Conference Update!

Conference Update:

Russ led the conference off in the morning and he was on fire!   What a presentation and I assume most of it will be in his upcoming-must-get-book!  Russ nailed it!  He knows what is coming and exhorted the people in attendance to prepare.

I finished up my presentation after lunch and brought all the elements that I had spoken about for the last two days together in the last hour.  Showing people the Madness In The Fast Lane video, takes all the theory out of the discussion, as it demonstrates the reality of what Russ and I believe are super soldiers that are already here.

We then went to a secret location provided by “James” and filmed Russ discussing the Nephilim for Watchers 4.  We got some Texas BBQ, and then headed to interview John Lindsay who is an expert on Rock Wall, the site that we will visit and film on Tuesday.  A giant human skull was found near Rock Wall, and Lindsay believes that the site is a Nephilim site.  We  got back to our Hotel at midnight and desperate need of sleep!

Today we are headed to the Crosbyton museum to interview the curator and then Judd Barton.  This is going to fun indeed as the curator has a large femur bone that he believes belonged to a Nephilm giant!

I want to take a moment and thank Jared, who initiated the conference.  Pastor Dan and his wifey, for having the courage to bring Russ and me to his church, Carl, our technical wizard,  James, who enabled Richard Shaw to access some great shooting locations, Caitlyn for his openness and friendship and everybody else that came out to the conference. Thanks!


Muslim Brotherhood aims for Egyptian presidency

Muslim Brotherhood aims for Egyptian presidency –

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Islamist group that controls parliament, has announced it would field a presidential candidate in a move that is likely to escalate its confrontation with the country’s military rulers.

See, I told you so!  You may remember when the so-called Arab Spring began and the talking heads in the Weasles-in-the-stream media, assured us that the Egyptian people were rising up for Democracy, I posted here that this would NOT be the case.  Now, months later it would appear the Moslem Brotherhood, which controls parliament, man also claim the presidency if their candidate wins the election.  The Arab Spring, which is a game changer in the region, swept away the old regimes and no one saw it coming.  If the Brotherhood gains control of the presidency, Christians will be persecuted, and the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel will be all but over.  If I were a Christian living in Egypt, I would realize that the writing is on the wall, and take my family out of there, post-haste!

In closing todays brief post:  War is coming to the region.  At this moment Israel stands alone in the region with no ally except perhaps Jordan.  However, Jordan allowed the “Palestinians” to participate in Jerusalem day, which thankfully did not ignite WWIII!  The world fights over Jerusalem and now it appears the US won’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

U.S. officials decide to move Jerusalem out of Israel / Scrape TV – The World on your side

There is a supernatural component to this and I believe it is the beginning of the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.   Jerusalem is a cup of trembling, just like the Gude-book to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible tells us it would be in the last days.  The rise of the Moslem Brotherhood is another “prop” in the end times stage that is being set.  War is coming, just like we are told it would in the last days. When you see these things….  LOOK UP!

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  1. Obama and Hillary don’t have a clue regarding our scriptural prophecies are about to happen, So…they will make the wrong decisions.

    Obama has proven himself to be a Chronic Liar and is not on The Lord’s Side. Therefore, America is in deep trouble and we need to pray them out with Psalms Ch 109.

    • Hi Jimmy. Good to see you back.

      Rockwall is about a 20 minute drive outside of the Dallas City limits. I grew up with relatives who live there and still have wonderful friends who live there.

      When I would ask friends or relatives about the “Rock wall”, they never could give much of an answer other than they had heard of it.

      Sadly it seems that for at least the people I talked with, they did not want to come across as some sort of “Nut” for having an opinion on the subject as it has gained attention since the 70’s when different Documentaries were being made regarding things of unknown origin.

      I have no doubt that Brother Lynn will have no problem with the right connections to even get to the site as there are now plenty of Truth seekers out there. I sure hope he is able to come away with some valuable Intel on the site as NO ONE in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where I has given it any real and honest press coverage of ANY kind that I can remember.

      Another thing; there is a HUGE man made lake that divides Rockwall driving to and from Dallas from the smaller cities and towns in the suburbs of Dallas. The lake is called Lake Ray Hubbard and is gorgeous.

      I just hope some good stuff comes as a result of Brother Lynn’s trip.

      May the Lord watch over, bless and protect our Brother Watchman on this endeavor and grant him His favor to lead his steps on this path that many have tried to cover up for so long.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Thank you Jeff. I thought it was in the Dallas area, but was not absolutely sure. I live in Amarillo, Texas now but grew up in a small town called Dalhart about 80 miles north in the Texas Panhandle. If you ever took a trip to Red River or Colorado from the Dallas area, it is likely you passed through my old home town.

      God Bless,
      Jimmy Douglas

  2. It amazes me how awesome God is! Israel was created from people who were lead out of Egypt and now thousands of years later it could be Egypt that starts WW3 with Israel. It makes perfect sense to me.

  3. LA, sounds like you had a great time, despite how busy you were! One quick question brother : Do you see and or feel that people are finally starting to see what is going on? Im not seeing it but I sense it. You are in a unique position to evaluate it. Thanks!

  4. LA, there’s a Rockwall, Tx northeast of Dallas.

    The point about getting out of Egypt is worth more prayerful consideration. When we see violent times coming we’re told to do what’s wise. There will be a time to come out of Jerusalem and a time to exit babylon.

    There is no call to martyr your family when escape is a good choice.

    There may come a time the same has to be said for cities in the US.

    LA and Steve Q. say get ready. I say also prepare your evacuation points and stock them. You may not get time to carry anything with you.

    Also plan for evasion.

    • Nome, can you please clarify what you mean by “plan for evasion”? Thank you in advance brother:^)

  5. I could use some prayer, almost lost half my thumb, barely hung on and i got stitches. Im praying I dont get an infection and for the pain. Any prayers on my behalf would be worth than gold to me right.
    thank you

    • PP, I will certainly pray for your thumb and the pain, and that the Lord will surround you with his love and assurance.

      Take your vitamins. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies so your body will heal faster (V8 and tomato juice are ideal if you can’t cook; so are good carry-out salads). If you’re a chocoholic, you have my permission for a chocolate binge. Naps are good, too!

    • Lord, please release your power, with which you rose Jesus from the dead, to heal PP’s thumb, ease the pain, and comfort him/her mightily. Let it be as good as new. Bring glory to your name. Thank you. Amen.

    • PP,

      Didn’t ask for easing the pain, but for good even miraculous healing. Pain helps you take care of your body.

      Those with leprosy can’t feel pain since the bacillus migrates to the cool places on the body such as ears, nose, fingers, and toes. And because they can’t feel pain they didn’t protect them, which led to infections, micro-fractures, and even reabsorption of the didgets. Also made the victims feel like they could do superhuman feats.

      Pain is one of our wonderful Creator’s gifts, when it works right. And it’s one we need to know so we can care for other creatures.

      Easy for me to say, yes. Hang in there.

  6. Here’s a praise report! One tablet of valerian root 3 times a week helps me keep calmer with less fine tremor in my hands, something I’ve had all my life. One tab per day was too much at 125 lbs. Would make me sleepy.

    I take it with evening meals sun, tue, and thu.

    It’s really very nice to be able to write on a whiteboard legibly and to keep my cool more in confrontations.

    No danger of recreational or addictive use. No side effects beyond making me a bit sleepier in the evenings I take it. And a fairly strong smell, which is not unpleasant. Nothing anyone else would notice.

    It should be interesting to see the impact on my public speaking.

    • Which is not to say I think pot or dope should be legalized for recreational uses.

      Thanks Lord Y’shua for these things that you created or helped provide! Looking forward to the blessings of the Tree of Life given for healing also. Amen!

  7. Hey, PP, get yourself some bromelain which is an enzyme found in pineapple and can be purchased from a health food store as it will reduce the inflamation which is a source of pain in a bad cut. This stuff works really well for pre and post op surgery as well.

    No me moleste, I agree about marijuana, it has an adverse effect on the pineal gland. Very dangerous, like so many other drugs natural and man made. Shaman use natural herbs and roots to open the pineal gland to help them contact the spirit world.

    • John Michael, Just another thing that rebel angels use to try to directly manipulate people and increase spiritual ties to them. I’d say the same of chanting, meditation, idolatry, many types of entertainment, which can include books, and so on.

      It’s bad enough we let ourselves get hooked on emotional manipulations in the media.

    • Hi John M -As a hospice nurse, I probably disagree with a lot of you on medication but here it goes. Some things are neither bad or good, it what you do with it. For instance, a car is neither good or bad. If you use it safely to drive to work, its good. If you choose to drive it over a playground filled with children, its bad! Opiates are great for pain relief during and after injuries and surgeries, but horrible if someone chooses to use them to get high.
      I believe God gave us things like this for our help but Satan perverted them like he does everything else!
      I am very careful with medication for myself and never take it unless it is an absolute necessity!
      I believe God provides us with everything we need and until the church can get with the healing program all the way, medicine is pretty neccesary.

    • Greetings PP~
      I have great empathy for your thumb owie! I nearly lost the upper half of my left mid finger when I was in 5th grade so I know how excruciating the pain can be. Prayers offered up:^)
      Regarding Melchizadek. Some people say that he was actually Jesus in an incarnated pre-cursor role to his future incarnation as Messiah/Savior (though that is exceedingly doubtful.) Nonetheless, Melchizadek was the high priest of Salem (future Jeru-salem) during the time of Abraham. In fact Melchizadek and an accompanying angel visited Abraham at his tent and broke bread with him! Biblically this particular high priest is referred to as a shadow or type of Jesus Christ. In the world there is presently a fellow who calls himself Drunvalo Melchizadek who teaches about “sacred geometry” and other Kabbalistic-type, “new agey” psychobabble. Heed him not. Out of curiosity, what sparks your interest in Melchizadek?
      Yahweh’s blessings and healing balm to you~

    • Melchizedek was the king of Salem and a priest. It has been suggested it was Yeshua Himself or possibly Shem. It’s one of the things that were not told for sure but he did offer wine and bread to Abraham like so many things that happened before and after the birth of Issac that mimic the story of Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. He was used by God to further the faith of Abraham in his journey to Mt Moriah.

      I hope this helps you.

      Get some bromelain for your thumb and feel better.


    • Melchizedek.

      Chuck missler has a good explanation in his series “learn the Bible in 24 hours” on 66/40.

      His explanation was that he was just a normal king, and that he just didn’t have a beginning or ending recorded. So, in our imagination (me too) we build up all kinds of crazy ideas, when really it’s not much.
      The real mystery in the Bible is why God loves us so much, even knowing the cost, and our continued mishaps.

    • There’s plenty of warrant in the Hebrews to question that Melchizedek was human.

      Hebrews 7
      1 For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him;
      2 To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; 3 Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.
      4 Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils.

      “Made like the Son of God” ,,, might even be one of the 7 Spirits of God, which are extensions of The Lamb. In other words, extensions of Christ himself, or aspects.

      We’re taught that God’s Armor is spiritual: grace, obedience, peace, truth, faith, kindness, and zeal. (see Isa. 59:17 for zeal)

      These are extensions of Christ’s own Spirit — of the Holy Spirit.

      Wisdom is spoken about in similar ways in the Proverbs.

      You see others in the Revelation.

      In that those who have received Christ as Lord and Savior are joined to Him spiritually, (compare groom and bride, later husband and wife), then His spirit flows through us who are His, (whether we say offspring or extensions). And it’s His Spirit flowing through us that enables or empowers His ministries.

      So you see that Melchizedek is spoken of in terms of righteousness and peace. We see both in the Armor of God.

      We say much the same speaking of the Church collectively as the temple of God. Just as we see God manifest in the Revelation Ch. 4 and 20 as the One in the Throne, very like a jewel, as is the throne, we also see apostles and the tribes of Israel incorporated in New Jerusalem as fixtures. What’s revealed is transcendent — more real and solid than anything physical we know — meant to be eternal and immortal. And we see the Lamb in the very midst of the Throne.

      Christ extends His Holy Spirit to us like rivers of living water. Whoever drinks of them shall indeed never thirst. His meat as the Son of God is to do the Father’s will. He extends from the Father, as the Lamb extends from the One that sits in the throne. Both are One as He’s said that those who are saved will be One with Him.

      Are you saved PP? Have you asked to receive Christ’s Spirit? If not and you want to know Him more, then pray first that Jesus Christ — by the blood he’s shed at the Cross for us — not let any evil come upon you. And just ask Him for His Spirit. The more you get that flows out through you in ministry with Him, the more you can do together. Elisha had a double portion of the Spirit of Prophecy which was on Elijah and did twice the works.

      As we grow to know Jesus better, putting on Christ, growing full into His stature, becoming like Him, joined spiritually, inwardly, heart to heart — then we become the branches full of good fruit, as He is the Vine.

      And His ministries are likewise expressed through us:
      evangels – by Christ’s Spirit of Grace
      prophets – by His Word (or Obedience)
      pastors – by His Spirit of Peace
      teachers – by His Spirit of Truth
      apostles – by His Spirit of Faith
      deacons – by His Spirit of Service (or Righteousness)
      elders – by His Spirit of Zeal (or True and Faithful Witness)

      Walk in these with Him and they bear fruit. Walk in truth with Him, actually do the ministry, and Truth applied yields Wisdom.
      Apply each in turn… to get the fruit, (or His jewels, the jewels of His Crown, same as the Eyes of His Horns as the Lamb Slain)
      He is worthy to receive:

      He plants the seeds in us, in our hearts, such as Righteousness, Peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost — out of which grows the Kingdom of Heaven.

      Have you understood that the fallen tried to masquerade as aspects of the very character and spirit of Christ?

      They will do the same again. And you see the counterfeits in the Revelation, and is the false bride (the harlot)
      false messiahs (the antichrist)
      false prophets (balaam)
      false pastors (death & hell)
      false teachers (mystery babylon)
      false apostles (abaddon)
      false deacons (nicolaitans, “the great”, the elites = false leaders, false public servants, merchants only concerned with riches)
      false elders (the dragon)

      I can say these things but there’s a huge difference between understanding and knowledge. You’ll have to walk with Christ to know the difference by putting them into practice. Or by departing from Him, rejecting Him, and being snared by the rebels as a counterfeit — good for nothing but to be burned.

      Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened to you.

      If you ask for a fish, will your Father give you a stone? Do you know where to find this in the Word?

    • Thx for the prayers, my curiosity with him is that it very seldom talked about in churches if any. Its the same curiosity about who the nephilim were that led me here to this site actually on last Thanksgiving. I wonder if wasnt some type of angel.

    • Jesus is Melchizedek. King and priest of Salem. Salem means peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

      Melchisedec. Melchi means King and sedec means Righteousness or God’s Elect. That would make Melchisedec King of Righteousness and King of God’s Elect. Jesus is King of Righteousness and King of God’s Elect.

    • Evidence in this part of the documentary reveals that the Nazis and Hitler were involved with the occult and came under the influence of demons or fallen angels.

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