Jesus was an E.T.? Really?

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April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
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L. A. Marzulli

Could Jesus Christ Be One Of The FIrst Alien Hybrids, The Son Of An Extraterrestrial And An Earthly Woman?

Could Jesus Christ Be One Of The FIrst Alien Hybrids, The Son Of An Extraterrestrial And An Earthly Woman? | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

The religious virgin birth could be in actuality an alien intervention, and the son of God is in fact son of an extraterrestrial and an alien hybrid. It is hypothesized that when angels visited Mary in what she perceived as a dream, the dream was a visit by aliens. The aliens artificially inseminated her with genetically engineered or alien sperm. This alien was the “Angel-Gabriel” a member of the alien race. Jesus was alleged to have had superhuman abilities.  Mary gave birth to Jesus while she was still a virgin, and therefore Jesus was one of the first alien-humanhybrids.  The Raelian Movement supports this outlook.

Other extraterrestrial influences surrounding the birth of Jesus include the star of Bethlehem, signaling the location of the birth.  It is believed that the star was in fact a UFO, which the wise men were motivated to follow via alien telepathic communication.  When the translation is commonly done from the Greek language, the accepted word is “wise men” but in this context it probably means astronomer or astrologer.

“As with all gods, there is a promise to return one day, the truth being, no gods return, we return to light.  Some Mormon scholars believe that Quetzalcoatl, as a white bearded God who came from the sky and promised to return, was actually Jesus Christ, proposed son of ET.  According to the Book of Mormon, Jesus visited the American natives after his resurrection.”

Where is the promise of His coming?

Before I was born-from-above I would have believed every word in this article, which is indicative of the scripture that informs us, the natural man or woman cannot understand the things of the spirit.  I know this sounds narrow-minded and “religious,”  but from my own personal experience I can affirm it as true, that without the spirit of the living God, it’s impossible to ascertain the supernatural and certainly the so-called extraterrestrial presence that is manifesting on earth.  With articles like the one that I linked to above, it is clear that the those who are caught up in the New Age movement are setting themselves and others to believe what I call The Coming Great Deception.   The Raelians also believe that Jesus was a human/alien hybrid.   Intelligent : Design – Message from the Designers

We are inching our way to some kind of disclosure in which the ships that are seen all over the world finally reveal themselves openly, over the cities of the world.  I am saying this a priori, but I believe there will come a time, and I believe it’s soon, when this will become a reality.  This “revealing” will create doubt and confusion in the minds of millions of Christians, who will wonder whether the ET version of creation, is in fact,  the correct one. (See Ben Steins movie, Expelled!) Expelled (Full Movie) – YouTube

We are told that Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders, and yet most of the church is not prepared for what is coming and views this warning with a ho-hum attitude.  Yashua/Jesus warns us that, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth, and perhaps the most chilling warning of all, that unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.  We are on a collision course with what was prophesied thousands of years ago.  Are we headed toward a time where there will be a great falling away, a deliberate apostasy, a rebellion, a departure, from the Christian faith.  While we can debate this, the New-Agers are embracing what I believe is “the lie,” the strong delusion, that God allows, because the people on this planet did not love the truth.  The truth is that Yashua/Jesus was not an extraterrestrial, but was God and man.  He was the promised redeemer that was first foretold in Genesis where we read, the seed of the woman will crush the serpent’s head.  He is the only person to rise from the dead, as was prophesied and then seen by hundreds of witnesses afterward.  Who else in all of history walked on water, raised the dead, healed the lepers, gave sight to the blind, opened the ears of the deaf, and cast out demons?  The article is a truncated look at Yashua/Jesus.  It examines only a portion of what He did.  He was master of the natural and supernatural world, as with a word He stilled a violent storm, multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed thousands, and after his resurrection walked through walls.

The last line of the article states, no god returns,  is this because they are in fact not gods?  In time we will see who is right and who is wrong, it will become self-evident that the words and prophecies concerning Yashua/Jesus are true when He comes back at the battle of Armageddon.

In closing todays post: The Bible differs form any other book on this planet, as it has a thread of prophecy that spans thousands of years.  This prophecy was created by 40 authors who did not know each other as they lived in different time periods.   We are told that the God of the Bible alone, knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.  He alone knows the future and reveals it through His prophets.  He is coming soon, but before He does we will see the apostasy, the great falling away, and this, I believe will be caused by the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial, which is the Coming Great Deception.



lamarzulli | Liberty Broadcasting Network

I am pleased to announce that I will be back on the radio with Acceleration Radio a week from today, Thursday – 7 to 9 pm (CST)  We have had a steady stream of emails asking when the show would return and now, thanks to CJ and the staff at LBN, we are proud to be part of their line up.

Stay tuned!

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April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
2236 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31904

May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar:

June 8-10: Cornerstone Fellowship Maryland!  L. A. returns!
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Anchorage breaks seasonal snowfall record (Business as usual?)

Anchorage breaks seasonal snowfall record –


2210: The Collapse? – National Geographic Channel  (A lengthy but interesting video.)

2210: The Collapse? – National Geographic Channel – YouTube


Surreal Ancient Technology In Cuzco Peru (Nothing to see here, just move along please!)

Surreal Ancient Technology In Cuzco Peru – YouTube


Tension escalates along Syria-Turkey border (WWIII.)

Tension escalates along Syria-Turkey border – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


U.S. deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf, as West prepares for Iran nuclear talks (WWIII)

U.S. deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf, as West prepares for Iran nuclear talks – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


Over 110,000 US forces used psychotropic meds in 2011 (Keep those boys drugged up and don’t worry when they flip out!)

PressTV – Over 110,000 US forces used psychotropic meds in 2011: Report


Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities? (You Betcha!)

Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?

36 thoughts on “Jesus was an E.T.? Really?

  1. Amen.

    I’m watching season 1 of ancient aliens, and not only is it abusrd, the agenda to discredit the Bible is obvious.

    It’s also absurd that on one hand, they want to say our ancestors were so smart, making and using advanced technoloy given by “aliens.” Then in the next breath, they say our ancestors were to stupid to understand what they saw and called the aliens gods, and their technology magic.

    Which is it? And why do all the “alien contacts” not corroborate each other perfectly, if it really happened? One group says they seeded us panspermia style (how can they REALLY tell that asteroid was from mars?) And others took our existing species and changed it. It’s all absurd.

    Rant done.

    • While it’s pushing some pretty dangerous ideas, I find it’s a great show to get non believers watching because it’s really easy to get into a conversation about gods and the true GOD after.

      It’s also pretty good show to get actual believers watching too, simply because it confronts them with the deception that is constantly delivered to us day in day out via films, games, television, books and gets them ready to combat it too.

    • The best part is that sometimes they will get right to the point – but only look in one direction.

      They’ll say: “perhaps the angels/demons of old were really extraterrestrials” without considering it’s perhaps the other way around.

  2. Linking in with the disclosure that seems to be on the horizon, has anybody noticed that besides all the movies and games showing ‘gods’ and aliens continually falling from the skies, that there seems to be a new trend emerging with things coming from out of the ground/sea?

    The big one this year seems to be Battleship with ‘ancient machines’ coming from the depths of sea, while last year there was a game named Crysis 2 which featured aliens coming out of the ground, which were not in fact aliens but the previous owners of Earth which had evolved prior to us.

    How long before we see creatures emerging from some kind of bottomless pit or from inside a hollow earth? And in the movies too? ;D

    • You mean the “Locusts” of Revelations? Also the extremely popular video games “Gears of War” have “Locust Hordes ” coming from subterranean areas to lay waste to the surface.

  3. This is just another blasphemy that the demons/alien worshippers are putting out. I hate that this is being done. I want so badly to speak the truth and share it with others to help people out in the day of The Great Deception that is coming very soon. I finished reading you book The Nephilim last night. I loved it by the way. It is the first one. I plan to read the second one after I read The Harbinger. Thank you so much for being a watchman. I know you have helped many. I just hope I can help someone. I had linked my wordpress blog about “Easter Aliens” up on Above Top Secret dot com in the alien/ufo boards, trying to get a discussion going. It got flagged and deleted because it was considered too offensive. These demons will try to silence the truth, they are not benevolent beings and would like to see our faith in Jesus Christ destroyed. They shall not win though, for the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ the Rock. God bless you Mr. Marzulli as you continue to spread the truth.

  4. The mormons are a ufo cult. The Urantia Book is a ufo cult. Both push their version of Jesus. The Urantia Book came by automatic writing in the Chicago area. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that Obama bought into it.

    The catholic so called infallible hierarchy has also bought into the space brothers scam. Nazi influenced perhaps?

    The Almighty allows both the truth and the delusion – as best I can tell – to provide the choice, which also serves to filter out those that don’t want to know Christ, or His grace, or His love, or His truth … which includes His justice.

  5. watching Mike Hoggard’s latest video, very good. It has to do with the seperation of the nations as well as Osiris being cut up and pieced back together. It all ties in.

    With that being said I believe the Bible mentions that Apollyon returns to wreak havoc on the earth for 5 months. I think he lives in the last leader who brings about the nwo. He is the breath (pneuma: spirit) that is breathed into the man who receives the mortal wound and lives.

    So in essence Jesus declares to him, “I AM the first and the last” not some washed up Osiris/Apollyon who will declare he is the first world ruler and the last one. (he is one of the previous kings Rev 17:8-12) Check your calendars folks, they are brazen: they say Quetzalcoatl is coming back on 5/20.

    • 5/20? Do you mean May 20, 2012? I hadn’t seen that prediction. I looked to see if that was Pentecost by any chance, but Pentecost is May 27th this year. May 20th is Jerusalem Day though.

    • Catherine many Pastors, teachers, evangelists are sell outs, hirlings making gain off the sheep. Sheep always tend to go where they should not and where danger lies=grass is always greener. It’s our job to study scripture to rightly divide it’s truths the Who, What ,When, where of it. Who is speaking to who is the audience and what is being said to “Them”. Not ev. in scripture is to the Church/Body of Christ, but is useful for edifying/teaching example. So much has been misapplied because of the long old standing of anti-semitism, replacement theology and India/Egypt Alexandrian/Platoism doctrines infiltrating. Study and post everywhere even a crack is opened to reveal the Gospel of Grace/Eternal Security by the Blood Atonement(It is Finished/accounting of your sins/COVERING where GOD sees us ALREADY RIGHTEOUS(IMPUTED RIGHTEOUS) We are according to Paul Ambassadores IN Christ. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved…time is short!

  6. Those of us who agree with L A on the alien agenda would love to warn and witness to people about this coming great deception. But it’s not easy. This is an ignorant generation, ignorant of the basic teachings of Christianity.

    A few days ago I went to the local grocery store here in the bible belt of my small town and struck up a conversation with an office worker. She was probably mid twenties and did not know what the rapture is, did not know about the 7 years of tribulation. When I first mentioned the word rapture, she gave me a puzzled look and said “the what”.

    This young woman seems to be a very nice person with a sweet personality and she’s no dummy. I told her what I could in the brief time we had and left her by telling her what books of the bible to read. Before I left she asked me the name of the books again. She is interested and I will follow up.

    As the old saying goes “I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut” that this young lady knows all about facebook, twitter, ipads, movie stars etc….. and probably is wondering what might happen this year according to some old Mayans she’s heard about on the history channel.

    I don’t mean to copy L A here but I guess I got on a little rant. I was just saddened and somewhat shocked to find such a lack of knowledge about God. We send missionaries to far away lands and we need them here. We’ve all got to be missionaries in our own back door and not assume that people know the basics. They need to know about Jesus first and and why we are warning about UFO’s and such.

    • So true Debbie C! I take comfort in knowing the Christ will call his own to him and just hope that I can do any little thing toward helping any of them hear His voice!
      As for the ones who will never hear Him or us…..the Bible calls it “willful ignorance” but it is quickly becoming vicious and willful ignorance!

    • So many people are biblically iliterate today. If one is not taught the stories of the bible or about the basic characters how will they know about the rapture, tribulation or salavation.How will they know the difference….. from being told Satan’s lies from God’s truth in his word. You have to have a understanding of his word, someone has to teach/show you.

    • Debbie I came across(come) at the dentist office. Young mother believes in Jesus but doesn’t attend church(which today may be a good thing!!) She needs other believers to come along side of her. to teach! I explained what I could also (mouth being worked on lol) GOD has a sense of humor and urgency! I usually lead them to Dr. David Picos/Lion and Lamb Ministries with a wealth of good indepth scripture verses teaching Combining OT & New Cause and effect, 1st appearence/action and NT referring back to it etc. So many LLM’s so look for Ambassadores for Christ. He challenges daily with a question of Faith/Gospel/Beliefs and then teaches on subject. Many times the ? poll is % wrong so he makes you dig in!! Great Ministry. You’ll know why you believe from scripture. The Rev Series is excellant for dividing the who’s.

    • Linda, I’m familiar with Lamb and Lion Ministries. I get their emails. You’re right that is a good teaching ministry.

  7. I know first hand that anything “alien” is demonic. It’s not too tough to discern if something is trying to affect you with mysterious fear, and if something is bringing you love. I praise Yeshua for taking my wretched soul and standing it up. I also have to thank the owner of this blog-site for holy guidance. And remember, everyday- Eph 6.

    • Amen Paul’s Gospel: The Mystery Hidden in GOD before the Foundations of the World=that he would make “one New Man of Jew and Gentiles, by Grace Faith in Jeusu unmerited favor!!! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. He made it easy He took the yoke! Eph.all.

  8. Contactees of the 50’s were given all kinds of promises by so called “space brothers” that have no come true or have inspired ufo cults. Some of these cults had people murder their own followers or were encouraged to commit suicide. Many contactees to-day are given similar promises and prophecies that are too good to be true with no evidence that the channelled sources and other messages are true.

    • Please pray for Brenda M, a young person who is coming under the influence of people involved with Exopolitics in Vancouver. She seems open to the things of God at the same time she is still listening to contactees and others promoting the alien gospel. Pray also for Max S. a Russian Jew who has been misled by channelled messages from alleged aliens. Jesus taught us to keep not give up praying for people who
      are in need.

      He said to them, “Which of you, if you go to a friend at midnight, and tell him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, for a friend of mine has come to me from a journey, and I have nothing to set before him,’ and he from within will answer and say, ‘Don’t bother me. The door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed. I can’t get up and give it to you’? I tell you, although he will not rise and give it to him because he is his friend, yet because of his persistence, he will get up and give him as many as he needs.

      — Luke 11:5-8, World English Bible

    • Gordy lifting her up again today with you! 🙂 If God be fore you who can be against you!! Prayer is our greatest weapon 🙂

    • the Malachi Martin Last Pope Prophecy: Researchers Tom Horn and I think Hutchins compelled to look into this subject unbeknown to ea. other joined unctions and researched toic. What they found was very terrifying and bad! Interviews:

      The book is just about to come out! Such evil plots they all have for mankind! Time to be saved!

  9. And if the “image of the beast” is the collective spirit behind entertainment videos…
    And if the “abomination of desolation” is whatever we do in virtual (media) worlds…

    • Now isn’t that scary=”Yes We Can” etc. Fire=Hestia the goddess of domestic life, India Sacca,The Tabernacle. All gentleness, mercy ,power Regarded as the Habitation of God. Hestia orig. idea of her, aka Vesta, Ashta=The Woman,also in Babylonian system= as Fire,The Habitation of GOD aka the goddess of Fire. The secondary meaning is believed to be Habitation the meaning being Fire.(Smith), from Two Babylons.

      So from here we see how in every country/place Semiramis/Nimrod are traced & all the names refer back to them!! Name of the wife of Buddah(Ahel/Ahayala/Ahilya). Peruvians/mama Oello on & on. Semiramis name for a wild pigeon(referring to Noah’s wild pigeon searching for land)(dove) Holy Spirit, connecting branch and bearer to her. She is the “virgin who by Nimrod translated to heaven becomes preg. conceives Tammuz the ONE! Everything corrupted goes back to them!!! It’s alive today in the occult, apostate church moving toward, Catholicism (Queen of Heaven=her name) all their traditions go back to her religion(priests etc.who were orig. the Druids). Everything GOD told Adam/Eve/Abel and through that uncorrupted line was corrupted first by cain then by Nimrod the 1st King, who somehow was becoming Nephilim/Giant. Subdoing the lands and pursuing souls(hunter of men) and liberating them from GOD! Gee we have the Liberty goddess in the NY harbor, untop of the Wash. Bldg. Everyone should read Two Babylons Alexander Hislop’s. The world will read/watch Am. Idol, Voice, Q’??? JLo”s/Anthony’s and never get serious about what’s taking place they are dead spiritually, and those alive are sometimes lazy, distracated as L.A says. Prometheus referencing the fire, the gods! We now know where it comes from and the rulers in high places along with masses worship the gods even if the masses don’t realize it yet!

  10. Dear L.A., I hate to say you are so very right on your view that they will believe this lie!!! It all sounds so right to those w/o GOD, to those not Born from Above. They can not see the things of GOD/Spiritual discernment and in the Church their is so much dillusion and false teaching already. They are moving back to Rome embracing Catholicism/Emergents/Contemplatives/New Age infiltrated assemblies! With your background you can see this clearly. It’s both a Glorious time we live to think Jesus’s call is near, the lat pcs. are being gathered, but a sad time as I think many will miss His call and may be Tribulation martyers! Many will never really be saved/never Believing the Truth, believing a mixed Gospel. Semiramis Mystery Babylon Rel. is busy today!!! The Great Harlot. I’m reading Two Babylons and it’s plain as day what’s going on and who/what they follow. The many questions I have had have been answered & revealed in that book. We may have had Christians coming here to worship Free, but alongside we had the Mystery Rel. building their New Atlantis to worship their Queen of Heaven! To worship Lucifer. “My people perish for lack of knowledge!” “

    • I couldn’t finish post kept jumpingout of place. Perish=1: to become destroyed or ruined. Both spiritually and very likely DNA (“ruined”)

    • I had stumbled across this a year and a half ago i believe it was. Yet i had only a news clipping i had found on the net describing the incident. Later i had read a bit that steve quayle had written concerning the watchers and how they were sealed away …..well all but 2. Semjaza and Azazel were bound on the earth. Azazel was bound by Gabriel and GOD had ordered SHARP rocks to be placed upon him. Steve had written that Russia was the possible prison of one of these 2 I think Turkey was the other.

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