Everything Remains the Same?

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L.A. Marzulli

We get up in the morning, shower , eat some breakfast and head to work, where we spend out days earning money to pay our bills, put our kids through college, and hopefully stash some aside for retirement.  We watch the news, argue about  the elections, check out the ball-game scores, eat dinner, and head off to sleep, only to get up the next day and do it all over again.  Most Americans are trying to keep their heads above water and stay current with their mortgage payments.   Most don’t have the time or the inclination to keep up with the news of world from a Biblical perspective.  We are distracted by an endless procession of media clowns that appear on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep us from examining what is really going on.

We are told that the Mystery of Iniquity – the secret lawlessness – is at work.  This was penned about 2000 years ago and guess what, the power that has been working behind the scenes is still working.  We might think that all continues as before.  We might be lulled into a false sense of complacency.  We might fool ourselves into believing that all things continue as before and everything remains the same.

I believe we are on the verge of life changing events that will affect every person on this planet.  Yashua/Jesus warned us that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and that men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.  He also stated that there would be fearful signs in the heavens.  When we look at all that is taking place on this blue planet of ours, through the lens of that warning, it seems clear, at least to me, that we are ramping up for the time of Jacob’s Trouble.  However, day after day passes, we think about summer vacations, leisure time with our families, having time to pursue other interests.  It’s natural for most of us to live our lives in this way.  The picture above shows the gathering storm and riders that are approaching.  I don’t know who the artist is, but it encapsulates what I believe is just on the horizon.

In closing todays post:  Does everything remain the same?  Is it business as usual or something more?  While our lives have a modicum of normality, at least here in the USA, all that can be swept away in a flash of an EMP, or the outbreak of war in the Middle East.  We live in tenuous, tumultuous, unprecedented times that I believe we were told would be the hallmark of the Return of the King.  As of now, everything appears to remain the same, but soon, perhaps very soon, the storm will break…


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‘Dr Doom’ sees Iran-Israel clash, says buy precious metals 

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New ABC show called deeply offensive to Christians 

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51 thoughts on “Everything Remains the Same?

  1. Sobering LA, absolutely sobering.

    The thin veneer of civilization and superficiality we see daily looks more absurd every day.

    At the same time, how can I do anything but continue living “normally”? Sure, I have some ministry things to do, that I’m backlogged on, but I also have to pay bills. They’re not going to buy “the apocalypse is coming” excuse for not paying the mortgage. I’ve struggle for years with the “Jesus is coming soon, why should I bother with X” for years.

    I know that’s not what you or anyone else is advocating, but it does raise the questions for us to consider.

    If anything, it should cause us to watch for Him constantly, expecting Him any time, and should urge us to live faithfully. Share the Gospel with whoever wants to hear.

    • A scripture that always keeps me in check is: Do all to the Glory of God. Working to pay bills, cleaning, gardening, fixing things, doing things with family and friends even playing with our pets, “do ALl to the Glory of God”. And the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall guard your heart and mind joyfully in Christ Jesus as we wait for His imminent return for us. 🙂


    • Thanks, that’s good to remember.

      On a side note, I’ve felt a lot more restless lately in my heart/spirit. I will admit to probably having undiagnosed adult ADD (and being employed in a job that is a bad fit for someone with ADD) but even so, I feel more restless than normal. I just don’t know what to do about it (the ADD and whatever may be causing the extra restlessness)

    • Frank,
      You hit the nail on the head as far as how absurd things have gotten. I only have to look to my husband to see it. The Biggest Loser, The Voice, Idol, wrestling, this drama show and that drama show. Any and everything to distract you from the real truth. The real reality!!! It is to sad for words. My neighbor across the street called me the other night because she say a “bright star” in the sky and thought it was falling. I told her it was a planet that has been rising every night for the past few weeks. She kept saying,” But it’s moving.” I said,” Yes, because we are moving. Do I need to give you a science lesson.” People don’t understand how our natural world works. Its no wonder people will be lost when the spirtitual world is shown. Lost and scared. As it was in the days of Noah. They knew they were going to be judged. They choose to ignore God then and they chose to ignore God now. PLEASE COME YASHUA L.A. I do enjoy your blog. It’s nice to hear from others that believe as I do.

    • For Frank and Linda, re:ADHD

      Years ago, I tried a little valerian root tea which was awful, so I forgot about it. Well last week valerian root came up again when I stumbled across a “social anxiety disorder” website. My nerves and emotional control have always been dicey. My hands have always had a mild shake. I stuttered as a kid. In high school I had trouble pouring one test tube into another. Since I was born that way it doesn’t bother me, but it does others. They think I’ll lose since I flush really easily and I shake. To me it’s never been that big an issue.

      Back in early 2010, after a TIA, which made it harder to control my emotions, I’d got an Rx for xanax — just 10 pills to take if needed. I still have 4 of those pills. I hate the whole pharmakeia things so I don’t take meds, other than a gummy multivitamin every day along with some gummy Vitamin D extra. The Vitamin D really helped with blues during christmas season, which I’d had for decades before that.

      Well I’ve taken valerian root in a pill early each day this week. And it’s helped — including with the hand tremors. So it’s still too early to tell, but I don’t have any major side reactions, though it’s supposed to deepen sleep. Impact on sleep is far less than melatonin, which I use infrequently. Mostly I sleep very soundly and do fine on 4 to 6 hours sleep.

      Anyway. Whether placebo or not, it’s worth a try. I picked some up at the local health food store. The caps or the pills. I’d leave the tea for others. Though it may be worth finding some seeds, considering other discussions.

      “http://www.google.com/search?q=valerian root”

    • Hey, thanks. I’ll look into the tea. Right now I’m read a book about add filled with stories, and possibly some ways to compensate. All I know is my job (proposal writer) is mentally painful for someone like me.

      Come back Lord, or send me somewhere else please!

    • keep looking up Frank! One of my sons who was called hyperactive back in the day, grew up soooo brilliant. He is still, at 38, pretty “busy” all the time but he is on top of everything going on around him all the time. He learned that he needs to give himself quiet time to escape the strain of that total awareness….but also learned that the kind of intense concentration that his job as a splicer of fiber optics (like your focused job?) was also making him crazy. He quit that big bucks job and moved here to my small and quiet city and is now happy as a clam as prep cook and kitchen manager for a historic inn with just 9 rooms and a pub/restaurant. That fine line of busy enough to hold his interest and offer that variety that you ADD guys need but not the chaos of a big business. The plus is that even though his income is less than half, the cost of living here is half what it was in the megalopolis that was killing him! Maybe the Lord is leading you to a change that also gets you to what could be a bit safer when it all really hits the fan? Plus, he and his wife are truly a blessing to me now that I am getting old and decrepit…..LOL….. he never seems to rest and looks at the upkeep of my 129 year old house with 2 apartments as his fun time! And I would not be able to meet my mortgage payments if they were not here to split that and utilities. His brothers are all back in the bigger populated area north of Detroit but they have a different temperament.
      I know it is hard to just quit a job in this economy but it may be something to pray on?

  2. Yeah, I am always plodding away at the every day but it seems sillier and sillier by the minute! I want to say to my customers, “Whaddya doing???? This is a picture frame you are buying…..a good bible and a case of canned goods would be half the price!” But I don’t.
    I do try to at least mention the Lord to everyone I meet even if it is just to say “God bless you.” or “God always has a better plan” when I want to suggest a different color scheme or moulding. It sounds just friendly but inside I am praying hard because we all know that the sleeping would just roll their eyes and walk away if we tried to tell them everything when they are there for a worldly possession….but every once in a while we get a response and can really witness!

  3. Don’t be discouraged! Even know he is on the way! Yes, I believe we shall see some pretty wild and intense things still before we hear the shofar. But as the very old gospel spiritual song goes “Got my oil and my lamp, and my wick is trimmed and its burning!” But rest assured, Jesus is coming! And while I am hoping its today…..i got a sneaking suspition (not biblical, just an opinion of my own) that chitz itchen is going to rival some old testament YWH action. Or maybe Im just hoping that! 😉 Be nice to watch the whole world SEE the hand of God clearly and the enemy on the run! Yeeeha!
    Keep praying and believing!

  4. “Two riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl…” A line from a hendrix and bob dylan song that includes “All along the watch tower…”

    Jesus asked about being able to read the weather based on wind and clouds, but not being able to read the signs of the times.

    People also ignore the more likely personal disasters of their families being killed, maimed, or left without support when run over by careless or drunk drivers.

    The duty of a watchman is to warn, shake off the dust if they won’t listen, and move on to the next city.

    Check what I’m saying. It’s well past time to shake off the dust and move on – for those that won’t listen.

  5. so true….you said,
    “Check what I’m saying. It’s well past time to shake off the dust and move on – for those that won’t listen.”
    It is just so hard to give up on loved ones! That’s why I keep saying my trite grandma blessings and toss in as much warning as they will accept….so hard to shake the dust when it gathered in your own house!

    • As someone who’s largely a product of my granny’s prayers — far be it from me to say you shouldn’t, Elaine. Though our Good Lord Jesus likely co-opted her into helping with His prayers, assuming he still does pray as Son of God even in Heaven at the throne. Not sure how that works; He may pray through us via the Holy Ghost, perhaps?

      Luke 9
      1 Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases . 2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. 3 And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece. 4 And whatsoever house ye enter into, there abide, and thence depart. 5 And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them. 6 And they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where.

      Mark 6
      11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. 12 And they went out, and preached that men should repent. 13 And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.

      Matthew 10
      12 And when ye come into an house, salute it. 13 And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you. 14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. 15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

    • I’m guessing that the process of “shaking off the dust” is part of “saving with fear” to those that aren’t so certain they should be part of a doomed city come judgment day.

      And please forgive my foibles. I think of cities as the residents and not the wood, rock, and concrete.

  6. L.A.!!!
    Don’t know if you will be able to make all your speaking engagements this year. You might have to hold some of them at your heavenly mansion awaiting you!!!!
    Afterwards we shall all engage in a most lively heavenly discussion with Christ Jesus in our midst. 🙂


  7. ‘Dr Doom’ sees Iran-Israel clash, says buy precious metals – Reuters –

    Marc Faber aka Dr Doom, with the Gloom Boom and Doom Report.
    I had no idea the subject of gloom and doom is such a big business these days.
    Just wait till the fine folks at Trinity Broadcasting Network catch on to the potential cash cow the gloom and doom doctrine really is. You will have the likes of Dr. Mike Murdock, Peter Popoff and Robert Tilton just to name a few, abandoning the prosperity doctrine they love so much for an even more lucrative subject.
    As far as DR Doom himself, it’s hard for me to take seriously or get financial advice someone who gets his name from a villain in Spiderman comic books, not very original to say the least. I guess Darth Vader just didn’t have the ring to it he was looking for.
    In any case, the older I get, the more inquisitive I get and find physics, science, biology and forensics absolutely fascinating. If only I could turn back time, taken science more seriously, I would have specialized in a science field….

  8. Dr. Karla Turner was widely respected in the UFO community for her research on alien abduction. A scholar and professional educator, she earned a Ph.D. in Old English studies and taught at the university level in Texas for more than ten years. But in 1988, she and her husband and son endured a shocking series of experiences and recollections that forced them to recognize that they were all abductees.

    She died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancer. This is her final lecture.

    • I listened to Lloyd Pie on C2C yesterday and it was fascinating. Not only was the “Starchild” not human, but it was not a child. The worn teeth revealed it to be an adult.
      Pie said he thought it could have been like a grey; how many types of creatures were roaming the Americas in the past?

    • What’s even more interesting is how these “hidden” things are coming out into the light. Coming out into the light for those willing to see & hear the Holy Spirit who reveals these things at the proper time that is.

      I forgot the name of that science/mystery TV show my dad used to watch. This was pre-History Channel. May have been in the days of the”The Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” series. They would have Crop Circles, UFO’s, Big Foot, Stonehedge & strange what have you.

      Dad used to love the mystery’s on that show & I think it made him consider that there was something more going on than meets the eye. Perhaps – a higher life form even. What could have built all these mega structures? What are these things? Questions, questions.

      Now it’s like “BINGO” – The Word explains to us what occurred in the past & what will occur before He returns. All the loose ends are tied up in a nice little bow so the elect are warned & not deceived. The spirit of the Anti-Christ at work – EXPOSED.

    • I’ll see your Lenticulars and raise you some “carolina bays.”


      Basically, ovoid craters from glancing asteroid impacts, such as the “Younger Dryas” supposedly 13,000 years ago, that would have made a real mess of the eastern part of present day US.

    • Actually carolina bays are a result of the impact of the “ejecta” or splatter that are secondary craters from the main impact crater.

  9. All I no is that we are heading into a month with the Jewish feast called Purim it happens tonight, and interestingly enough we had an enormous X flare explosion from the sun Tuesday, and this morning we experienced some little cable shut off and power outage already, and these high winds for the past two days after the AIPAC meeting I live in IL, I don’t no if any of you on here have experienced anything like it. All though the power and cable came back on but it’s interesting cause my brother who about a half and hour away where he works his company power also shut of for a little while, and they say tomorrow and Friday could be the strongest yet. So could Satan directly turn us back to the 1800’s, and then all communications will be cut off for him to deceive us so we do not no what is really going on in the Middle east with Israel and Iran? I think so, and it will look like it might just happen since it is Purim.

    • I’ve got a generator! but a EMP/ Solar Flare would fry the electronics. How do I build a Faraday Cage?

    • Sept 8th, 2011 during a Solar Flare session large parts of San Diego went without power The News Report said some guy flipped the wrong switch or something. YEAH RIGHT. If we don’t believe all the lies that get put out there then we’re conspiracy nuts. It would make sense that these Magnetic storms would put a strain on the electrical systems even if they don’t go down.

  10. just read on drudge they’re releasing tapes vetting the potus that breitbart spoke about tonight on hannity 6pm pst

    • Hope that ends up on youtube since I don’t (and won’t) have cable.

      We had a “middle of the road” afternoon talk show host that was a heavy birther named Colonel Ray, till about 3 weeks ago, down here in my area. He’d been corp of engineers and used to open with “I’m not a democrat nor am I a republican, I’m an american,” in the 4-6 drive home slot. He also gave hell to the tea partiers. The story is that he got cross wise about the local school system buying iPads for all the students and did several shows about that, so they canned him.

      I think that was the last straw, but he’s another expose-obama agitator that was too volatile for the majority democrats down here in deep-south yellow-dog texas.

      It wasn’t the local station that canned him. They run beck, limbo, and hannity in that order all day. The first is a “sick twisted” blowhard cultist. The second is a closet liberal caricature blowhard buffoon of a conservative “with talent on lone from gawd.” And the 3rd is just another “drinking buddy catholic” like O’Reilly. I can’t handle politics as entertainment, so I don’t listen. But my point is that it wasn’t the local station that canned Colonel Ray.

      Just wondering if that’s happened all over to other talk show host “threats” to the currently ensconced political regime?

  11. Henry Gruver, Prayer Walking and Remitting Sin, on OmegaMan now 7:22 pm CST….


    • Steve Quayle on OmegaMan this weekend (sat)

      Henry Gruver recapped: remit, bless, laborers
      – remit sins, cleanse the land of past sins
      – ask for the Goodness of God to come upon it
      – ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers
      – He will lead the lost to repentance, the Holy Spirit will draw them

      Makes me think about how to relate:
      – Prayer Mapping (Russ Dizdar, basic prayer lists that can be tied to locations)
      – maps (paper or online)
      – Prayer Walking (Henry Gruver, cleansing the land for new harvest)

      HG points to spiritual songs and following the Peace of God as spiritual compass/GPS.
      – Peace as in peace that passes all understanding, shod with the Gospel of Peace (Armor), etc.
      – Walking in the Holy Spirit and not in carnal flesh
      – Talking with Christ about when as much as where… Connecting with Him in continuous prayer (when evangelizing such as with tracts)

      Much to ponder… some of which may be targeted toward chichen itza….

  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17295337?print=true


    7 March 2012 Last updated at 18:41 ET

    Fears of disruption as big solar storm set to hit Earth
    A strong solar storm is expected to hit Earth shortly, and experts warn it could disrupt power grids, satellite navigations systems and plane routes.
    The storm – the largest in five years – will unleash a torrent of charged particles between 06:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT, US weather specialists say.
    They say it was triggered by a pair of massive solar flares earlier this week.
    It means there is a good chance of seeing the northern lights at higher latitudes, if the skies are clear.
    The effects will be most intense in polar regions, and aircraft may be advised to change their routings to avoid these areas.
    In the UK, the best chance to see them will be on Thursday night, the British Geological Survey says.
    Complex network
    “It’s hitting us right in the nose,” said Joseph Kunches, an expert at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa).
    He described the storm as the Sun’s version of Super Tuesday – in a reference to the US Republican primaries and caucuses in 10 states.
    “Space weather has gotten very interesting over the past 24 hours,” Mr Kunches added.
    The charged particles are expected to hit Earth at 4,000,000 mph (6,400,000 km/h), and Noaa predicts the storm will last until Friday morning.
    Images of from the Sun’s region where the flares happened show a complex network of sunspots indicating a large amount of stored magnetic energy.
    Other solar magnetic storms have been observed in recent decades.
    One huge solar flare in 1972 cut off long-distance telephone communication in the US state of Illinois.

  13. I only saw an online clip on Foxnews but Netanyahu was on with Greta for an interview. What I understood him saying is he will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon even if other people do not realize the danger in them having one. Very interesting, including the timing being right after his meeting with obama.


  15. you say that everything remains the same in your title. Now let me ask you this, with the whole campaign of Kony 2012 and how people are trying to raise awareness of this situation is cool. But at the same time it makes you question how inept people can be. I learned about the invisible children when i was in sophmore year of high school. People need to look further into this. Yes it’s a smart idea to capture this idiot who has been doing this since the 80s. But is it worth starting another war that could put us into more debt, put us into more fear, and make the people question our government even more?

    • Do some more reaserch on this Korny 2012 thing. This may not have all the facts rights but I’m just putting it here to consider what a friend posted:

      Is Invisible Children Inc Misleading the Public?

      Kony2012 is a misleading campaign being used by ‘Invisible Children Inc’ to mislead America and the rest of the world. There are many interested groups in KONY2012 Campaign. In the USA both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party seem to have proponents and opponents to the Joseph Kony bill. But what we can be very sure is that ‘Invisible Children Inc’ directors are collecting financial donations and laughing all the way to the bank with your money.

      Kony2012 is a scam and fraudulent venture created by ‘Invisible Children Inc’ to enrich its directors. The name kony2012 is derived from the Ugandan Rebel Leader named ‘Joseph Kony’, of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) , who fought a brutal 23 year bush war with the Ugandan Government of Yoweri Museveni. And of course 2012 is the year of the campaign.

      For the last 7 years, these guys at ‘Invisible Children’ (invisiblechildren.com) have been collecting money in the name of war displaced children of Northern Uganda and only send just about 31% of the money collected back for use in Uganda. These Ugandan children were called the “The Invisible Children of Acholi. Acholi is also the name of the tribe for which Josephy Kony is a member of. The people of Acholi Tribe were the hardest hit by this insurgency, with loss of lives estimated anywhere between 80,000 to 500,000. There has been no official estimate of how many Acholi’s died.

      During the insurgency, the Ugandan Government placed most of the Acholi People in internment camps called IDP (internal displaced peoples camps) these camps were similar to Nazi like concentration camps. Many Acholi people died from diseases, malnutrition and extra judicial killings from both the LRA rebels and Ugandan Government soldiers (NRA – National resistance Army).

      These camps were poorly protected by the Ugandan Government, and constantly attacked by LRA rebels who would kidnap children to enlist in their rebel army. It was during this era that you would see thousands of children walking every evening from these camps and outskirts to spend the nights on the streets of Gulu Town so as to be safe from rebel attacks. It is these children who were given the name of ‘invisible children’.

      The charity group ‘Invisible Children Inc’ started off with the benevolent intention to collect money to help these children. But in the last 3 years ‘Invisible Children’ has turned away from their original objective of charity for Africa to Charity that enriches them selves.

      ‘Invisible Children inc’ directors have become so rich, they drive in fancy cars, own fancy houses. They pay themselves a basic minimum salary of $89,000 each, if you add benefits and allowances etc, each of them could easily earn at least $150,000. And those are earnings that they are declaring legally. How about what they do not declare?

      ‘Invisible children’ directors have used the ‘invisible children cause and concerts’ to promote their individual music and film aspiration careers. At every major invisible children concert, these directors place ads about their music bands and film companies. Their ads very often supersede the concert cause.

      What is so annoying is that, the war of Joseph Kony that the ‘Invisible children Inc’ capitalized on, has since ended over 3 years a go. So with the End of the war, ‘Invisible Children Inc’ funding started to trickle down. They had to invent new ways to invigorate and solicit new ways of collecting funds. So In 2010, they created a new campaign called ‘invisible children state side’. This campaign was to collect funds on behalf of the poor Children of Uganda and claim that they were using this money in the United States rather than sending it to Uganda. They claimed that the money raised was to be used in the United States to influence policies in Washington rather than send it to help children in Uganda. Of this money raised with the ‘state side campaign’, less than 10% was received by the children of Uganda, for which they claim to advocate for.

      In 2011 they created another campaign they called ‘Joseph kony LRA attacks and sitings website’. Here they also collected donations of money in the name of helping stopping Joseph kony attacks and making people aware of these attacks.

      Now it is in 2012 they have conjured and created the kony2012 campaign and again cleverly have come up with the ploy that they are collecting donation money to assist in capturing Joseph kony. How are they going to use this money to capture kony? The United States Government has already sent full combat ready, 100 Elite American troops to Uganda. These American trrops in conjunction with the Armies of these African Countries; Congo, Central African republic, Uganda, and Southern Sudan are also involved in the exercise of capturing Joseph Kony. So tell me how is kony2012 money collection going to help the children of Northen Uganda? For which ‘Invisible Children Inc’ claims to represent?

      In many circles, both in Africa and the USA, the directors of Invisible Children Inc have been accused of fraud and embezzlement. Several members of the Acholi Community in the USA had confronted Invisible Children Inc on the matter of openness and accountability. They accused them of Fraud. Instead of addressing these concerns, ‘Invisible Children Inc’ used donated funds raised, to hire expensive lawyers and sue any one who dared to question their accountability.

      It is an open secret in Uganda that Invisible Children Inc is a scam artist Charity that bank rolls certain Ugandan politicians as well as Local Acholi Leaders. Many of these Ugandan Government Dignitaries have received Gifts of some form from Invisible Children Inc. When Invisible Children Children Inc, directors visit Uganda, they can be seen socializing in the companies of these Politicians. It is also rumored that the Acholi Tribe, Paramount chief and some Acholi members of parliament in Uganda have also been bribed or received gifts from Invisible Children Inc.Others are also saying that USA Lawmakers and USA lobbies have received funding from ‘Invisible Children Inc’. Unlike in Uganda, in the USA, It is much easier to find which USA lobbyist received money or gifts from ‘Invisible Children Inc.

      What is so apparent and glaringly shocking is that only about 30% of funds collected by Invisible Children Inc, will go back to the ground to help the Ugandan Children. A quick assay of all Ugandan projects ever run and operated by Invisible Children in Uganda, will total to no more than $3,500,000 and yet they officially claim to have collected about $10,000,000 in donations. Others Claim that because over 60% of ‘Invisible Children Donations are received in cash, it is very easy to hide cash donations. An un-official estimate is that ‘Invisible Children Inc’, may have collected up to $40,000,000 in donations in the last 7 years.

      Many of you are not aware that ‘Invisible children Inc’ DOES NOT use an independent external Auditor. ‘An invisible child Inc does not have an independent external board of directors.

      There accounting and auditing is performed internally. Decision making is done by the founders who too are the directors. These directors decide how much bonus to pay themselves and what should be done with the donations collected. There is no Input from Ugandans for whom they claim to collect these donations. In a feeble attempt to seem legit, they have hired some puppet Ugandans and placed them in low and mediocre positions within the charity organization. These Ugandans have no say on decision making and are more than glad to just have a job.

      Many People, both in the USA are of the mind that Invisible Children Inc should be audited by an external auditor. Some members of the Ugandan Diaspora are making an effort to have Invisible Children Inc, indicted for fraud. This effort is being hampered by certain Ugandan Government officials who are patronized by Invisible Children Inc. It is very disgusting when people enrich themselves in the name of the poor.

      So why is anyone not doing any thing about it? Well you can start doing something about it by writing to your local senator

    • I don’t think so but I’m not that familiar with him. Could have been a gift? There was a previous video when that thing literally tipped over by its self.

    • WOW! I have heard him before but his shrill yelling style it tough for me to listen to so I don’t know much but I was under the impression he was more evangelical so the crucifix did make me go…..”Hmmmmm”

      Tipped over mid vid huh?

    • My husband can’t stand it when I watch Perry Stone because of his preaching style. Lol!

    • (Copied from a FB contact) “This small CME has had a northward orientation cauusing it to make little connection. It is not going to do much. This is the first of two. This was the small one. The larger one is not set to arrive for another few hours and will be smashed into the rear end of this one. Here are the times these storms were scheduled to arrive today. So far everything is on schedule.”

      Here is the first one that we are in now.

      Event Issue Date: 2012-03-07 16:52:21.0 GMT
      CME Arrival Time: 2012-03-08 06:25:05.0 GMT
      Arival Time Confidence Level: ± 6 hours
      Disturbance Duration: 6 hours
      Disturbance Duration Confidence Level: ± 8 hours
      Magnetopause Standoff Distance: 4.5 Re

      Thu, 8 Mar 2012 06:25:05 UTC
      Thu, 8 Mar 2012 12:25:05 UTC

      Here is the second one that will start later.

      Event Issue Date: 2012-03-06 14:18:39.0 GMT
      CME Arrival Time: 2012-03-08 23:59:04.0 GMT
      Arival Time Confidence Level: ± 6 hours
      Disturbance Duration: 11 hours
      Disturbance Duration Confidence Level: ± 8 hours
      Magnetopause Standoff Distance: 6.3 Re

      Thu, 8 Mar 2012 23:59:04 UTC
      Fri, 9 Mar 2012 10:59:04 UTC

    • I haven’t heard of Perry Stone…..

      I guess we are blessed to have our watchman here have such a pleasnat voice….L.A. can get all excited and get us all excited and still be easy on the ears! Must be that sensitive musician thing.

      Off topic but, I had to repent of some selfish stewing for the last 2 weeks….I went out of town for a weekend and hurt my back to the point I had to postpone the trip home a whole day and miss a day of work. Then we had a horrible blizzard and nobody came in to pick up and pay so my mortgage payment is late…..I finally realized that I have been luckier than my customers who are out of town and many still without power for nearly a week and one who I know is a lady in her 70s and going through chemo and radiation lives in the boonies! I knew she had an old fashioned land line that still works when the power is out so I called her and said, “Hi! I am not calling about business, just worried about you aout there!” Well, she told me that her power had come on yesterday and that in the mean time some neighbors had come in on snow mobiles and taken her to a warm place and took good care of her. Itold her not to worry, her stuff was safe here as long as she needed and did not mention money…….
      within an hour I had 5 customers lined up waiting to order and by mid next week I will have all my overdue bills caught up!!!! (Of course some for L.A.’s ministry!!!!) But if something else happens to delay my funds, I will look for who needs help before I worry about me me me! Lesson learned…..I can live under a bridge in a box and be blessed if need be as long as I keep looking up instead of looking in.

      What a wonderful and miraculous God we have when we pay attention to the really important things!

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  17. Using Bibles numbers in the N.T., I’ve calculated that the Rate of Survival for thos Left Behind is about 15%.

    I could have “crunched the numbers” a different way, and then the Rate of Survival would be less.

    • show us some of your “crunching” Greg! I hate math but love to see the process and steps you took to get there. Basing it on my understanding that there are approximately 7 billion people on earth right now……
      On my handy dandy little pocket calculator I can’t enter more than millions…..so I took 7 million and got 15% then multiplied by 1000 and get approx 7,350,000.
      I am not sure why I even care about a number but it is interesting…..and makes me think about why He went to the incredible miraculous creation of so many in just this generation if He will only call so few? How much pollution of the DNA has happened over the centuries? And is that why some just cannot hear the Word?

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