EMP – The Sum of All Fears?

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L.A. Marzulli

Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet

Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet

“The consequences of lack of food, heat (or air conditioning), water, waste disposal, medical, police, fire fighting support, and effective civil authority would threaten society itself.”

I want to revisit a scenario that to me is the sum of all fears.  I’m speaking about an EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon.  May I suggest that you click the link above and take a few minutes to read the riveting article.  An EMP exploded over the heartland of this country would wipe out the electric grid as we know it.  Think about this, your refrigerator would stop running and your food would begin to rot in about 48 hours.  Your car would not start, your cell phone wouldn’t work, no lights, no microwave, no TV, radio, or any of the modern conveniences that we take for granted.  And here’s the worst part, they wouldn’t come back on …. ever.  In other words the life that we all enjoy, and in some ways take for granted, is gone in a flash, literally.  This is a real threat and it could happen at any time.  It is THE game changer and we would do well to begin to prepare for an event like this.  So how do we prepare?  Why not stock-pile 6 months worth of food and water.  Why not team up with like-minded people who want to be prepared for such an emergency.  Why not have a meeting place where folks will congregate in the event of a disaster.  It’s good to prepare.

Recently I was at a conference and one of the speakers was assuring everyone that there was nothing to worry about as we were all going “home” soon; that Jesus was going to save us.  The crowd cheered and I sat there dumbfounded.  The reason for this is simple… Katrina.  All we need to do is look at what happened when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast.  The Federal government was nowhere to be seen and lawlessness ruled the day.

In closing today’s post:  We don’t know how long we have here until we are taken out, raptured as we are told.  I believe in the Rapture and hope it’s sooner than later!  However, I fail to see the harm in preparing for disasters.  An EMP is a real threat and we would be remiss, in my opinion not to prepare for it.


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55 thoughts on “EMP – The Sum of All Fears?

  1. I’m in agreement. Most Christians have their head in the sand. How do you have a falling away without persecution?
    I too pray He comes sooner than later, but..what if?

  2. I also agree something big is coming, Even the USA government is telling folk they may want to prepare, Of course they also think zombies are coming for us ! I am with you LA no need to fear if you prepare for the worst and expect the best.

  3. Ah yes, proof again that James Bond isn’t as far fetched as you’d think. This is merely a modification of the Goldeneye. That of course doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Makes me wonder how many “fictional” technologies are not actually fictional. (Like a metal gear which is a nuke delivered via rail gun. After all if there’s a goldeneye possibility…)

    It also explains how end times events could play out literally with horses and swords as described in the Bible. Of course, that would also make it hard to fulfill the parts where “the whole world was watching” certain events.

  4. I am in college. I graduate in August. Its very hard to prepare when you live in a dorm hundreds of miles from your family. Any suggestions?

    • If you’re from the “country” originally and not a “city kid,” you’ve got a head-start. It’s the city folk who are going to experience shortages that put them totally out of commission, along with the riots.
      Here, I can easily find springs to get water from, for example. If I’m uncertain about its purity, I have the basic AquaMira purification kits ($14) which is just a simple chemical method (7 drops plus 7 drops, let sit, add to water, voila…pure in 20 min.)
      I’m not into hunting but I could easily buy a guy and learn fast, I suppose. I do have some dry food on hand, as I’m a backpacker anyway.
      So my advice to you is to get acquainted with backpacking or outdoor survival. Not hard-core stuff, just the basics. Maybe your school has an outdoor club. For sure, make a basic plan with your family for meeting up somewhere. And most important, get into the Word.

    • a good bug out bag/back pack with a water hiker’s water filter, emergency candles etc. maps and a bike and/or good hiking boots is at least a start and can fit in a dorm room without any problem! You can even get a decent back packers tent for little money on ebay? Maybe you think it is too far to walk but where there is a will, there is a way! The pioneers did it and just having a worst case scenario plan will ease your mind enough to relax and pray and study your Bible! He will guide you!
      I am an old lady with bad back and knees but I have my bike and cane plan to get a wagon full of beans and tuna to my grandchildren 200 miles away!

  5. Oh, L.A…..I so agree. I think the EMP is our greatest threat too. And even if it was an isolated event or a pole shift or a ground nuke or just a storm like we had here last weekend…..How long can we make it before the truth is known? We have had an entire county closed….every single road….CLOSED!!! due to a really bad sleet and heavy snow storm that began last Friday. Thank the Lord that my power in town stayed on and I sat tight in my house until Monday morning when it took me a full 45 minutes to just clear the windows on my car because the foot or so of snow had turned to 6 inch thick snow ice….I snapped the scraper blade! And since I am right by Lake Michigan, it was better here because of the warmth of the big water. The Lake effect snow usually jumps inland a few miles.
    But, to my point, we are on the edge of the national forest where a lot of people live and all four counties adjacent have been declared a state of emergency. Crews have been brought in from Grand Rapids (100 miles away) and are having to go on snowshoes to find the downed lines in the deep woods. What is going through the minds of those folks out there in the dark with no communication? Do they think TEOTWAWKI has happened? I keep thinking of oldsters out there reading by candle light, “pray that your flight be not in winter” …..
    I feel better knowing that I have enough food, water and Aleve (LOL) to make it for at least a month or two depending on how many I have to take in. I am pretty poor but even on an income under $8000 a year you can fill a cupboard with ramen noodles and soup! Watch for sales and quit wasting money on fast food and frivolous stuff! And I
    parlayed Heirloom seeds from last years garden to plant several years. One acorn squash can yeild 50 to a hundred down the line! I also got some hard red winter wheat at 25# for just $20 and sealed it up. It is so much cheaper than buying sprouting seeds from the healthy boutique! Everyone can do it…..just start.

  6. Deyo site appears to be gone now as well as Quayle’s but maybe Holly is just rushing the new IP thing and will be back soon?

    • I just tried Deyo’s and was able to connect, but not Quayle’s. Holly did say something about being offline 3 days, so it will probably happen soon.

    • This is posted on standeyo’s site, explains what is up.
      IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In the next few days, we’ll be moving our sites to a new server. During that time, you might experience various messages saying “site unavailable” or “not found”. This is what Steve Quayle’s site and others are experiencing. As Domain Name Servers redirect their pointers, the sites will show again. DNS nodes around the world do this at different times, so some people will “see” these sites before others. We have no control over that; it’s up to a person’s DNS node how soon this is accomplished. We will post a message when the transition is to begin for our sites. Once the move begins, we may be offline 3 days. Please check back daily.—Thank you, Holly Deyo

    • Agreed Matt….but I think it says to keep oil in our lamps and every parable is true in the metaphorical and the physical! And I’d kinda like to have a drink of water and a bowl of soup for those that do come running to say, “Okay, now I believe ya….tell me about Jesus”

      And, I kinda get a kick out of having my major food prep be my investment in wheat a la’ Joseph in Egypt.

  7. Another possibility is a natural disaster of a large earthquake down the fault line that runs through the middle of the country. The amount of nuclear plants that run through this area could easily make the whole center near uninhabitable.

    In either case, I whole heartedly agree, we really need to plan to be left with nearly nothing but our faith in God. And Ginny also stated, the most important is the word. Amen to that!

  8. I believe in a pre-trib rapture but that doesn’t stop me from having a good supply of food,water and of course ammo handy. You are absolutely right about the Katrina analysis LA, it could very well happen.

    • I believe in a pre-trib rapture as well, because a pre-trib rapture, the tribulation, return of Jesus, and 1000 year reign are paralleled unequivocally to the Jewish wedding. That being said, we do not know how bad things are going to get leading up to the start of the trib. It starts with a peace deal which in my understanding there has to be war and chaos prior to the start. We shall see.

    • I think it is more likely a mid trib…. but pre wrath.
      Anyway, my goal is to be prepared to hunker down for 3 1/2 years because I really don’t think I’d want, or be able to survive the awful things coming much longer than that before going to be with Him! I could picture myself plodding away and trying to help witness to the lost sheeple for about that long before I said, “Great show Lord….now I’d like to limp on over to sit in the bleachers until the finale!”

  9. You don’t need to hunker down for 3 1/2 years, From the Bible there is:
    1) A man who speaks proud words and blasphemies 42 months.
    2) Apollyon will torment the men of the earth 5 months.

    You need to prepare for 5 months, only if you are not included in the book of Life. I will tentatively say this: we have a potus who has almost had 42 months to spout his mouth off. He has set up a 10 king confederacy in case of martial law, (council of governors) they will give him their power for 1 hour. Quetzalcoatl is due to return in May. Quetzalcoatl is Apollyon. The “image of the beast” is his physical body, Apollyon is a spirit: he will inhabit a body.

  10. Seems to me far better to lay up stores for the end time saints, such as the great multitude that’s most definitely going to go through birth pangs, tribulation, and great tribulation.

    Most everyone in the USA is rich compared to most of the rest of the world and most of the rest of the people in history. Something like the gent in the parable that wanted to tear down barns to build bigger barns to store things. But he died first. Those that believe they’re going to be raptured before any major troubles, clearly believe they won’t be here. So they need not worry about themselves. Better to be concerned about those that will really be here.

    My slant of course is that I’m a pan-tribber. The main catching away in all of prophecy and history looks to me to be the Marriage Supper event while the old world is being burned down to the elements, and the old heavens rolled up. There’s another catching away of the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11 after they die and resurrected on earth. There’s another catching away in Revelation 12 of the Manchild, caught up to the Throne of Heaven. Then there are all those folks during the millennial reign that have to go somewhere. And not just those that are kicked out. But anyway… time will tell soon enough.

    It’s better to stage stores (possibly buried) on an escape route than to plan on just staying put in a bunker. There are so many more catastrophes that can require relocation. That’s the Fukushima lesson. Quake, tsunami, flood, radiation, no utilities, desperate people, packs of animals, insects, disease… etc etc. And they had to flee… Similar with Katrina. I tried to point out that the refugee movement is possibly a worse problem as people get desperate. People who don’t know Christ — and possibly driven by many more rebel angels than were around during the first incursion.

    Amos 5
    18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light.
    19 As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.

    Much better to find ways to care for those who will go through all the trauma — than to worry about yourself. Make stashes. You may have to use them, true enough. Stash tracks and Bibles to. And figure out how to leave treasure maps and such for your loved ones that don’t believe. Tell them you’re leaving a letter that should be opened if you’re ever gone. I hope they’re curious enough to open it (so don’t make them promise not to).

    And include encouragement and explanations about what’s going on. Whether raptured, or martyred, or just better prepared in Christ — please be more concerned about those who will become the end-time saints who are not ready for whatever is coming.

    • Please think about leaving letters, tracts, and Bibles in other languages. There will likely be billions more spanish, chinese, and “indian” speakers around than anyone speaking english.

    • And we can have really great discussions about what to leave in an “end time survival kit.” How to hide them. How to preserve them against rot, vermin, weather, and detection. Does it make sense to leave batteries? Or sunscreen? Or seeds….. etc.

  11. Use common sense. We are in the Birth Pangs- stuff is happening & will continue – prepare yourself spiritually & physically. Going through this is to our advantage because it will shake some people up enough to listen about Bible phophecy and the hope in the gospel of Christ. We may get to rack up some xtra rewards in heaven.

  12. If you haven’t heard yet, Obama and his cold hearted cronies are headed toward killing about 600,000 snowflake babies by defunding their adoption program.


    Could be worse though, they could capture them for hybridization and laboratory gestation, rather than sacrifice them to the gods of politics.

    • Wow, if they aren’t going to families than i would rather see them dest. they will go to GOD! This is a hard decision people have placed us in! Moral decisions. WITH THIS HEARTESS REGIME AND THE THOUGHT OF “AIEN/DEMONS” GETTING THEM, THEN THEIR SOULS WOULD BE DESTROYED FOREVER. (I’m sorry my cap lock was on I said I don’t type!! lol)

      I got an email re. BHO’s BC it was discovered through an Australian Library. It a Moubassa birth. Much detail, documents with the British registrars signature validated that he was the registrar etc. Am. for Freedom Information Act /Superior Court of Calif. (Orly Taitz I believe).they got Occidentals records and he received a fellowship for foreign exchange students(Indonesia), Barry Soetero. You have to declare foreigner citizenship to get it. 1/27/07 , while an undergraduate.. Gary Kreep says est. $950.000. of campaign $ so far this yr.11 lawfirms in 12 states to block disclosure of his personal records. There’s a lot more! I f all’s validated this will cause a Nat’l Crisis, So many participated in the coverup! There may not be an election and all of his agreements laws stc. would be void. Biden would be involved and the House!! etc.This is going to be one roller coaster year!!

      I use to do tailgate camping tailgate of an old Blazer. Gold pan and small pan for cleanup, most util. fit in one wooden box. A coleman lantern/stove. sleeping bags a tent for 6. We’d camp in the upper verde river, Az.,& In Co.go off on logging trails, old mines, crazy places where sometimes ie. Co.the road narrowed to barely fit our truck, thought you’d fall off. All over Pikes Peak and around. We know how to ruff it!
      We may not get to escape though since our homes are now GPS’d they could come fast at night and slam in and grab! We have to stay in prayer and Faith letting God direct us, maybe even to someone’s home with food 🙂 if we get to. I have some stashed, things I thought I could cook with very little water/propane. Have a grill cooler combo/propane cooler I guess would be for storing small goods for cooking. It’s the water, need a good purifier(radiation?) Thought the old 67/Olds 442 my husband is restoring might get us around, old carburator, etc. (??) I nagged him to get it sold, now at a friends working on it slowly. Maybe a good thing 🙂 We use to have horses but sold them a few yrs. ago. Hard to escape the city on horse lol Sm. bdr community. Pretty obvious lol

      I have thought about it a lot, I am def. Pre-Trib, but that doesn’t mean an ensueing battle coudn’t & might break out before our time, monetary colaspes, Polictical colaspe weather who knows even alien/demons! We don’t have that light yet from God, but He is letting us discern the things that are coming right now. I didn’t proof read sorry I have to put my grandson to bed!

    • My maternal grandmother and her family went through the great depression as sharecroppers. My grandad and great grandad were wobblies; grandad lost a hand in a construction accident and became a drunk and recluse. He’d bought 20,000 rounds of 22 ammo and my granny became a crack shot hunting with a hex barrel .22. She became very strongly rooted in Christ, and kept me and my siblings going to sunday school and church growing up, though my parents seldom attended. My grandmother raised me mostly; she was more mom to me than my mother and would take us out fishing and such on a regular basis. Dad in his worldly ways at least kept involved in cub scouts and boy scouts. In the military, I worked special forces support. So I’m not worried about roughing it, escape and evasion, work camps, authorities, living on very little food for over a year, etc. The worst of it might be lack of dental care. And insects.

      Will have to return to this theme again as days progress….

    • Thank You for sharing such intimate parts of your life with us!! 🙂 Wish we could all meet with you and be trained in survival techniques. If we do get to escape we’ll need them. I have been thinking how wil we know when “it’s time”. I guess God will speak to our hearts and minds and tell us, or it will be absolutey obvious! At least Mn. & Fl. train you in bugs lol

    • Folks, one of the best ways to learn how to survive is to put yourself in the situation ahead of time and experience for yourself what you’ll need.

      If you’re young and healthy, spend a weekend in the woods with nothing but your clothes and a knife (and bring water – don’t kill yourself at this stage). You will quickly come to grips with what you may need and want in a catastrophe. If you are older and less healthy, put yourself through this challenge mentally. Notice everything you need during the day and what it takes for you to function. Imagine various scenarios and visualize what will be required to get through them.

      Also, books are available with lists of materials you may not have thought about. Holly Deyo’s is probably the best, but if you don’t want to spend the money to buy it, lists exist on the net.

      Pray and ask God to show you what you need to do. He will.

    • Thank You Good common sense!! I can imagine the first things on the list of “necessities”!! lol Then this and that goes of the list! Don’t take your newer car and phone with GPS built in! Finally the old wore car will be in vogue!

    • Another good exercise is to take a month or six and only buy what is produced LOCALLY. If it is not produced LOCALLY, find a way to do without or substitute it. If you can do neither, that material is something you need to stock up on.

    • Good point, but you may need to move further away even another state. I hate to think of living in Fl.’s woods, swamps, snakes, gators, bears, Wild cats!! Oooh feel like Dorothy, there’s no place like home. Seriously though there’s a lot of advesaries!

    • I agree, Linda, there will be many obstacles and challenges, but those sorts of things will be much easier managed if you’ve already trained yourself, even just in your mind, to face them. You will act the same way you’ve practiced – and most people haven’t practiced calamity. We had firedrills in school and for many that was the last drill.

      The most deadly thing to do is freeze up, so start acting now. Even if it is in a small thing. Ask yourself one question at a time: “How will I have clean drinking water?” Then answer that question and do what is necessary. Then ask another question.

      If you are in a location that will become deadly if the infrastructure gives out, think long and hard how you will deal with that. How did the native peoples deal with it?

      I’ve heard that gators are delicious.

  13. True, this catastrophe could occur. But I am just barely able to buy regular groceries, how can I buy even more for this emergency? A couple of my cats need medicine, and so do I. You can’t stock up on medicines. People lived thru the 1800s, it is possible to do so again. What about the Amish? Will everyon flock to their communities and inundate them? After all, they would have everything we would need for living like that. And besides, people in the cities will be fighting and stealing and looting. If anyone has a stockpile, you can bet someone else is going to take it. As Christians, we should be putting our faith and trust in the Lord to see us thru until the Rapture, whenever it might be. Yes, it wouldn’t hurt to stockpile and prepare if you can, but I get a little perturbed with people who act as tho I am doomed unless I do. I am trusting Jesus to see me thru.

    • God love ya Phyllis! I know how hard it is on a low income! I am below the poverty level myself but I am happy! God always gives me access to whatever I think I need and if He doesn’t….then I don’t need it! But, that said, He seems to have led me to set some things back. I am not sure how I got all that I have…..just watching sales and sometimes just 2 cans of peas extra….sometimes a bag of lentils (dirt cheap, yummy if prepared right and the cheap store brands will even sprout increasing the nutrition!) but every time I go to the grocery or dollar store I only buy what is on sale and then I stop and reevaluate before I check out…..usually have put one silly impulse thing in my cart…..(paczki season just ended and they are a big temptation! But I put back the 4 pack for 2.99 and got a single one for a dollar and spent the rest on a can of generic corned beef hash for the pantry. I may have paid more per paczki but the other 3 from that pack are not on my fat butt this week….and I have hash for someday!)
      If you want to prepare, you can start very small and it will add up. But if you have prayed and feel sure He doesn’t think you need to….GREAT! But don’t forget the widow’s mite and maybe get that extra can of beans and donate to a food bank or drop the change in a charity bucket…..or even send a buck or two to your favorite teachers. Yeah, I am pretty poor as far as income goes but I have internet because I split that and TV with my son and his wife and can come here every day! I have hot water that miraculously comes out of a faucet, I have electric lights and can keep my house heated to 64 degrees when it is freezing outside………How many people in the other parts of the world would consider that great wealth!!!!! My cup runneth over…..and I have a few bags of lentils! HAHAHAHA……I will even send you a bag of my lentils if it would make you feel better!

  14. Dear Friends, can I please ask a question? Does anyone feel like the people in our lives, such as co-workers, people we are around such as food cashiers, postal workers etc,seem to be lost in their own worlds? Some even seem catatonic. It seems like everyone I know are dealing with personal issues that seem to be overwhelming to them. It might be financial, problems with their children or spouse, health issues, etc. Even when driving, I will notice that drivers are unemotional and stare straight ahead. People seem to be in this daze

    I am a social worker for the Department of Children Services in my state and the number of children in custody are at an all time high, and the number keeps growing daily. The increase of child abuse is so alarming.

    All I know is I look forward to reading this blog daily as it lifts my spirits and I’m so grateful to LA and his words. God Bless you all,

    • Kimberly,
      My senses really perked up when I read your comments. I feel that way also about the world around me. So many people I know, or meet, are struggling with family, work, school, poverty, crime, drug, medical, every kind of social issue there is. Either personally or those close to them. Besides those who seem tuned out, and in their own world, I also see many many people who are very angry.
      Of the population I am exposed to, only those walking closely with the Lord are able to keep hope, thankfulness, and joy. It so saddens me that many believers seem devastated by the problems surrounding them. It is so very easy to become distracted by the problems surrounding us and not stay close to our source of strength. It is so critical now, seeing what is coming on the world, to stay in the Word, Pray Pray Pray, and cling to Christ. I am probably rambling, but I wanted to agree with you about society. You are right on.

    • You are right it’s getting more intense as God is shaking all the false foundations and people are being knocked out of there comfort zones! Faith comes and is tested in Tribulation more than sunny days. It’s been on a downward spiral for years, but the economy has given a fase sense of security!

      I don’t want to dimminish anyone else”s tribulations, but I have lived in a very dysfunctionl life since early childhood, then I married someone with same and add ADHD and all it’s baggage. Self employed so chicken today feathers tomorrow constantly. He being attention deficit, they don’t stick to things, are impulsive/compulsive and don’t analize the big picture and act on it accordingly, very self absorbed, do not accept councel well, so uprooted a lot, very stressful, fearful uncertainty . I know very well how to loose everything and to go w/o stuff!

      When I understood Salvation/Grace and who I am IN CHRIST I stood up to the devil and declared my God and His Grace are sufficient and HE would take care of me in troubles I would not let the devil steal from me what God has given! If resisting I still loose a batte I remember God is soverign and He allowed it for a purpose HE will use to bless me. (Always remember Job/Satan was offered Job by GOD!! to sift and test His Faithfulness!)

      The last several years I have not given in to the ADHD things and temperments to get their way since I understand it now and finally have had some peace and enjoyment. This being said people have been going through MUCH before only now the big squeeze is on EVERYONE and everyone now realizes it hasn’t been hunky dorky just maybe in their paradigm! There is no where left now to delude or distract themselves. They are waking up to the fact they were either ignorant in who the wolves were and the agendas, or busy, distracted and not dilgent in both the word of GOD and the world around and did not discern what was happening and fighting back evil, or both! (not all)

      The HS ans. my prayers and showed me during Bush’s second term what was going on and many that we’re involved including Bushs! That there were 2 roads running alongside of each other, but leading to the same end! My Patriotism and sincerity was misplaced and I was being manipulated! I repented(Grk. changed my mind and aked God to start showing me HIS TRUTH HIS WAY and keep me on tract esp. from the Traditions of men. I then found by accident(lol) Lion and Lamb Ministry (Pastor David PicosDD)and I began to learn how man has corrupted GOD’s truth, how many liberal and unlearned/trained are NOT Rightly Dividing the The Word and make everything in the Bible the “Church” when some are assemblies/synagogues (poorly translated ) etc. taking us to Rome and Apostacy. People are void they threw GOD out a long time ago. 2 Generations maybe 3, in fake churches and those with NO Christian exposer are what we see today, even with MEGA CHURCHES ie. Osteen, Warren, Hybel’s Blk. Mega Churches! I think it will get worse, it’s the great Trib. that has many martyered saints! They wake up too late.

      L.A. THANK YOU for making Sid Roth’s interview so easy to access!!! I went there right after you posted and really enjoyed hearing you and Sid talk about the things coming lookin at things diff. then we did before ie. mark!! 🙂 I would’ve never known to look there if not for you. I’ll’ pass it on to my contacts.

  15. Excellent blog today, L.A. An EMP is my fear for this country. We need to prepare. If this happens, maybe we can share with an unsaved neighbor who may be willing to listen to the gospel. The Lord will use us in any situation. We only have to be willing. I am stocking up – just a little every week with the buy one, get one free sales at the local grocery store. For all of you with very little money, you can at least do that. May the Lord bless you all.

  16. Raptured?? I do hope you mean after the 7th trump which is the furthest out. No where can I find in God’s word does He tell us He is going to take us away before the “bad stuff” happens better known as the tribulation occurs. Jesus states “Behold I have foretold you all things”. That’s pretty straight forward.
    LA I have followed your blog for a while and have just read The cosmic Chess Match which was a good read. Stay in the word and pray for direction. God bless

    • Steve, I agree with you 100%. That said, these days I spend less time trying to debate when the rapture is to occur and more time being a beacon of joy, hope and faith in the Lord. If the tribulation happens and some Christians believe that they have been “left behind” because no rapture happened, there will be many who become angry with God and will feel forsaken. It is then more than any other time we will need to lift up brothers and sisters in Christ. They won’t want to hear a, “I told you so.”

      When the world goes to Hell and you are the only one left dancing with joy for the Lord, people will look to you for truth and testimony. Peace and blessings to you.

  17. May I suggest a read of “One Second After”. Many people just think its just about food, water, sanitation and protection. While all those things are very important for survivial, I think we may fail to realize how many areas in our society would be affected that would, in turn, affect us and, possibly, our extended family or friends as well. For me, it was an eye-opener.


  18. Tuesday afternoon, I watched 2 – one hour shows called “Doomsday Preppers”. People are getting unraveled and some are actually preparing Big Time.

    A latter day prophecy was: “And, there was darkness in the land of Israel” This of course, could be spiritual darkness, but also literal darkness.

    Obama doesn’t want to get any blame for the coming mid-east wars…You know he doesn’t ever take any personal responsibility, for various problematic situations.

    Netenyahu outclassed Obama 100 times over.

    • That would be heinious to a good alli! Just give the 2 back to Kenya they are filled with terrorist relatives like his cousin Odinga and his 1/2 brother radical Islamist!

    • that is FUNNY!!!! I was looking at the results of the primaries and was amused at how many votes Perry and Huntsman got! And, it made me wonder how many Netanyahu write ins there will be next November!

    • Linda, it was an attempt at humor.Israel has a great need for a strong and principled leader and BB is that man. I truly pray he recognizes his Messiah soon as I would love to shake his hand in Heaven one day.

    • I was commenting to thinking about it re. “the great one”, as sick to death we are of this phoney what would he be like if theirs!!! (nothing ag. your humor I know you gest.) 🙂 (anti-Christ moves to Jerusalem….) (spirit of)

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