Disclosure: What will you do WHEN it happens? What will you believe?

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L. A. Marzulli

While the church is busy with its yearly calendar and the “faithful’ file in to their “assigned” seats in pews across America, thinking that all is well, all is not well and here’s why.  There is a movement that is growing and TV shows like Ancient Aliens, The Event, and others, are promulgating the concept that we are not alone and in fact, ET’s have “seeded” us here.  This is known as Panspermia and there are scientist who embrace this theory as it explains where man originated from.
In my power point presentations I show the clip from Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled, that shows Richard Dawkins essentially championing this idea.  If you haven’t seen this yet here is the link.  It is very telling and in my opinion shows that Dawkins doesn’t have a clue as to where life began.  So why not explore Intelligent design?  But I digress.  Ben Stein vs. Richard Dawkins Interview – YouTube
In this latest video from Greer he is appealing to us to raise money for a documentary that will show that we are not alone and that ET and the “galactic federation” (my verbage) are here to help mankind.   I have stated numerous times that when ET does show up, they will come bearing gifts.  The first will be a free energy source – Greer believes this too – the second will be a chip that will be couched as a DNA upgrade that will increase our life span perhaps to 500 years.  Want to join the club?  Want to be part of the New World Order?  Take the mark ( I write about this in the Cosmic Chess Match.  My colleague Doug Hamp has written about it in his book – Corrupting the Image.)
Unfortunately most of the church sleeps and is unaware of what Greer and others are promulgating, and this is what I have coined as, the coming great deception.   What is it going to take for the church at large to wake up and begin to understand what is going on all around us?   How far does it have to go before pastors will get their heads out of the sand and begin to look at the UfO phenomena.
 In closing today’s post:  “While we may disagree as to what the UFO phenomena is we can agree that it is real, burgeoning, and not going away.”  Researchers like Steven Greer and I agree that what manifests in our skies, with impunity is real, but we disagree was to what is behind the phenomena.  That’s fine, as everyone is entitled to his or hers opinion.  Mine is that this part of an elaborate deception that has been in the undertaking for perhaps millenia and is near its fulfillment now.  What will you do when ET is revealed?  What will you believe?

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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains

Earthquake Shakes Western Iran

Earthquake Shakes Western Iran


Fish Pond in Shenzhen Ravaged Overnight 

Fish Pond in Shenzhen Ravaged Overnight


There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs 

There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs


Thousands protest military rule in Egypt

Thousands protest military rule in Egypt – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Science journal publishes details of deadly lab-made bird flu that ‘could cause global pandemic’ 



Sun Solar Maximum Ramps Up Earth Cataclysms 

Sun Solar Maximum Ramps Up Earth Cataclysms :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website


Raw Reports, Nuclear Threat from Germany 

Raw Reports, Nuclear Threat from Germany (updated) | Veterans Today

62 thoughts on “Disclosure: What will you do WHEN it happens? What will you believe?

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I admit the coming great deception is a wonderful term and I now use it too. I will not take the mark or bow down to these creatures. I will stand firm in my faith and do what God wants me to do.

  2. On another quick note then I have to log out to finish getting reading for the day. My wife and I are going on an overnight trip to get away from everything (Even Technology) one last time before Junior is born. I go to a local baptist church. I did not go to church Sunday because I was working. My wife and mother went though and when they got back they told me how the Pastor of this church had started joking or being serious about life on other planets, saying God loved us more than the people on Mars and Jupiter. I plan to ask him what his thought are on this one day soon. I will not stand with such people. The alien presence is real and it is demonic. My mother, wife and I all agree it was good that I got stuck working because I might have told him off there in the church. That is why I was banned from speaking in church and lost my ministry job several years ago when I lived in Memphis Tennessee…. Praise God I now live in Montana away from that illumnati city with that 33 story pyramid on the river.

    • James congratulations on your “Junior”. I understand your wanting to tell off someone who is supposed to know the truth but really don’t. I’m facing a similar situation with a Jehovah’s witness who likes to visit my mom to teach the word. Now my mom is confused because she is being told that Jesus didn’t die on the cross with outstretched arms but rather on a pole with arms behind His back. I’ve told my mom that evidence is already proving the cross and to deny the cross is to deny that Jesus died on the Cross. I’ve told her to stand up for the truth even against the “teacher”. I heard the teacher tell my mom that “too many people have crosses around the house, and that it’s idolatry!” I wanted to tell off the teacher but got reminded that I couldn’t. I have to teach in sincerity and patience and in love. Ugh! Trying though. Blessings, Mary

    • A cross is a graven image that people do not need to have, it is a sin to have those things. Jesus did die on a cross but not as it is depicted in art and pop culture. They put a cross beam up on a tree, the cross that Jesus had to carry was something similar to a big 4X4. Thank you on the congratulations, we are looking forward to when he is born. I have to say though my great grandparents were Jehovah’s Witness. My aunt is married to a man who is a Jehovah’s witness. It is sad that there are so many people who believe they are christians but are not. We have to stand up for the truth no matter what, even if it is hard because we have to stand up to our loved ones for the truth. It is easy to stand up to an enemy, it is difficult to stand up to a loved one. I hope and pray that you will find the strength you need and that God will give you the words when it is time for you to speak.

    • The second commandment in the ten commandments is not to make for yourself a graven image of anything in heaven or earth. In some translations it is shortened to idol. However to make an image of anything out of religious worship (Even a reminder is part of worship) is considered a graven image. It was forbidden even for the jews to make images of what they thought God looked like. God hated that! The cross that most people have images of is not even an accurate image of the cross that Jesus died on. Graven means statue or carving. It was very clear. Jesus himself said he did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. The first century church used secret symbols like the fish symbol to identify themselves as christians to other christians, but never had graven images of the cross to remember Jesus with. Jesus lived on inside of them and they had no need of a visual reminder. No where in the new testament does it say “Hey since Jesus came and died for your sins, you can go ahead and make graven images to remember him by”.

    • Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. (Luke 9:23)
      And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. (Luke 14:27)
      How is the cross a graven image?

    • To take up the cross means to embrace the pain and suffering that comes from being a true christian. It means if you want to be a christian you must accept that you will be persecuted. It does not mean making a graven image to hang around your neck or in your house. I will define graven image for you. Since you do not know what a graven image is because you certainly do not know how a cross is a graven image:

      Graven is defined as to be carved or sculpted

      Image is defined as the likeness or representation of an item.

      The last part is of heaven or earth sums everything up that means to make, sculpt or carve a likeness or representation of anything in heaven or earth for the purpose of a religious act is having and possessing a graven image that goes against the teachings of the bible. If you go by the definition and common logic you will see that making a cross to remember Jesus is having a graven image. No where does the scripture say that it is okay to make an idol or graven image if it is of God or Jesus. It says do not make ANY! graven image. That means do not making nothing like that for the purpose of religious reasons.

    • Thank you for your point of view. I do not worship or pray to the cross. I pray directly to Jesus Christ and have the workings of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me. I do understand graven images and do not knowingly promote them. So it’s ok to remember the cross only as a representative of pain and suffering? Why would the cross not represent the fulfillment of what Jesus came to do? I acknowledge the cross as real; Jesus died on the cross; freedom is from what Jesus came to fulfill. I will not forget the cross nor will I misrepresent it. I am guilty of having the image of the cross in my mind and in my spirit. I mean no disrespect to the Lord and forging it in either wood or marble is in my opinion only a remembrance of what Jesus had to do to save us. (Food for thought.) Blessings, Mary

    • My opinion is that the cross on a believer’s wall is not an image to worship. It is a symbol of the believer’s faith; a cross forever empty, just like the tomb!

      I don’t like crucifixes with bloody little Jesus replicas hung on them.

    • I hope I did not offend either of your. I respect you both Seashoremary and James, and accept that we share different opinions on this topic. I did not mean to offend. I understand I got a little snappy. I do apologize. I can get that way when I am stressed out. It is still no excuse though. I hope y’all can forgive me for that.

  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/01/ufo-dangers-us-news-world-report_n_1466019.html?ref=weird-news

    “While the debate rages over whether some of the residual UFOs are interplanetary or interdimensional spacecraft, the magazine is exploring the potential danger of UFO encounters with commercial airline pilots.”

    “Our objectives are to make flying safer for the public, and we’re convinced there’s a potential threat posed by nearby unexplained aerial phenomena to commercial and private airplanes,” former UFO skeptic and NASA research scientist Richard Haines told The Huffington Post.”

    Like you well coined LA….real, burgeoning, and not going away…yet the church at large slumbers ever so sweetly. You asked what will you do when ET is revealed? Respond with what you’ve helped me to learn…”Rebuke first….ask questions later!”

  4. Many denominations do not even discuss bible prophecy! Much less, they only way to escape the Great Tribulation.

    The History Channel had a one hour program regarding the Book of Revelation. They proimopted the fear factor, and of course did not tell the way to escape. They had some “spin factors” as well.

    The 7 year time period for the Tribulation is the Detail of Daniel’s 70th week.

    Gary Stearman, Prophecy in the News, suggested that Israel will war with Russia (EZ 38 & 39), before the Great Tribulation starts. This idea is because they will burn the weapons of the Russian Alliance for 7 years, ok.

    Now the Jews will be chased off their land during the last 3-1/2 years of the tribulation, and therefore can’t be burning weapons at that time.

    • the 7 year tribulation or the “great tribulation is or has been shortened from 7 years to 5 months. this is found in Matt.24.24, MARK 13.20-22, Rev.9.5 (locusts in the Hebrew is arbeh or the root of arab the swamer in Joel, grain of salt maybe)and to know who this locust army’s leader is is als the Antichrist in another office he fullfils, Abaddon and Apollyon.

  5. I asked this last week so I’ll ask it again today, does anyone have the link to last night’s show? Thank you.

  6. trunews headline today about Sadam’s WMD chemicals in Syria…..hmmm, wonder when the right bomb or riot or whatever in that hot bed of violence will relase them and make Damascus a ruinous heap!

  7. Even serious abduction researchers think Greer is a few fries short of a happy meal. Joe Montaldo, head of ICAR for example.

    I’d love to see u and russ attend one of his “contact” sessions while you guys pray and call upon Jesus

  8. I watched the clip and was waiting for the shoe to drop. When he said “They will bring us good news”, I then remembered the interview with Blossom Goodchild in your book! Thanks!

  9. What percent of the population right now would take a tattoo that indicates they side with the aliens when they come? Say a triangle…. Just even for the possibility of sharing in something beyond human.

    • Haven’t a clue about the particular percentage. But the occult teaching on the six pointed star (even they say it’s one of the most evil symbols) points out the triple six hidden in plain sight. So my guess is that yes, triangles will be involved somehow…but two of them with one laying over the one beneath and not the one that shows the intertwining [of the two triangles] relationship between YHWH and humanity. The intertwining one is known as the Magen David and is of course the symbol of Israel. Just chiming in Nome. Any thoughts?

    • Odd that you mention star of David. I saw an image once in my mind and i sketched it. It was a star of David inside a circle. In each area outside the star but inside the circle was a different religious symbol. Six in all. A cross, Hindu script, yin Yang, Seek symbol, peace sign, crescent moon with little star.

    • Heck, how may people are taking tattos lately for the heck of it? I feel the last 5 – 10 yrs, there was a general increase in tattoos and its sort of been mainstreamed.

    • You propose an interesting question.

      There is a world wide fascination with tattooing and many who call identify themselves as Christians proudly wear tattoos and will justify them as their witness for God.

      Skin Ink may very well be how the mark is applied as in the luciferian fueled nazi’s and how they inked the Jews prior to extermination.

    • John, you brought up Nazi inking Jews. IBM invented the punch card system that cataloged all the Jews into various categories. IBM ALSO invented the bar code system. Bar code scanners are the most ubiquitous sales transaction system on the planet. One bar code for the product and one bar code for the patron. Just a thought.

      Matter of fact, they have tatoos now with invisible black light ink. So you dont even have to live with a visible mark.

    • Take a look at the pleidian symbol and see what you think.

      As for the mark of the beast, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if there were some semblance to the star of david, related to the muslim mahdi, all faiths religion, and 666.

      If disclosure occurs as LA expects then there must be direct connection to the antichrist, and as the avatar of that same spirit that claims to have been channeled through all major religious figures as this planets’ evolutionary guide.

    • I agree nomemoleste. I believe the one that becomes the A.C. will die in a religious struggle, I.e. he will.recieve a mortal head wound. This will be the next Pope of Rome, Cardinal Arinze. Then a disclosure will come that will contain an imposter jesus who also goes by maitreya and other names. This Jesus imposter will raise the Pope from the dead and declare him to be the savior for the current age. A spiritual passing of the baton, so to speak.

    • Softcurls , I had some thoughts about “the children ” but of course I accidently put my reply in a thread further down.

  10. L.A. there is one additional gift in addition to the ones you mentioned. Immortality!! Please see the email I sent you, becuase it is immensly important and I can’t seem to connects with you. I think you will be as shocked as I was.

  11. UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact – 2 of 8 – documentary on the implications of contact – questions Steven Greer’s and new age assumptions that aliens are benevolent and are here to help and offer gifts to help us. May God give you discernment when you watch this video as some new age ideas may be presented.

    • This video was very interesting. I think there maybe a lot of procedures that are false mixed in procedures that have a purpose. In that way, no abductee can ever tell the abducters true intentions. I also question memories derived from hypnotic regression in that people interact with lying evil spirits all the time, so there is no telling which is actual memory and which is demonic trickery.

      One such product abducters may harvest, amongst others, is an enzyme called Telomerase, along with sperm and egg for hybrids. If in the days of Noah “sons of god” made hybrids, then they are surely doing it now.

    • Softcurls, about the children. Some believe that at the Rapture [ Pre Trib or Pre Wrath ] that all children will be Raptured as well. OK, then we could get into discussions about at what age is the cut off point for someone to be considered a child. I work with profoundly physically and mentally disabled people of all ages. We have been prepared with the movie “The Children of Men” where a child has not been born on Earth for about a couple of decades.

      However in the “Cosmic Chessmatch” L.A.says that there doesn’t appear to be any direct, specifically aimed counter move from Jesus to massive widespread abortion.

      What if the counter move is Jesus taking all children in the Rapture and then making the human race sterile. No innocents to go through the Wrath. It’ll be payback for the Abortion Mills.
      Also then cloning and genetic tinkering will really go into overdrive. Also , “Aliens” will no doubt be blamed. The theme of Aliens taking the children of Earth has been explored in the TV series ” The Quatermass Conclusion” and the Dr Who TV series “Children of Earth”.

    • Sorry Hopeful, I made a reply in the wrong Thread.

      Sometimes I think I made a mistake in living through my childhood diseases.

    • @Ghillie: While I am pre-wrath/post-trib, i found your comment about making the human race sterile fascinating. If you notice, the US has had the highest rate of sterility in its history. How many women take fertility pills, to then have quintuplets?

  12. it was a few weeks ago when i posted asking for your prayers for my sudden outbreak with boils. ive had problems logging in of late with wordpress or id have let you guys know sooner what exactly took place and how the Lord worked in my life in letting me see beyond the veil.

    I think it was the night after i had asked for prayer that this happened. Ill go a bit in detail as i have witnesses to the event. Our grandson is here every other weekend and hes a true warrior when it comes to fighting sleep and hes a light sleeper as well, so my wife will lay a small mattress and lie next to his bed to reassure and care for him while im sleeping early. I then get up at 4am or so to take over so she can rest.

    I had been dreaming and in this dream im talking to my wife about demonic protection (of all things but it was certainly a pertinent and poignant dream as you shall see) when she says, “that will work against all of them except the blue demon, for him you need something else.” I do not know what that meant unless is was the Lord letting me know this “blue demon was a sort of depression power” sent against us. Well i immediately awoke only to stare face to face with what i would only call coal black eyes and nose and a mouth sort of like it was drawn on the white walls of the bedroom 6 inches from my face. I didnt feel anything evil nor did i allow myself the time to.

    I scooted back a bit and said, “in the name of Jesus Christ leave this place.” The face slid swiftly about 2 feet up and over toward the head of the bed on the wall in the corner. ” I repeated myself and this time it sped up to the tip top corner of the bedroom above me. Well now i was not only mad i was in the spirit and the Holy spirit came upon me ( i dont have the words to describe it but i felt totally assured in my right to get rid of this thing guys). I whispered loudly something id read recently and also heard from a russ dizdar show about how demons fear Tartarus and the abyss. So i said this, “If you do not flee now then I will command thee in the Lords name to go to the abyss.”

    The face disappeared but i (for some reason) knew it hadnt left the room. So i said it. “In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior ALL evil in this home must flee straight to the ABY- -”
    Guys i never had time to finish the word when i hear a loud crashing i mean LOUD coming from the kitchen about 30 feet from me this is adjoined in an open area next to our living room.
    My wife screams out “What was that!” and the baby is crying awake. The mounted fan we have on our bar was burst from its place to crash a few feet in the floor away and behind where they were sleeping. Whatever this demon or spirit was it TORE OUT of there and literally fled for its life or unlife so it could not get caught in this stricture of the command. The house felt lighter than it had of late and i began healing slowly but steadily.

    I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers. Trust me PRAYER WORKS! it might not always be answered immediately but it is always answered. Atleast if its a truly impassioned plea and has always worked for me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! ps thx for the time and space LA!

    • wow. Chills, faithelect. I have never come face to face with demons like that and I hope I never do. You give me confidence and of course Jesus gives me faith, that in His name evil will flee.

    • ya they always flee the only deep problem i had was with the fallen angel experience and that was when as soon as i banished one another took its place but i was a newbie as they say back then. Seeing through veil is a two edged sword because i think they can see us more clearly then as well although i have no definitive proof of that . I could show you how to see them but the last time i did that the poor guy didnt fare well and i feel God was very angry about that with me. You can see them quite easily in ufo videos especiallyh the grainy footage and in haunted house type videos though. Those cant see back but it might be an open door so be careful.

    • I’ll pass on seeing them thanx. I have a hard enough time keeping temptations at bay, let alone out an out spiritual warfare. I prefer to see the fingerprints of God. We need warriors like you though who can give testimony in the darkest places. God bless you.

    • Hopeful watcher-you’ve seen them, I gaurentee it. You just didnt recognize them, thats all. Sorta weird, my dog can tell a lot of times when someone jhas a demon. Her hackles go all up and she growls really low and gets sorta skitish or barks like craxy. Then I will look at the person and I can see it. Its really sad. Sometimes its scary. Imagine what life is like for someone who has a demon. Jesus died so people dont have to be oppressed too.
      Keep ur eyes open all around you.
      I dont like seeing them, or dealing with them. But sometimes the situation warrents intervention. We have the power. You gotta have faith un the power!

  13. I watched a documentary called 4th Kind today about a Dr. Abagail Emmily Tyler and her family. Sll victims of abduction, the young daughter was never returned the poor mother is bed ridden in some SNIF on the East Coast and no one believes her to this date. I wish you could help her LA, or someone from your team on the East Coast.


    • Bernadette – 4th Kind is all fabrication, similar the Blair Witch Project. It’s hollywood at its best, there is no Dr. Abigail Tyler!

  14. The Lawless One

    The first of 3 final messages given to Dumitru Duduman in 1997.

    I have spoken to you as a father speaks to his own children. I have shown you what will be that you may prepare your hearts and strengthen your spirits for the day of battle. Dark days are soon coming upon the earth. Days of mourning and great sadness. I tarry for those that seek me with a pure heart. I give strength to those who seek me continually. The lawless one has been prepared and he is ready to reveal himself. He awaits his release. He will come with a lying tongue and deceiving words. I will protect My own and I will deliver them even out of the clutches of the enemy. Those that will be strong until the end, those that will be called to be living testimonies for my name’s sake will receive the crown of life. Let righteousness be your banner and My word be your guide. Be rooted in the truth. As the dawn comes to chase away the night, so will the darkness rule only for its allotted time. Be strong in the knowledge that I protect and watch over all who are Mine. Amen.

    Excerpted from:
    Dreams and Visions From God

    • May the peace that surpasses all understanding be poured out on every disciple of Yeshua on this blog and the full protection of the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds through the faith you put in Him. Shalom my beloved and Maranatha

  15. Yes I do believe what Marzulli have stated. Wake up sleeping church!

    Just saw The Avengers movie yesterday afternoon. It do exposures many illuminati symbolism.. 

    A very prominent eye is featured in the flipping of Marvel panels near the beginning of the film (one-eyed/Luciferian)

    Sam Jackson has the archetypal one-eye.

    Robert Downey. Jr. has a Black Sabbath t-shirt (which features a triangle-within-a-triangle graphic known as the unholy trinity). 

    Eagle/phoenix insignia the Avengers used be an occult reference. 

    Dr. Banner is ‘Nephilim Change’ turns into the Hulk.

    Thor/Loki is physical fighting similar as Michael archangel and Satan. 

    Much more..

    Book of Revelations ch. 9 “Loctus” alien invasion by using projection blue beam. The superhero smashup are all set in the heart of the city as a havoc-wreaking alien invasion lays waste to midtown Manhattan. Hollywood has long loved to rain chaos on the city ever. 

    They know secrets are getting out so of course they are going to expose themeselves. That’s all I’m saying… 
    *Know you enemy*

  16. Ghillie & Ant, It is possible,remember when God caused Abimelech, his wife and maids to not have the ability to conceive to protect Sarah when Abraham lied and said she was his sister. God had to protect Yeshua’s bloodline and insure there would be no doubt as to who Isaac’s father was Genesis 20.

  17. I have been listening to Russ Dizdar and he says that the Abyss is already opened and evil spirits are already coming through them.
    I can’t wait til your book Alien Interviews gets here. It is the one with the pics of the hybrids right?

  18. Thank you to the people that provided the the link to the upload of the radio show. The Avengers was awesome. Hollywood at its finest as far as effects. A really must go see. Imagine the tech. that the Nephilim will bring… like not being able to die when I want to b/c the mountains and world is being unrolled like a scroll right before my eyes…. I was using some sarcasm. I probably don’t have the order correct.

  19. I think one of the saddest things will be those who knew that something is going on but thought it was political and stopped just short of accepting Christ…..some are so close and yet so far.

  20. This thing is not only limited to Greer and Disclosure Projects. The very same entities are active worldwide e.g. in Brasil through a famous medium-healer “John of God”. Two things are worth pointing out – their symbol is a triangle and it’s claimed they come from Sirius – the Dog Star, psalm 22 immediately comes to mind here.

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