Sunday go to Meeting Bun – From Columbus Georgia!

Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

…..having a form of religion but denying its power.

The spirit of the Lord – His Holy Spirit that dwells within each of us who are born from above – is with us wherever we go.  Once we are born again the spirit of the Living God is with us.  He will guide and direct us.  He may warn or correct us.  He is always present within us.  He may give us a word of knowledge, or the gift of healing, or an utterance in an unknown language.  He is our comforter and His revealing in the Apostles lives turned the ancient world upside down!  Sadly the spirit of the Living God has been driven out of many of the churches, and instead of waiting on Him, we now have our predictable, “safe,” church service, where every minute has been carefully planned out and orchestrated.   If the church would only allow Him to run things.  What a concept!

I was recently in a church service where the worship leader, brought us into the throne room.  We stood silently at the end of a song and  you could hear a pin drop.  I knew that the Holy Spirit wanted to do a work, that someone had received something from Him, and then a college girl stepped up to the microphone and began to read the morning announcements.  The moment was lost in our own agenda.

Recently in Lubbock Texas, when I spoke with Russ Dizdar, I noticed a guitar on a stand on the platform.  It was plugged in and ready to go.  I felt a nudging of the Holy Spirit to go up and play the chorus to The Revelation Song, which I did.  The crowd rose to its feet and worshiped the living God.  When the song was over, the room was quiet and at this point I admonished the crowd that if anyone had a word or something from the Lord to be bold and speak out.  There was silence for perhaps a minute and then a man began to read from Isaiah.  What the crowd did not know was that my friend Richard Shaw, had shown me the same passage on his I-phone only moments before I led in worship. Coincidence, I think not!  Then another man stood up in tears and said that how he felt the love of God in this place.  That was only the beginning of what the Holy Spirit wanted to do.

I am just mystified at how the church at large keeps the Holy Spirit from the meeting.   The first century church allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their midst, just read the book of Acts to see what happened.  We can also go to 1st Corinthians and see what Paul writes in regard to each of us bringing something to the meeting, a word, a teaching, a vision, a tongue, a prophecy.  Of course to do that, we can’t have our agenda, we have to wait on Him and this is what the early church did.  They moved in the power of the Holy Spirit!







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  1. You are soo right LA, how I miss those services. But, He still has His own way in small groups that are not tied or bound by agenda’s or traditions.
    There’s nothing like a touch from God and, many churches have lost that.

  2. Amen. I remember times when it was common for a service to go 2 hours +, with worship, waiting on the Lord, the message, and ministry.
    And people stayed expectantly. If for some reason you had to leave you slipped out quietly. With today’s technology people
    expect a Twitter service. Fast food with no nutritional value. No one saved. No one healed. No one delivered. The Lord must grieve.

  3. I’m convinced our culture hates silence. It is perceived as “awkward” and therefore must be eliminated, filled in, covered over as soon as possible.
    With an attitude like that, how is God’s Spirit ever going to find an opening?
    Is it any wonder Satan’s power is located in the “air,” that which pervades our very thinking, the space around us when we’re together with others?
    Is it any wonder our younger generations jam earplugs in their ears, keep their faces planted in front of LCD screens, thereby managing to (or attempting to) control the “air” around them?
    We’ve built a technological Tower of Babel upon which Satan broadcasts his static, jamming the signals we might otherwise receive from the Holy Spirit.
    May God drive us into the wilderness, away from the noise. May we find our isolation in a quiet place, in early morning, upon a lonely mountain.

    • Interesting Binny! I have always loved camping all by myself. I jokingly referred to my weekends in the woods as my “vision quests” like the Native Americans do but without the sweat lodge……..I would go and set up my tent, maybe build a fire and then sit down with my bible and listen,watch, and pray. It was always quiet time with Jesus……and some birds and chipmunks for musical worship!
      Of course it drove my kids nuts that I would be out camping all alone…… so it became a great game to find campgrounds that had enough seclusion between sites and yet had a registration and at least occasional ranger presence to ease my children’s mind a little. I am not recommending this and I don’t do it anymore because there are bear and ya just never know what else and I am old and just not as fast or strong LOL.
      My point is that you are absolutely right that we need to go into the wilderness and away from all the “noise” even if it is in our car parked on a two track…..or early morning on the beach here on Lake Michigan where it is so cool to face the west without anyone else around and watch the darkness fall as the warmth creeps over the rise behind me as I sit in the very same spot where a whole bunch of chattering and socializing people had watched the sunset just hours before with radios and coolers of beer!

  4. Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
    All thy works shall praise thy name, in earth and sky and sea.
    Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty,
    God in three persons, blessed Trinity.

    • Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!
      Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
      Holy, Holy, Holy! Merciful and Mighty!
      God in Three persons, Blessed Trinity.

      (Just wanted to add another stanza John Michael… 🙂

  5. Thank you, LA for speaking what I have thought for so long. Your posting brought me to tears because it is so true. I have stopped going to church because the services are so regulated and orchestrated that I never felt like I fit in, and I wasn’t getting fed at all. To me the pastors always seemed like stand up comics with anecdotal stories. One scripture maybe was read and the rest was some funny experience that the pastor or someone he knew experienced. I’m weary of the entertainment style of church, and I am sure our Father is as well. We are the church, not the building. When I read the Book of Acts, it excites me to realize that the Aposltles were in the moment living it, breathing it and teaching it. They were kicked out of towns and told not to even mention the Name of Jesus. We are living in these times as well, while the powers that be are legislating God out of our lives and vocablulary. This should embolden us even more so to live as they did without fear and full of Faith. We have the Bible and the examples of those who lived that way in trust, in boldness and confidence in our Saviour. I believe the Bible was written more for our times than any other time in history, and I am thankful for their faithfulness and obedience in listening to the Holy Spirit and writing what they were inspired by Him to write. Have a blessed day in our Lord and Saviour Yeshua/Jesus!

    • Yes, church services seem like a locomotive that starts to chug, chug, chug (add the music, now add the video projections, now add the announcements, now add the skits, now add the…now add the…now add the…) and gain momentum, faster and faster, as it barrels down the tracks.
      I too am weary of the show that constitutes fellowship these days. I’m not proud of the fact I’m not presently in a church. Oh, for the fellowship of a small group of believers that are thirsting after God, that’s all.

  6. Great comparison L.A.! Our Pastor felt a need to go deeper w/YHWH & has invited anyone who desires the same to attend the Wed evening Bible Study where we have been doing this very thing. Although you would hope the entire congreation would be interested (approx 7000-8000?) only a small portion of those come. But all I can say – it is AWESOME!!! He thinks of it as Jesus inner circle -the diciples who pressed in deeper & wanted to experience more of God. It would be a great blessing if this expanded into the weekend gatherings too – perhaps one day soon as The Lord leads him.

    • Pray that your inner circle doesn’t start to feel elitist or special or proud. You know that’s how Satan will try to attack.

    • Binny, that’s always a concern w/ our fallen nature isn’t it? Even Jesus closest diciples got into debating who of them would be the greatest in His Kingdom. Our Pastor has been given a spirit of great humility so in that regard he sets a great example for The Body. Also, very loving and personable w/ no body guards or pretense. The Holy Spirit was very present today as usual so He’s moving amongst the people. although its

    • ……it’s not the Wednesday format that I like so much. As I was contemplating what L.A. brought up in Church today I was wondering if perhaps God has called L.A. into a dual ministry since the doors are opening to visit these various Churches around the country? One is warning people of the upcoming deceptions & the other is compassionately & lovingly showing Pastors how the Holy Spirit will move within a congregation if we are willing to slow down & wait upon Him. This is an extremely important spiritual message to share in our time as a close relationship w/God & the power of the Holy Spirit will be a necessity to overcome what is before us in these final days.

      There are so many Christian comments flying around who sit back grumbling, complaining, & are critical of how Pastor’s lead the flocks in a visible Church setting. Many of these things are true and fully justified. Christians are hurt, disillusioned, or have even fallen away as a result of our lukewarm distracted attitudes. Some of these Pastors have been warned & continue on their merry way in a powerless, pathetic, side-show of Churchanity. However, there are some Pastors that really do love The Lord & His people and would listen to wise council from a brother/sister in Christ. Does a real Christian purposely reject the Glory & power of the living God? Maybe they got caught up in a rut like we can all fall into @ times and need a little encouragement to lift themselves up. Perhaps if you are walking in the power of the Spirit of God that person is you. If we want to see change then YHWH is waiting upon His Body to step out in faith & the power of the Holy Spirit to bring that about. This always requires us stepping out of our comfort zone & being willing to walk in love, humility, faith, while facing the possibility that the message is rejected. Will we want to do this in our own flesh? No – but if we walk in the power of the Spirit we will be willing. This of course means some serious seeking God out & prayer time.

      I have a couple of great friends who continually motivate & encourage me in the Lord. I can see how easily I’d slip into lazy mode if they weren’t there alongside me since I can come up w/all kinds of creative excuses to zone out. If the opportunity arises to encourage a Pastor to do things a little differently & he’s willing to try it out who knows what will happen. Perhaps even a revival or sorts within the true Body of Christ.

      Try not to dwell on what God isn’t doing but await w/eager anticipation of what God WILL do in His timing. I must be nuts ~ I’m totally excited to see what He’s going to do in the future even though its yet to happen & I don’t even know the details of what that is. I just know He’s going to blow our minds because of Who He is!!!

    • Great post LNL! I repent! I am sure there are great churches and I am sorry that I tend to lump them into the mix of the luke warm. I am so happy for you to have that wonderful fellowship and teaching! Your advice is wise…..perhaps we have been looking for what is wrong while doing nothing to make it right!

    • I’m just going along learning w/all the rest of you but I like to share what I can & individually that will depend where God has us at the time. It’s very obvious to me that our Pastor is Spirit led so that does make for wonderful opportunities for those who are also yielded to The Lord. That being said – it’s not perfect & there are things which I’d like to see work out differently but YHWH is gracious, merciful, patient & loves us even w/all of our combined weaknesses. If we keep our trust in Him & not in man we won’t become resentful though the rough spots which inevitably will crop up. We all have received various gifts & insights from God so the more we can share those the more joy we will have & blessed we will become from the variety & unity in the Spirit. In recent months He’s been showing me a deeper level of His love, mercy, compassion & grace that He bestows on each of us. Loving God’s way really does cover a multitude of sins. (Now if I could only apply that to EVERY area of my life ~ I wonder if that’s my next lesson? Oh boy~ I’m probably really in-for-it now! More refining by fire is on the way.)

  7. I’ve noticed that much of the “sterility” of church services today has come about as a result of smaller churches imitating the televised “live streaming” phenomenon in mega-churches. Sometimes I wonder if Jesus Christ himself were to walk to the front of the church to “give a word,” if the pastor’s “armour-bearers” would let him through for fear of interrupting the pastor’s image on the live-stream.
    I’ve seen this happen before in visiting one such church. A person stepped out of their row of seats, and very graciously walked to the front to be recognized by the pastor to deliver what was probably a word from the Holy Spirit. Immediately, the swarm of “armour bearers” stepped in front of the aisle and refused to allow the person to pass. I was amazed. I thought, what are these people so afraid of?
    Even if it were a demon-possessed person, have the modern day “it’s about my image” pastors become so impotent, so fearful, that they have forgotten what their calling entails. How far they have fallen from the practices of the early church. And it is sad. It’s no wonder more sinners aren’t getting saved…these pastor’s don’t know what to do with sinners…kick them out…sinners not welcome here…except on sinner’s day.
    Well, I’ll tell you what is going to happen. God is raising up His own end times armour bearers for real…those in whom there is no fear. And these other “posers” are either going to make some radical changes in the way they conduct their services or God is going to give them the boot. Even Christian TV is so rife with new-age teaching, preaching, singing…it’s unbelievable!

    • Part of that whole “broadcast” thing is that it’s against the law (so I’ve been told) to interrupt a live broadcast. So those churches who thought they were being so hip by going 21st century may have inadvertantly wandered into a pit that prevents them from actually flowing in the Spirit.

  8. Following is a new documentary based on Biblical prophecy on the subject of the Antichrist. It is one interpretation which needs further research and verification:

    • A Women Rides on the Beast – earlier documentary on the role of the RC Church and an Antichrist new world religion which is emerging.

    • That was interesting, I’m going to watch the rest to see what they have to say, but one thing I should mention: the ten horns/toes are already established before antichrist comes that is scriptural. (Daniel 7:24) So I see that the council of governors which our current president established would fit the bill.

  9. I have not been a “member” of a church since 1983….not that I did not try a few but ran into exactly the same ho hum and hug your neighbor syrup.
    The reason I quit the church that my daddy founded?…..
    My dad and a couple other people decided to start a Baptist church as an off shoot of another church in another town. It was distance to travel each week that inspired them since they were all faithful deacons and we went more than 3 times a week. So, they first bought a house and hired a minister to live in it and we met in the basement of the parsonage for a few years… kids sat on a braided rug at the front of the rows of about 40 chairs. It was wonderful and spirit led. We even had a special study night that was called “In the catacombs” that brought Christian history to life. We grouped around in a candle lit room of that basement that had no windows.
    After a few years we rented the big room at an elementary school across the street because the congregation had grown to a couple hundred but we still had many great pot luck dinners and special meetings in our “catacombs”
    As the church grew the building fund reached an amount that allowed us to build a church right next door to the parsonage. It soon began to be too big to be close in fellowship. We did not know each and every member personally anymore.
    My dad and the rest of us built that church with our bare hands and it was wonderful to be a child handed a paint brush to help!
    A few decades later, my parents had retired up north a few hundred miles but still tithed to that church and to the one they attended in the new area. That meant 10% of their gross pension and soc. sec. income to each…..they joyfully gave a full 20% to the Lord’s work.
    When my dad died the funeral was held at that church and the ladies put on a wonderful pot luck supper and the place was packed. Everyone was so nice.
    Then afew years later, Mom died and they did a little less but handed my brothers and I a huge bill for the meal and rental of the room…..the room that literally had been built with my father’s blood and sweat!
    I guess they figured that the tithe would stop so they showed their true colors and greed. All the old timers were gone…..I wrote a check to “(minister’s name) payable on judgement day face to face with (dad’s name)” on the pay to the order of line and “13 pieces of silver” on the amount line and signed it……never went back.

    I come here now……not bitter anymore but sad.

    • Oh, Elaine. That is a terribly sad story. It reminds me of a book I read, “And The Shofar Blew” by Francine Rivers. A very sobering story that left me speechless when I finished it. It’s a storyline similar to your experience. For years I attended a mega church and have come to the conclusion that it is not for me. I am increasingly desiring to be involved in a smaller setting – like a home church group.
      BTW, excellent bun today.
      Those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength
      They shall mount up with wings like eagles
      They shall run and not be weary
      They shall walk and not faint.

    • Thanks Softcurls but God always has a plan and if it had not happened that way…..who knows?….I might be sitting in a church like that today just going with the flow and missing the great and glorious excitement that we know is happening. I might be totally unprepared for what is coming. It is very well likely that the whole disappointment of that day is what pushed this eagle out of the rotting nest! I fly because Jesus gives me wings!

  10. Abba grant us that we be salt and light, walking collectively as the bride of Christ, wherever we go in Y’shua’s name.

    Psalm 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

    Pondering all y’all have written… What’s the minimum essential needed for church? Here’s my list…

    Grape juice and crackers for Communion. A Gospel tract about Communion — and the Gospel. Another labeled “Free Prayer.” And in honor of those who’ve met in “Catacombs,” (that greater cloud of witnesses in Heaven now with Jesus), some item to wear that says “Church underground.” And of course 2 or 3 gathered in the name of our Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Seems like malls have plenty of orphans and widows milling about, complete with food courts. Big supermarkets also have food courts, which would be a good place to buy those little 6 oz cans of Welch’s.

    I’m confidant most of you’d be willing to offer “a word, a teaching, a vision, a tongue, a prophecy” or even “a psalm, hymn, or spiritual song.” Quietly inside, perhaps even loudly walking around outside, however the Holy Ghost leads. Keeping His peace as much as possible with the public, so as not to offend….

    What have I missed? Oh yeah, testimonies….

    • Nome! you are on to something there……I forgot to mention that in the 3 decades since….that church dissolved and the building was sold to another denomination. I can’t help but think that it was the growing that did it in…..I know, I know, it is good to bring sheep into the fold but maybe the best would be to stay in smaller groups who all go to a mega meeting once a month but saty in more intimate groups to worship on a day to day and week to week basis. What’s the minimum essential needed for church? may just mean the essential needed for church is minimal!

    • Yea, Elaine. That’s right to me, “Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, not on earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt.” I’ve had many a good gathering in small groups as a prison chaplaincy volunteer, with just 3-4 at each table in the visitation area.

      I suppose a second could also be a brother or sister texting, considering some of the strong connections we’ve experienced here.

      I’d welcome hearing more about the “Catacombs” concerning what y’all covered. Fox’s Book of Martyrs?

    • Wow…..really trying to test this old memory! It has been 50 years or more!!!!! I was just a kid but do remember the stories about persectution and why they had to hide to worship….romans and lions stuff and the deaths of the apostles. I think it really prepared me for the rolled eyes and rejection of truth that we are finding now…..but gave me the faith to persevere. I would try to find someone who could tell me or even have lesson plans but the grown ups who taught it would all be around 90 or 100 years old now since I was a late in life baby and my parents peers were older……just to give you an idea…..Jack Van Impe was what my mom thought of a a young whipper snapper when he was at the First Baptist Church of Pontiac that my folks and friends branched off from! I remember her being so impressed at his memorization of scripture. I don’t think Mom and Dad ever talked about rapture…..pretty sure they were pan trib like L.A.!

      You also got me thinking…..A lady gave me cans of grape juice…..odd, never seen it in a can before! But, I put it in my pantry. Now I think I will take one to my shop for just such an occasion since that is where I do most of my witnessing and when the schummer hits people will head for the business end of town to gets news and info of what is going on! We may have spontaneous churches in our laps any day! I always have a bible and even my business cards have scripture on them…..YIKES! We, the ones awake now, may have a whole different kind of golden horde at our doors seeking spiritual food! I’m gonna be prepared and pray that a better preacher/teacher happens to stop by than me!

  11. The Holy Spirit will enable whoever’s available and willing. So it’s usually more about showing up than preparation. But it looks like you’ve also been well prepared.

    I’m hoping I see China opened. Had some mainland chinese roommates while taking college classes in Dallas many years ago. One received Christ at his bedside, named Zhenyong. We’d gone across to Arlington for outreach (which I believe was about science and faith at UT Arlington of all places). I slept during most of it, from working long hours, but at the end when they gave an altar call — Zhenyong prayed! So when we got outside, I asked him about that and he told me he’d been saved. Praise God! Another time we went to a local Chinese church service, I think was in Plano, we were living in Irving. One of the Hudson Taylor grandsons gave the service in Chinese. They graciously translated for me in the balcony. Another time, driving with Zhenyong, and going over one of the fly-overs on interstate in Dallas, I recall our discussion seemed prophetic, basically that the Word of God would be available to the mainland chinese through small handheld computers. Of course cell phones are exactly that now. So I hope to see their underground Church liberated and communist China fall before the 666 regime kicks in. With over 1 billion freed, we won’t have to go to them, they’ll come to us. And freed from the limits on the number of children each family can have — they’ll have to reap of the bounty of the rest of the planets in the solar system, should the Lord tarry.

    So the underground church has been putting down deep deep roots. You can see how the catacombs comment resonated with me.

    As for better preachers/teachers… the Holy Ghost equips us through gifts and callings to reach folks on their level. I was bless the other day to listen to the link Kelly provided.


    A very young preacher, knocking out homeruns, aimed straight at the millennials (millennial generation). I haven’t a clue what “Instagram” is yet, but he knew their lingo.

    All is well! Come what may. All is well!

    • Thank you….always look forward to your input, Nome! I know that we will all have very exciting opportunities to share and serve! It will be a tough time for the world but a purpose like ours is going to get us through with joy in our hearts even when the events give us horror to our eyes!

    • Hmm..while I believe in Giants, this video is unconvincing. Nobody was concerned in the video..and it just looked like some people standing on hill…

  12. It’s very difficult to be sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in church when I’m busy concentrating on becoming a better me and how to be happier 7 days a week….

  13. In our watching we have watched for a nation that cannot save us

    What a heart breaking article. God help us and our brothers and sisters worldwide. It’s sobering to read and begs so much… How will we fair in America given the climate mentioned in many Middle Eastern countries in the article? LA you’ve been spot on with many of the parallels mentioned in the article.

    Brings to mind at the present at least from Lamentations 4:17-20

        17  As for us, our eyes as yet failed for our vain help: in our watching we have watched for a nation that could not save us. 
        18  They hunt our steps, that we cannot go in our streets: our end is near, our days are fulfilled; for our end is come. 
        19  Our persecutors are swifter than the eagles of the heaven: they pursued us upon the mountains, they laid wait for us in the wilderness. 
        20  The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of the LORD, was taken in their pits, of whom we said, Under his shadow we shall live among the heathen.  

    Blessings to all,


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