Greece – The First Domino or the One/Two Punch!

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GREEK MINISTER: An Exit From The Eurozone Could Trigger Civil War
Greek Minister of Citizen Protection: Grexit Would Mean Civil War – Business Insider

Merkel tells Greece to back cuts or face euro exit

Merkel tells Greece to back cuts or face euro exit – Telegraph

UPDATE!!! According to a transcript, Greek depositors recently withdrew 700 million euros from the nation’s local banks, said President Karolos Papoulias, though the exact timing of the transfer was unclear.

In case you have been living under a rock someplace or watching prosperity preachers on the Boob-tube telling you to send in your $1000-seed-faith offering, hold on to your money, as Greece is about to default on its loans.  Greece may also exit from the EU.  So what does that mean for us?  I believe that Greece is the first domino that falls and when it does, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland will most likely go down next.  Afterward the dollar may tank, as the FED’s just keep printing paper money which is not backed up by gold or anything else.  (President Nixon is responsible for that bit of skullduggery!)

The US is now over 16 TRILLION dollars in debt and counting.  The microcosm of this fiscal nightmare is California where our fearless leader, Governor Brown wants to raise taxes temporarily to help get us out of debt.  The people of California got hoodwinked in the last election when Meg Whitman was derailed by Gloria Allred, who paraded Nicki Diaz to the press telling us how Whitman had hired an illegal alien.  The rest is a sad testimony about the people of California, as Whitman who at the time was 20 points ahead of Brown, lost the election.  Now California is 16 BILLION in arrears and Brown doesn’t have a clue as to how to fix the fiscal dilemma that Californians find ourselves in, except to raise our taxes.   Hows that for a plan?  There is a saying: As California does, so goes the rest of the country.

The collapse of Greece and perhaps the EU as we know, followed by the tank of the dollar, is only the first punch.  The second one is the knock out punch and that is the coming war in the Middle East.  As I’ve pointed out numerous times, this war is a game changer.  It will devastate what’s left of the global economy, as oil prices will soar and in tandem with that commodities will follow.  Please recall that the nascent beginnings of what has become known as the Arab Spring was kicked off when food prices rose and a man who could no longer afford to feed his family set himself on fire in protest.  His act of self-immolation became the impetus for the revolution that has spread across much of the Middle East and is continuing in Syria, which has further destabilized the region. (Syria could be the flash point for the war as I posted last week)

When people are frustrated, hungry, and see no way out, they become desperate, and unpredictable.  The picture to the left is a recent of photo of the conflict and frustration that is happening in Greece.   Can it happen here?  You bet, and it will if the dollar collapses.

In closing todays post:  Please scroll down to: In Other News section where there is a story about the MAYAN calendar and 2012 NOT being the end of the world, a position that I have stated in my book The Cosmic Chess Match, and numerous times on this BLOG.  The 2012 hoopla served as a distraction and steered the conversation away from real prophecy which is happening in the Middle East, and focused it on the Mayan calendar.  Jerusalem has become a cup of trembling, just like the Bible tells us it would in the last days, not Chitzen Itza or the Maya.  The drums of war are beating louder than ever and the global financial crises is looming it’s a global, one-two punch.


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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your watchers series as well as the messengers of deception! I watched you on Sid Roth and had wanted to watch your video’s for some time now, so i ordered them.  They really answered alot of questions I had about the many deceptions going on and how satan uses all these different people to push his agenda.  The way you teach about the new age and other deceptions makes it very easy to spot now, which is awesome!!!! I do have a question though.  Have you looked much into the deception befalling the church via the kundalini spirit??  I have recently been studying on this topic and have been very alarmed and greatly saddened by what I am finding.  I even see this manafestation in my family. Anyway, thank you for your work. The Lord has given you a very needed ministry to keep the eyes of His children open and watching in this crazy time we live in!
Thanks again!  God Bless
 Karen W.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!


Heatwaves, bushfires predicted to hammer NSW – Yahoo!7


Snow hits Bosnian capital

AFP: Snow hits Bosnian capital


Secret prison still open in Baghdad, group claims 

Secret prison still open in Baghdad, group claims – Monday, May 14, 2012 | 11:26 p.m. – Las Vegas Sun


Palestinians mark Nakba with protests 

Palestinians mark Nakba with protests – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Egyptians want Sharia, end of peace with Israel 

Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Egyptians want Sharia, end of peace with Israel – Jihad Watch


So Much For 2012? 

So Much For 2012? – The Omega Letter


Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told

Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told

39 thoughts on “Greece – The First Domino or the One/Two Punch!

  1. on Hardball with the nwo shill chris mathews yesterday they had a a black minister and a black catholic biship the minister was fully for gay marriage and would gladly marry them himself, the catholic was against it. The minister was spouting the most anti biblical lies ive ever heard speaking of how morality in the bible is far less mentioned than feeding the poor. Whirls within twirls and lies within lies the show finished when mathews told the bishop that he hopes he EVOLVES. This just infuriates me to no end. Watch it online like I did and see if you get the same reaction.

    • Ya LA the average person doesnt seem to think it can happen here but history shows it can happen anywhere. We are in the end times if anyone doubts this they should really start randomly looking at different topics and see just how decadent and twisted our society has become. The judgement of GOD is coming and i tremble for those caught unaware.

    • That’s the usual argument – feeding the poor. Once I got a flyer in the mail from a local Lutheran church (which is ELCA gay friendly) and I asked how they could justify it when the Bible is clearly against it.

      The response was well along those lines.

  2. As I have told my brother once, Dec 21, 2012, is not the end of the world, but as that date approaches the world will be on such dire straights, that the world will believe it is the end of the world. So much so, that they will accept ANY saviour who comes along, including ones from outer space. Only the faithful of Christ will reject a worldly saviour and wait for the true Christ who will come with glory and power.

    • This Watchman’s Crown cracked me up in the Omega Letter article. It’s true though.

      ” In the grand scheme of things, very few Christians in these last days have been called as watchmen. Even fewer have responded to the calling. It’s not for everybody — for some it is too much. God has set each of us in the place He wants us to be for this time and place in human history.

      That doesn’t mean it is a pleasant place – we had our pleasant time. But God in His wisdom, and for reasons known only to Him, has called us – you and me and others like us – as witnesses.

      He promises a special crown for us at the Bema Seat. There are only FIVE crowns and the Watchman’s Crown is one of them. So what made you think that earning it would be easy? It is supposed to be hard. Out of all the living Christians on this planet, God called YOU to bear witness for all those too afraid to look.

      So, what are we to do as Christians? Our job. Be witnesses. Watch and observe and give the warning. We don’t know the day or the hour and we don’t pretend that we do. Neither do we believe that anybody else does. But we know that it is near, even at the door.”

      (The Watchman’s Crown ~ Crown of Righteousness) 2 Timothy 4

    • Hehehe. I always tell people “end of the world? No way! The Mayans didn’t say it was ending. They said end end of the age. They are waiting for their Flying Serpent God to return. You know, the one they sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent men , women and children too. Thank God I know Jesus!”
      Thank you also for the Watchmans calling info. Apparently its too difficult for the average Joe to bother to glance at a couple of websites or open their Bibles everyday. How sad! So I get to bum them out instead. : ( I’m generally a very happy person but I really feel like a negative nelly. I’m EXCITED Jesus is coming! I a not excited about the things that are coming upon the earth! I try to mention things cautiously.
      You know what I really hate! I really hate that most Christiansgive me more grief and hatred than nonbelievers. Non believers are usually open to discussion, especially if they have seen ufo’s or have done lots of drugs etc. Oh well, my job is only to watch and warn. Jesus has to deal with the in church scoffers!
      Love you guys and so happy we have this forum of ideas, love and support! Thank you LA for all you do!

    • LatenightLisa, I was going to quote that exact section of Kinsella’s article! I think it is something we need to hear.

  3. There are two different views on the Greece euro exit, although one scenario is more probable then the other, due to the pressure that’s mounting against them. Greece is in financial trouble because it is unable to pay back the debts it owes to its international lenders, which is where the US is headed, in fact, is already there.

    Some economists I have heard say it is impossible for Greece to drop out because the consequences would be so disastrous that Eurozone economies will not allow this to happen….others say a default is highly likely but not for some years. There have been numerous grim predictions as well, …. some doomsday scenarios by financial experts I have seen suggest global panic and market sell-offs.
    They say a default might mean French and German banks exposed to the debt will begin to struggle, resulting in a credit lockdown by the wider banking sector. This would cause investors to begin looking at which other countries are also at risk in order to offload the debt of Europe’s weaker economies, including Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy.
    I believe that if banks are forced to take this hit, it will have global economic consequences similar to those seen in the financial crisis that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008….
    Greece’s exit and default would likely have a contagion effect on other Eurozone economies. If Greece is forced to exit the Eurozone, investor confidence in the bloc would fall, pushing other weaker economies such as Ireland and Portugal towards default but also threatening Spain, seen by many as too big to fail. This might set everything in motion, economies around the world will fall one by one as expected to usher in the Anti-Christ.

  4. “In case you have been living under a rock someplace” I was out running errands today, and most of those I talked to are, naive, wishful in their thinking, just don’t believe anything like that can happen here. The government wouldn’t let it. ?? Among the small, (limited budget), things I do in preparation is set aside cash. Today I converted some Fed Reserve notes into junk. This is always a good money lesson.
    You give them a fistful of “dollars.” and they give you back a handful of change. I shows how much our money has been devalued.
    In reference to the end in 2012, too much scripture hasn’t been fulfilled to end this year. But that doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen.

    • The end of the USA could well be at any minute, especially since our President has spokey out for gay marriage. This is a condoning effect which the populace held in ancient times, resulting in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The end of the world i dont believe so, but i like many others believe america is not mentioned in end time prophecy. Do not get too comfortable because some pagan calendar was proven false. God moves his might hands and nations fall all the time, especially nations that have removed him from their records and proceedings.

    • Talk about condoning actions by our government officials, how about this one? Some school in Virginia was sued by the ACLU for displaying the ten commandments on a wall. The judges solution was display it without the first four commandments that mention God.

      God have mercy on us all.

    • Wow! I remember seeing aerial photos years ago about hills shaped like Hebrew letters in the Israeli countryside; that was years ago and I don’t remember the significance. Or where I saw the video or article. The shapes weren’t noticed until the days of satellite views.

      But that was somewhere well north of Jerusalem.

  5. I dont’ even recognize the United States anymore. I grew up in the 50’s and I felt at least I understood what was right and what was wrong. The line keeps moveing now because man keeps changing the rules and laws but, ….God doesn’t change and his laws don’t change.
    In the movie The Ten Commanments there is a little recognized scene. Moses comes down from the Mountain with the Ten commanments and Nathan the overseer of the Isralies tells Moses……”We don’t need your law” That is what the United States is telling God,by shaking our fist at God, as Franklin Graham has said.

    • One interesting fact about the date he chose to proclaim his evolution on gay marriage, it’s when some Jewish people observe Lag BaOmer- is a popular day for weddings among Ashkenazi Jews. For those who do not conduct celebrations between Pesach and Lag BaOmer, the date often marks the first opportunity for a wedding in the spring or early summer.-wikipedia

      What this day chosen on purpose, an affront to the Most High God?

    • and during this time is the counting of the omer, leading to Shavuot. When God gave his people a ketubah, a wedding contract: aka the 10 commandments.

    • oh….let me be a nit picking old lady….it was Dathan who said that to Moses, not Nathan.
      I only remember because I liked the name but did not want my child to be named after such a dastardly villain so I named him Nathan 36 years ago!

    • LOL! One of my favorite movies. From the same character, Hudson:
      “We’re on an express elevator to hell; going down!” Both quotes quite appropriate.

    • LOL… classic quotes ala Pvt Hudson.

      One more…

      “Is this gonna be a stand-up fight, or another bug hunt?”

    • Lol! Yes, I luv that. Hudson was the best, and those r still rockin movies. I was only ok on 3,4 and avp but prometheus looks good.

  6. If I may, I’d like to profer a reverse view of the one-two punches that you mentioned, LA. Of course, it is open to interpretation, but I see most of the Book of Revelation as being chronilogical, and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse as an ongoing unfolding of events culminating in the rise of the Antichrist and False Prophet. The horsemen ride in this order: 1)A “conquering” peace movement, (viz. Arab Spring and its successor worldwide Occupy,) 2)War (I believe this is the Psalm 83/Isa 17/Obadiah war that eliminates most of the Arab threat, which puts Israel at ease so she can build her temple–The Gog/Magog war is later; notice how all the nations that are destroyed in the 1st war are not mentioned in the Gog/Magog war later on-the first one is led by the Arabs, the 2nd by Russia,) THEN comes 3)Worldwide Economic Collapse, and 4)Famine, pestilence, and death. Upon the heels of these 4 horsemen, we see the rise of the 2 beasts with their economic “solution”, in Rev. 13. Food for thought…

  7. Oh–in regards to the Mayan Calendar, per Tom Horn and others, there are LOTS of other ancient civilizations, such as the Aztec, Cherokee, Sybiline prophecies, and many, many more, who also have pointed to major changes coming in 2012, both from Christian and secular or pagan sources. Most importantly, there is the Word of God, written in the Heavens, which shows us that the precession of the equinoxes, in real astronomical terms, WILL indeed occur on that day, and the rider on the horse, (Sagittarius) will be pointing his arrow down the mouth of the serpent, (Ouroboros), signifying, I believe, as does Dr. Dale Sides, that the LORD will be judging the Great Deceiver shortly. THAT is the TRUE story behind what 12/21/12 portends for the universe.

    • Tom Horn has written quite a lot about this date as have others. Good Post Jonathan.


    • I’ve read a lot of that. I love Tom Horn. He and Chris Putnam slammed another one out of that park with Petrus Romanus. Everyone needs to read that. I think what everyone is seeing here and probably agrees on is that there’s clearly some kind of occult convergence and shenanigans around this 2012 thing and I don’t think it’s anything good although I certainly believe God can use anything He wants for good and for His glory at any time. December 21 is going to be a very sober and serious day of prayer around this household. Something’s going down that day even if it’s nothing that we actually perceive with our five senses.

    • I call that day Satan’s prophecy that points to deception. We as Christians need to lead as many people to the peace and security of Jesus, so they will navigate around the angst and anxiety that is coming so they won’t buy into the load of BS they will be fed. All those who scoff at Christians for their faith will be the ones panicking the most.

  8. As I stated above, I believe the next thing to happen in this world’s age is war, followed by the economic collapse. If anything happens openly in December, it will undoubtedly be deception for those caught up in it. This does not preclude the reality that Yeshua/Jesus IS taking aim at the enemy and the Word in the Heavens is foretelling what IS on the horizon in this regard. Another thing that I have often thought about is this: It was shortly after Jesus’ fame had spread to Greece, and the Greeks came seeking an audience with Him, that what He had been telling His disciples up until that point, (that He was not going to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover,) He saw that His “time had come” to go to the cross, He then “set His face like flint, and went after all. Isn’t it at least interesting to note, that the “times of the Gentiles” (also often called or known as “Greeks” in the Pauline epistles) coming to a close may now be preceded or expedited by this same nation of Greece’s economic collapse? I find it intriguing that most of the leading economists are currently declaring that the fall of Greece portends the beginning of the worldwide economic collapse predicted for so long. The times of the Gentiles are indeed coming to a close.

    • Likewise, we also should set our face like flint, for we may be asked to carry the cross for a time until we are called home.

      I agree with your chronology view of the horsemen. I believe the first horseman has already strode out with bow in hand eager to conquer. The next comes war with the red horse and then black (I.e. hyperinflation and then depression) to follow.

    • Hopeful Watcher–Yes! You got it! And, don’t forget horseman #4, famine, pestilence, death by swords and the beasts of the earth, and Hell follows after. I believe all the dead fish, birds, white-tailed deer, dolphins, frogs, turtles, whales, etc, etc. that keep showing up is a word that death is coming. Pharoah didn’t pay attention to it until it took his first born son, but I pray that people today will not be so blind, although I know that most of them are. However, yes, the war appears to be next on the horizon, and it logically follows that this will be the last straw that brings the economic collapse.

    • “If anything happens openly in December, it will undoubtedly be deception for those caught up in it. This does not preclude the reality that Yeshua/Jesus IS taking aim at the enemy and the Word in the Heavens is foretelling what IS on the
      horizon in this regard.”

      I am leaning this way myself ~ interesting you brought it up,however I cannot get away from “Jesus taking aim at the enemy” and the repercussions of that here on the earth…this time He is coming (and I do not mean @ the battle of Armageddon aka the 2nd coming) as the Conquering Lion not the Lamb and I believe the true Church has a part to play in some rather exciting end time events. Yes, amidst all the darkness great light/glory w/ arise on and in and through God’s people.Of course w/ so much fakery that has gone on it seems like it is a difficult thing for the Church to see this…yet it is there in the Word.
      Anyways God Bless you for your studies and the Spirit of Truth is leading and guiding you always~

  9. Mexico’s six-year drug war behind the Mother’s Day massacre
    “Mother’s Day massacre in Mexico—49 to 70: The corpses, mostly men, were dumped Sunday on a highway in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, about 75 miles outside Texas. The corpses’s heads, hands, and feet had been chopped off. First reports estimated there were 49 headless bodies, but the count may actually be closer to 70; the actual number won’t be known until the body parts are untangled”

    To those fellow Texans who live in the Rio Grande Valley, we know that the Drug Cartel and their war with the Zeta’s has already crossed the border into Texas and American citizens have been killed.The authorities don’t like to acknowledge this openly but those who live here know. No river,no bridge,no wall and certainly no under manned and under armed valley Sheriffs officers will be able to stem the flow of violence. We worry about North Korea,Iran,Iraq and Afghanistan while the Trojan Horse has already crossed the border and is rearing it’s head on American soil.Terrorism is not half a world away it’s now crossing our southern border,WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • Within 2 counties down here on the border, we have 9 bridges to mexico. Spanish is the language for social concerns. English for business which doesn’t involve non-english speakers. The border is wide open to visitors for shopping. Many stay on the US side indefinitely. I have to drive an hour further into the US to hit a border check point. In a very real sense, I live in what the US is becoming, if it last that long. The dominant religion in the area is catholicism and ecumenical protestantism. Because the border is so porous, the local economy is driven toward that in mexico, which is a quarter of the US economy. So the border economy is half that in the rest of the US. If you want a real feel for how poor (and desperate) the poor are in the 2 southern most counties in Texas, zoom into the Texas Attorney General’s “Colonia Map.”


      Colonias are basically slums, where many illegals live with few utilities, gouged by the land owners and gangs. These people as bad as there lives are have a much better life than the poor just over the border in mexico. Since they’re already part of the black market economy — they’re used as basically slave labor, sex trades, drug transport, etc. It takes millions of illegals to transport the rivers of drugs that flow into the US and the billions that flow out in laundered drug money or illegal arms. The cartels are very actively involved in moving illegal moneys into legal businesses such as medical care and odd banks.

      “,0,3494148.story” (arms)

      “” (money laundering)

      Decriminalizing (legitimizing) illegal visitors that overstay or otherwise violate visa laws, by focusing prosecutions on on the most violent illegals effectively creates a permanent slave class that can’t complain or snitch on illegal activities they’re forced to take part in.

      So while we banter about impending disclosure of so called ET aliens, the enemy has already arrived in force as an invading army through criminally compromised foreign aliens.

      In the Unified Theory of Evil

      1 the beast … the coyotes (*)
      2 false prophet … ecumenical catholicism (**)
      3 death & hell … cartel wars
      4 mystery babylon … drug smuggling
      5 abaddon / locusts … illegal “visitors”
      6 the merchants & rulers (elites) … illegal “slavers”
      7 the dragon … corrupt authorities

      (* – that push it’s better to be illegal in the US than serve their own nation)
      (** – sanctions the spread of their culture by any means, just as easily could be ecumenical islam)

      The enemies aren’t the illegals — it’s the rebel angels pulling their strings.

  10. The Greeks and Cali’s have quite a lot in common. So I’m surprised they simply haven’t declared bankruptcy consistent with liberalism, toleration, and democracy. Those that give blank checks to big spenders that repeatedly bust budgets clearly don’t ever intend to pay off collective debts. (Reminds me a Proverb about having a common purse.) More taxes won’t make any difference. Nor will fewer services. There’s a much more basic problem. Parents and others that abort children, or dopers/drunks, or similar such… really don’t care.

    Amidst all the turmoil of the fall in Genesis… there’s a refuge — which is still available today to those Christ saves.

    Gen. 3
    8 And they heard the voice of the LORD God (*) walking in the garden in the cool of the day… (* – Word of God)

    That’s quite a nice model for prayer. No doubt they’d talked together many times walking in the cool of the day …before the fall. So much better than worrying about scrounging junk from collapsing worldly institutions.

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