The Head in the Sand Mentality and the Church!

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April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
2236 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31904
L. A. on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural:
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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

The church celebrates Christmas and Easter on a yearly basis.  These are the churches biggest days, it’s when most everyone shows up, special musical programs are performed, the children participate, midnight celebrations and early morning Easter rise services are also part of the proceedings.  We are celebrating SUPERNATURAL events. The first, the virgin birth of the God-man Yashua/Jesus, the second His rising from the dead.   There’s no way around this fact, we are acknowledging that the events that are being celebrated, are far beyond the norm, are in fact miraculous, and defy the scientific paradigm that holds sway over western civilization.

This begs the question, if supernatural events happened thousands of years ago have they ceased in the modern era?  Is there any place in our treasured, Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible, that tells us this is so?  The simple answer to this is, no, there is no place in all of scripture that tells us the miraculous, or supernatural events have ceased.  In fact in 2nd Thessalonians, Paul warns us in the last days we should be aware that The Fallen One, Satan, will come with all signs and lying wonders.  Should we take Paul literally or should we dismiss his warning as allegory, or writings that are no longer applicable in modernity?

I travel to a variety of venues all over the country and everywhere I go I hear the same thing.
“Our church just doesn’t want to discuss the topic of the Nephilim, UFOs, Satanic Ritual abuse, or anything that might scare our people, we want a safe landing-place here.”    With all due respect, I would call this attitude, a head in the sand mentality.  Here’s why.  Our own government is making preparation for so-called Alien Contact.  Here’s a link: » And Now… U.S. Military Plans for Alien Invasion

I start my presentations with a clip from FOX news, and Steve Basset, who is the head of the Disclosure Project:  Here’s the link: UFOs – FOX News – Mexican Air Force – CNN News – OVNIs – YouTube I do this because this clip takes my discussion out of the realm of fantasy and speculation and anchors it the reality of our Prime Time News Media.  (Please take a moment and watch the clip)  In most cases the room goes really quiet after the clip is finished.  Most people in the room are not aware that disclosure of the so-called UFO/Extraterrestrial presence, is actually taking place, all-be-it slowly and with a managed agenda, as Chuck Missler would call it.

In my opinion, the church needs to come to an understanding that this phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away.  Pastors need to begin to do their homework and understand that the Fallen One, is a master of deception and he has been planning his final moves, in what I would call the Cosmic Chess match for millennia.

In closing todays post: There is a viscous ignorance sometimes displayed by pastors and churchgoers who think they know everything there is to know, and thus, won’t even put forth a modicum of effort into exploring the Nephilim or the UFO phenomena.  When, not if we see three-mile wide mother ships begin to manifest, what will your pastor say?  How will the church react to this?  Will it shake your faith?  Please recall the words of Jesus who states, that men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth; that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and Paul’s warning, Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders.  The Great Deception is coming and we would do well to get our heads out of the sand, and understand that we are living in a time which is similar to the days of Noah.  The Nephilim are returning and with them the Fallen Ones of old, for as the days of Noah were, so it will be when the son of man returns.  The gates and portals are being opened by those in the New Age movement who think these beings are our progenitors.  It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and understand the unprecedented times we are living in.  Wake Up!  UFO’s and Galactic Federation | News | NewAgeU



lamarzulli | Liberty Broadcasting Network

Joe Taylor!

Mount Blanco Museum Curator!

Joe Taylor is the owner and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum and associated companies. He was born and raised near Crosbyton at the Mt. Blanco community. As a young man he left the area for art school and a career in commerical illustration and advertising design in New York City and Los Angeles. During this time he volunteered at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California where the saber tooth cat skull which we reproduce is from. His interest was sparked by the rich local fossil deposits and a desire to find out the truth about fossils. The results of this interest are seen in the museum.  Mr. Taylor is one of the nation’s foremost fossil restorationists and his work is sought out by individuals, museums and other institutions in this country and abroad.

I’m Joe Taylor, the director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. If you like fossils, dinosaur digs and other old things you have come to the right place. Check the news reports. We want to show you why we do not believe that the evolution theory or the millions of years concept is good science.


L.A. Marzulli Speaking Engagements!

April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
2236 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31904

May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar:

June 8-10: Cornerstone Fellowship Maryland!  L. A. returns!
June 15 & 16: L. A. Marzulli returns to Oceanside – June 15-16: L.A. Marzulli Conference
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July 6- 15:  Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Earthquakes shake Gulf of California (Birth Pains!)

Earthquakes shake Gulf of California –


Arizona earthquake numbers saw a large increase in 2011 (Business as usual?)

Arizona earthquake numbers saw a large increase in 2011 – Wry Heat


Hail ravages US 287, shuts down highway (More business as usual?)

Hail ravages US 287, shuts down highway : News :


Planned Parenthood Wants You to Pray to Support Abortion (Blood curse on our land!)

Planned Parenthood Wants You to Pray to Support Abortion – Katie Pavlich


As weather gets biblical, insurers go missing (Birth pains!)

As weather gets biblical, insurers go missing – Business – Real estate –


Big US-Arab Gulf air force exercise draws Iranian warning to stop at once  (WWIII)

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security


UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot: Exclusive (Real, burgeoning and not going away!)

UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot: Exclusive

102 thoughts on “The Head in the Sand Mentality and the Church!

  1. L.A. A month or more ago i tried to bring this topic as well as earth changes to our pastor, BOY was that an eye opener for us! We no longer attend that church and i wont step foot in the building. I cant remember the scripture but (having the appearance of Godliness) comes to mind. Thanks for the revelings, my eyes are wide open.

    • HI Jan – you were met with the Viscous ignorance that I talked about in todays BLOG. It just amazes me that these guys won’t warn their flock. The blood is not on my hands as I have told what I am seeing!

    • I know what you mean, Jan! And the other churches that just look at you like you are a nut but stay syrupy sweet to you remind me of family reunions where you go to visit for an hour or two with family that you don’t ever want to live with again! We have to keep praying for them!

      And, regarding that other news item…..MSNBC of all places saying that it is “biblical” is pretty amazing!

    • Jan,

      I can’t get our church to talk about the book of revelation, let alone discuss the nephilim…oh I mean the line of
      seth….RIGHTTTT. I have been doing weekly studies dealing with the end times at our home, just two couples right now.
      Others seem to be scared to see what is happeing right in front of them. Oh they will discuss the crazy weather and the rash of earthquakes, but as soon as I say “You what the Bible says about these things?” they shut down when I mention the end of days or tribulation. I am going to carry over our studies into the Watchers series when I get caught up on the 4 months of outstanding invoices I have. I have discussed LA’s point of view and the other couple is open to the possibility of the strong delusion being aliens (demons). I think that most people are being dumbed down, if that is a thing. I watch TV news and can’t believe how uniformed most people are….no common sense.
      Oh, one other thing I saw on yahoo was a story titled “storms of biblical proportions” boy they don’t know how right they are……and if they could only see what is coming. At some point things are going to get so bad, with very little or no break between disasters, that people will have to say this is from GOD, we are being judged.

      Be joyful in the LORD, may HE give you all peace beyond all human understanding.
      Thank You LA for all of your hard work and dedication, GOD Bless You.

    • Ben,
      If the link LA posted is the same video from a day or two ago, the australian today show: one thing I found quite alarmig and I think he said too much about the other sides’ plans: about how the 13 colonies had to bad together to face their enemy. Sounds like a nwo type scenario to deal with the alien invasion imo.

    • Why should we be bothered about anyone that doesn’t listen? Especially apostates.

      The way Christ told us to deal with them is quite clear.

      Luke 10 [Jesus said,]
      10 But into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you not, go your ways out into the streets of the same, and say,
      11 Even the very dust of your city, which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you:
      notwithstanding be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you. […]

      16 He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.

      Does anyone think they have a better way than Christ said?

      (I’m listening to Russ Dizdar teach on “charged ritual objects” as I write this.)

    • @ Nomele…..Amen some will not hear truth no matter what they prefer their idols and darkness, some though are naive and follow any wind of doctrine!

    • okay E.O.D! that film is proof that not all men’s hearts will fail them from fear….Some men’s brains will fail them by laughing and filming on the edge of a raging torrent that is dissolving the ground at their feet. Then to compound the stupidity, they run across a bridge that is footed in that same melting earth????? Must be the magic railing that protects them?

    • I live in Amarillo and this happened about 30 miles north of me. I saw all the cracks on the local news this morning and was wondering what happened untill my wife told me later.

      Weather can be crazy here in the Panhandle. People from up north who move here think it is hot and that they have moved to the equater, while people from down south move here and think they have moved to the north pole.

      One thing that i know is differnt from 20 years ago is that the humidity is much higher than it used to be. A water cooled air conditioner used to work just fine, but not anymore around here.

      I believe back in 1999 there was a similar strom that dumped about the same amount of hail in one place about 90 miles away. It was about 14 miles from my old home town of Dalhart, Texas. Between Conlen and Stratford I believe. I did not see it but saw the pictures. It looked like the north pole in the middle of summer. That was the same summer that Dalhart had bad hail that was the size of tennis to baseballs.

      The Canadian River is very, very sandy. There has not been much water in it lately. There are parts that have quick sand. I know people who ride motor cylcles and other off-road vehicles there.

      Anyway, 3 to 4 feet of hail is not normal.

      God Bless,

    • Hi Jimmy Douglas, over here in my part of northern Australia our winters are quite mild but this year it has started to cool off about a month earlier than usual.

  2. L.A. listen to this video(seems they may have their lights off/3rd eye open esp. the assemblies who are dabbling in Yoga, contemplative rituals(New Age).

    Amazing how knowledge is coming so fast to us(the real Church) as Daniel said it would in the last days! It gets clearer and clearer what “they” are up to and who they reall follow. We are NOT in darkness that this stuff would take us by surprise! (paraphrased) The HS leads us to all truth!

  3. L.A. I think as I pondered the descriptions of last days and Great Tribulation I pondered more aound this beast of a man persecuting with great revenge and the cosmos falling apart, THEN we started to learn about Nephilim which we were told was absolutely a false idea!! More men like yourself had courage and conviction to study and teach it. As I started to look at the Bible with “it says what it means and means what it says and had experienced enough wacko unlearned teachers!!! I knew I should reject their ideas and stick to what KJV says about it. With 9/11 I understood “why chopped heads” Muslims! NOW words like strong delusion (state of the world today) beast etc. take on a whole new meaning and Grk. Mythology isn’t a myth!! These were suppressed concepts that were right under our eyes all the time. Maybe on purpose, maybe in ignorance, or maybe God didn’t allow us to undestand until now. Dan. sais they were sealed up until the LAST days! GOD has a plan and HE’s working HIS plan! Paul says we should not be ignorant because we are NOT in darkness we know these things (paraphrased). The world will be take off guard in darkness and we will see because we are awake and in the Light of The World/Jesus. Keep pressing on! 🙂

  4. Excellent blog today Mr. Marzulli. As Jan mentioned she had tried to discuss these things with her pastor, I too have tried.

    I asked why the Giants were not talked about more. For me , it connected alot of dots and made sense out of ”the why” questions I had in the bible; the flood of Noah for example. However, I was told it wasn’t discussed because ‘we don’t know if it is real’; that is fallen angels breeding with human females in order to create the giants. Then I brought a Michael Hoggard dvd to one of the pastors to borrow. It was the ‘UFO’s Chariots of the Beast’ video. This same pastor/elder of the church did say that the subject of UFO’s fascinated him in a conversation I had previously had with him. Yet he took a look at the back of the dvd and handed it back to me and said it didn’t do anything to bring him closer in his walk with Jesus. Ok. I understand, but why not watch the video and see if you learn anything that can be used to help others in their walk with Jesus?!? I mean, he is an elder/pastor of the church. Why would a person in that position not want to learn what could be taught to others about the coming great deception? Especially those interested in the subject of UFO’s.

    As I typed out the question the answer came to me…because the powers that be have done such a good job of making people interested in the subject of UFO’s out to be freaks of society. Also, because of the world we live in the majority of humanity doesn’t believe in the supernatural. If it isn’t something we can prove with empirical evidence it isn’t real, or rather it doesn’t affect us in the physical world.

    ….uggh – I better stop there.

    • Reminds me of a prophetic word I read this am:
      …the ubiquitous UFOs above and enormous sinkholes below. Here is what the Lord had to say to me regarding what we will be experiencing more and more. He said:

      “You are beginning to find out more details of the enemy’s agenda for mankind; the strategies that have been in place for a long time, far-reaching and insidious. You are seeing the tip of the iceberg of his machinations, his plans and his weapons. Remember that his weapons are carnal.

      Some of these things are the signs and wonders that can be used to deceive the “elect”, or at least detour them. There are those whom I have set as guards over these objects, ideas and events, but there are others whose call is not to focus on them or to be fascinated by them. Their place is in the tent of meeting.

      My children must grow in the ability to discern because there are also many wonders that I have set in place from creation to be discovered in these days. These also can become a sidetrack for those who focus on them apart from Christ the Lamb of God. Again, there are some of you who are permitted to be aware of them, and at times even be an active participant, but you are not to be drawn aside by fascination in them. Your focus is to continually be directed vertically. This is not an ostrich maneuver but a transcendent one. To sit in the high counsel of the Heavenlies, one must not be overly concerned with what is going on in the ditch.
      by Beverly Fischer

    • Wow! Mrs M, I received the same word from the Lord about 4am Wednesday. I had been watching a Youtube video of David Flynn giving a presentation at a conference. The video is titled “Alien Crop Circle Decoded, Avebury, Area 51, Mars-Cydonia.” It is an awesome presentation and David Flynn truely revealed a great deal of “illumined” business… I went to bed pondering what I had just injested, woke up at 4am and right there in my mind, the Holy Spirit said, “It’s still all in the natural…none of it is supernatural.” I started giggling and said to myself, that’s right, the Supernatural belongs to the Most High. The devil is cursed to crawl on his belly and eat dirt…even if it is Martian dirt! Once the blood of Jesus was delivered to the 3rd heaven’s Mercy Seat, the devil has no more entrance there.

    • Thanks for this Mrs.M I am going to Google this person….very edifying for me today!!!
      Blessings to You~

  5. Are you really still honoring Christmas and Easter??? These are rooted in pagan holidays and customs incorporated by the Catholic church…they are NOT God’s holy days! Its very important that people know this before Yahushua returns because the Lord HATES the customs and ways of the pagans and calls them an abomination. The whole alien agenda is important to know about…but even more important is to know the Lord and His ways completely because as you say…the fallen one, is a master of deception and works hard to take your eyes off God and the truth. God bless.

    • I use the names that people are familiar with. I am aware of what these days are but use the venacular that millions of Americans are familiar with. I am speaking in a language that people can understand.

    • God the Father Almighty knows the hearts of everyone. Father knows the reason I still celebrate Christmas and Easter are because of His son’s birth and resurrection.

    • LA…thanks for answering I am so happy to hear that your aware! But Brian, the Father does not care why you are disobeying His commands…only that you are. God has His own holy days that we are commanded to follow and we are told not to follow after what the pagans do: “Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.” Jeremiah 10:2-5 and Deuteronomy 12:30-31″Be careful, after they have been destroyed ahead of you, NOT to be trapped into following them, so that you inquire after their gods and ask “How did these nations serves their gods? Also,
      Revelation 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate. But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. 1 Cor 10:20 Deuteronomy 7:26 “Do not bring something abhorrent into your house, or you will share in the curse that is on it, instead, you are to detest it completely, loathe it utterly, for it is set apart for destruction”.
      Deuteronomy 16:21 “You are not to plant any sort of tree as a sacred pole beside the altar of Adonnai your God, that you will make for yourselves. Likewise, do not set up a standing stone, Adonai your GOD HATES such things.”
      And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.
      (I Kings 18:21)
      And there are more to show how God feels about the pagan holidays. Don’t be fooled…and don’t believe me…do your own research, its easy to find. God bless.

    • What day of the year do you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? What day of the year do you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

      I understand that the pagans think those days belong to them…but they do not. Every day belongs to the Father. What evil people mean for evil, He makes it for His good and His glory.

    • The birth of Jesus was never mentioned in the bible for us to celebrate. God has His holy days…Passover, The Days of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost,The Feast of Trumpets, The Day of Atonement, The Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day. That is how I celebrate what God ordained that we should celebrate. You can make excuses for why you follow what you do but the bottom line is that God commanded us to do otherwise and you are following your ways and not His. I’m not trying to be mean I am trying to save your soul…God wants us to be obedient. The angels that fell were not obedient and they are cursed, the Israelites were not obedient and God divorced them…if He would divorce the apple of His eye consider what He will do to you for following your ways and not His. Just do the the bible it speaks for itself! God bless.

    • With all due respect Sharon, we are no longer under law, but in the New Covenant, we are under Grace. God is not asking us to achieve, but to receive. Grace has been imputed to us as a gift…unearned, undeserved favor. That brings joy to the Holy Spirit.
      Jesus washed us with His Blood…The Bridegroom looks at us, just as we are, and says “You are altogether lovely.”
      What grieves Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Mark 3:5, Jesus was grieved by the hardness of their hearts…by their lack of Grace. Once you are saved, you are hopelessly, helplessly, irreversibly, righteous…you can never be unrighteous…because righteousness is a gift.
      God knew by man’s performance he could never be righteous because God’s standard is too high, too perfect, too holy, inflexible. So God gave us righteousness as a gift–wrought at a great price by His only begotten Son, at Calvary’s Cross. All our works to make ourselves righteous are as filthy rags. Our part is in the believing.

    • YHWH hates Christians celebrating Yeshua’s resurrection so much than He draws 1000’s (could be 100,000’s) to Himself every “Easter” and they repent & are saved & washed in the blood of the Lamb. We get a LOT more brothers & sisters in Christ on the traditional Christian Holydays so many people have recently come to despise. I guess God doesn’t quite think on these things the same way we do. Thank goodness! I actually enjoy celebrating the Jewish Feasts more than the traditional Christian celebrations but if God’s Spirit is going to move in the hearts of the Gentiles regardless then I’m not going to speak against the Holy Spirit & ways of The Lord. I’m witness to this w/my own eyeballs so my perspective is what it is. God’s Love, Mercy, & Grace transends our rigid religious tendencies.

  6. Hi LA, I’m pretty new to your site so forgive me if this question has been dealt with already, but as seen in today’s ‘other news’ section, weather anomalies have been on the rise. I know that’s part of the birth pangs, but is it possible there is deliberate human involvement in these strange weather occurrences? The US has many enemies, both within and without. Is it possible someone is directing these weather disasters? Maybe I’m wrong but it does seem as if a lot of this freakish weather has occurred in heavily Christian areas – with little to no comment or aid offered by the president.

  7. This is on Frank Dimoras website today….interesting take on the government/stong delusion involvement in the disclosure of UFO’s

  8. This was a great blog. LOL I loved that picture of the person with his head in the sand. I once worked in a local church. I am a licensed minister and now the only ministry I have is my blogging ministry. By the way Mr. Marzulli, did you ever get a chance to read the easter aliens blog I asked you to read? I would love you feedback on it. I am not an expert in the area of aliens and all of that like you and many others but I do have a basic understanding of it. Back on topic of what I need to say. I was in a situation of where I said I quit and they told me I was fired when I left ministry in church.

    They were wanting to preach politically correct doctrines and the fact that I did not trust what the mainstream media talking heads were spewing from their lips put me at odds with the church leadership. There was a split among the church leadership at the same time and I caused a scene when most people walked away quietly. My way of quitting but because they wanted to keep it quiet and I tried to expose them to the church, they said I was fired. They wanted to keep their heads in the sand and ignore that something was wrong. They preferred people tickling their ears. This all happened around the same time I lost my grandparents. I literally lost everything back in 2008. I had to rebuild and now I am very happy with my life. I live in Montana now instead of down south, I have a wonderful wife and we are going to have our first child a son in June, and I now work for the Fish Wildlife and Park Department here in Montana. I love your blog. It is a rainy day here today so I get to catch up on my reading. I am hoping to finish the Harbinger today so I can quickly start Nephilim 2

    • HI James, I read your Easter aliens blog and thought it was excellent! Keep up the Lord’s work.

    • Thank you so much Gina, I appreciate that very much… I am wanting to write a blog about the coming great deception but I was hoping to get the opinion of a few experts about my Easter Aliens blog before beginning work on that blog post. One of them is Lynn Marzulli. All feedback is more than welcome. It is very much appreciated. Again I want to thank you very much for taking the time to read it and give me your feedback on it.

  9. I believe that the supernatural occurs as well, having experienced sleep paralysis several times and having seen and felt the presence a shadow person once. And Calling on Jesus Christ was my only hope. But unfortunately, the Church has darwinized/rationalized that stuff away.

    I asked a friend in church about UFOs once, he said something like “those people are all crazy.” Sad.

    I’m quite sad that many of us in the Church (myself included at times) falls so short of what we see in the Bible. We really far too much on our mind, doctrines, opinions, etc and often neglect the Lord’s Word. I shared a link with another church guy I knew. It was the story from infwars about contractors killing civilians in Iraq. I said this one more reason we need to get out of wars. His response made me sad. He disagreed and said something like it was a cost of war. How would he feel if it had been him and his family in that story? This is not even going into our problems here in the US and the money being wasted. Unfortunately, this gives many scoffers much needed ammo with their “who would Jesus bomb” attitudes.

    To finish up, I still think the greatest supernatural manifestation is God’s love for us. Knowing how rotten I am (we are) He still made us, and still sacrificed His Son Jesus for us. Praise God!

  10. I think of my own church it s a mega church and when the pastor speaks of the supernatural you can just tell it just goes in one ear and out the other.

    Last year he wrote a book on the last days and while some read it I have no doubt in my mind that nobody believes it. Cherry Hills Community Church is in a rich neighborhood. Money rules. In fact they have their own high school. Peyton Manning was at the high school last week. Its big.

    I dont why its soo hard for christians to believe we are living in the last days.

    • That’s why it’s hard for people to believe we’re in the last days. Too many Christians are too bought into the world system. We are in the Laodicean age. We think we’re rich, but on the whole, a lot of us poor and buck-nekkid.

      I keep praying to buy some of Jesus’ gold, and His clothes. I don’t want to be nekkid. It wouldn’t be a pretty site!

  11. Intriguing! I just found this website from listening to one of Larry King’s old tv interviews regarding UFO’s. One of his guests Peter Davenport, National Director, THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data (it was created to take the burden off of the government’s coverup’s from the public re: UFO’s)

    This is the video I was watching:

  12. My Sunday school class has been studying the book of Genesis and I’ve been pointing out what they read but wont understand in Gen.3 and Gen 6. The teacher holds the Seth view of the sons of God and actually said that Adam and Eve must have been very tall.

    Two weeks ago I sent out a paper to my email list and shared it with my class as well. The title is Nimrod and the Nephilim Threat and it’s eleven pages long. I’ve gotten responses from around five percent of the people I shared it with and those were mostly positive. Im writing a new paper titled Aliens or Demons and hope to have it done by Saturday. This should get them to thinking.

    The church isnt asleep, they’re in a coma, they’ve been hit over the head with lies and myths and wont listen to anything that might upset them. One of the elders who’s in my class told me I was going to scare people and that I could cause a new believer to pull away from God.

    • I believe that what the elder said is only partially true. So much of what we comprehend and learn as believers greatly depends on our “spiritual age”. Just like a baby eats soft food and older people eat more chunky and meaty foods. Always best to pray for discernment on when and what to say to whomever. Sounds as though this particular elder made a [personal] blanket ruling aside from Scriptural text! I can’t remember the exact verse right now but somewhere in the NT this very thing is discussed. Blessings to you brother.

  13. I am in my late forties and can count one on one hand how many people I know, that actually understand what is going on and will talk about it. I have friends who are “Bible Thumpers” and just are in denial, who do not believe and will not acknowledge the existence of the supernatural let alone E.T.s, LOL. I am sure their belief in Jesus Christ will save them, but they hearts may fail them from what they see.

  14. I went to a church service at my son’s high school on Easter. The church is called “Fresh Air.” I’m so frustrated with churches I don’t even go anymore because it seems like nobody talks about anything relevant to these last days we are in. People just turn their heads or roll their eyes at me when I bring anything up. The musician Shawn McDonald was playing at this service and I thought I would try and put up with the service just to hear him. He plays the song “Rise” and it always inspires me so I wanted to see him live. I had no ideas about this church and have never gone before. The sermon was on HOPE and it was seriously one of the best sermons I have ever heard in my life. This pastor talked about the rates of suicide we are dealing with…an increase for sure. We have more suicides in the US daily than homicides. He talked about Hollywood and thinking the grass is greener but how unhappy Hollywood is. He talked about many things that made sense but he mostly talked about HOPE. He did mention the science in the works to help us never die like having Avatars that walk around being powered by our brains and how the biggest dream people have is to live forever and never die. He said there was a recent study done asking people age 14-24 what they wanted most and the number one item listed was to “be rich and famous.” He didn’t talk about giants or UFO’s but you know I suspect this guy would be open. I think I will give him the newest Watcher’s I ordered. So many young people came up to give their lives to Christ and many were weeping. Seriously weeping and on their knees. I was seriously touched by God. If anyone would like me to reference that sermon I can. It’s online. It’s long but wow. My daughter age 23 and my son 16 want to go again and they aren’t really churchers either. I think we need to keep praying for God to open the eyes of our leaders. Just like His spirit draws people, His spirit can open eyes and ears. Sorry for the long post but I had a great talk with Shawn McDonald and I can tell you God is raising up young people and moving in ways we don’t even know. Someone once referred to that Phenomena as the Joshua generation.


    • That was very inspiring.Thank you for sharing it.I have a young believer friend (early 20’s) who recently emailed me about about being in prayer and in worship for 3 hours and how the Lord’s presence came on all the young folks that were there in the gathering very powerfully!It was so wonderful and gave me hope as did your words.She also told of how some very young kids ages 11,10 and 9 that she works with in Children’s Church want to go to the convelesent hospital w/ her and pray for the people there…amazing.She also mentioned how these particular kids have fathers in prison and their mom’s are addicts so how astounding is that? God is reaching the children and being that I used to work w/ kids in church it encourages me that all is not lost.I feel that way at times.I know it is not true, but living w/ all the things talked about on LA’s blog and all you precious people’s comments I know I am not alone in my journey.If anyone feels led to intercede for me I would greatly appreciate it.I have had ongoing health issues since 2002 and no insurance.
      I need a healing miracle and then some~
      Thanks everyone and God Bless~

    • Kelly, I’d like a copy of the link, please. It’d be great to listen to when I do my early morning exercise bike rides. .

      I normally listen to Russ Dizdar or Chris Pinto early on weekdays.

    • “Hello Winds.
      I’m praying for you.”

      Oh thank you so much Ghillie! Won’t it be so wonderful when we meet and get to hug and thank one another ( :
      bless you!!!

  15. Here’s a link to that video of that sermon. It starts out slow but will take your breath away around the middle. Wow.

  16. A song that says it all. If you have listened to Steve Quayle’s radio program, you would have heard it there as the intro music.


    • Richard,
      I had just posted and asked for prayer myself so when I read your request it was heartfelt!I am in pain myself and that in turn causes emotional pain and battles.So I do have empathy.All I know is the Father is with you as He promises.He sees it all.Condemnation is pointless and a lie. I w/remember you in my prayers too.

      Lean into and upon the Lord is all I know and trust even when it looks hopeless and you do not understand
      .He is coming to His people in ways that are above and beyond what we can imagine and soon …

  18. Prayer request
    Early morning April 12, 2012, Garry Capps BondServant Ministries had a stroke and is currently in the ICU.

  19. Sharon to you it is sin so don’t do it to To Brian it’s Gory to His Lord. The whole of the world is PAGAN so will you drop out? I think Brian and myself and others will use the tems they understand to a point and use the occasions to show the TRUE LIGHT of THE WORLD! Satan has taken enough I will not give him any more ground. I will celebrate Jesus’ birth around Sept. 29th as counting the announcement given to Jacharias in his term of service in the temple , which calculates to Jesus being born Sept. 29th. I’d light up everything any day if I could afford it to celebrate the Light of the World=Oh what joy!! Don’t let the pagans steal everything. There is NO OTHER but God everything else is demonic and posers! He who Jesus set Free is Free indeed from all of mankinds ideas and of sin!! Just talking about it I want to decorate and I have front and center Noah’s ark, an orn. of the rod that blossomed with Hebrew on the other side and the Nail symbal of that nail in crucifying my Lord to remind me of the tree that he was nailed to, what LOVE! He woud save a wretch like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACE! Pagans think one way we think another! Gee the Gov. is corrupt do you abstain from trying to elect honorable men and women so we can live in peace? Even if the majority has no clue and falls(maj. ) for the evil ones.we do what Timothy says pray for our leaders.

    • Brian and Linda, It’s not alright with God to celebrate the death and ressurection of His Son by saying the name of the fertility goddess of Babylon.

      The early church did not mark the anniversary of Jesus being nailed to the cross with any celebration. Passover recognizes how God delivered the Jews from the hands of Pharaoh. The angel of death passed over the Jews who sacrificed a lamb and put its blood on their door posts. They still celebrate passover because they don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ. Many Christian churches will have a Seder which I believe is a denial of the fact that Jesus is our Passover.
      John said in John 1:29 The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise of the Messiah.

      The night before He was crucified He had passover with His disciples LUKE 22:19 And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”
      Our lives as disciples of Yeshua should be an acknowledgment of our faith in Him and our belief that He is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of this world.

      Easter is the name of a pagan god and we should not use it as the name of a misplaced celebration/holiday. Ignorance is not an excuse, God doesn’t look the other way because we don’t know any better or were mired in tradition. I believe that most pastors are aware of the pagan roots of Easter and that Easter is the name of a pagan god yet they allow and encourage it in their congregations. We use her name for a holiday along with traditions that were practiced before Christ was born. Some will call Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, but If you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig. Many will go to sunrise services and sit in out door arenas facing east to see the sun rise which has its roots in another pagan ritual, Sun Worship. I’ve had people tell me, ‘were celebrating the resurrection by watching the sun come up as the Lord was risen from the dead on Easter Sunday.’ Three days after the Savior was crucifixtion no one was watching to see Him rise from the dead. Yet, they discovered that He had risen and then walked among them for forty more days. I look at the merchandising that surrounds this “holy day” and cant help but feel that the Lord Himself would not approve just as He did not approve of the money changers. Society sees this day as the egg and bunny show and little else. It’s up to the church to show them them the way.

      The word Easter, isn’t in the Bible except for a few translations that mention it in the book of ACTS 12:4 as a mistranslated word for Passover. It was around 300 years AD that Easter and it’s pagan rituals replaced Passover. The early settlers of America didn’t celebrate Easter and it did not become a widespread holiday until around 1870. Yet the world had been celebrating Easter, a pagan holiday, since before Christ walked the earth. The early Christian Church celebrated Passover as instructed by God as did Jesus when he and the Apostles sat down to a seder dinner in the upper room. Sunrise service, Coloring Eggs, Bunnies and Hot Cross Buns whose origins go back to before Christ are all part of a deception to draw the Christian away from God.

      Traditions are hard to let go of, some are good and some are not. We can say, ‘but we’ve always done it this way’ or ‘as a Christian I recognize that some holidays have pagan roots, but my focus is on Jesus.’ Some might say that God knows where their heart is but the proof of that is in what we practice. The Jews practiced lots of traditions that God told them to stop as they became His covenant people. Jew or Gentile, when we come to the saving grace of God through the confession and belief in His Son Jesus we have become a new creation in Christ and should do away with the things that don’t please God. The Bible tells us that God is a jealous God and wants no other gods before Him and forbids us from even saying the names of other gods. God does not excuse us because the traditions we have are fun for us or because we’ve always done them. No matter what we do, we should know the basis for it and if it conflicts with the word of God, we should change. The traditions of men are not more important than the word of God.

      God says, in DEUTERONOMY 12:28-32 “Be careful to listen to all these words which I command you, in order that it may be well with you and your sons after you forever, for you will be doing what is good and right in the sight of the LORD your God. “When the LORD your God cuts off before you the nations which you are going in to dispossess, and you dispossess them and dwell in their land, beware that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How do these nations serve their gods, that I also may do likewise?’ “You shall not behave thus toward the LORD your God, for every abominable act which the LORD hates they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. “Whatever I command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to nor take away from it.

      EXODUS 20:3 “You shall have no other Gods before Me.”

      EXODUS 23:13 “Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth.”

      JUDGES 2:13 So they forsook the LORD and served Baal and the Ashtaroth (Easter).

      JUDGES 10:6,7 Then the sons of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD, served the Baals and the Ashtaroth,(Easter) the gods of Aram, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the sons of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines; thus they forsook the LORD and did not serve Him. And the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and He sold them into the hands of the Philistines, and in the hands of the sons of Ammon.

      1 SAMUEL 7:3 Then Samuel spoke to all the house of Israel, saying, “If you return to the LORD with all your heart, remove the foreign gods and the Ashtaroth(Easter) from among you and direct your hearts to the LORD and serve Him alone; and He will deliver you from the hand of the Philistines.” So the sons of Israel removed the Baals and the Ashtaroth(Easter) and served the LORD alone.

      1 SAMUEL 12:10 They cried out to the LORD and said, ‘We have sinned because we have forsaken the LORD and have served the Baals and the Ashtaroth; but now deliver us from the hands of our enemies, and we will serve You.’

      1 KINGS 11:5 For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians and after Milcom the detestable idol of the Ammonites.

      2 KINGS 23:13 The high places which were before Jerusalem, which were on the right of the mount of destruction which Solomon the king of Israel had built for Ashtoreth the abomination of the Sidonians, and for Chemosh the abomination of Moab, and for Milcom the abomination of the sons of Ammon, the king defiled.

      God tells us in HOSEA 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

      God is jealous and wont be mocked and we should think about how we show Him our love and our worship and not let anything or anyone get between us and Him.

      It’s alright to make changes to long lived traditions, we all did that when we came to know the Lord as our Savior.

    • John Michael… I could not have said it better! Linda the pagans did not steal anything they added to it and exchanged it….exactly what God tells us NOT to do. You can cover your eyes and refuse to see a car barreling down on you but it does not change the outcome if you refuse to move from your position. Our Father has warned us in His word and if we refuse to follow what He says because we see our ways as being as good as His or better or we don’t want to follow His ways but rather the worlds…then we will also pay the price for not being obedient. Now is not the time to take such chances we are very close to the end. Let the pagans keep their days and we should follow God”s days.

      And in answer to your question…no I do not vote. God places all leaders into their positions for His will….I have come out of the world and do not partake of that. Elections are corrupt in that you are not getting who you voted for…but rather who they want you to vote for. The best part is that God is aware of their every move and uses all their dark deeds for His purposes.

    • John Michael, Thank you for putting down all those verses to support what you say. I agree with what you say.

      1 Cor 5:7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are leavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:

      The highest day of Christianity is Christ our Passover.

  20. I don’t even attend churches anymore – it seems all they care about is attracting people with free coffee and handing them whatever sermons make them feel good. Haven’t heard a sermon about prophecy in years. I’m guessing they’d laugh off the alien invasion stuff if they heard about it.

    • Brian … 1 Corinthians 6:1-6 and 1 Cor. 11:31-32

      We need to tell the whole story. If we judge others but do the same things, then we will be judged as hypocrites.

      We are expected to judge ourselves. If we judge ourselves the way Christ would, we can get back on the right track. Basically, by the Book, (His Word).

      We’re responsible to properly judge fairly and as true witnesses. Not to avoid judgment as false witnesses that remain silent or only tell part of the truth.

      We’re told not judge others as regards holidays or what we eat, since some esteem days which others do not — to the Lord….

      We’re also told not to cast stumbling blocks before those weaker in the faith, not to be friends with the world, but to be salt and light. Basically, that faith which works by love is what makes a difference in Christ. In the world, but not of it. Entreating the beloved. Telling the truth in love.

      I’d agree it’s possible to turn a curse into a blessing, like the cross (an instrument of torture and death and definitely a curse) was turned into a blessing. The exact same happens to each of us that Christ saves — we are each a curse to others without Him — but with Him become a blessing.

      I’d agree that Christ is worthy to receive the promise that He shall possess the gates of His enemies. The secular and occult holidays are definitely enemy gates. (I think of that in military terms, such as controlling the strategic choke points of the world, like the Straights of Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Straights of Hormuz, etc. as well as similar spiritual gates.)

      There’s strong revelation available in the holy days and observances given by God. Christ declared Himself the fulfillment of each, which I’ve listed on the Passover post several days ago.

      It’s far too obvious to me that the secular holidays are largely greed driven, occult, and idolatrous. We should not celebrate them way the world celebrates them. Similar to eating things sacrificed to idols.

      1 Corinthians 8
      9 But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.
      10 For if any man see thee which hast knowledge sit at meat in the idol’s temple,
      shall not the conscience of him which is weak be emboldened to eat those things which are offered to idols;
      11 And through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died?
      12 But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ.
      13 Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.

      Christ turned water to wine and the wedding feast. No doubt they were more astonished at Him than interested in getting drunk and partying at that point.

      If we’d celebrate conception, recognizing God’s hand in forming us in the womb, and how Jesus and John interacted while still in the womb — then even birth days could be turned from curses that enable abortion ideas, to blessings. (I’ve heard that the japanese consider themselves one year old at birth.)

      So there’s much that can be debated about whether eggs represent spiritual rebirth, etc. at Passover, (thinking of the seder). But I don’t have any good thing to say about bunny eggs and easter. And even the King James use of easter in Acts 12, likely says more about Herod’s practices than those that participated in Unleavened Bread.

      Acts 12
      1 Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church. 2 And he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3 And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.) 4 And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people. 5 Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.

      So having considered many sides of the issue, I believe the best approach to secular holidays is the same as we would in going to evangelize in a bar or on the street — don’t go alone — go by twos at least and definitely fully armored in continuing prayer with Christ. The worldly holidays are spiritually toxic.We can drink poison and handle snakes, but we better have protection.

      (Sorry for being a blog hog LA. I thought the situation merited airing.)

    • Nomemoleste – Sharon and John Michael, I need to start by apologizing. I am sorry especially for saying to John Michael ”need a bandaid?”.

      However, now I am going to explain myself…I am pretty sure you three are all humans just like me. John and Sharon, the tone of your messages were condescending behind all the scripture mining you did.

      You know next to nothing about me, but understand and know this I am a child of God the Father Almighty too. Jesus Christ saved me too. The tone in your messages is what made me angry. None of you are sitting on the mercy seat teaching me as much as you would like to believe. I also am a student of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I must apologize for getting angry. May God bless you and keep you.

      In Jesus name,

    • I know you understand it too, which is why you responded with the same indignant self righteousness. My Lords words are like a sword. Need a bandaid?

    • Brian,

      Your tone is one of anger and it’s misplaced. I was trying to help you better understand , you’ve shown yourself to be un-teachable.


    • John Michael, please see the above apology for the angry tone.

      I think another reason I am angry is because I know what would happen if I tell my wife we are not going to celebrate Christmas and Easter anymore while the rest of the world does. It would most likely end in divorce.

      I only celebrate these holidays in recognition of Jesus’ birth and resurrection. I do not celebrate them in recognition of Ishtar the fertility goddess. I do not believe in Ishtar or any other pagan deity. There is only one God. The God of Israel, He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah, Enoch and Elijah. There is no other God.

    • “So having considered many sides of the issue, I believe the best approach to secular holidays is the same as we would in going to evangelize in a bar or on the street — don’t go alone — go by twos at least and definitely fully armored in continuing prayer with Christ. The worldly holidays are spiritually toxic.We can drink poison and handle snakes, but we better have protection.” So very true:)

      Brian…I apologize if you felt the tone of what I was saying was rude in any way. As I stated I am not trying to be mean…I am trying to save souls. We are in the last days and very soon our Lord will be here selecting His bride.
      My point is why take the chance of not being with Him? Why not do the research and prove it for yourself? Yes, your family may get angry and yes, you may end up getting divorced. But is it better to stay married now and end up here in the tribulation rather than follow the ways that God asked us to? I KNOW how hard it is to split from all those holidays…I was raised Catholic. Try that one on for size. I am the black sheep to my family. But I don’t care. I will follow Jesus anywhere over every human I have ever known and that is all there is to it. That is the way we have to be. That is the way we are called to be. I am no better or worse than anyone…in fact possibly worse in my past than any of you. My love for you as a human being and brother in Christ is why I am approaching this subject at all.

      Ally “I believe Jesus would be a lot more upset over division in his body, than nit picking over which name, holiday etc is most “right”.” No, I respectfully disagree. I believe what Jesus would be most upset by is that after all this time we, as a people, as the church, have STILL not learned how to follow and be obedient to God’s teachings. The law is NOT nailed to the cross. If it were then Jesus would not have obeyed it and honored God’s holy days and the sabbath. He would not have said that He did not come to change even one jot of the law but to fulfill it! We do not have to sacrifice animals because our sacrifice is Jesus and we do not have to go by the cleansing laws because we are cleansed by the blood of Christ. BUT we still have to follow the laws that God commands that we should keep. Even Jesus, our perfect example, kept them and He would not have done so if He did not expect us to. Go bless.

  21. Oh the silent saddened dead who wish for only more
    They sing and dance as in a trance and read occultic lore
    They tell me of the darkened years when gods sley what ere they would
    They know the truth of the dispersed youth and would follow if they could

    They pray to darkened crawling things the terrors of the night
    Yet those same prayers by those same tares return with utter fright
    I tell them evil has no love it lives to destroy all light
    Yet their fears have clogged their ears they have no hope in sight

    I told the fallen once in prayer to repent and beg reprieve
    then they came to me and tortured me till Jesus made them leave
    God grants the prayers of fallen men if they cry out in shame
    Satan kills and gets his thrills yet flees at the LORD’s name.

    Remind yourself you are of God and you may sometimes stray
    Our flesh is weak our minds are meak but Jesus knows the way.

    • thank you that was a quickie that just came to me One night a few weeks ago i wrote one in my mind for Jesus it was so wonderful but when i awoke i had forgotten it…that’s bothering me insanely badl and when if i remember it , it will be placed here promptly. I have nothing else but I have a faith that i treat as fact for to me faith is a fact you either believe it or you do not.
      This piece is one of the constant struggle and it is based on a true experience when i first devled in the book of enoch I was somehow lured into praying for those locked away. NEVER NEVER DO THIS! GOD allowed what happened to me of this i had no nor have no doubt as it taught me a valuable lesson on his just judgement and a bit about the reasoning behind those of teh respited and those of the chained in torment. I did have first hand experience with one of those locked away and a demon named iscaron its spelled in various ways but thats the one that was allowed to be my personal thorn for those months when i had all of you praying for me . On doing research about him he was on that got into those nuns in france that time and you can read about that yourselves.

    • It’s interesting what you said about being lured in to praying for the fallen angels that are locked away after delving in to the book of Enoch.

      Personally, about this time last year, I was still on the fence as to whether or not I actually thought the giants discussed in Genesis and throughout the Old Testament were the result of the fallen mating with human females. I have been interested most of my life in UFO’s and aliens. While researching on my own last year I came across a catholic priest who was saying the aliens are our brothers (quite a bit of research later I understand how the priest was roped in to stating this). Anyways, at the time, like I said was still on the fence not understanding how this all fits together and was still unsure of whether or not what he was saying was accurate. So, I started to pray to God the Father and was discussing this possibilty with Him. Then all of a sudden, lighting struck right outside my office window. It wasn’t storming at the time nor after the lighting strike. It was the closest I have ever been to lighting in my life and the thunder, as you can imagine, was very loud. I believe God was telling me the aliens were the fallen angels and not to be trying to intervene for them as Enoch did. Very strange that you too had just delved in to the book of Enoch. Though I believe you and I both know there is nothing ”strange” about the timing of these events all lining up. That is clearly God speaking to us individually. Father God is so awesome!

  22. LA, have you Russ and the other gentleman fully fundraised the Dec. 21 Mexico trip yet??? I’m throwin down this week, for that or just to support this ministry.

    Everyone else should as well!!!!! 5,10, 20 bucks….anything will help. Lets crush this out people! Lets support the watchmen that have been divinely appointed to spearhead this effort!!!!

    • YES!!!! Great idea Brandon and if everyone here could pledge just a bit each week!!!!! This is a dangerous trip that our watchman is going on…..let’s help his “body guards” Russ Dizdar and Richard Grund go with him!

  23. Ahem, cough cough! Look guys, I really try to stay outts the crazy arguements but this is ridiculous so listen very closely! Very closely cuz some people are really missing God here…
    1.what is the greatest commandment? So before all the other rules, there is this one!
    2. The Word of God is a sharp sword, able to divide the marrow from the bone. You ever tried to do that? And you are offering your brethern a bandaid after hitting him with a sword? Ever seen a sword wound?
    3. The sword is to be used on the enemy not your brother.
    4. Judge not, lest ye be judged.
    Etc. etc.
    Ive been celebrating Easter and Christmas for a long time now. I also celebrate Pasdover which is much more meaningful to me At Easter, I think of the resurrection of Christ, not Ishtar.
    Remember NONE of us are righteous, not one, but by the blood of the Lamb.
    I believe Jesus would be a lot more upset over division in his body, than nit picking over which name, holiday etc is most “right”.
    But soon, they will be casing us down to kill us and I really doubt the holiday names will be too important then! Do you?
    Sorry if I offended anyone but I calls em like I sees em!
    If you cant handle it and it makes ya crazy, pray for people to seetheir errors.
    Love each and every one of you!

    • I dont celebrate anything so i dont really get into this stuff but i approach it kinda like this.
      Do you try to save the sinner by warning of pagan traiditions that surround us in far more ways than were mentioned here or do ya preach The WORD. I believe the holiday stuff is far down on the list but im not trying to step on toes because i celebrate birthdays and since i am and will die a pauper i can only do that by attending the parties. usually i even miss those 8(. I love you all and hope i didnt offend. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

  24. Wait till you find out how many churches believe the end times occured in 70 AD and we are living in the milenium now! Would you believe if I told you the MAJORITY of Christian churches believe this? I was an evangelical pastor and “I” was shocked when I found this out. I’ll give you a hint..Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Chorch of Christ and a few other Reform type churches

    • @Nomemoleste: It really comes from when the reformers took a good 75% of their teachngs from Catholicism, except grace. It took sme evangelicals to realize the dispensational aspect of the Bible. Now, I’m not a pre-tribber, I believe we will experience the tribulation. But in my studies of the OT, I’m startin to see we may be “protected” some how. I’m not finished with my studies yet..but I think an Elijah-type will lead us.

  25. Is God Soverign? Yes. Does He know what He’s doing? Yes. Is God revealing what is to come? Yes. Will God adivse His elect? Yes. Does God have particular people in place to inform others? Yes. Is God directing us though the Holy Spirit? Yes. Are we listening? Hopefully so. Is God telling us to prepare? Yes Are we doing it? Hopefully so. Hey, try not to get too frustrated ~ YHWH is always at work doing so much more than we see in the natural. Let’s follow Him in anticipation of how He is going to reveal His glory through His Body when the appointed time comes. Heads in the Sand or not -lets just keep on doing what The Lord has called us to do & press ahead in obedience & meekness. ( If the wind gets strong enough the sand will blow away & there will be nowhere to hide anyway.)

  26. In this long winded debate I saw there were two people in pain (winds was one of them) and I just want both of you to know that I am praying for you. I love to pray for people and I do it with great aggression. 🙂 God hears. He heals. He’s on the move. Just sayin’…

  27. My family has quit going to church also. We were sick of not getting anything out of the sermons, if you could call them that. If the pastors started preaching the real gospel 3/4’s of the church would walk out. The people love their sin, rock n roll, tatoos, piercings, casinos, their no different than the world.

    • Just the mention of Lenord Sweet and I’m outa here! “Leonard Sweet and I sum up the issue in our book, Jesus Manifesto”. (Christianity in Crisis)…New Ageers! (frankviola.c…..)

      Lighthouse Trai/Research:
      Leonard Sweet=

    • @Linda: This is Leonard Sweet’s response to his critics:

      The evangelical world regards Sweet with high esteem. He’s routinely voted one of the most influential Christian leaders of our time (see Wikepedia). You are only listening to a small handful of people who don’t have a clue and are doing something they would hate for others to do to them. They are reading and believing the “hate sites” that have no credibility in the Christian world. Those same sites attack John Piper, who is an ultra conservative with lots of credibility as well as many other fine servants of God.

      Paul puts slander in the same list as fornication and stealing, which I’m sure these kinds of people would consider to be serious sins. Slander is no less serious. So if you haven’t read Leonard Sweet yourself and you have concrete examples, I’d be careful about spreading lies about him. You can contact him directly at

    • Ok Ann, we agree to disagree and many would call Beth Moore and Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and the many others with false doctrines and New Age concepts “leaders” so you follow where you must and I will stay away from any New Age Doctrines ie. Contemplative. Lighthouse Trails is not some fly by night web ministry and they have spent time and effort to research these people’s beliefs and you can read from their own mouths if you care from quotes at that site. Try reading Roger Oaklands books on New Age etc., listen to Jan Markel’s Ministry, to name just a couple,
      We are to defend the Faith as Paul admonishes and we should be open to understanding if anyone is preaching another Gospel after all no man is to be an idol! Study to show thyself approved! That’s for all of us.

    • re. Leonard Sweet, I am not a slanderer! Too much has been researched and documented about him. Satan also presents himself as an angel of light he has stature and followers, does that make him OK and if he says so we should believe his words not his actions? “What is Contemplative” Mike Hoggard Whose Who in the Movement
      The Premise of Contemplative Mike Hoggards site direct/Contemplative Prayer (listen to this one please)

      You asked for specifics and these are just a few. All roads are leading back to Rome! (Are you Catholic just wondering?)

      Southwest Radio Church is first interview I assume the rest is in archive, there are many who are addressing this apostacy entering the church even the New Agers brag of their infiltrating Christianity. Your list are all considered in that catagory! You may find info on them @ LT also.

    • @Linda I agree with you about contemplative prayer, but I have never read any of Sweets books that even mention it, and he has written many. (He’s a top professor at an evangelical seminary!) Have you read ANY of his books? I have read quite a few, and they are spot on evangelical. I’m also a listener of Mike the Hog. I can guarantee you that there probably are more sites that hate LA Marzulli! So be careful about “gossiping”. Listening to other opinions of our fellow brothers in Christ is exactly what gossiping is (and Satan loves that). You’re not saying anything that I haven’t already read. So I checked out his books. The so-called “protectors” of the faith have been asleep at the wheel quite a few times it seems. That website hasn’t said anything POSITIVE about our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. If someone teaches something wrong (I know I have), doesn’t make their entire being wrong. Did you email Mr. Sweet and correct him of his alleged sin? It’s our Christian duty to do so,

    • You may have the last word and feel good, this is going no where! Keep doing what you do it’s your decision! Re. writing, it would take night and day to address all the error and apostates, I’ll just keep reading my Bible the true litmos test and let God judge them.

  28. Friends of LA , 4-12-12 show below in case you missed it. Also if you click the youtube button bottom right of video and select ” Watch on youtube” , when new widow opens youtube recently installed a download button bottom center of video for mp3 select MP3 (128k) for optimal listening.
    Best to you all
    ps Best = Grace

  29. LA I emailed you this story because I just didn’t want you to miss it! Of course you already knew this but given the background and history of the Shroud it still is sweet to read news on what we see by faith confirmed!

    “Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural”

    “And in case there was any doubt about the preternatural degree of energy needed to make such distinct marks, the Enea report spells it out: “This degree of power cannot be reproduced by any normal UV source built to date.””

    “Luigi Garlaschelli, a professor of chemistry at Pavia University, told The Independent: “The implications are… that the image was formed by a burst of UV energy so intense it could only have been supernatural. But I don’t think they’ve done anything of the sort.””

    SUPERNATURAL!!! You betcha

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