WWIII – Is This The Beginning?

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L. A. Marzulli

Multinational force massed on Jordanian-Syrian border as 55 killed in Damascus bombings

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

Since all 12,000 troops massed in Jordan are commandos, they stand ready at all times to cross the border into Syria if this is deemed necessary.

Syria has been engulfed in what has become an all out civil war, and the death toll continues to rise.  The latest bombing in Damascus left at least 50 dead and scores injured.  According to the DEBKAfile – see link above – there is now a multi-national force massed on the Jordanian border.   These troops are apparently commandos and as the article states are ready to “go” at all times.  They’re not gathered for a picnic that’s for sure.

So what  happens next?  Do they rush in an topple the already fragile Assad government?  Does Iran sit by and watch perhaps its main ally in the region go under?  Does Russia, who has aided Assad during the unrest, do nothing?  Does Assad begin a rocket attack on Israel, something he swore he would do if attacked by a multi-national force?  Is this the beginning of WWIII, or just another positioning of troops for the regional war that is coming?  Lot’s of questions and not many answers, however, I don’t think Assad is going to go down without a fight.  Here’s the link to his threat about attacking Israel:

Assad Threatens Israel if Syria is Attacked – Middle East – News – Israel National News  

 Then there’s Turkey which must be figured into the mix, as it lies on Syria’s northern border. (see map)  INTEL states that Turkey has massed troops on its border with Syria, so now Assad faces two armies, one from the North the other from the South, in a classic pincer move.

In my opinion Assad has two options.

The first is what Saddam Hussein should have done and that is to hightail it out of Syria taking his millions with him and live the rest of his life in luxurious exile.   I don’t think he’ll do this, however.

The second option is to begin an offensive against Israel using chemical weapons in league with Hezbollah, stationed in Lebanon.  This might take the attention off of himself and put it on Israel, the mutual hatred of which, serves as a common bond in the Arab world.

In closing todays post:  With this latest movement of troops – something that I first heard about months ago, but was unable to VET –  the stakes have been raised.  Assad’s days are certainly numbered and we may be looking at the beginning of a regional war that could at some point perhaps go nuclear.

We are told in Isaiah 17,  that Damascus has become a ruinous heap.  This has never happened as Damascus, the Syrian capital, is the longest inhabited city on the planet.  Are we looking at prophecy about to be fulfilled?  Is this how Damascus comes to its inglorious end?  I will  be keeping an eye on this throughout the weekend as anything could happen in this volatile region, even the beginning of WWIII.


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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your watchers series as well as the messengers of deception! I watched you on Sid Roth and had wanted to watch your video’s for some time now, so i ordered them.  They really answered alot of questions I had about the many deceptions going on and how satan uses all these different people to push his agenda.  The way you teach about the new age and other deceptions makes it very easy to spot now, which is awesome!!!! I do have a question though.  Have you looked much into the deception befalling the church via the kundalini spirit??  I have recently been studying on this topic and have been very alarmed and greatly saddened by what I am finding.  I even see this manafestation in my family. Anyway, thank you for your work. The Lord has given you a very needed ministry to keep the eyes of His children open and watching in this crazy time we live in!
Thanks again!  God Bless
 Karen W.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains! 

Israel not invited to NATO’s Chicago summit 

Israel not invited to NATO’s Chicago summit – Friday, May 11, 2012 | 4:48 a.m. – Las Vegas Sun


Police find 18 bodies near Mexican tourist lake 

World News – Las Vegas Sun


Greek parties make final coalition bid 

Greek parties make final coalition bid – Europe – Al Jazeera English


‘We might have a regional war soon, and then we’d have had to join the government anyway,’ says Kadima MK Nachman Shai 

‘We might have a regional war soon, and then we’d have had to join the government anyway,’ says Kadima MK Nachman Shai | The Times of Israel


Grotesque civil war in Mexico a threat to US security 

Grotesque civil war in Mexico a threat to US security « News that matters


US officials said to be fearful of looming Israeli strike on Iran 

US officials said to be fearful of looming Israeli strike on Iran | The Times of Israel


Christians in Syria live in uneasy alliance with Assad, Alawites 

Christians in Syria live in uneasy alliance with Assad – USATODAY.com

23 thoughts on “WWIII – Is This The Beginning?

  1. I read this in an email this am, the NATO troops are amassing for a exercise on the Syrian border scheduled for May 15, it’s all falling into place. They are all gearing up for war abroad and civil unrest inside our own borders.

  2. Well, The Stage is set, acdg to the scriptures. The very last war, at the end of Revelation will be the “Grand Finale”.

    I can’t determine which wars in the mid-east start first, and establish a time line…

  3. It’s a pity the people of Syria couldn’t have heard about this before it was “vetted.” They could have had the chance to act on it and escape the slaughter. Prophecy (and inside information) often has no proof until it is too late and the ball is in irrevocable motion.

  4. Putin refuses to come here and Israel is “snubbed”……well, from all the scary prep in Chicago at the same time Russians by the thousands are here learning how to use our own weapons….hmmm, I think I understand why Putin mught be wary of being here then and if I were Israel I would not feel too bad! In fact, I am a little nervous about being within 4 hours of Chicago and straight across the lake from Milwaukee where they are warned of big influx of refuges and or detainees! It is just a short ferry ride of about 60 miles from me!!!!

    • Yes Elaine I hear you I too live an hour and forty mints away and I’m especially nervous as well and a possible earthquake. They new Madrid fault line is awaking. A lot people don’t realize how serous this is especially for those of us that do live close by. I’m glad I’m not the only one that lives near Chicago and now that NATO has declined Israel a right to attend something big might happen. I pray that it doesn’t, but it’s all part of God’s prophetic word. I just don’t like being a part of the judgements when they began to befall. But it’s all part of God’s plan. I’ll be praying for safety for us.

  5. No question: Assad has already shown he will go to any and all means to stay in power to the bitter end. No way that can end well and the Bible says it won’t ultimately for Damascus. We may very well be looking at the setup for that right now.

  6. The cover story of war games in Jordan involving US and NATO forces is a way of moving troops without alarming the masses. Compare russian troops coming to train in the US.

    Navy Special Forces used to hold an exercise called FLINTLOCK. We came off the exercise in ’87 straight into the Libya Bombing. So you get the idea, war games are often a ramp up and direct threat of military action.

    Assad is clearly a war criminal that should be arrested and tried. What real difference is there between a terrorist like OBL and Assad?

    Then again the same goes for Obama, who has oceans of blood more on his hands due to so called legal abortion.

    • I completely agree ! Americans have never had Russian troops on U.S. soil, and as a people we are really not prepared to mentally and emotionally handle whats coming right at us. Many other countries already know the way the game is played and watch for foreign troop movement in there midst. Be ready for your redemption draws nigh !

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  8. For any that have not heard an update or what happened to Grant Jeffrey, this came in a news email from Hal Lindsey this morning, May 11, 2012.
    “On a personal note, I have learned that my friend and colleague, Grant Jeffrey, has recently suffered a very serious heart attack. At this moment, he remains in critical but stable condition. Please join with me to lift up our brother in prayer and ask God for his complete healing and recovery. Remember, too, his dear wife Kaye during this difficult time.”
    Blessings to all on Omer Day 34.

  9. Colonel John Alexander and David Wilcox on Coast to Coast AM “UFO Intervention” Wow! from May 9th 2012

    Stan Deyo and Steve Quayle will be on Coasto to Coast Saturday night. If you have not heard either of them speak lately. Its an eye opener.

    • “Author and researcher, Steve Quayle, along with former FBI undercover agent, Stan Deyo, join John B. Wells for four hours of discussion and dissection of current events, pending earth changes, the situation in Fukushima and hope for humanity.”

    • Colonel Alexander was very interesting. He said emphaically that UFO’s are real. He said on many many occassions nuclear silo’s were shut down when a UFO was above them.

      I have heard David Wilcox speak maybe a dozen times and I never knew if he was a christian or not. Well today I have the answer but before I give you an answer here is what David said to George in the interview.

      1. The cold war ended because ET’s completely shut down all nuclear silos and made them ineffective on both the Russian and US side.

      2. The Dark side of the moon is the like the Los Angeles of ET transportation. There are thousands of space ships there.

      3. ET’s cleared out all underground bases on August 23rd 2011.

      4. Atlantis was an ET colony and Siberia was also an ET colony and they fought each other all of the time.

      5. America is the reincarnated Atlantis

      George asked him what he thought about the book of Revelations. David said he did not believe in the book of Revelations. Instead he believes that ET’s wrote all end times prophecies for all faiths. Christians, Muslims, Hindus etc… He said that he is contacted regularly by ET’s who tell him that all faiths were made up by ET’s.

      He quoted the Caseys readings and Hindu verses NON-STOP.

      He said the Golden age or the Millenial period was also made up by ET and its really a spirtual revolution.

      He also said that the ET’s told him there will be no WWIII.


      This guy belongs at Project Camelot and Project Camelot ONLY!!!

    • We’ll excuse George for not knowing it’s the “Book of Revelation” By Jesus to John. Not Revelations.

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    by Maayana Miskin

    Passengers on a train in Belgium got a shock last week as the following announcement came over the speaker, “Welcome to the train to Auschwitz. The Jews are asked to get off at Buchenwald.”

    More than 55,000 were murdered at the Buchenwald concentration camp during the Holocaust.

    A railroad employee who heard the announcement ran to the room with the microphone, but found it empty. A short time later a second employee took to the sound system to apologize for the “unsuccessful joke.”

    The Belgian national railroad, SNCB, denounced the incident, which took place on the Brussels-Namur line. The employee has been found and fired, SNCB officials stated.

    European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor recently warned that anti-Israel sentiment in Europe could lead to a “tsunami of hate” being unleashed against European Jews. The European Jewish Parliament has reported a “surge in anti-Semitism” as well.

    A recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) poll found “disturbingly high” levels of anti-Semitism among European respondents.

    David Hocking
    HFT Connect

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