws near. Maranatha Lord Jesus.

    • Calm before the storm. Feels like it.

      Speaking of quiet…I’m used to coming on here by about now and seeing 30+ comments. Where is everyone? 🙂

  5. Maybe these two articles, by Jack Kelley of Gracethrufaith.com back in 2010 and J.R. Church of PITN last year just before he died, might quicken your pulse just a bit!

    Jack Kelley: http://gracethrufaith.com/selah/holidays-and-holy-days/pentecost-and-the-rapture-of-the-church/

    J.R. Church: http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/will-the-rapture-occur-on-pentecost/

    “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore COMFORT one another with these words.” (1Thes 4:16-18)

    Pentecost/Shavuot is May 27…this coming Sunday! :))


  6. Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – Elites Plan to Control the World – May 3, 2012

    Today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News in stunning detail what he believes to be the frightening plan to “control the world” going forward.  He described this as a “very disturbing fact that is facing humanity.”  Here is how he described the situation:  “Eric, the problems we are seeing in the West are not going to be resolved in any positive way.  What we have had in the West, in recent decades, has been the welfare state.  The welfare state is, in my view, what I would call, ‘socialism light.’  We’ve had ‘socialism light’ and now we’re going to transition to full-blown socialism.” 

    Hugo Salinas Price continues:

    “This could not be paid for out of taxes:  It had to be financed.  This is what has caused the explosion of debt in the West.  The people who are in power, the elite, do not want to relinquish their power.  They plan to retain it under full-blown socialism for the populations of the West.

    This includes all countries that have central banks:  They are going to have to follow suit.  This is a very disturbing fact that is facing humanity.  It means the inevitable decline of industrial civilization, and the inevitable impoverishment of the world’s population.

    This means that over time there will be a decline in the number of people on this earth.  That is the rather grim outlook that I see.  So, it’s socialism ahead.  And with that will come more government control and a centrally run economy.  This is inefficient and unproductive, and it will lead to impoverishment.

    Nikita Khrushchev, when he came to the United Nations, said, ‘We will bury you’….

    Continue reading the Hugo Salinas Price interview below…  


  7. A fairy is a tiny being with or without wings that looks like a person but possesses powers of magic and enchantment. According to legend, fairies can change the weather, alter aspects of nature and bestow magical gifts such as intelligence and plenty. They can also lure humans to their islands where all is happiness and no one ages or gets sick…however, once brought to these mystical places, there is no escape. Join filmmaker John Walker on a quirky and compelling journey through Ireland, England, Scotland and Cape Breton in search of the child’s imagination in a rational world. This unique look into the realm of fantasy traces the popular fascination with fairies and is vividly brought to life with gorgeous cinematography and an enchanting soundtrack. Jacques Valee in his book “Passport to Magonia” and “Dimensions” draws parallels between encounters with fairies and modern day alien entities.

    Fairies have been attributed many origins, from natural causes to being demonic creatures from Hell. Five theories are usually put forward in essays and literature about fairies.

    Read More: http://faerie.monstrous.com/origins_of_fairies.htm#ixzz1vdtSWaOe
    Read More: http://faerie.monstrous.com/origins_of_fairies/fallen_angels.htm#ixzz1vdt73cIo

    • Hi Gordy, Did you see Watchers 1 where L.A. shows video of fairies flying around at ECETI Ranch? These things are evil. I hope you have the video so you can watch that segment.

    • Hi Ginanestor,

      Yes, I did see the fairy entity in the Watcher video. The link to the above video on the fairy faith and one of the folklorist interview
      mentions that fairies may be fallen angels or fallen spirits. There is definitely a dark and deceptive nature to beings we called fairies. Some of the encounters described in the film are detrimental to the person or persons having the encounters.

    • quote:
      “Interestingly, Henderson also writes that this goblin, while being near-invulnerable to common weapons, could be forced away by reciting scripture or with a crucifix (255).”

      “http://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=21217” (Goblins, Imps, Brownies, Trolls, Pixies, and Bogies – Yesterday and Today)

    • Jacques Vallee, in his book “Passport to Magonia”, which covered the
      subject of ufos and folklore, has a chapter called “The Secret
      Commonwealth.” Why would a distinquished ufo researcher like Vallee
      have a chapter on fairy encounters and abductions in a book about ufos and aliens?
      The following article, and quotes may provide some answers,


      “The Secret Commonwealth” -revisited

  8. The world/global/international system (aka NWO) being birthed as we speak is nothing more than the continuation of National Socialism… a combination of state-corporate rule. Yes, ol’ Nikita K. said that our burying would happen without a shot ever being fired. Makes me wonder who/what group brought the Berlin Wall down AND dissolved the former USSR in such short order, nearly piggy backed on one another! Parallels to now?

    • Ultimately it’s probably Illuminati for stuff like that. *fastens tin foil hat* 😉

      Received my Lecture Series discs today from LA. Fired up the first disc tonight and not surprisingly when it was done we were like: “Huh, where’d that time go?” The Lord definitely has blessed LA with a gift of being able to talk TO people instead of AT people in the Word. 🙂

      You all owe it to yourselves to buy those Lecture Discs from LA as soon as you can! 🙂

  9. More on cell phone problems. i often receive calls from one to seven days after they were made. It’s not just because I’m absent minded and non-technical. My dental office has the same problem, and they’re very efficient, or at least they used to be. I’ve missed two calls from them changing an appointment because of this problem. Now my land line is getting frisky. It always has a “call waiting” signal on it even if no call is waiting, and I don’t know how to rid the phone of this. And it, too, delivers calls up to a day late. Because of my cell phone, if I buy a new blouse or cardigan, I MUST have a pocket in it. This device owns at least a part of me.

    • I’m a dinosaur, I still use a rotary phone with a cord attached. No call waiting, no caller ID, no batteries to mess with, no bells and whistles, just a bare bones phone but it has a ring that could wake the dead… MA Bell would be proud! I would use a phone that you need to crank before making a call if I could find one that works.

    • Matt!!!! You are a man after my own heart! I have a cell phone too because my son pays for it and the number shows up on caller I.D. as a company name 200 miles away from me (LOL) but the house has a land line that only rings in my son’s apartment and they give me any message that comes in and I took my favorite old corded Bell phone to my store! When it rings I get some funny looks but I tell them I am a dinosaur and like that umbilicus to the earth.

      Cells phones are spooky……once when I was at my son’s house and my daughter in law and I were standing in the middle of the kitchen when 6 feet away on the desk, her smart phone rang while my older model nextel cell phone (I won’t let him upgrade to the ones they have now that I call “Hal”) was on the charger 15 feet away in the other direction. She walked over and looked at hers and then at my phone on the counter and said, “It’s you!!!!!”…….I went over to my phone and sure enough when I hit “recent calls” my phone had called her without anyone touching either phone! Creepy!

    • Elaine, yes cell phones can ineed be spooky. Last week on Coast to Coast had Messages from the Dead:
      “Ph.D. researcher at the University of Northampton, Cal Cooper, discussed his research into telephone calls from the dead, as well as ghosts and apparitions. He detailed four types of phenomenal phone calls, with the first being a simple, short call from someone known to be deceased. There have also been reports of calls, either incoming or outgoing, with a deceased person where the conversation is much longer and the living person does not find out, until later, that the individual on the other line had already died. Cooper also highlighted a fourth type of anomalous call where a person thinks about calling someone, but doesn’t, and then hears from their intended recipient who insists they had talked earlier in the day”
      Very creepy….

  10. Irwin Baxter Interviews David Wolman (Wired) on “The End of Money”


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