Acceleration Radio TONIGHT: Richard Shaw – Rob Skiba – Cattle Mutilation Witness

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May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar:

L. A. on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural:

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1. L.A. & Richard Shaw discuss current events.

2. Mystery Guest: Cattle Mutilation story.

3. Rob Skiba Interview!



L.A. Marzulli Speaking Engagements!

May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar

June 8-10: Cornerstone Fellowship Maryland!  L. A. returns!
June 15 & 16: L. A. Marzulli returns to Oceanside – 
June 22-24:  Chicago Conference with Russ Dizdar:
July 6- 15:  Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference


July: 13 -15: BRANSON Prophecy Conference –
August 30:  September 1: Genesis Project
October 13: Portland Oregon – Big Foot Conference!
 November Conference with Randy Demain
December 21: Chitzen Itcha, Mexico – Conference –
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In Other News: Tacking the Birth Pains!

Israel Calls Up Reserves!!! 

Six army battalions called up under emergency orders to meet growing threat on Egypt, Syria borders | The Times of Israel


Dead fish cause panic in Western Turkey 

ANIMALS – Dead fish cause panic in Western Turkey


University protest in Syria ‘turns deadly’ 

University protest in Syria ‘turns deadly’ – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Russia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike 


Eurozone Crisis: Joblessness Hits Record High 

Eurozone Crisis: Unemployment Rises To Record High Of 10.9% As Recession Takes Hold | Business | Sky News


One in seven thinks end of world is coming: poll 

One in seven thinks end of world is coming: poll | Reuters


Al Qaeda Magazine Calls for Firebomb Campaign in US

Al Qaeda Calls for Massive Forest Fires in Montana – ABC News


33 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio TONIGHT: Richard Shaw – Rob Skiba – Cattle Mutilation Witness

  1. Sure hope LBN is back up by tonight!!!!

    The article about 1 in 7 makes me wonder how many of those are among our ranks and think it is just the end of “days” and not the end of the world. But I suppose the polster was just too secular to care about the coming of Christ and phrased (or interpretted) the question without considering faith and prophecy.

  2. Topic of the day…”Al Qaeda Magazine Calls for Firebomb Campaign in US”
    Al Qaeda Calls for Massive Forest Fires in Montana – ABC News

    (To be followed by a carpet bombing campaign across Mecca)

    Cannot wait for the telemarketing calls for this Al Qaeda “magazine”

    “Hello Infidel, dis is Muhammad bin Sellin. Would you be interested in subscribing to Al Qaeda Quarterly for the low low price of $12.95 a year? Not only will you get US defense secrets (courtesy of Bradley Manning) and direct access to Democratic congress members through CAIR fundraisers, but as a bonus gift, you will get the Islamic Year 6666 Calendar, featuring pictures of our Goat of the Month.
    I see the address to this phone number is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, DC. Is that correct?”

    But in all seriousness who’s to say with the recent fires in CA and TX that the firebomb campaign has not already begun? Who here believes that if Al Qaeda were responsible for arson, regardless of where they came from or what their motives, this government would ever tell us the truth?
    , Maybe….just maybe, when the attacks in the US can no longer be dismissed as “work place violence or the acts of a confused terrorist” and/or excused by CAIR and when a large enough number of Americans are killed, then it will be on.
    Then possibly someone in the U.S. or otherwise, might have the nerve to say No more. We will render Medina and Mecca uninhabitable if the attacks do not stop, worldwide. This is non-negotiable and we are prepared to strike immediately. Come to think of it, I bet the poppy fields would burn like newspaper with just a little bit of napalm.

  3. I personally believe people do not care, It might take a little effort to read the bible.! Recently i was told by a family member that only a few people even knew about bible prophecy so it must not be important! I was in shock, but this is what it has come to, an unbelieving world and people to lazy to research their own bible for answers. COME QUICKLY YESHUA!

  4. I am going to try to listen to it tonight. I know I asked you yesterday but still have not gotten any word yet brother Marzulli. How do you feel about the two sabbaths? That Jesus did not die on Friday night and arise from the grave Sunday morning as most church people believed. I believed it for a long time too, until the Lord blessed me with the gift of the knowledge of truth. I have to say thank you for allowing me to link my blog yesterday, it was a real blessing from God. I believe that helped get the word out. I assume you agree with that since you allowed the link to go up. If you do agree with it, please take the time to post a blog about it one day or speak about it on the radio if the Lord moves you to it.

    • Hi James, I know there are high sabbaths that can fall on any day of the week, so yes, there were two sabbaths the week Jesus was crucified. Chuck Missler, Dave Hunt, and Jacob Prasch among others have good proofs of this. They teach that Jesus was crucified on Thursday and make a good case for it. I am in agreement with them after researching the issue.

  5. Hagmann’s just responded to me on facebook. changing venues!!! Looks like LBN is gone? Just posted link to their reply but it awaits moderation….I told ’em to take L.A. with them hahaha….us old ladies get confused if we have to track down too many radio choices!

    • Hmmm weird…I just started to really enjoy listening to LBN. I wonder what the eBay listing is…I couldn’t find it. Is there anywhere else we can listen in tonight LA?

  6. I need to compare notes a bit please.

    During my morning routine on rising a couple hours before dawn, the song in my heart was “Eye of the Tiger” That was unusual since I don’t consider Rocky Balboa to be representative of anything to do with Christ, His saints, or doing the will of The Father. I’d wondered if it had something to do with Isaiah 30, which I didn’t get to study yesterday as intended related to the “Dam Breaks” blog. I did a quick search for the lyrics (very interesting) and prophecy + “eye of the tiger”. The one hit that caught my attention was on the elijahlist, which I briefly looked over just a bit ago….

    I didn’t get any response in prayer early about “eye of the tiger” in the John Mark Pool prophecy. But I definitely had pretty intense “wings unfolding” feelings upon reading the related section, and those close by. I know better to trust feelings, angels, or most humans. We need to go on faith. So even though the wings feelings were strong rushes and almost intoxicating (literally made me gasp) — I still know to “Check the Word,” “Try the spirits,” and that “No prophecy from God is of private interpretation.”

    The funny thing about the “eye of the tiger” lyrics is that it might be an “enemy’s eyes” referred to, like those of a stalking tiger in the night.


    It’s the eye of the tiger
    It’s the thrill of the fight
    Risin’ up to the challenge
    Of our rival
    And the last known survivor
    Stalks his prey in the night
    And he’s watching us all with the
    Eye of the tiger


    Just a man and his will to survive
    The eye of the tiger….

    So it’s confusing to see the JMP prophecy in similar terms:


    • Baton Rouge, Louisiana—will become known as the “least likely” to supply our nation with the Best Executive Officer our country has seen since President Ronald Reagan! Be prepared to hear that Baton Rouge has a capital anointing for the capital appointing, and it will make history for the next two decades. Judicial, Legislative and Executive will benefit because of the plans for a super deposit that will spring forth from the Capital of Louisiana that will affect not only eleven other states, but will affect our nation for God and be the voice God has preserved to impact our world. Baton Rouge, you will be known as the one who has given the Eye of the Tiger back to the heart of this nation. From 2012 to the next 12 years, you will have a capital authority to turn this nation’s heart back to the very heart of God. Decree it, pray it, be it!

    I’m skeptical of all the US presidents (or candidates) with very few exceptions. So it carries negative weight with me to point to Ronald Reagan just as it would to point to Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. To me they’re “abortion presidents.”

    But I didn’t get the “wings unfolding” “embrace” just on the Baton Rouge section, but on the Dallas and San Antonio sections also.

    I know many of you are still quite patriotic for the US instead of the Kingdom of Heaven. (I would say “against” … since the US is a worldly nation and probably the eagle of “eagles wings plucked” off the lion of britain infamy) I get that the Kingdom of Heaven as treasure within is something you’re not ready for yet. So you do your best as best you know on being loyal to the country if not the political regime. What are your thoughts on the “eye of the tiger,” JMP, or the “Extreme breakout” prophecy. I can’t help but contrast it with LA’s “Dam Break” and Russ Dizdar’s “Black Awakening” warnings.

    Especially when I get such strong inner signals such as a 4 am “rising song” (song in the night) or “wings unfolding” embrace.

    Ha! The enemy won’t have a clue what I’m asking about. 😎 And I still have the “Isaiah 30” cross check + cross refs to do.

    Thanks for any feedback!

    • Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with Rocky III but rather the group Survivor, who performed the song.

    • Be patient, Nome! I went through a good five or six months with that syrupy old Carpenter’s song going through my head til I was ready to scream! I never liked that song but finally as I was lead to really study and consider the whole nephilim subject and try to understand… hit me…..the key phrase in my musical torture was “On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true”
      Bam……angels do not create dreams come true…..they can only mimic creation with their vile deeds that produce nephilim! The music in my head stopped!

    • Thanks John and Elaine!

      The “survivor” link had an odd connection. The “last known survivor” phrase as a meme is common to mormon doctrines (heresies) about moroni as the “last known survivor” of his nation, that becomes an angel after death, and gives golden plates to their false prophet.

      As best I can tell mormonism has a strong “extraterrestrial” demonic doctrine.

      It’s interesting that “inner tunes” might be related to rebel angel “mind games” or programming.

      For me, the situation is dispelled. While I keep on the lookout for spiritual trojan attacks.

  7. Remember American Idol is on tonight. Please make sure you
    vote. We need to do all we can to make sure the best singer wins.

  8. from steve quayle’s site;

    New Guillotiine Shipment Unloaded In Long Beach Last Week Eyewitness Personally Known To Pilot

    May 3, 2012

    This is all the data I could get and it is not much.

    A freighter was unloaded at the Port of Long Beach. The contact on this is X-navy and is working as a longshoreman. He was checking the containerized cargo “paper-work” against the load and discovered the guillotines. He stated that generally at his location “berth” worked the cargo for Moran Pacific Shipping but he said he remembered because the freighter in this case was odd for him as it was “Hanjin” ship (Dark with red on the bottom). He did not remember the name as he goes from one ship to another, but it had a county name in it. The cargo was labeled out of China. He did not ask questions and filed it away as something strange. The guillotines were to be rushed to distribution or long term storage… He thinks a gov shipment… Everybody acted like business as usual. Nothing out of place other than what the cargo “was”

    This was all he said.

  9. Possible Chlorine Gas Terror Attack attempt in Tel Aviv … per JRed


  10. The American farming family was written about on this blog a few days back. There was an Obama admin law recently passed that was prohibitive of children under the age of 18 to continue performing [family] farming duties. Well…that law has been quickly rescinded! The article I’ll link to here explains in detail why this most likely happened. Not a pleasant scenario whatsoever; what the author suggests is within the realm of possibility. Many of us may have even had similar concerns. One thing leads to another…….

  11. gotta click ont he video even though there is no video

    also alot of people are in a chat room via pastor paul begleys site then click on live stream and theres a chat room

  12. Remember to keep Dr. Roger Leir in your prayers and please pray that L.A. and Richard Shaw will get the opportunity to share Christ with him.

    • Gina-done! Ive prayed for him several times, he is gonna slide into home plate just fine 😉 still cant get the lbn thing to work tho

    • I’ve been praying for Dr. Leir daily. It’s good to know that others are praying too. I caught the last hour of L.A.’s radio show. My internet was down the first hour. I had no trouble listening once my Internet came back on. I am hoping L.A.’s show will be archived soon.

    • I only have a phone, no computer. Im gonna try to go see la again in md. R u going? I wanna meet u!. If thats ok. I really feel like dr. leir is in Jesus’s hands

  13. Ok, here’s the justin tv link for the Marzulli – Skiba program.
    “” (some silence / skype problem around 11 minutes, patience)

    Looks like justin tv archives the programs automatically.

    Look here (each week)

    Then scroll down past the live video panel to the “Previously on lbn2live” section. That’s where I got the link above, which I’m listening to now!

    Ask, seek, knock!

  14. Cursed Lands – the Skinwalker Ranch – a portal for ufo activity, poltergeist activity, animal mutilations, klller orbs, etc.

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