An Excerpt from The Cosmic Chess Match! Genesis 6!

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Chapter 4: The Move that Almost Won the Game for the Fallen One!   Genesis 6 and the Flood of Noah

(Genesis 6:4) There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of Most High God came in to the daughters of men and they bore [children] to them. Those [were] the mighty men who [were] of old, men of renown.

 A horrific event happened thousands of years ago that, if the written account is true and I believe it is, resulted in the devastation of the surface of the earth and wiped out most of the human race, except for eight people.  I’m speaking about the event known as The Flood of Noah.

I have written five books that in some way are directly related to the Genesis 6 account, and while I refer to it here as the “move” that almost won the game for the Fallen One, as the chapter title above indicates, I won’t go into great detail because I have already explored this in my other books, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, and my Nephilim Trilogy.

What we see from the text is that a group of fallen angels came down on the earth and had sex with the women resulting in a hybrid called the Nephilim.[1] This passage has created a lot of controversy through the centuries, and I’m not going to belabor the point here, however, I believe that the events recorded almost allowed the Fallen One to declare, Checkmate!

The controversy over this passage and what I believe is a deliberate mistranslation of the passage, has obfuscated the real plan of the Fallen One and blinded the modern church to the perniciousness of that plan.  In other words, if we adhere to what is called the Sethite interpretation, this passage would mean that the ungodly line of Cain (remember Cain murdered his brother Abel) married the godly line of Seth, and the offspring of this union were the giants (Nephilim).  This position, in my opinion, deliberately dismisses the machinations of the Fallen One’s plan and causes confusion and doubt as to what his end game is and the grave repercussions this end game has regarding mankind.

Another point to consider is this: the rabbis don’t know or adhere to the Sethite view because this interpretation was made in the Fifth century and by Christians not Jews.  Thus, the Orthodox rabbis have always interpreted the Genesis passage as the fallen angels of heaven having sex with the women of earth, and they are the people to whom these scriptures belong and from whom they originate!

I believe that the purpose of the incursion of the fallen angels, and what was behind their nefarious plan, was to contaminate the DNA of the human race and by doing so negate the prophecy of the seed of the woman, or the promise of the Messiah that was given shortly after the fall in the garden.  (See Chapter 2.)  The Fallen One sought to contaminate the bloodline and almost succeeded in doing so, which is why we read in Genesis an enigmatic scripture that singles out a specific aspect of Noah.

(Gen 6:9) This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with Most High God.

 The word perfect is translated from the word tamiyn, which means complete, whole, entire, sound.[2] In other words, Noah and the other seven people who were stowed away with all of the animals on the Ark were not contaminated with fallen angel DNA.

This is a macro move by the Fallen One and it almost succeeded. From what is written in the above passage, can we come to grips with the idea that the Fallen One will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal, which is to destroy mankind and eventually set himself up as a god to be worshipped in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem?

The presence of the fallen angels on earth and the subsequent hybrid offspring, known as the Nephilim, almost wiped out the promise of the coming messiah.  Had the plan been successful, the goal being the contamination of the human bloodline, there would have been no messiah possible, thus negating the prophecy, proving the Most High God a liar, and making the Fallen One the winner of the cosmic chess match.  In short, the planet would have been his forever and mankind most likely would have ceased to exist.

There are other dynamics that I want to take the time to address in this move between the players.  We know from the Biblical account and other texts that from the time the fallen angels descended until the flood occurred may have been more than four hundred years.[3] What is unsettling, at least from a human standpoint, is that the Most High God doesn’t seem to be doing anything about this.  From our perspective it would appear, as deists believe, that He is indifferent toward the state of the affairs of men.  He is detached and aloof.  However, I believe nothing could be further from the truth, but as scripture tells us, “His ways are not our ways.”[4] At some point, perhaps when it looks the darkest, He intervenes.  I don’t have an answer as to why He appears to let the full course of evil come to a head before He acts, but he allows it nonetheless.  Then He steps in, and when He does everything changes.

I want to again stress the point here that the players are not equally matched.  The Most High God created the Fallen One, so he is a created being and although scripture calls him an evil genius,[5] he is no match for the Creator of the Universe!

From our perspective it seems almost cruel to allow the cosmic chess match to continue because, as we will explore later, millions have lost their lives while this match has been played out on earth through the centuries.  Yet it will continue until the final moves that were written, a priori (beforehand), in the book of Revelation, come to their fulfillment.


When I speak around the country, I often illustrate how we in America expect our prayers to be answered.  I liken it to a drive-through, fast food restaurant.  We place our prayer request at window one and then drive to window two and expect our answer to appear in less than three minutes.  We are conditioned to get what we want immediately!  I’m as guilty as the rest of you and to illustrate this I want to take a moment from the heaviness of the subject and lighten it up a little with a true story.

Author’s Sidebar!

I live in the Santa Monica Mountains about an hour from the Los Angeles International Airport.  It’s a rural, bucolic setting that hasn’t changed in thousands of years.  The rolling hills are covered with a unique plant life that is called chaparral.  There is no public water here.  If you want water you drill for it and put in a well.  It is a costly and time-consuming project and there’s no guarantee that you’ll hit water when the drill rig shows up and bores into the earth!  And this brings us to my story.

Our old well pretty much dried up and my mother-in-law was gracious enough to lend us the money to drill a new one.  (We still haven’t paid her back all of it, much to my embarrassment.)  The new well produced what we thought would be an adequate supply of water, until the worst drought in more than one hundred years hit California.  At one point in August we trucked in a few thousand gallons to keep things green and growing.  I went to the old well and prayed over it and asked the Lord to send an earthquake to create a fissure in the rocks to let the water in.  Seriously, that was my prayer!  I waited for about a minute and of course nothing happened.  A year passed and we were still in drought conditions. One day I looked at the water level in my tank and saw to my dismay that the level was going down, meaning that there was a leak somewhere.   I began frantically to check every pipe and connection on our property, but I couldn’t find where the leak was coming from.  I then turned on the pump to the old well knowing that we needed to get every drop of water even if it was only a few gallons an hour.  Finally, I found the leak.  Someone had left the hose in the yard on!  I was relieved that I had found the leak and turned it off.

The next morning I checked the level on the tank and found, to my surprise, that we had gotten more water than I had expected.  I wondered what was going on.  I checked back that evening and found that the wells had pumped almost a full tank!  I realized that the old well must have somehow been producing the extra water.  It was then that I remembered the prayer, but I still didn’t put the pieces together.  A day or two later I remembered that there had been a 4.3 earthquake whose epicenter was six miles southwest of Westlake, a nearby town, which means that it was centered pretty much under my house.

I then remembered that months earlier, while sitting in my chair one evening, I heard an enormous boom that seemed to come from directly beneath me.

It was then that I realized that the earthquake had created a fissure in the rock and that water was now coming into the old well.  Coincidence?  I think not!

All that to say that our prayers are heard, even before we utter them, but His timing of when He answers, in most cases, is certainly not when we would like!  We should realize that the Most High God is in control even when it appears to us that He is not.

We see from this story in Genesis that the stakes are high and that there seems to be a no-holds-barred contest in that anything goes, including wiping out most of the life on the planet.  The Fallen One will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.  He hates mankind and so if every last person died tomorrow he would rejoice, if it were possible for such a demented entity to rejoice in the first place.

As we will see in later chapters, the Fallen One uses every means at his disposal to accomplish his ends.  The intermingling of the fallen angels and the women of earth was, of course, an event that was never supposed to happen.  After the fall of man in the garden, the Fallen One continued to attack and attempt to destroy the purity of the human bloodline that we see in Genesis 6.

The Most High God counters this move, but this has dire consequences.  Life in the antediluvian world comes to an abrupt end except for eight people.  Could the stakes be any higher? I think not, and this is why it is important for us to realize what we, as human beings, are up against.

While I am using the title of The Cosmic Chess Match for this book, it really is a great, ongoing cosmic war that continues to rage in another dimension, but as we see from this chapter, it also spills over onto the earth.

With that in mind, we must realize that we need to put on the whole armor of the Most High God on a daily basis.  For as the Guide Book to the Supernatural tells us:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places].[6]

Can the text be any clearer or more sobering in its message?  This battle is real and it engages every one of us at some level regardless whether or not we are willing or unwilling participants.

All are called to “destroy the works of the devil” because we are at war, even if we are pawns by comparison to the principal players.

I believe that we are living in the most unique time in all of history and because of that we will see this war eventually manifest in this dimension.  We would do well to heed what I believe may be the most sobering words in the Guidebook that refer to the time we are about to enter: the last days, the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the tribulation period.  Jesus warns us that “unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.” It doesn’t get more severe than that.

[1] Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, L. A. Marzulli. Spiral of Life Publishing  pp. 75 – 108.

[2] Strong’s Concordance: From Hebrew root word (H8552)

[3] Book Oof Enoch

[4] The Bible: Isa 55:8 For My thoughts [are] not your thoughts, Nor [are] your ways My ways, says the LORD. (Isaiah 55:8)

[6] The Bible: The book of Ephesians 6:12



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27 thoughts on “An Excerpt from The Cosmic Chess Match! Genesis 6!

  1. L.A. You are quite accurate in your blog today and I remember looking for land in Paso Robles and the water problems as in a drought then also 1990/91!! God is good and does answer ALL prayers not always as we want also(thank God!! :<) ) I'm sure glad He knows how to use His power to control the earthquake to your advantage!

    I have often wondered as I grow more synical if Gen. 6 manipulation was by choice, or ignorance, or lack of belief in the words God says are what they say!! I really get upset about being so misled as a new Christian and having to spend yrs. cleaning out various stuff from my mind. I was told the Seth vs., but I always believed it was fallen angles even when still unlearned on the subject. Seems two schemes of the devil are present one to NOT place your complete Faith/Belief/Trust in Christ's finished work alone w/o works of self for your salvation clouding that your works are for crowns after saved, and allogorizing everything important to our well being that we should understand while we are on this earth waiting for our Lord to catch us away! Seems like it's working and quite well in the "church".

    Do you believe you/we will be in Jacob's Trouble(I didn't think you did)?, or are you watching the signs as how close Jesus's judgement on this earth/system is? I personally am preparing for brushing close to many tribulations that are coming and with more frequency, but expect to be delivered from Jacob's wrath. We are told we are not appointed to that wrath and Jesus is our Blessed Hope (hope as in anticipation not I hope it pans out). We are Jesus's organic body and God already placed all the punishment on Him for our sakes=Grace/unmerited favor and the HS is our ernest. Jesus is above everything and we are In Him. Just wondering as I was reading the end of this blog "We would do well to heed what I believe may be the most sobering words in the Guidebook that refer to the time [we]are about to enter the last days, the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the tribulation period. " (italics added)

  2. Concerning the compromise of the sethite heresy… and similar tactics by the enemy, Chris Pinto is covering “textual criticism” where so called academics assume that later scripture fragments are wrong if an earlier fragment has a bearish reading. Chris’ point is that their dating of the fragments isn’t questioned. The enemy has planted disinformation, spin, deception, and similar traps where those that want to be deceived can find them.

    The Creator allows this as part of the debugging process for the next creation. He’s keeping what he wants, and eliminates the rest. So the machinations of the rebels help to uncover those that reject Christ, preferring deception, vanity, and making lies.

    That’s good! Reminds me of fly paper and soap. The bad sticks and is either tossed out or washed away. Just part of the refining process.

  3. Okay….my quandry of the day:
    Do nephilim children know that they are nephilim or do they have to learn it (or not!) …..I am curious if that could be why so many actually CANNOT hear the Word.
    Recently there was an article about isolating a difference in the brains of “religious” people…..could that be part of it? Nephilim DNA cannot pass that God sensor?

    • Elaine, great question! I dont know the answer but that is the way my mind works too! Saint Christopher theoretically was the offspring of a female human and either a nephilim or a weird nephilim offspring demon thst resembled or was relatef to Anubis. Huh? Lol!
      Saint Christopher stood somewhere between 8 and 12 feet tall. Go root around on steve quayles site for more info.
      So I guess they can get saved as long as they arent 100% nephilim?
      LA-any ideas about this?
      Thanks, inquiring minds want to know! 😉

  4. Recap of last evening’s Coast to Coast …UFO Abduction Investigations

    Butch Witkowski

    Director of the UFO Research Ctr. of Pennsylvania, Butch Witkowski, heads up a group of professionals who have organized to perform in-depth investigations of UFO and abduction phenomena including startling reports of human mutilations, which mirror the evidence found at cattle mutilation scenes. One of the most well known of these cases took place in Brazil in 1988, in which a man had various body parts and organs removed in a surgical fashion, leaving very little blood. Even more horrifying, according to the autopsy report, the procedures were carried out while the man was still alive. Further details of the case are available in this previous recap.

    Witkowski reported that in the United States alone some 35,000 people mysteriously disappear each year, and he suspects that a certain portion of these cases could involve alien abduction. But what do the aliens want with the organs of various animals and humans? He espoused several theories that investigators have suggested: they are taking the organs and making a mixture to rub on their skin because they can’t breathe our air; they’re using the organs as food; or they’re making a kind of serum in order for them to live in our atmosphere.

    Regarding reports of Thunderbirds in the Pennsylvania area, Witkowski has determined they are most likely cases of large misidentified birds such as California condors that may have flown into the area. His investigation into the Carbondale UFO incident of 1974, in which a light/lantern was seen underwater, did not yield any credible evidence for the incident. During the night, a number of callers shared accounts of anomalous or unexplained missing persons cases.

  5. just got this from Larry Taylor….says swarms. How far is L.A. from L.A.? (looks odd!!!!)
    March 27, 2012 Tuesday 3.5 EQ {swarms}
    Location: 34.160N, 117.443W
    4 Miles N from Fontana, California
    5 Miles NW from Rialto, California
    5 Miles SSW from Devore, California
    46 Miles E from Los Angeles Civic Center, California
    [7.0 Miles Deep]

  6. Hi everyone,

    I have a prayer request for a person named Brenda here in Vancouver. She called me on a paranormal counseling hotline I have set up on Craig’s list.
    A few years ago Brenda thought it would be cool to establish contact with ET’ s after watching a TV special on Roswell. After see the show she went online to find out how to set up an encounter. She found out that through using guided imagination and meditation it would be possible to meet an ET. Well shortly after that she me in Japan a person claiming to be a British diplomat. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs given to her by this man, she said she saw this person shape-shifted into a grey alien entity. After that one meeting he disappeared never to contact her again. For a period of time after that she experienced sleep paralysis, ringing in the ears for two weeks, followed by strange dreams. Now she reports some kind of poltergeist type activity breaking out in her apartment. She has been told people interested in Exopolitics that she has had an encounter with an hybrid.

    I have shared with her many research files from well known ufo researchers and former abductees warning that encounters with ET’s are likely encounters with demons or fallen angels. Brenda is open to some of the information I have given her but she appears to be still under the enchantment of some contactees here in Vancouver and elsewhere who are promoting Exopolitics. Some of these individuals have talked her into promoting a new Exo university and Exopolitics lectures here in Vancouver.

    Please pray that Brenda will delivered from deception and and her heart and mind would accept Christ through opening her heart and mind to the message of the gospel. I do believe that there is an openness to the things of God on her part but principalities and powers do not want to let go of her.

    • “Under the influence of alcohol and drugs given to her by this man, she said she saw this person shape-shifted into a grey alien entity. After that one meeting he disappeared never to contact her again.”

      Gordy do you think she may have been chipped like other abductees while under the influ. of drugs and alcohol? I’m wondering just what amount of hold this/these entities may have on her besides her mind and willingness to a degree.

      This is def. an example of what L.A. is trying to warn people about!! The kind of bizarre things that have been ongoing and coming on mankind. The kinds of delusion that will be so strong even the elect could be fooled if possible(not because the HS will still be acting on behalf of those who will Believe, just not sealed as Grace, but like David and OT believers in their coming Messiah did “come upon” them and annointing).

      She must have some degree of prominence to be asking her to open an Exo University/ Lectures. She must be an A personality, some one with extrovert type personality. I imagine she was quite a catch for them, they won’t let go easy with her not completely shunning and letting go! She does need prayer and how many more like her out there!

      Gordy we need to cover you in prayer you entered the battlefield on the front lines “paranormal counseling hotline I have set up on Craig’s list. ” 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank-you for your prayers and support. Brenda is wondering if she is an abductee. She has not mentioned that she has an implant but she did have some strange marks on her body after the encounter that she says have now disappeared. This encounter with a possible hybrid person in Japan resembles some of the cases in David Jacob’s book “The Threat”. Please ask other believers to pray for Brenda. There is a battle going on for her soul.

      David M. Jacobs, The Threat – the DMT-Nexus…/David%20Jacobs%20-%20The%20Thr…

  7. Father here our prayer for Brenda, we ask that you protect her and drive
    Any demonic presence from her and soften her heart that she may except
    Jesus as her savior. And protect all of us who pray for Brenda. Also Lord
    I ask that you protect our Brother LA let him prosper in every way so
    He can continue his Ministry.
    Praise the Lord and thank you for all blessings past ,present, and still
    To come!
    In Jesus name Amen!

    I don’t often comment but I was compelled immediately to pray and with
    You all! Thanks LA as usual today’s Blog touched me and has inspired me
    To spend more time with my Father in Heaven and to give thanks!
    God Bless you all!

    • Thank You Julie for your prayers for all of us and I prayed your prayer with you 🙂

      God you are so Faithful and have chosen to have all us born just at this very time in history and for this battle, under GRACE, Oh thank you for Your Son and Your Grace! You have picked all are parts and created us to be your Ambassadores for Christ. You are Mighty and Wonderous, too much for us to even imagine the depths! Bless Your name forever.

  8. Great chapter – I really need to purchase the book and give it a read. Been meaning to for awhile, but have been busy writing my own piece of teen fiction for my son. The main character’s eyes are opened to a great battle going on around him that others cannot see. I truly believe the supernatural realm is like Lord of the Rings all around us, all the time, and even if we can’t see the battle, we see the results. I think the Cosmic Chess Match would strengthen my position and faith in this area. Thanks so much for putting a chapter out here…great encouragement!

    • Gen.6:1-6

      vs 6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

      Repent Grk=a change of mind! God NEVER repents! We normally think of it as remosre/sorrow for sin, the normal thought of repenting!! I’m so sorry, but it almost exclusivly used as a change of mind. God changed His mind re. creating man as it grieved Him so! Not to worry though Hidden in God before the Foundations of the World was a Mystery(Eph.)Grace/The Body of Christ.

      Doesn’t fit that God would be grieved by Seth line and Cain line marrying! He would’ve been back at Cain slays Able if that was the case. Something else much bigger was going on to bring a worldwide flood to destroy all but 8 people and certain designated animals. More Liberal interpretations, they just can’t take God at His Word!

  9. I appreciate the reply Linda.

    I’m asking Mr. Marzulli for his references regarding Christians in the fifth century bringing forward the Sethite position.

    Does he have a name, a group, a book, chapter and page?

    This is specific information to document his statement. I’m writing a book on the deceit of this position as it is being promoted throughout the church via seminaries, conferences, books, pastors, bible studies and unlearned disciplers of men and women.

    I was unaware of this position as postulated by Mr. Marzulli. It would be very helpful to know this reference historically.

    Much appreciated, Mark Huss

    • Wow that’s great writing a book re. the deceit…which one, the Sethite’s theory I presume? I always felt it is a deceit! I think we have been in a ongoing deceit on many levels and ages. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age and the internet/research so many teachers/Pastors could be so ignorant.

  10. Textual Controversy:
    Mischievous Angels or Sethites?
    by Chuck Missler


    This is a good overview and the footnotes give further direction.

  11. Thanks for the help Rose and I appreciate the encouragement Linda. It is about the Sethite deception within the church.

    I might add that it saddens me that so many who know Christ as Savior are so illiterate on such a dramatic subject. I sometimes wonder how exciting the teaching of the word of God would be if we would simply believe what is written.

    I ask, “how many people (young and old) would want to know more scripture if we gave the truth as God has revealed it to us instead of hiding the word of God or twisting it to fit other ideas brought to us by those who will not accept that which is given.

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