Lubbock Conference: Russ Dizdar and L. A. Marzulli

The Fellowship Lubbock / Know The Truth Lubbock / Talk Schedule

Friday March 30th we will have a special police officers only lecture on satanic ritual crime. It will start at 6:00 p.m. and will last 3-4 hours. Admission is free and only open to those who work in law enforcement. Know The Truth Lubbock will take place March 31st and April 1st. Schedule will be 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Special time has been set aside after 5:00 both nights for deliverance needs as necessary. Admission is $15 for both days and will be paid at the door. A box lunch will be provided both Saturday and Sunday. Special questions can be directed to Jared at

Know The Truth Lubbock is the first conference that we have held as a church dealing with supernatural problems that we are facing as a nation both spiritually and physically. The Bible is full of proof that dark supernatural forces have set themselves up against Jesus Christ and His followers. Sadly the church seems to be sleeping unaware of an ancient plan of destruction that began in Genesis and is unfolding even as we speak. The Bible is our only reliable guide to navigating these perilous, dark times.

Through the genius Word of God and the authority given to us through the precious gift of Christ on the cross we as Christians do not have to be silent but can boldly offer answers through the Scriptures and our own personal relationship with the only One who can offer wisdom, truth, authority given to us through the precious gift of Christ on the cross we as Christians do not have to be silent but can boldly offer answers through the Scriptures and our own personal relationship with the only One who can offer wisdom, truth, peace and safety. Join us as Russ Dizdar and LA Marzulli offer us scriptural insights into the modern day occult resurgence and the coming deception spoken about by Christ in Matthew chapter 24!

Speaking Schedule!

March 31st:

LA Marzulli – 9:00 a.m. – 12:30p.m. on “The Cosmic Chess Match”

Lunch: 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

 Russ Dizdar – 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on “NEW AGE 2012 SUPER NATURALISM: The doctrine and the agenda that has gripped millions”

April 1st

Russ Dizdar – 9:00 a.m. – 12:30p.m. on “A LOOK INTO THE SATANIC UNDERGROUND: The growth of satanism, satanic rituals and their agenda”

Lunch 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. 

LA Marzulli – 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on “The Cosmic Chess Match” continued

After 5:00 both days we will have time to engage the speakers with questions and also handle special deliverence needs.

45 thoughts on “Lubbock Conference: Russ Dizdar and L. A. Marzulli

  1. This sounds like an awesome conference. Kudos to this church for having you guys to speak the truth and bodly. I pray that the law enforcement people who attend will gain much from this conference that they will and can use in their jobs daily. Thanks to all for this truly important conference. Amen!

  2. Since the epicenter of our 3.3 earthquake last night was located near Palomar Mountain I decided to look it up for volcanic activity. This is what I ran across on Wikipedia : “Palomar Gardens was made somewhat famous by an earlier resident George Adamski. Adamski had an observatory at Palomar Gardens and photographed objects in the night sky that he claimed were UFOs. Adamski co-authored Flying Saucers Have Landed in 1953,[7] about his alien encounter experiences.”

    Ever check that guy out L.A.?

  3. L.A.–great radio show last night even with all the interruptions–WOW, somebody didn’t want the three of you giving out the information you had. That is the most interference I have ever heard on any “watchman” broadcast! Keep it up and God bless you and Russ this weekend.

  4. Praying for you and Russ and Jared and the conference in general. Great Acceleration show! It would seem someone’s not happy about your message, or maybe the Chichén Itzá engagement, or maybe your guests, or praise the Lord: all of the above! “Power of the air” definitely includes the electromagnetic spectrum, as Richard Grund says.

  5. That is very heartening to know that there are police willing to hear!
    I know some and it seems that often they hear and see so much that they seem to think that evil is just a basic trait of man without any grander plan by the grandaddy of all evil!
    Makin’ me wanna sing “Onward Christian Soldiers!”

  6. LA-I sometimes feel that we are such a small remnant clinging to the truth. And it makes me sad. But then when I see the things God is doing through you….I fall on my face in thanks and praise to him, the Almight One, creator of both Heaven and Earth!
    Do I dare say that it seems the great sleeping church is BEGINNING to awaken from her deep dark drugged slumber? Is it because faithful BRAVE servants are willing to risk everything to follow him?
    Thank you Jesus for your faithful servents! Continue to equip them, protect them and give them both everincreasing knowledge and favor! In your precious name, AMEN!

  7. I really enjoyed the Acceleration show last night even with all the strange interfearance. Noticed, that after L.A prayed to let the angels clear the air things seemed to get better.
    The dark forces really do not like the three of you exposeing what they do.

  8. mp3??!! LA, your back on your own show and I missed it. Will there be a link or mp3? I checked the archives at Liberty Broadcasting but no show. Info please. Hands starting to shake, eyes blurring, must listen to show?!?!?!?1

    • Half your luck Tracy….my skin is starting to crack!

      (If you luck onto an mp3 of Marzulli Balm,please send some my way…ok?)

  9. Was Hitler possessed?

    Although, modern science and psychology do not believe that such entities exist, there is small group within their ranks that are beginning to say there exist malevolent forces that can supplant the human personality. There seems to be no other rational explanations for such behavior.

    One of the manifestations of evil in the earth-plane is demonic possession of the human consciousness. This is where a malevolent spirit entity supplants the will of the soul and performs its will in the human consciousness. Whatever one’s political or religious belief, one has to understand that there are very powerful and sinister spiritual forces influencing human behavior and human events.

    Hitler’s aide Hermann Rauschning in his book Hitler Speaks describes the trance that Hitler entered when he spoke during various political rallies. Hermann describes Hitler as a medium for spirits and said that he was possessed by them. He writes: “One cannot help thinking of him as medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly, they are endowed with what seems to be supernatural powers, which sets them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back again into mediocrity. It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself – almost demonical forces of which the individual man Hitler was only a temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which power was conscious in his presence … It was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers.

    Hermann Rauschning also stated that Hitler told him that he suffered many terrible nightmares and that he would wakeup screaming in terror speaking about spirits. Hitler also told him that he saw a “new man” in his dreams. “He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.” This “new man” in unrighteousness was the devil’s counterfeit copy of the Messiah, for theApostle Paul said “ Therefore if any man be in Messiah (Christ), he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (2 Cor 5:17)”

    Trevor Ravenscroft’s book Spear of Destiny says the following about the dark forces of Hitler “Rauschning himself knew only too well that Hitler had abandoned himself to forces, which were carrying him away-forces of dark and destructive violence!”

    Some interesting historical accounts…..

    As an example of Satan, protecting his own…during World War I, while Hitler was in the trenches, a voice told him to get up and to move to another location. The location that he was previously huddled down in, was bombed by mortar fire.

    (later when he was in power)
    Hitler’s goal was to take over half of Czechoslovakia. His excuse was that he wished to liberate the three and a quarter million Germans who lived in Sudetenland. Czechoslovakia began mobilizing for war. Hitler feared that England and France might side with Czechoslovakia and begin a general war. The Czechs defiance put Hitler into a rage. “How dare they accuse Germany of being about to commit aggression.” The French and British, however, wanted peace at any price. They sent Edouard Daladier and Nevill Chamberlain to meet the German dictator and offer a deal – they would allow Hitler to take half of Czechoslovakia. Hitler’s response? “I have fallen from Heaven”. Sound familiar? Hitler, of course, took all of Czechoslovakia.

    Prophecy states that the two world leaders The Beast (political leader), and the False Prophet (religious leader), will both be possessed by Satan and by demons, and that the False Prophet will work miracles in the sight of men as proof of their authority. (Revelations 13)


    • Hey Mark, my daughter, who is not a Christian and thinks Im a real whacko for beliving in something I cant prove lol, just told me about Barabara Bush. Apparently her mom had a torrid affair with old A. Crowley and that there is a huge probability that Mr. C is her father. Interesring eh?

    • In a video re. “sold there souls to rock n roll” and equal movies they admit that an entity takes them over and performs through them. Caprio said many come through him, that he could never play all the characters on his own. Something to that effect! Many actors(male/female) state this. Why not? They belong to(owned by) Free Mason and they worship Lucifer!

      Hitler was a friend, member of Madame Blavatsky/Theosophical Society they worship Satan aka Lucifer, He would scream satan was in the room! Problem is we can’t even begin to imagine the mass that are either possessed, or oppressed by demons/fallen ones!

      I believe that’s why you can NOT get through to their minds even in simple logic, they are controlled and blind and God may very well have given them over to their desires. Same with Homosexuals. Strong Delusion!

      PS like Tracy I did the same and could not find a link(I also was unable to watch live). I would love to hear it!

  10. A great show and thanks to you and all your guests!
    I see the Holy Spirit has equipped you with a supernatural pause button LA ( : …gotta love it, and it so helps w/ all those rude interruptions.
    The conference sounds wonderful and I too am so happy and encouraged to hear about the ministry and teaching to law enforcement.
    Many Blessings, and may all your needs spirit,soul,and body for now and for December be met in Jesus name!

  11. L.A. i also can not find a link for last nights show . I also wish to express my concern for your welfare, if you decide to travel to Mexico in December i have a horrible feeling your going to be in great danger (please pray ) I dont know why, but it is really weighing on my mind .

  12. Geologic marker for The Flood, supposedly due to glacial melt. The say about 14,000 years ago vice 4,000 (roughly).


    The little gods of so called science can’t create a fully functioning dynamic “universe prototype” otherwise known as “creation.”

    It’s as if blog commenters wouldn’t admit that authors write books.

    • You guys gotta watch this…its what i think will happen. plus the tribulation following and the way they represent hell really fast in the end. It has michael biehn (from tombstone, and terminator he played the hero in the first one) and a few other older actors in it. Its going to be what happens when the elite get locked into their bunkers and the unrepentent get locked into their fema camps and or hide aways.

  13. Off the subject here but was compelled to share this after my 15 year old son who reads this BLOG almost every day showed it to me.

    The desensitizing of kids the world over does not get much more blatant than this. The enemy just keeps getting bolder and more nefarious as he continues his work through modern video “Games”.
    In Christ,
    Jeff D

  14. OOPs…posted on the wrong day…today this was filmed in Los Vegas….( caution: crass language )

  15. Pray for Arizona
    I pray this is only spiritual.last night i had strange dream.I saw a pregnant women an when she went into this clinic i walked over to the nurse and she had a black and white puppy in her lap and she was picking fleas off of it.I looked over in this crib and there were six newborns laying in it.One had a brown ring around it mouth and i thought that one is black they did not look like they were alive.Well all the sudden i had a phone in my hand and it had black fur on it.I looked up and saw my son sitting across the street and he said to order him a mcdonald hamburger on the phone.He lives in Arizona with what is going on there i am afraid Obama is going to do something to that state.
    They have taken obama off ballet to run this year
    This is a vision a sister had on utube this morning when i awoke


    • 1 Samuel 26:20
      Now therefore, let not my blood fall to the earth before the face of the LORD: for the king of Israel is come out to seek a flea, as when one doth hunt a partridge in the mountains.

      1 Samuel 24:14
      After whom is the king of Israel come out ? after whom dost thou pursue ? after a dead dog, after a flea

  16. Steve Quayle/Tom Horn
    The Dark Side ? Definately: The Last Pope Info

    We are sure getting close to all things coming together to present the great apostacy, great falling away and judgement on a world system ag. God!

  17. These are the Harbinger pt.1 & 2 Not replacement theology he does NOT believe that, but like Israel exactly as America was dedicated to God, and Freedom to worship HIM and the alongside the Free Masons/Illuminati were plotting there New Atlantis(Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon to make a New World Power out of the Colonies! Right at the corner of the Twin Towers Washington dedicated America to God. He spoke of the curses if we turned away…he was a 32Degree Mason so I don’t know who his God, or god was, but I don’t think he believed in the salvation throught Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, but another version of a god!

    Israel dedicated the Temple by Solomen, Both Foundations were destroyed! The people were judged and uprooted. (we now are understanding we have been manipulated, allowed some version of freedom so they could fulfill there goal of Nimrod/Mystery Babylon, Satan’s kingdom on earth, their god!) It won’t be long now. Oh what darkness is about to fall on the world! I’m sorry, but I DON’T want to be here(nor my love ones, my fellow body of Christ members) with the evil one I want Jesus to call me/us to Him! pt1 pt2

  18. Hello Moderator, if yer waiting for Liberty to post your show in their archives , don’t hold yer breath, , , I’ve been waiting for em to up date the archives of the Hagmann & Hagmann report for a month the last Hagmann show is dated 2-29-12, and there is no way that I know of to shortcut to a particular show, ya have to go directly to their archive page to access a particular show, its just the way they’ve set things up.

    Recently Joe Hagmann thanked me for putting one of his show’s on youtube , (the one with Bill Salus) ,if Liberty asked me to take it down I would certainly comply, but I don’t think they’d have a problem with it cus I used their logo on the video.

    Your video here >>>
    with uncut commercials, their Logo and website pasted to the video, I’m pretty sure they wont have a problem with it since all I’m doing is sending them more audience, there must be a biz zillion folks who haven’t even heard of em… you’ve already gotten 35 views.

    Thanks fer being who you are and doing whatcha do. I look forward to “seeing ya in the air”…

    Best to you and all your house.
    ps. Best = Grace.

  19. Hey L.A. will you be able to post a replay of the Thursday radion program on webb site, I was at prayer meeting Thursday night. I want , need to stay current,
    phillip garcia

  20. L.A. , any chance you viewing new movie trailor of “Iron Sky” {Truth Behind the Scenes} or seeing the movie, cause there is a lot of buzz going around of hints being dropped through propaganda illuminatie In the movie. In reading the comment section from “truth behind the scenes” web site people seem to think there are hidden messages being comunicated through movie of soon arriving aliens? Would appreciated your comments about secrete hints being dropped through alien movies. Phillip

    • I’ve read that the movie’s producers are doing a viscous hatchet job via a Sarah Palin type character. Palin Derangement Syndrome perhaps?

    • Ah Man! that should be vicious not viscous! Hard Day At Work. Had to make a stand on Christian principles.

  21. Also notable from around the web…

    “” (LA pointer, stan deyo nuke the US analysis, etc.)

    “” (… didja know Richard Shaw had a website?)

    “” (…azerbaijan in torah code)

    “” (Flynn’s Temple at the Center gets play time in Israel)

    “” (…along with Isaac Newton)

  22. Talk about Satanic ritual sites. Last night I went on a San Diego Historic Ghost Tour & certainly did learn a thing or two. They start in Old Town & go over the History of people who lived/died in San Diego during the 1800&1900’s.

    One stop was at the Old Spanish Mission site of Presidio Park. My parents used to take a picnic to this park & I would roll down & play on these really neat bumpy grass mounds. So last night I find out the picnic location & these “bumpy mounds” are really an old burial site. (Nice, I was playing over old corpses!)

    Then the guide takes us to a reconstructed prison nearby & has us go up a flight of stairs to the watchtower rooftop. Now I’m on the roof w/this herd of people & look down to see is gigantic pentagram symbol. He proceeds to tell us this is where the “white witches” hold their sacred rites. (In the middle of the pentragram is a bunch of candle wax left over.) One lady in the group announces that she’s a Wiccan & that he’s incorrect in his description of the white witches. The next stop is to a massive brick Cross which is the only original thing left over from the Spanish Mission. So as we are standing under some big trees below the Padre cross (My mind is on the cross/Christ) he proceeds to inform us that now we are standing upon the very spot where the Satanic Black Witches hold their rituals. (I’m thinking to myself- what in the world?! The only way anyone would have got me to these places is not to inform me of it 1st.)

    The guide was a Theatre guy & had quite a few personal stories of Theatre hauntings which I understand is quite common in that field or work.

    I didn’t get any weird vibes throughout the ordeal but did capture quite a few orbs in my pictures.

    Here you can see the Spanish Mission, The giant Brick Cross, & the statue of the man looking down -Padre Junipero Serra – Is right where the Black Witch ritual site is located. 25 yrs ago I took my dog to the Palm Tree Canyon part of the park & the ranger told me that it’s the hot spot for homosexual activity. I don’t know how long witches have been going there but now we can’t even have a nice historic park w/o these wicked shenanigans taking place! Disgusting. My innocent childhood memories of this place are now 4-ever jaded.

  23. “Police in northern Mexico have arrested eight people in connection with the killing of two 10-year-old boys and a woman in ritual sacrifices.”

    • I can’t seem to shake the feeling that we are very clse to real evil breaking loose! Maybe it was in listening to the Tom Horn/Hutchins interview with Steve Qualye, or the Harbinger Book/Interview(Am cursing itself through occultic leaders along with so much else, but it seems like the gates of hell are about to be flung open!! All these abductions(even adults), missing children. I can’t but think of sexual abuse/rituals/sacrifices/sex traffic. These people worship Semiramis=Mother/child religion with all it’s perversion, they worship Lucifer. They are invoking demons! I don’t believe there is any turning back from where we are. We need to be in Christ and covered in the blood with constant prayer between our Father and ourselves!

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