2012 at the Mayan Pyramid and You’re Invited!

A few months ago I received an invitation, by Power Places Tours, to speak at Chtizen Itza on December 21, 2012 at an event that will celebrate, and participate in, this worldwide event.  Chitzen Itza is where the Mayan god Quetzelcoatl is supposed to return.  The ruins boast one of the largest and enigmatic pyramids on the planet, as the shadow of a serpent seems to slither down the pyramids side on the solstices.  This begs the question, how did a people that didn’t have the wheel, able to construct such a complex?

Here’s the rub.  I won’t go alone as it is going into the belly of the beast as it were.  I knew that I needed to adhere to the Biblical mandate of not going alone.  What I did not know was that Russ Dizdar and Richard Grund – you couldn’t pick better fox hole buddies – were praying for an opening to be at Chitzen Itza on December 21, 2012 on their own.  Russ felt the leading of the spirit to be there and Richard was praying for an opening to take his team (SRT) to be there as well.  My invitation to this event was an answer to their prayers.  Both Russ and Richard have signed up to accompany me to Chitzen Itza.  Also coming along with Richard is fellow SRT member Larry Barrett.  Larry is a high level security consultant and founding member of SEAL Team 6 who will assist in the oversight of our security as well as partake in the spiritual warfare expected.  The challenge is to raise money to get them there.  This is an amazing opportunity to represent the Kingdom of God to stand in the way of or possibly confront what may manifest there on December 21, the so-called return of the Mayan god Quetzlcoatl.  It is not by accident that this is happening!

Please pray about how you would support us in this endeavor.  We need to raise $12,000 to get Russ, Richard and Larry, to be able to sign up for the tour and accompany me.

(We’ve already received $700 in donations!  Thanks for helping out!)


L. A. Marzulli

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79 thoughts on “2012 at the Mayan Pyramid and You’re Invited!

  1. Brother Lynn, you know you have our prayer support and as able, financial support. God WILL provide!

    The fact that you are walking straight into the mouth of the Dragon is exciting in the manner of which you are going forth BOLDLY and proclaiming the STRONG name of Jesus Christ. Knowing you are going in an area where the forces of darkness may literally be at the most powerful than any place on earth at this time that you and your team will be there carries importance beyond any magnitude we can measure spiritually. To my knowledge, not since the prophet Elijah went up against the prophets of Baal has there been such a straight on, in your face encounter with a man of God against an entire army of the Evil One that all takes place in one supernaturally charged place as what you and your team from God Almighty will be facing.

    I am honestly not trying to use hyperbole when comparing you to Elijah. This date as we all know has been planned and counted on for centuries by Satan to counterfeit and deceive the masses into believing there are other more powerful and even loving, caring “gods” than Jehovah YHWH. There is zero doubt in my mind that you are on Satan’s top “Top Five” as it were as far as threats go regarding this trip. Not only do we need to pray and provide funding for you, but there needs to be a concentrated effort to be praying CONTINUAL protection over you BEFOREHAND as the enemy of our souls is going to be doing some very ugly things in your life in the coming days and months to derail you from going.

    I say this because as someone who battles in spiritual warfare on a nightly basis with what I do as the Lord has called me personally (you know from previous conversations and from a recent conversation you had with someone who used to be a frequent contributor here) that when we seek to be obedient to go “Where Angels fear to tread”, the enemy KNOWS we are serious and mean business. He is also put on alert that we know that we know that we know that he is a defeated but dangerous foe and that even though we respect his power, he is NO match for our King, Jesus Christ, Who leads us into battle.

    Please know I will be lifting you up before the many prayer warriors I have been blessed to have access and we will cover you and your team with the Holy Spirit and His warring Angels that He would be that Strong Tower of Refuge for each of you in the days ahead as we count down to that day of confrontation.

    I personally thank you for being the example you are as not just a Watchman, but a true Christian soldier who puts his armor on and goes to battle to expose the lies of the enemy with the Word of God and the attitude to be diligent in your calling to see it through to completion as you fight this Good Fight for the Glory of our God.

    May the Light of Jesus Christ shine through you and your team as you make preparations for this day of spiritual warfare not seen since the Old Testament in my humble opinion.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff excellant words! We know how that worked out for Elija and ” he is NO match for our King, Jesus Christ, Who leads us into battle.” If God be fore us(and HE is!!) who can be against us. That doesn’t mean we don’t keep our armor on and stand, but we keep IN Christ because the battle is the Lords/LORD! My daughter prays Ps 57 daily to her enemies at work who are always conspiring!! So far God has removed several, demoted one and keeps in check and exposes their activity constantly. A world of rebels that don’t get mad they get even when they are required their duties. Proud arrogant trouble makers, motivated to harm by the LIAR and trouble maker himself!

      I found your words inspiring and loving to a brother in Christ and am reminded to daily join you in lifting up L.A. Seems klike attacks come in 3’s lol maybe for the principle of breaking a 3-cord bound which is stronger. Maybe a principle that by 3 a weak man is broken enough to start quitting, or quit altogether. Especially if the trouble is like Job’s!

    • The devil is not reliable, nor deserving of respect nor attention … his house is divided against itself, no surprise among rebels … he’s a coward that will flee when resisted. Our Lord Jesus put him in his place when He said, “Get behind me, satan.” As regards our future, he’s a “has been,” and he’s soon going to be locked up for a 1000 years, and later released to flush out the rest of his dupes, then discarded in the rubbish bin (The Lake of Fire).The only reason he had any power with Job is because he was allowed, which worked out better for Job in the long run anyway.

      I’m beginning to believe that rebel angels are “dead,” like robots and computers are inanimate, which goes a long way toward explaining why 1/3 would fall like satan. There’s no call to respect a broken computer or automaton. Be cautious yes, like being around a wacky assembly-line robot, or avoiding getting your hair or hand caught in machinery. That would also explain why the authority of the Name of Jesus works with the fallen. Compare with “the image of the beast” — there’s no reason to worship it at all.

      Eph. 4: 26-27
      Be ye angry, and sin not:
      let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
      Neither give place to the devil.

  2. That roster of speakers is pretty intense! You are indeed going into the belly of the beast and I for one, am going to promise to at least double the pittance that I have been sending to your ministry so you can have your body guards with you! Jeff D said it better than I can! “I personally thank you for being the example you are as not just a Watchman, but a true Christian soldier who puts his armor on and goes to battle to expose the lies of the enemy with the Word of God and the attitude to be diligent in your calling to see it through to completion as you fight this Good Fight for the Glory of our God.

    May the Light of Jesus Christ shine through you and your team as you make preparations for this day of spiritual warfare not seen since the Old Testament in my humble opinion.”

    Now if everyone would send a just the price of a Starbucks (or more if they are able!) a week over the next 8 months……..it would be a relatively easy way to help. Oh, now ya have me humming Onward Christian Soldiers again!!!!!

  3. L. A. I haven’t much, but I will set aside something for this endeavor. I want GOD’s side to be represented there!!! I am confident that HE who has started this thing will see it to HIS finish!! GOD always provides for HIS work/plans and so far he’s answered your prayers for strong faithful companions even “guard” with trained combat experience coupled with the Wod of God/Sword!! Very Exciting to say the least. 🙂

  4. I just read the blog again and the word “invited” leaped out at me. It really is a miracle that you have been asked to speak at this……who would have thought the new agey group would include an invitation to a watchman for Christ? It is amazing and I think souls will be saved.

  5. LA…where can we send funds to help the battle group headed to Chtizen Itza? I will pray for the teams’s blanket of protection from our King’s outstretched arm.

    John in LA

    • Hey John…..I just click that modest little “donation” toward the bottom of the right hand column on the blog. I use paypal and it even gives me an option to include a note to go with the donation. I find that a little each week is easier that a chunk once a month.
      I did put a note there that I was upping my pledge as often as I could for the trip but I trust L.A. to use any money he gets in the best way he sees fit….he is one of the very best voices for Christ out there so he must know how to do it!

    • There’s also a mailing address on the page below for those who don’t want to use Paypal:

  6. L.A. looking at the roster It’s a wonder they invited you!! Bringing the Bible view to the mix…maybe they thought more $$$ from the Chritians since so many are dabbling in these things. Anyway it’s a miracle I’m sure God has placed you there!!!!!

    We bought a house in 05 from a witch I think or at least med. field new ager! Divorced after 2 yrs and a battle raging between them we got caught in the mix. I recv’d witch clothing, parafanalia catalogues, and brochures after and I saw stacks of new age mat. and Indian stuff by bedside when previewing the house. There was a lingering spirit left behind and to tear down, but we prayed over it and rebuked it and it has finally left. They don’t leave easy when there’s areas in lives that kinde it. Attitudes unchecked, anger etc. all the little foxes that creep in give ground to them! Oh this wicked flesh we contend with!!

    • When I first viewed my house in 2001 I took a camera and snapped pictures so I could remember the different houses before I put in an offer on one. The owner and his family were home and one of the pics included him in his lazy boy. There were 5 very distinct orbs over him…..very strange. I did not think about it at the time because orbs were not in my sphere of knowledge yet and I thought it was just something weird that cameras do. Well, after moving in I found a short hallway that had an inexplicalbe cold spot smack in the middle of the house with noplace for a draft to be coming in and my grandson came to visit aged 3 and in the course of one weekend came up with his first and only imaginary friend!!!!! Yikes! When he went back home the friend did not exist anymore. I prayed long and hard over every part of my house and the cold spot stopped and some odd noises also quit happening. So, I don’t know anything except that the man had made wine in the basement and had a temper…..a neighbor told me that she had helped an ex wife when he had beaten her up!!!! Bad energy from him and not the house? Anyway, I feel secure there in my home once it was pledged to the Lord’s keeping.

  7. It may not be much, but I am interested in donating a little money. How do I go about doin it?

    God Bless,


  8. I could use a prayer or two from the brethren today. As some of you know im a solider meaning im always into a spiritual war with the enemy. Sometimes through inexperience ive opened a few doorways…well lets face it ive opened entire highways once, but i have recently become stricken with boils A LOT of boils in many areas and my face has the look of a meth addict and thats something i was never addicted to nor tried. The group im facing now has threatened me with this and that but somehow ive let my armor drop and ive been overcome with a curse or what have you. I am a clean person and bathe regularly so its not a skin problem. Please help me. God bless you all!

    • as I read you post, the first thing that came to mind is prayer and fasting while drinking lots of water for 3 days.

    • Well FFE, I don’t go on feeling… but virtue left me for you even before I started praying. Apparently all you needed to do was ask for agreement.

      If yoy aren’t doing so already, you may want to follow Omega Man Radio.

      Major warfare against the rebels going on most every night.

    • I will be praying for you, I have read on here by someone that “(Satan) “he’s a coward that will flee when resisted” that has not been the case with me, I have had my lunch handed to me a few times by this coward, so I cant really agree with that assessment
      Evil, yes, full of hatred for mankind, most definitely, this is the same fallen one that tried to tempt Jesus himself. If you are not walking in complete accordance to the Lords word, this coward will quite frankly knock you flat on your bum and leave you wondering what just happened. This should be a particular warning to anyone that has one foot in the world and one foot with God, the double minded man. The Bible does not treat the subject of Satan lightly. The term Satan is actually a Hebrew word used throughout the Old Testament that means opponent or adversary. As a verb, the term Satan means to attack, or to accuse. The Bible refers to Satan as a very real and dangerous being, this is why we must be vigilant and not be deceived by his methods .He is a dangerous opponent of every Christian. His goal is deception, division and destruction. Only With God’s help we can successfully combat and overcome this adversary.

    • Thank You..I was going to adress the comment also, but refrained. God allows Satan at this present time to enter His throne room and accuse the Bretheren etc. There is something going on we are not prevy to that Satan is still awarded this privilege! EVEN Michael did not rebuke him and said the LORD rebuke thee. So while we don’t respect him in a way of awe/endearment we do recognize that he was once the highest position given to an angel and was the angel giving praise. It says his whole body was like an organ/instrument)(I read or was taught).

      We are warned not give place to him, but as we know in our flesh this is impossible 100% so Grace was proided=unmerited favor. We are covered in the blood atonement and seen ALWAYS through that by GOD! THANK GOD!!!!!!! This is possible ony for those reading and w/o understanding through our Belief/Complete Trust in the finished work on the cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ/GOD/man, the Only Begotten Son of GOD,(creation vs GOD shadowing over Mary and Virgin Birth/void of man’s curse through Adam’s rebellion(not man’s blood=life is in the blood).

      We are NO match for the devil so we are warned to be IN CHRIST, His Body through Grace through Faith!!! To keep on the full armor GOD/of that Grace because we are in a batte for our lives(flesh) and Satan goes about “like” a lion to devour us. Preditor!!! He can devour our flesh if GOD allows, but NEVER our spirit born from above!!!

      We are to always ask GOD to rebuke the demons/Satan esp. in warfare as we in ourselves have no power. It is as the Bible showed in the false application ALL Jesus and being in Faith of Him not just some man shouting out the name of Jesus like a magic trick.

      As far as “This should be a particular warning to anyone that has one foot in the world and one foot with God, the double minded man.” I understood this to be a man who has not made a decision and is strattling the fence, not so much a man stumbling in his walk and letting the “Old man” get the best of Him through the wiles of the devil. If in a simple life removed of our MANY distraction today it was extremely difficult to stay on tract, how much more now with ev. tugging from ev. direction and “things” we are bombarded with. I am NOT saying a liscense to sin, but a fallen flesh that is powerful (just look at what the Bible says about the “Tongue”!) I think you know what I’m trying to say. We NEED HIM we NEED GRACE and we need it ev. waking moment, BUT we forget to get that armor on 1st thing many times. 🙂

  9. Wow L.A.! I just read more information about this event. I love, love, love that you guys are going. When I was looking at all the speakers it hit me you might be the only believer speaking and I got goosebumps. I will pray for you. I will pray God opens the heavens and money falls into your laps. It’s all His money anyway. I will continue to pray for His precious holy blood to cover you and your family from the top of your heads to the soles of your feet so your are protected from powers and principalities not of Him. I just love how God works and how you were invited to something like this in the face of so so many other messengers giving false hope. God is so very strategic. God’s big. He’s mighty and He’s on the move. Bless you L.A.

  10. Praise God!

    I will pray that ya’ll get the funds, and maybe put a message out on my blog.

    If Q does really show up, rebuke the hell out of him! Or rather rebuke him into hell.


    Following this post will be some good “alien” primer articles in the news today.

    • Gordy was it you that posted the info re. Nasa or? using satallite and projecting light shows/hollographic colored lights etc like this. Made me think of al lieing wonders and the beast/AC being seen by everyone at once! The world has it’s plans with their advanced tech. and GOD warns us ahead so we see through their ideas! We are their biggest problem with the HS inside us revealing GOD’d truths to us.

    • Hi Linda,

      There are a number of researchers that have said that the US has hollographic technology that can be used to create a false flag alien invasion. This may then cause countries of the world to accept some kind of world government to deal with a threat to the earth. Alex Jones
      and others have discussed this possibility.

      Alex Jones ‘UFOs Project Blue Beam’ infowars.com

    • Well I speak spanish and the translation to english is very good. The people who are speaking are speaking in a very credible manner. I’ve never seen or heard of this phenomena. They appear to be referring to a portal but really, why not consider that the rings may be the underside of a UFO, including in a tilted version of a ship? Just saying.

  11. So much good commentary today. Its funny how the Holy Spirit has shown all of us the same things about this trip! I think God has it under control!!!! Its a showdown! And LA, you wondered why those pesky evil spirits didnt want to leave you aline when you got saved? Uh, maybe they knew what the future might hold if you got tight with the Almighty?
    Also, weird sidenote. There is a huge rock concert called mayan holidaze that also will be going in nearby at the same time. Just an fyi.
    LA, I like you a lot! You are exactly you. You dont fit in a box, you dont fit the “mold” of that a lot if peoole think a prophet, watchman, teacher whatever should be. Haha! You probabky caught a lot of grief and rejection because if it too! But You are willing and you live the Lord! Thats right LA, he is using you to confound the mighty. Im so excited. Ive been waiting my whole life to see sime Old Testament style shakedown.
    And you LA, you get to be the vessel! Who da thought?
    What a mighty God we serve! Oh yeah! We do! Go team Jesus!

  12. Sounds great to me…but why the security guy? Reminds me of the scriptures talking about “some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”
    What’s more important, the Spirit of God or the brawn of man?
    It’s fine if it just so happens the guy’s a burly person and just so happens to have some background in security and he loves the Lord. But if the equation is flipped around…and the muscles and macho are favored over all other qualities, it starts to sound…well, worldly.
    Just sayin,’ as I’m sure this won’t be a popular point of view.

    • We are also admonished to not tempt the LORD!!! We are not to jump off a cliff because we have Faith and GOD will save us!. Sounds arrogant. Even the Apostles went in two’s. Better 2, if one falls the other can pick him back up… a double, triple cord is harder to break etc…paraphrasing.

    • I doubt if Jesus, before he sent out the disciples two by two, said “Hey Thomas, come over here and join this group. We need a big burly guy to beat someone up if things get too rowdy.”
      Now, come on. Why is that arrogant to suggest that God’s Spirit is sufficient?
      I mean, if triple-cording is good, then why not triple-triple-quadruple-cord the group, just for good measure? That’s the way the world thinks. That’s why I said what I did…just sounds like making plans as a political security team might.
      I’m sorry, I just don’t fit into “group-think.”

    • Binny Jesus could call Legions if He wanted and need to, L. A. is going in where people can be CRAZY NEW AGERS and wackos i Mexio wher he coud be kidnapped by Cartels, seems inteligent the GOD given inteligence kind to be prepared. Even an earthley husband, father, boyfriend, brother protect siblings, children girfriends wives others and themselves. Doesn’t seem Faithless. We agree to disagree 🙂

    • I believe Russ Dizdar has needed physical strength as well as spiritual strength in his line of work. This has been along the lines of rebuking the evil spirit in a person while restraining the person who was atempting to kill him. I lean towards taking the advice of people like Russ who have dealt with the demonic for decades.

    • Russ has a heart for law enforcement chaplaincy, which extends to the military, especially through FBI HRT which has strong ties with SEAL 6.

      There’s a lot of good witness that can come back to the all the teams through this.

      ps. LA if you have occasion, please tell Larry Barret, I worked SEAL support with Boesch, Birtz, Kirby, and Norcross. Katana too, but that’s another story. And just so you get the message, here’s a related uncommented link: http://trillc.org/About_Us.html

    • “http://www.amazon.com/The-Real-Team-Rogue-Warrior/dp/product-description/0671024647”

      (in the words of Dick Marcinko)
      Chapter One: Larry Barrett
      aka Bullet Head/Gold Dust Twin

      Larry served with me when I had command of SEAL Team TWO; back then, he was a young E-4 petty officer, working in the Ordnance department. He’s one of those tenacious bulldogs who doesn’t let go when he has a job to do. (“Bulldog” is appropriate, since he had previous service with the Marine Corps.)

      When I started the initial selection process for SIX, Larry was at the top of my list. Why did I single out this lower-than-whale-shit E-4? Because he worked hard at everything he did. The average person will put some effort into the things that come naturally and slack off on the things they’re no good at. Someone above average will work at improving their weak spots, but they might not push as hard in the areas that come easy, relying on their natural abilities. The exceptional person will go balls-to-the-wall, no matter what he’s working on. Larry was exceptional. “Diligence” is one way to put it; “can-do” spirit is another. He was always hungry to learn more, willing to go that extra step to become a more qualified operator.

      (Just to clarify things — you’ll hear a lot about both SIX and Red Cell, which are two related but distinct commands. SEAL Team SIX was charged with the mission of counterterrorism worldwide. That meant killing the terrorists or preventing them from doing their dirty deeds. Red Cell was designed to expose the Navy to terrorist tactics and help develop an antiterrorist environment throughout the Navy worldwide. That meant creating awareness and security programs that make it too hard for the nasties to get to you, so they’ll give up and go down the street to the Air Farce base.)

      There’s another reason Larry impressed me. Most people’s blood type is A, B, O, maybe AB; Larry’s got something unique flowing through his veins — type L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y. He’s not just loyal to me; he’s loyal to his beliefs. There’s nothing half-assed with Larry — it’s all or nothing. (You’ll soon see that this is a common attribute among the Real Team personalities. There’s no “gray area” — it’s black or white. Compromise is not in their vocabulary.) An example of Larry’s loyalty: after I selected him, he made sure I’d consider his swim buddy from training, Frank Phillips. (Frank is the other Gold Dust Twin.) Not only did he make sure I’d interview Frank, he also coached him — told him to volunteer for the unit and not ask any dumb questions. Larry was loyal to his swim buddy, and to his new Team; he was a believer in the unit, even before the unit existed.

      Another one of Larry’s assets was his skill with foreign languages. He could develop a working knowledge of a language pretty damn fast; give him a few days, and he could understand and assess conversations and written material, and express himself pretty well — with one drawback. Whatever language, he spoke it in a south Florida drawl. That limited his effectiveness in counterintelligence operations. No real problem there. We all have talents and limitations; the key is to maximize the former and limit the latter. I’d pick other guys in the Team for the verbal stuff.

      But in every other way, Larry was terrific operationally. When he wants to, he can melt into the background and become wallpaper; he’s got one of those faces that you feel like you know from somewhere. He mingles well with just about anybody; he can walk up to a total stranger and start a conversation without seeming pushy or threatening.

      Behind that mild-mannered exterior, his brain is always going. He always has a purpose in mind; he’s always collecting data, looking for ways to achieve the mission more effectively. He never stops learning, never stops passing on all he can.

      Over the years, I had the privilege of watching Larry develop as a leader. He always led from the front and demanded top performance from his subordinates. He learned from the chiefs who raised him; he spent his time in the trenches with his troops, making sure they were well prepared, militarily and personally, for what they would face. He’s a hell of an instructor — meticulous in his presentation, eager to explain the “whys” that make it all work. He never forgets that this shit was new to him once, too. I’ve also had the pleasure of watching him raise his two young boys with the same thoroughness and dedication. He’s determined to pass on everything his father gave to him, plus whatever his “sea daddies” shared with him.

      I don’t want this to sound like some kind of “I love you — you love me” Valentine, so I’ve got to talk about Larry’s flaws. His loyalty was so strong that his first impulse was to follow my orders or wishes, even if he saw a better way. He might not even tell me about that better way. He soon learned to speak up more often, and when he did speak, I listened. I knew his ideas were backed up with thought and merit. He never talked just to hear his own voice.

      Larry was and is a “temple dog.” Anyone would be blessed to have him in their organization. If the United States ever needs his talents again, I know he’ll be there in some shape or form.

      Now listen to what a growling bulldog has to say about teamwork.

    • There are other dynamics involved.


      “In August, 2008, 12 decapitated corpses were discovered in the Yucatan peninsula. 11 of them were found near the city of Merida, bearing signs of torture. A 12th body was found later about 120 miles south. The bodies were handcuffed, marked with star signs and tattooed with the letter Z. Some of the bodies were nude.

      Merida is often used as a tourist gateway to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. The “Z” tattoo refers to Los Zetas, a cartel composed of – get this – Mexican Army deserters, ex-federal, state, and local police officers”


      And there’s the connection that the zetas are ex-para-military, if not ex-special forces trained…

      In any case, Christ’s mission has not changed:


    • Binny, if L.A. were going to listen to the Lord he would carry a sword as well. Yes the spirit of the Lord guides us and sometimes that guidance tells us to fight and sometimes it says to evade (like being lowered outside the city walls in a basket) and sometimes it tells us to stand and hold the cross to die in a public forum to convict evil hearts of their actions.

      The point is we are to stand tall and give testimony, and that WILL be met with physical resistance and danger. And if the Lord has additional work for us to do, then we will prevail (physically that is, because there is no sting in death). But if our personal mission is done and death is the result, the situation is better for it and Jesus will lay his hand upon us and say well done good and faithful servant. Who would not have honor in dying for the king that died for us to save us ?

    • Hi Binny-same reason you might give your daughter a can of pepper soray when she leaves for college in the big city. Or one if the reasons you might own a dig its not the issue but its an issue. Mexico is kinda sketchy right now. Id feel safer with a navy seal anywhere! Im a lover, not a fighter! Lol!
      someone said about the devil being a butt kicker. Uh yeah! He has almost killed me on several occasions. And if he gets the chance, im sure he will try again! My spiritual warfare isnt what it should be, I admit it! Mostly because every time I really push hard for lets say, deluverance of a person or really holding back the powers if darkness, I get my butt kicked very badly. Frankly its easier for me to be walking the center line because satans minions hassle me less there. It doesnt help that there are so few chrustians who have taught or who have been taught in how to di battle with these jerky evil ones.
      I feel like im stepping into a boxing ring with a world champ when im a very tender fighter. I know I got the power and I know all the words but I really hate the buttkicking that I keep getting.
      My armor needs something. I still keep fighting though. Its just not pleasent. But even with problems, I know Jesus is with me! (i wish he would give me some advice tho. Like oh, you went with the right, jab with your left next time) something. Lol!

    • Bless your heart Ally! I know it was a normal everyday typo but the word “chrustians” will now be in my vocabulary to describe those caked in the sugary prosperity and no repentance churches! They are the pastry of religion! LOL

    • Ally, it may not make sense now, but sometimes the greatest grace is delivered to other people through our “seemingly” needless suffering. This why we are told to turn the other cheek. When someone treats you badly in a very public way, it shines a bright light upon their evil actions and in turn they feel shame and have a convicted heart. It is through a convicted heart that genuine change occurs. So I know the butt kicking stinks, but chin up because the Lord knows what is best and won’t push you beyond what we can handle. Blessings to you and may your spirit be lifted past the suffering at the hands of the enemy.

    • I don’t buy into the “group think” here.
      I’m reminded of Peter slashing off someone’s ear in the garden. Remember what Jesus said?

      The larger a group is, the harder it is to maneuver. Why did Jesus send disciples out 2 by 2?
      He didn’t send them out 3 by 3.
      He didn’t send them out 4 by 4.

      This Larry sounds to me like a man of the world who happens to be a christian and not the other way around. Thanks to Nomemoleste who posted the segment with all sorts of profanity, I think we’re starting to see the real character of these security guys.

      But I’ll hold my peace until after Dec. 21. I just don’t have a good feeling about this guy. Sorry, but I don’t buy into “group think.”

    • Binny, the writer of the article used profanity. He did not say anything about Larry using profanity. “This Larry” is portrayed as an extremely capable loyal man. That is the only conclusion you can come to from the article. We’re starting to glimpse Larry’s real character and it is very admirable. The major bonus is that Larry is a Christian as well.

  13. From someone who knows the dark side of spiritual warfare personally in many ways not able to be shared here, I am so very glad to hear you are being supported full on by fellow believers in our God, because going where the enemy wants you no where near, you are going covered with prayer and that is truth. . I know that Jeff D’s comment is so spot on, ” “Where Angels fear to tread”, the enemy KNOWS we are serious and mean business. He is also put on alert that we know that we know that we know that he is a defeated but dangerous foe and that even though we respect his power, he is NO match for our King, Jesus Christ, Who leads us into battle.”
    Believe me, the enemy hates people like Jeff, or you, my brother’s , and sisters who step out of christianity’s comfort zone, and head straight for the enemy line of battle over the darkness. I know full on that walking in faith , even when the spiritual darkness is so thick, and hard ,means Jesus Christ, and His truth WILL prevail, and darkness will be shattered more, and more , and more. I am praying for spiritual protection of those that will be journeying into this amazing time of breaking strongholds as you are led to speak forth what is TRUTH , as well as all who have shared comments on the blog right now. Satan’s War is going on, even as I type this reply , and for those that want to try to destroy the strong faith of those like LA , and Russ Dizdar, and others – I say , bring it on, you will find yourself on the losing end of the goal line.

    • Linda, every believer, who dares to stand up for the sake of Christ, especially when steps lead any of us out of our comfort zones, will be thrown into the ” lion’s den” so to speak.. I have not done alot of reading on any of these subjects that LA speaks of, but hearing from Jeff D , and a few other friends who have, I know that LA, Russ, and others will be going where the enemy of this world (and his co horts ) will be in full force, and because of that, LA, and his team will be lifted up in strong prayer for their time speaking forth truth . I also know , very personally, how the enemy uses those like you, and like I, and every believer who dares to walk in Christ, to try to destroy our faith, even in the little mundane things of life. But praise God, sister, He gives us hope for the future, strength for the day, and peace for the morrow as we know we are covered in every step we take as we proclaim the Great News of Jesus Christ..

    • I also missed it because my audio kept cutting in and out so often I finally just shut it down. I did have a question though…kind of follows in the line of thinking of the trip being planned to Chitzen Itza. We know the occult calendar/doomsday clock points to a time of great cataclysm on the winter solstice…December 21st, 2012. But, do we know what The Most High God’s calendar points to? Do we know when His doomsday clock is set to go off? Are they running neck and neck? I wonder…

    • re: doomsday clocks, here’s a disclosure event in 2036 regarding an “observer” (watcher) invasion, (on Fringe)
      cp: apophis asteroid impact times 4-13-2036

      “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99942_Apophis” (if this is Wormwood, there are 2 questions, will it be diverted away from the earth? …or into the earth?)

    • WindsofChange, how were you able to pull this up after the fact. I went to Liberty’s archives and couldn’t find it.

  14. LA,

    I will be praying for you. I would love to attend as well.

    One person that will be there is Acharya S. Her writings were largely responsible for the Jesus Myth that was made popular by Zeigeist. It would be something else to be face to face with this woman who knowingly or not, is spreading lies. She is the author is The Christ Conspiracy.

    This will be literally in the belly of the beast. Not only surrounded by the spirit of the Antichrist but people who again, knowingly or not, are doing the budding of the fallen one.

    Push this LA! The Lord will provide. And having brother Russ and brother Richard is going to be vital. Pray without ceasing.

    • Why did they invite L.A? It would be like inviting Richard Dawkins to a holiday tour of the Holy Land organised by truely devout Christians.

    • hehe! “budding” (vice bidding) = “burgeoning”

      It’s possible that In their delusions they believe the aliens will come and are seeking to convert LA to their cause.

      That said, much like Henry Gruver, it may be that LA has an open door wherever the Lord allows.

  15. The real story behind aliens,UFO’s, Demons, Illuminati and Satan

    I’m having a Sat. matinee viewing lol

  16. What’s that saying that you want to keep your enemies closer than your friends? That might be the mind set they have by inviting LA.

    • “http://www.disclose.tv/forum/disclose-tv-seizure-cancelled-welcome-to-dtv-2-0-t70873.html”

      quote: from disclosetv admin…

      hereby I declare the seizure of the domain name Disclose.tv as officially cancelled and welcome everybody back to the brand new DTV 2.0!

      Obviously the domain seizure was no real event with actual authorities involved, but due to maintenance downtime of the site for the re-launch. Copying millions of videos, forum posts, images etc. takes a very long time. We decided to put the “seizure info” online, because we wanted to use the downtime to make a point about major threats to the Internet and free speech. Without doubt this could have been a real event in the very near future, given that policies and laws like CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), SOPA, PIPA are allowed by the Internet community to be introduced. In light of this, we decided to dedicate a new forum in the Specials section to this ongoing issue; it’s called “Internet Censorship & Lockdown”.

      And there are a couple of new additional forums (and categories on the main site) like Health & Toxins, Sun & Space Anomalies as well as Survival & Prepping. We also decided to merge some forums/categories.

      Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/disclose-tv-seizure-cancelled-welcome-to-dtv-2-0-t70873.html#ixzz1s4dMk6MQ

    • “http://www.disclose.tv/forum/disclose-tv-seizure-cancelled-welcome-to-dtv-2-0-t70873.html”
      (sent twice since an open link was embedded in cut & paste, which triggered moderations)

      quote: from disclosetv admin…

      hereby I declare the seizure of the domain name Disclose.tv as officially cancelled and welcome everybody back to the brand new DTV 2.0!

      Obviously the domain seizure was no real event with actual authorities involved, but due to maintenance downtime of the site for the re-launch. Copying millions of videos, forum posts, images etc. takes a very long time. We decided to put the “seizure info” online, because we wanted to use the downtime to make a point about major threats to the Internet and free speech. Without doubt this could have been a real event in the very near future, given that policies and laws like CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), SOPA, PIPA are allowed by the Internet community to be introduced. In light of this, we decided to dedicate a new forum in the Specials section to this ongoing issue; it’s called “Internet Censorship & Lockdown”.

      And there are a couple of new additional forums (and categories on the main site) like Health & Toxins, Sun & Space Anomalies as well as Survival & Prepping. We also decided to merge some forums/categories.

  17. My goodness! Such excitement and much prayer going up to L.A. Marzulli and his team of warriors! I wish I could go with you all so my best is to donate, which I did using PayPal. I would like to know how videos from you tube are displayed in the comments section…just saying.


    Mary Pacheco
    aka: SeashoreMary

    • Hey SeashoreMary! It is a mystery to me how sometimes the video pops on here and sometimes just a link to it……but while you are at the youtube vid copy the stuff in the address bar and then paste in your comment here…..but warning: If you want to warn about some bad one and don’t want it to show up, then put it in quotation marks. ANd thanks for the reminder…..I am going to make my weekly donation now!

  18. Leonard F , where exactly is that mp3 download on the Youtube videos? I’m an Australian but pretend I’m a New Zealander as you explain where it is….please!

    • You are doing fine all by yourself Ghillie, you really don’t need any help from us Kiwi’s, be it real or imagined.
      btw…I know how easy it is for you Aussie’s to get muddled, so when you leave the house to go looking for that mp3, don’t forget to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back..ok. 🙂

    • If I leave breadcrumbs you Kiwi’s will eat them. Them birds will eat anything. New Zealanders have told me about those birds, 10 feet tall, carnivorous and covered in long blue feathers [shudder]. I’m glad we don’t have those creatures in Australia..

  19. L.A. I was going to give my donation and all I saw was Acceleration Radio/donate. Do we send it via there or other. It’s for the mayan trip to fund the travel expenses of you and guest ministers etc. I also don’t have a problem if you needed it elsewhere now 🙂 God provides for HIS work 🙂

    • on the right side of this page, just under the word “blogroll” is a small donation button…..well, not a button but click on the word and if you use paypal it will give you a place to leave a message for the recipient where you can specify your intent.

    • Thank you Elaine for the quick help 🙂 I did see that and that’s all I could find in searching, but wasn’t sure since it was to Acceleration Radio. I do see in paypal the comment/instruction area. TY!

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