4 thoughts on “L. A. MArzulli on Rapture Ready! TONIGHT! 7pm (PST)

  1. by way of Hal Linday… file under “iranian saber rattling”


    “Iran’s defense minister, Ahmad Vahidi, said recently — that Iran has “secret weapons yet unknown to the West that will be used in response to any attack on Iran.”
    “The first step in this strategy, the analysis said, is to close the Strait of Hormuz if Iran is attacked,”
    “the second step, in response to the oil embargo by the European Union, Iran stopped all oil exports to England and France”
    “any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will be responded to with the same level of force used against Iran”
    “Stay out of any attack [on Iran by Israel], the analysis warned the U.S., and “Iran will not attack U.S. military bases in the region,”

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