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L. A. Marzulli

I met Deborah, Chelsea and Katrina, and they escorted me to what is known as the “Crocodile” Mound.  This mound is in what is now in a very well to do community.  It is at the end of a cul-de-sac and there are houses around it.  It is also a high place and offers a vantage point of the entire Ohio Valley.  When an archeological dig was done there they discovered an altar and human remains.  It is most likely a ritual sacrificial site.  The Crocodile name is a misnomer as no one knows what the mound was really called.  The Mound is shaped in the form of what some say is a lizard, while others say it is a panther, or Crocodile.  The most interesting dynamic to me is that when standing on the mound you can’t see anything.  When going into a crop circle, or standing in the Nazca lines in Peru,  or “The Octagon” Mound works in Ohio, one cannot make out anything.  It is only visible from the AIR, and that brings me to ask, why go through all the trouble of building these complex structures if no one can enjoy them from the ground and they can only be appreciated from a vantage point of several hundred feet above them?  Is it possible that this is deliberate and that these edifices are constructed to the “gods” that come down.

Today we are going to the Circle Mound museum.  I will conduct another interview while there and also get some good shots of the aerial photographs that they have taken of the Mound works.  I have been invited by Geoff to walk on the golf course that has been integrated into the Octagon Mound.  I’m going to take him up on this as I think it would be a great opportunity.  I also got in touch with Fritz Zimmerman and we exchanged emails.  I will call him this week once I finish his well researched book on the Nephilim in the Ohio valley.

Russ Dizdar and I are planning to hold a conference in Newark Ohio perhaps in September of this year.  We both feel that the site is extremely important and we will lecture on the Nephilim and the ritualistic aspects of the site.

Last night after the conference ended we were going to eat dinner at Chipolte’s.  There were tornado alerts in the area and as we pulled into the parking lot, which happens to be directly across the street from the Circle mounds, as I got out of the car the storm was almost directly overhead.  The sky was green and there were “cells” that were forming.  I began to rebuke the storm, by shouting, ‘The Blood of the Lamb!  You may not pass this way!”

We got back into our cars and headed out of the area and instead of escaping it drove into a major down pour that was so intense we couldn’t see 10 feet in front of the van!

Was this storm deliberate?  Was this just a coincidence?  A tornado did touch down in the next town over.  I have video of the storm and will post it once I figure out how to do that!
Off to the airport in about 4 hours from now and then home to Los Angeles and some rest for the next couple of days.

Blessings to all!

Peace – Out!

L. A.

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  1. Perhaps these Nephilim are much smarter than some of us give them credit for. What if they were the first real “Salesmen” on earth and charged a flask of wine for a “TRIP IN THE SHIP. SEE YOUR CREATION FROM THE AIR. DON’T BE SQUARE, BE AROUND TO SEE THE MOUND WHILE WE PRETEND THAT WE CARE!”


    OK maybe not.


    End of transmission

  2. Seriously though Brother Lynn,

    A huge “Thank you” for taking the time to get the Word out and unashamedly show the Truth to this woefully lost world.

    May the Lord’s Righteous Right Hand be upon you all the days of your life as you daily fight this Good Fight.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

  3. Wow, I’d like to see that supercell thunderstorm video that produced the tornado. The different colors you seen, are indications of hail. Anyway, glad you made it safe and sound.

  4. I live in Columbus Ohio and wanted you to know that when the tornado sirens where going off I was thinking about how it was affecting you over in Newark. You are being prayed for

  5. I wonder if any of those houses located near Crocodile Mound has any paranormal activity going on. It would be interesting to see if any of the neighbors have had any unusual things happen in their home
    Yes I have tried to rebuke a storm a few times without much luck, the last time I wanted to finish a golf game, it was touch and go for awhile, very dark skies, really about to let go at moments notice . At the first signs of sprinkles, I rebuked the storm in Jesus name, and well, it stop raining all right, all was calm for a few minutes ,then without notice, nickel sized hail came raining down on us, no one was hurt, we all made it under a cover. Maybe God’s sense of humor was showing through, as we all had a laugh about that.

    • I wondered exactly the same thing about the neighborhood around the serpent mounds and if there was a history of paranormal activity/ufo sightings/abduction or unusual criminal activities. It is well known that Charlie Manson grew up around burial mounds in Kentucky. The “people” who built those mounds may be dead, but the entities that drove them are still very active and looking for new hosts.

    • Ahhh, Matt, another episode of “Father Knows Best” and a reminder that we need to be careful what we try to tell God to do? LOL He obviously knew that golf course needed precipitation and you must have just said “rain go away” (teasing)

  6. It makes sense that humans cannot see so many of the fallen angel and nephilim structures as they were built by giants and by beings that came from above. Enoch tells us that the giants were 3,000 ells tall which depending on who you believe as to the length of an ells it would make them thousands of feet tall. A frightening thought, yet in the book of Numbers the giants made the spies feel like “grasshoppers” Ive read this and wondered how they could feel like grasshopper if the giants were only eight feet tall as were told Goliath was. God describes nephilim as tall as cedar trees and this is after the flood. The Nephilim before the flood were taller than those after the flood and it seems by the dating of the various sites built by giants that they must have been built pr flood and would mean the giants were larger than were imagined.

    • I just love this subject! During the last few years, my own research has taken me to a couple of places that I think you’ll find pretty interesting. So for some mighty commentary just put on your “Berean caps” and look up http:/www.michaelsheiser.com/TheNakedBible/2009/06/how-tall-was-goliath/ Be sure to hyperlink to the Bible Study Magazine article….. and do read the few comments on this page as well – great stuff! I’d also like to include one other suggested reading area relating to this topic and that will be found if you just use your favorite search engine for keywords “Boyd and Heiser Dialogue On The Nephilim Question”. (both men are believers….and Biblical scholars to boot!) His Peace and Blessings to you~

    • The outer realms of possibility are worth noting:

      Rev. 21
      16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. […]
      21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

      Gotta wonder how big the clam has to be to get gates that large from pearls!

      Might even come from this solar system…

    • Thanks for that information, Debra! Greg Boyd is the senior pastor of a church near me and I’ve heard him preach several times. He’s a brilliant mind and his teaching/theology has caused quite a stir in the Christian community – open theism (I read his book “God of the Impossible”, took me a while to digest it as it is extremely deep….lol ), the myth of a Christian nation, and it seems he embraces Emerging Christianity (not sure if that is true, but he promoted the book The Shack, and some of Rob Bell’s teaching). Anyway he does interpret Genesis 6:2 correctly and believes bene elohim refers to angels, not the line of Seth. I’ve read a lot of Boyd’s blogs, cannot believe I missed this one – and I love this subject, too. Wow, how God’s word has come alive for me in the past couple of years, mainly because of my own study on nephilim, prophecy, and, from this blog!

    • Debra, I believe Mike Heiser says that Goliath was about six feet tall. I believe many other scholars disagree with him. Many scholars. I can’t imagine a battle hardened Hebrew warrior, even if the average height back then was only about 5 feet 3 inches tall , being afraid to take on a six feet tall Goliath. It’s like a 6 feet 1 inch tall man nowadays taking on a man who is 7 feet tall. Warriors being terrified of a man who was a head taller?

      Softcurls, as I was reading your entry about Pastor Boyd I could hear very loud warning sirens going off. Open Theism? Emerging Christianity? The Shack? Rob Bell????? Do you realize how most of these collide head on with what L.A. Marzulli and others of similar mind are saying about the endtimes and prophecy?

  7. These mound systems certainly are not of the Lord and His Word.

    Generally, God’s Dwelling Place is Cube-shaped, such as The Holy of Holies is cube-shaped.

    The Futuristic Dwelling coming down from the heavens is cube-shaped, and extremely huge.

    • Hi GTE~
      You got me to pondering on the New Jerusalem (“Futuristic Dwelling coming down from the heavens”) “architecture”. Since it is said to be cube-shaped wouldn’t that make it a 3D object…based on the height, width, and depth factors? Being that I sometimes get my Revelation scenarios mixed-up, my guess is that the NJ will be in full view…and fully functional…after the creation of the new heavens and new Earth. Or will it become so during Christ’s millennial reign? Also isn’t YHWH’s “Dwelling Place” the same as the “Holy Of Holies” earthly tabernacle pattern? Oops…s’pose I got off on a tangent here. Sorry. Perhaps you can point me to some study materials. That’d be awesome :^)
      YHWH be with you~

    • The Revelation (by chapter)
      sorry for skewing, fonts vary, you can align better in courier

      (12a ………12b) Passover (Altar)
      (11…….|…….13) Unleavended Bread (Laver)
      (10)———(14) Pentecost (Lampstand)———-First Fruits (Table)
      (08-09 | 15-16) Trumpets (Golden Altar)
      (06-07 | 17-18) Atonement (Ark)
      (04-05 | 19-20) Tabernacles (Mercy Seat / Throne)
      (02-03 | 21…..) Candles (Overcomers=Bride | Wife=New Jerusalem)
      (01……| …..22) The Lamb (Christ | Husband)

      (12a – 12b) Manchild saved from the dragon – by the Blood of the Lamb, Heavenly Mother on Exodus in wilderness, earth swallows dragon’s flood/army
      (11 – 13) 2 Witnesses prophesy -. 2 beasts blaspheme
      (10) ……….. 14) Mighty Angel & Thunders sealed ………… First Fruits & Harvests
      (08-09 – 15-16) Trumpets – Vials (smoke and embers from Censer)
      (06-07 – 17-18) the Testament (Unsealed by the only One worthy who does the will of God) – great babylon judged & the great ruined
      (04-05 – 19-20) Mercy Seat & The Lamb – Day of the Lord & Judgment Seat

      St John’s path of travel is the Heavenly Throne Room, goes up one side and back down the other. He witnesses the end time battle plan. (while outside time)
      Some prefer to try to have him time travel.

      The actual sequence of events of the end time may be more like 7 Candles burning down at the same time.
      For instance, the Trumpet and Vial judgments are two sides of the same events, which are linked:
      (Trumpet & Vials linked: 1 earth, 2 sea, 3 rivers & fountains, 4 sun, 5 pit & abyss, 6 euphrates, 7 air)

      The Lamb Slain = The Son of God = Jesus Christ / Y’shua Messiah / YHWH Adonai (1st Tim. 3:16)

    • Greg, some people have suggested that New Jerusalem will be pyramid shaped and this shape was adopted by Satan to mock God with similarly shaped pagan edifices around the world. If New Jerusalem is cube shaped then we already have in place the concept of the cube shaped, definitely unfriendly, Borg spaceships from Star Trek . A huge cube shaped “spaceship” i.e. New Jerusalem would cause quite a bit of a stir. One prophecy scholar in the past has suggested that New Jerusalem will come very near to the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps it’s presence in this case would be responsible for some of the Great Tribulation judgements.

  8. Small prayer, just lift me before the Lord, and ask that my tooth thing goes well. Going in now, updates later or tomorrow.

    Prayer for a new job wouldn’t hurt either.

    Thanks all.

    • Thanks for prayers. Wisdom teeth out, all seems well. Thanks for prayer, and u can consider this closed case praise report. If all keeps well, that is. Thank you Jesus for getting me thur and the answered prayer.

      Thx everyone else.

    • Assad’s direct role in killing demonstrators…

      If Syria has WMD’s but one of those responsible for them defects — would the opposition set off a nuke?

      Why else would a Russian anti-terrorist team be needed?

  9. L.A., FYI there is an “Indian Mound” in Miamisburg, Ohio (southwest Ohio). It is simply called the ‘Miamisburg Mound,’ as far as I know. At Fort Ancient is the Serpent Mound. Phyllis

  10. Not to talke the conversation of the Nephilim but I’ve been viewing numerous youtube videos re: mounds in Ohio and I’ve come across one that was very interesting hosted by Glenn Beck Native American’s Wrote in Ancient Hebrew which makes me believe not all of the mounds are ominous

    Native Americans Wrote in Ancient Hebrew :

  11. What would the enemy gain from a mormon president as regards american burial mounds?

    If I understand mormon doctrines (myths), the burial mounds relate to “the nephites,” which they say are of jewish descent (lost tribe, DNA debunks), who later followed their false christ after asserting that Jesus supposedly visited the Americas after his resurrection.


    So it seems that if the mound builders were nephilim giants along with other pyramid cults around the world, then that largely goes against mormon teachings. A mormon president and administration might help attempt to hide or destroy any evidence.

    Post disclosure and tying into ancient alien theory (bunk) — mormons might backpeddle and then try to equate the mound builders (nephilim) with “alien brothers” from kolob or wherever. (note: side reference to battle star galactica kobol “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolob” … see refs in wiki articles).

    Electing a mormon president in 2012 is likely just another enemy strategy to try to dig up pyramid cults and their curses, to re-energize their high places, and open portals — again directly related to the mounds and mormon ancient america myths. (And no, I don’t have any preference for president among those running in any party.)

    • Hello PP ,if you like, go to Blog talk Radio and put L.A’s name into Search. Also check Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith. L.A. has been on there quite recently as well as on Russ Dizdar’s Ragged Edge Show a week or two back.

  12. Softcurls, thank you for chiming in! Like you, I have read “Myth Of A Christian Nation” and found it quite interesting. I agree with a lot of Boyds’ use of Scripture to back his teachings. There’s plenty of stuff we need to hear and consider as regards today’s institutional church slipping into the gooey, boiling political miasma. But I also find some of it questionable – especially when he appears, in some areas, to be veering into a more social(ist) type gospel; reading and weeding prolly works best at this point. Yeah…that’s it: weed it and reap! Btw, have you ever read any of brother Chris Pinto’s teachings/Scriptural take on the US founding fathers issue? Let me tell ya, he’s done some heavy duty digging. Based on what facts he’s uncovered…well…most of ’em are not quite the shining exemplary of Christianity we’ve been led to believe; the majority of them were deists, not true Christians. If you’re interested look for his blog/website, ‘k? But I digress. The nephilim topic is what’s going on here. Have you had a chance to read Heiser’s article on Goliath’s height? I understand that the post-flood Caananite tribes were not as immense in their stature as were their forefathers. And that ancient (pre and post flood) Jews/Hebrews were a rather short group of people. Still that doesn’t seem to account for all these unearthed gigantor skeletons! My oh my O_O
    His Grace and Peace to you~

    • Hi Debra, how many Open Theists does it take to change a light bulb?

      Answer: no one knows until it happens! LOL [ always wanted to use LOL. First time ever ].

    • More taken taken from CARM , Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Therefore, what kinds of things might we hear the God of Open Theism say?

      Uh, oh.
      Oh, no.
      Dang it!
      Let me get back to you on that.
      Wow, that was a surprise.
      I hope it works out.
      Oh no, now what is he going to do this time?
      No, I haven’t heard the joke about the open theist.
      Please, oh please, please, please believe in me.
      I’ll not do that again.
      That didn’t turn out to well, did it?
      I’ll try and get it right next time.
      I’d answer your prayer but I don’t know what is going to happen.
      Hey, I just learned something.
      Well, I can always go to plan B.
      Well, I can always go to plan C.
      Well, I can always go to plan D.

    • Yep, Debra, I just read the Boyd/Heiser debate. Have not read Chris Pinto’s teaching but shall read up on that, too.
      Ghillie, regarding your above post, I have red flags, too. Big ones. I learned a lesson not to put scholars on a pedestal, even biblical scholars. We all see through a glass darkly.
      I agree that a 6’6” nephilim does not seem very imposing. That would be an average height for an NBA player. Maybe the Israelite warriors were afraid of the nephilim because of their pure evil nature? 👿 (Think of the orcs in LOTR.)
      Listening to blogtalkradio right now, Doug Hamp with Rob Skiba on the revolutionary radio project about Corrupting the Image. Very, very good.

  13. california here you come right back where you stared from. back to the golden coast heh L.A.? a rid of that grey nasty midwest weather by the grace of God. just kidding. Let the King rule in your heart always.

  14. …Sitting here just pondering as many “What ifs” scenarios as possible with O’s daughter “choosing” to vacation in Mexico during Spring Break.

    Being a proud Texan, we have been given STRICT warnings about our children doing that exact thing as the drug cartels down there are becoming so brazen they have no problem firing at OUR Agents on OUR side of the Border and even worse.

    Amongst ALL the distractions the enemy of our souls has going on to keep our eyes OFF the Middle East, methinks it would not be a problem whatsoever for Satan’s minions who have a HUGE Stronghold Demon over that country to allow evil to befall Malia while she stays in this spiritually deceived nation.

    Talk about a “Blindside” that NO ONE saw coming except for maybe a few here on this BLOG (including Brother Lynn) and others the Lord has revealed this to, this is a perfect opportunity to make all means necessary in the Middle East a “Go” as the United States of America has to deal with “Obama Daughter Held Captive”…or far worse with the snap of a finger by a certain Principality.

    As we have to deal with the rebels who DO have their own suitcase nukes just south of us, and ALL of our attention is on this false flag, Iran takes out Tel Aviv just like that….all because we are so preoccupied with ourselves and in being so, allow Israel to become as close to permanent history as possible, making it a game of “Catch up” for us now, when our head should have been in the REAL “Game” all along.

    I know this is crazy, STRONG conjecture on my part, I really do. I am NOT saying it is going to happen….just asking, ‘What if?”.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff, just like Jesus protects his own, satan protects his also. The major difference is when satans finished with em, he destroys them. That said, I doubt Malia even breaks a nail. She has an army of secret service guys hovering around her.
      I have thought many times though of what horrible things might happen to those 2 young ladies if this nation is ever invaded by outside armies. They do represent our country and are the presidents daughters. Refer to my first statement above.
      I cant quite decide if our president is going to lead the nwo (im thinking he believes he is getting the post) or if he is just a pawn satan will use and then destroy him and his family.
      I pray for them all the time! Ive been praying for 2 !years for Jesus to actually show up in person and talk to obamas! Short of that…
      Your nephilim salesman comments were brilliant and funny!

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