I’m going to start a prayer request on Sunday along with the Bun as needed.  That being said here we go!

Please pray for Al Ulrich who just suffered a life threatening heart attack and is being rushed to the hospital.  Al is the father of Bob Ulrich who is one of the producers at Prophecy in the News.  Update: Al Ulrich passed away 8pm, (EST) Please keep the family in prayer…. L.A.

To All that would: my dad is a 49 year old pastor and family man who is an anointed man of God with cancer. He is currently going through chemo and will be having surgery in Apirl to remove these tumors from his stomach lining. He is really losing weight and is not a big man to begin with…his name is Pastor Ray Christenson, please lift him up in your prayers! Thanks and much love to my family in Christ, Ray Jr.


I don’t want to inundate the blog with prayer requests (especially one for myself) but I feel like I have to share this. I am a Christian, have been for over 25 years. I have been under such a strong attack from the enemy, that I don’t know how I’m going to make it. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m talking a relentless, powerful, obvious attack. I haven’t seen demons running around my house, or been levitated or anything like that, but I HAVE felt an overwhelming sense of discouragement. I recently started a small business (cleaning company) and am struggling mightily financially speaking. I feel an almost uncontrollable anger most of the time, and I know that isn’t of the Lord. I have been praying constantly, but things are just getting worse. Please lift me up in prayer. And if anyone else has encountered this type of attack, please share. I really felt led of the Holy Spirit to share this, because I feel that the enemy is turning up the heat because 1.) something big is about to happen and he wants to rob us of it as much as possible, & 2.) the stronger one’s commitment to the Lord, the greater the attack, I think. And I have seriously drawn a line in the sand as far as my walk with God. I refuse, REFUSE to give up!!!! Praise the Lord, I know He will bring me through. Again, please pray. Thank you  Michael

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  1. I don’t want to inundate the blog with prayer requests (especially one for myself) but I feel like I have to share this. I am a Christian, have been for over 25 years. I have been under such a strong attack from the enemy, that I don’t know how I’m going to make it. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m talking a relentless, powerful, obvious attack. I haven’t seen demons running around my house, or been levitated or anything like that, but I HAVE felt an overwhelming sense of discouragement. I recently started a small business (cleaning company) and am struggling mightily financially speaking. I feel an almost uncontrollable anger most of the time, and I know that isn’t of the Lord. I have been praying constantly, but things are just getting worse. Please lift me up in prayer. And if anyone else has encountered this type of attack, please share. I really felt led of the Holy Spirit to share this, because I feel that the enemy is turning up the heat because 1.) something big is about to happen and he wants to rob us of it as much as possible, & 2.) the stronger one’s commitment to the Lord, the greater the attack, I think. And I have seriously drawn a line in the sand as far as my walk with God. I refuse, REFUSE to give up!!!! Praise the Lord, I know He will bring me through. Again, please pray. Thank you

    • Brother Michael, I just want to encourage you to be strong in your faith. Many Christians are under attack right now, including me. My faith has been shaken as never before recently to the point I question God’s existence at all.
      I do know if you are steadfast in prayer, and you love for the Lord with all your heart, your darkest days which you feel will never end, will subside, and you will eventually come out victorious. The bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you “and Psalm 34:18 states “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” I am not sure why the Lord sometimes waits for providing comfort to us, I do know that If we are truly followers of Jesus Christ, we will face trials of every kind. But be encouraged in knowing that Christ is in each storm we face and it is his power that is causing all things to work for our good even though we may not understand that or see it as we go through the dark days. My faith is being put to the fire as well as I write this message to you, to the point where declaring myself agnostic doesn’t seem all that absurd anymore. None of us are exempt from the fires the enemy throws at us. . True sons and daughters will suffer for Christ. It has been written that blessed is the person whom the storm drives to God. It is only in the battle that the true strength and courage of a believer is revealed. Faith is not faith until it has been tested, and it seems you are being tested like never before. Those who draw near to God in times of trials like you are experiencing now will find that they cannot leave his presence without receiving his strength. Many times my problems cause me to think that God has forgotten me or simply doesn’t care; it is hard to understand that the source of our strength and our provider in all things is already with us. When a situation seems hopeless, it is difficult to not grow weary and lose strength. But we are told in Scripture to keep trusting and believing in all of our trials even when we don’t see the answer. It says Romans 8:24, “Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?” Our faith must transcend the boundaries of what we hear, see and feel. We must trust that the God we serve is working out his plan in our lives through every battle we face. Faith doesn’t see the future – it trusts the One who holds the future. Everything that God allows in the life of a believer has been divinely designed. There are no mistakes in the plan that was made for you long before the foundation of the earth. Whatever is happening in your life right now that doesn’t seem right or fair has been allowed for a distinct purpose. It is never easy to suffer through our painful trials, but it is the working of our faith that gives us endurance to stay in the race and not give up.
      Michael, we aren’t always going to be in control of our circumstances. I recently suffered a shocking and tragic loss in my life; and although my spirit is crushed and I do not understand the reasons behind my loss, there will be times when all we can do is surrender them to Christ and trust that he will work them out for our good, even though we might not understand what possible good can come out of the misery we are in. It may be scary to wait in the deep water for Jesus to bring you to safety but that is exactly what we must do. Get your eyes off of the sharks in the waters of life and the storm clouds that are brewing. They are under the authority of God, their Master, and cannot harm you. You may feel weary and alone in the dark sea of trouble but you are not alone and you are never without his strength….Keep on going Brother, I will be praying for you.
      Romans 8:28 and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    • Hi, I have a post about how God has shown me to really start winning the spiritual battle that I put down under the main prayer blog listing although it is really a reply to your call for help. I am sure it will help if you read it and apply these things in your life, I know they are working for me.

    • Heya Michael
      Thats all I do as I am in a constant state of warfare with the enemy and his plans. Prayer works It healed my wife from the brink of death and the last 2 strongholds I prayed down in one week were the Penn state pedi ring and another thats still falling. Keep the faith Plead the blood of Jesus and talk to GOD he listens. Yes you will be tested pretty much weekly for me monthly at most. The enemy doesnt have to shows his face but hes always there waiting and whispering. He fears the name of Christ not only for its power but for the simple reminder of what he faces on THAT day of days. Ill pray for us all!

    • Michael,

      Go in prayer, sincere heartfelt prayer, then, repent brother. Examine all the fleshly thinking, words, lusts, and then bring them to the cross. You should feel something lifted…. then walk in covenant and power. These demonic forces have no place when you’re walking in covenant. Sin, in our lives, weakens, if not removes, our armor.

      Take every thought captive and make it obedient. Pray for a pure heart and a pure mind. Turn your whole heart unto God.

  2. 1 Timothy 3
    16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

    For Michael Gura, Lord Jesus, that he think it not strange passing through this fiery trial, and that exactly correctly he continue to increase his spiritual Armor connection to you through continuing prayer and humble grace, to quench the fiery darts of the devil and release all anger, bitterness, sadness, and guilt, which rise as giant waves of injustice that we all see coming like tsunamis.

    Giant waves of debt, giant waves of refugees, giant waves of malice, giant waves of propaganda, all coming as satan loses the battle in heaven and is bound and is cast down falling like wormwood, down to earth and down into the bottomless pit, raging.

    You are our Rock and Fortress, Lord God, not built on shifting sands that can be washed away in any flood, the Only Begotten Son of God, our Doorway to the Most High, to the very secret place of refuge under Your Wings, high above the travails of earth. Almighty, please, pick up your crown and reign not only in the midst of your people, but over all, that the will of the Father be done on earth as it is in heaven and in the Heaven of heavens. We pray in your name, Jesus (Y’shua), who is Christ (Messiah), and YHWH Adonai come in the flesh, Who has not disdained to retain your earthly tabernacle of flesh, and tender heart for our passing afflictions, that seem to take so long.

    Please note our standing prayers and confirm our requests…

    For David Flynn’s brother Mark (Dudev) and family… in agreement with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn
    Matt’s health, eye problem (still?)
    Linda’s daughters, hubby and grandson, (drugs, hyperactivity, and aversion to Christ)
    Ben Murphy against attacks such as guilt and shame
    Greg (GTE) blessings in volunteer work
    Stampeternityonmyeyeball’s prayer about the country waking up
    PP regarding dreams and visions
    Agreeing with Hopeful_watcher that we be more “fishers of men” than “battling tar babies”
    Randy Demain and Pastor Paul (Cornerstone) re: going to chichen itza (ch-itz)
    Agreeing with Jeff D, Rose, Ghillie, and Elaine’s covering LA’s ministry (esp. ch-itz)
    Nomemoleste for situations I can’t share
    Agreeing with Jaqueline and you Lord Yahshua (Jesus) for the peace of Jerusalem

    For those who are Christ’s to be freed as catholicism continues to be exposed, such as through Chris Pinto, Tom Horn, and Cris Putnam’s work

    For those in authority in the US, the Americas, and abroad — including spiritual dominions and dimensions or even those like locusts that have no king yet — that they give Christ His due as Lord of lords and King of kings, in rendering unto God what is God’s.

    As the faithful agree, so be it.

  3. Amen! Thank you so much! Lord, I lift up LA, for healing in his body, and that you would continue to bless his ministry. He is doing your work, Lord. I pray for everyone who reads this blog, for your peace and strength in their lives. I pray for Nomemoleste, for those situations that can’t be shared….Lord, you know what they are. Please intervene. I pray for peace for your people, the Jews. May you protect your people from harm, and open their hearts to the saving grace of your Son Yeshua. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! Maranatha!!

  4. Resist the devil, and he will flee. Keep reading Psalm 91 aloud, also Psalm 23. I printed Psalm 91 a few years ago, and laminated it, it`s pasted on the fridge. Remeber no matter how fierce the storm, God is taking us through. I know it can become debilitating, all the resistance, but we HAVE to, in order to be overcomers. It`s very important also, to acknowledge victory verbally, in the name of Jesus. After all, he does say, whatever you ask in my name,believe, and then you will receive. Praying for unknown others facing trials and illness also, WILL bring the cessation of our own demonic oppression and attacks. God Bless you all.

  5. Yes, Michael…I feel it too. Satan would like to sift us like wheat…so many I share with are experiencing the same things that you mentioned, You are not alone dear brother. I’m trying to stay in the Word a little bit more…and, it DOES help! I love you my friend…We will be Home soon…trials and heartaches will soon be behind us. But, for now…know that you are not alone in what you are experiencing…the finish line is just ahead!

  6. I too need prayer for growing depression. I am looking for a part time job with not to many hours in something I would feel comforable doing. I have a interview today but, am not sure if this is where God wants me to work. I feel torn as I am over 60 and don’t have the stamia I used to have. Finaces are getting tight and I depend on my sister for income…we lilve togethe in our deceased parents home.

  7. For Michael and others embroiled in spiritual battle: Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy: and NOTHING shall by any means HURT you.
    This verse in one of the most important in warfare, notice Jesus says power (authority) over ALL the power of the enemy, not just sometimes, or in certain situations, but ALL of the power. For the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH.
    As a Christian for over 40 yrs. let me give you a quick, but very treasured and hard-fought-hard won plan for battle.
    1. Must be a geniune Christian–John 3:16. Must be devoted and dedicated to Jesus as you Lord. That means all sins repented of and forsaken, (more on this if you are having trouble with besetting sin)
    2. Put on the armor every single morning before starting the day, ask God to put a hedge of protection around you and yours. Ask Him to protect you and yours spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. Also ask for spiritual wisdom and discernment, along with asking God to lead, guide and direct your every step. Other things if you can think of them. Again, this is a guideline, you’ll need to taylor it to your own needs.
    3. Then, if you have a besetting sin in your life you cannot stop doing no matter how many times you cry out for forgivenss. Then say something like this out loud. “I renounce & reject the demon of ___ (whatever sin you commit) and command you to leave me and do not return unto me.” Somewhere in your life you have opened a door that needs to be closed. Doesn’t mean you are possessed, just oppressed, and the enemy can cause you great harm over this.
    4. Ask the Lord to sever any generational curses on you and your family’s bloodline. The enemy also uses this to cause great harm. He has the right if your ancestors had certain sins and practices in their lives. You may not even be aware of such, but do it anyway.
    5. Then take the authority the Lord gave His church and command the evil spirits to leave you and your family alone. Be sure to do it always in Jesus’ name, for it is His authority under Whom you operate. You will find a big difference in your life.
    6. Once 1, 3, and 4 are out of the way, then continue every morning with 2, and 5.
    Remember, we’re all getting hit hard right now, and you must have on the armor and you must use the authority to fight back against these spiritual wickedness in high places. The battle is fought and won in PRAYER! God bless and keep everyone of you. May you stay Prayed UP!

  8. I am starting to win the daily war against the evil forces of depression and demonic attack through some things that the Lord God Almighty has shown me. This has taken years to learn, but is really simple in some ways, almost too much so. I think I am a lot like Naaman in 2 Kings Chapt. 5. I tend to think the simple little physical acts that God tells us to do are just silly or something and not want to do them. However, faith is evidenced by action and we need to act to show our faith, and sometimes we will look silly in our faith. First stay in the Word and in Prayer daily. Get up early (ask Him to wake you) and spend time with Him. Next verbally rebuke, bind, and cast out/away all demons/evil forces that are hindering you, around you and your loved ones, or your property, calling them by type of activity or name/type, while claiming the blood of Christ/the True Jesus/Yeshua/Yehoshua. If you have some that are particularly “sticky” ask them for their name out loud (even very softly – they have great hearing) and cast it out verbally by name (the odd name that occurs to you in your mind is the most common response – after all they don’t want anyone else to know they are around). This is all daily, remember the Bible talks about endurance with faith. Yes, this is a battle and the forces of evil are becoming desperate, so their attacks are vicious. Next break any generational curses or curses created through oaths (masons, etc.) that might be affecting your family or your life. Next get some good old olive oil and claim it as a representation of the blood of the true Messiah. Then put it on your doorposts and sides of your windows, and the cornerstones/foundations of your house. I also put it on our pillows and around in various places in our bedrooms and other rooms. Put it on the sides of other things that are also a type of window or portal: TV’s, computers, gaming systems, mirrors, phones, etc.. Then inform the evil things they can come in no more. Another weapon formed against them is the Word of God. How to apply this? Reading scripture aloud helps, but I found one of the most effective is to hand write scripture on pieces of paper and put them all over the place. I rolled scrolls and put them into my closets, I wrote on flat sheets and put them on the backs of pictures, I folded them and put them in furniture, anything to make the evil things uncomfortable (no “safe” place for them to hide). Evil things are uncomfortable with the physical things of the spirit: scripture, prayer, praise, and the blood of the True Messiah (olive oil). So surround yourself with these things and as Paul says in Titus 2:2b “be sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.”
    Next, I claimed all sorts of good promises from God Almighty (love, joy, peace, His guidance, and all sorts of others I find daily in my study of His Word). Then I thanked Him for them and praised Him that He might receive the glory that is His due. Next, I asked Him to show me the things I need to work on in my life (Hard one people, there were all sorts of things that I was sort of letting go and saying I was okay). When He shows them to you, confess them and move forward with Him removing them from your life or working on them going forward with Him.
    Next, one of the hardest for me was to learn to love your oppressor(s). I read an article from Voice of the Martyrs about the awesome movement of God when persecuted/jailed followers of The Way are tormented, but choose to pray for their oppressors and witness to them. Most of us are not jailed or really persecuted for our faith physically, but we get enmeshed/entangled in situations that we can’t seem to get free from, or which God is not releasing us from right now, where He wants us to prevail for His Kingdom. His way is love. I had to hand this to Him because I can’t do it alone, I had to claim His supernatural love, and tell Him I am inadequate. He is faithful to fulfill His promises to us. I also had a great minister pray for the washing away of my emotional wounds and to replace them with supernatural cleansing/forgiveness/forgetfulness. You can claim this yourself, but I didn’t realize I needed this, but he listened to the Holy Spirt’s urging and prayed for this for those who would come forward to claim it. Wow, did I need it. He is faithful and full of mercy and love.
    A really important point from the Titus 2:2 above is the word endurance. I only started understanding this or even noticing it about 15 months ago. We in the western world take for granted that our lives should be easy, but really our prosperity is a blessing and we need to be watchful. Our response should not be to sit and enjoy the plenty, but instead we must stand and fight, not crouch in the foxhole and hope we don’t get hit. Also, demons tend to leave after a short fight, but then wait a little while, and return with more forces and evil power. Be prepared for this and fight when they show up again (prayer, more oil, more scriptures out loud and written, more praise, more thanksgiving to God, claim more promises, show more love though Him, and bind the demons and cast them out and into the pits of Hell if you have to, and Thank God for deliverance and freedom in Him). Love, love, love (hard to do, but a primary weapon in God’s arsenal, evil ones hate love, pray for those who abuse/scar/throw darts at you). There is a great lesson in the story of Saul and David. Saul threw darts, but David while removing himself, did not throw them back. David is the man after God’s own heart. Remember it is hard to hate someone you are praying for. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the evil forces and powers. Love the person and pray for them, I have been amazed by the morass of evil forces out there. People are so blinded by the literal monkey on their backs. Pray and study and fight with God’s arsenal (2 Corinthians 10 – something to really think about there).

  9. For LA Marzulli. I have found when battling a cold, use Vitamin C. Either Emergen-C 1000 mg flavored drink mix, or vit c tablets. Double up for the next few days, you should be over it soon. God Bless.

  10. yes, attack from the devils are real! They attack those who wants to reveal the whole truth about them or the ones who are going to bring hope and the scriptures to the world! Talking about the Lord Jesus Christ makes you become a real target in this world. Attacks come from various sectors!! First or at the same time, he will attack you psychologically, bringing you depression or desperation. Without Jesus and His protection you will sink. Second he will attack you financially, bringing you problems of all kinds. But God knows everything and will give you the strenth to overcome those problems, at least psychologically and in your soul. The goal from God, is to set you free from money slavery and learn to put your trust and love to Him only! To put your trust and Love to your Saviour is what will set you free!! Because this life is a life or death sentence, are you going to choose Jesus as your only Saviour, as your only Love, the one you lives in your heart, night and day!! You cannot have a divided heart, or one foot in the world and one with God. It does’nt work that way, the world as we know it is goingto end soon, meaning that Jesus will come back and His church has to be His Spouse, an immaculate one, with a real and perfect Love with His Saviour!! The rest will pass!! Where are you going to spend your eternity?? With the Love of my life, Jesus Christ or with his ennemy, Satan and the fallen angel’s!! This is the real meaning of all this!!

  11. Michael,
    IF the attack is towards or because of your business then at all cost be loyal to G-d . first thing to do is Tithe. Figure how much you think you’ll make this year or want to make this year and Tell the Lord that he is your source and you are going to tithe on X amount. Then Do It. Honoring G-d with our substance and the first fruits of our increase, releases the promises of Malachi chapter 3. THIS will work, i am a partner in Lil Joe’s Legendary Leathers and we have put G-d to the test and it does work. G-d is Faithful. It takes a bit to get it going (Patience) but G-d is very faithful.;

    Ive noticed when something great is about to happen in my business or personal life for that matter I can FEEL the spiritual Battle that is going on. I hate it…… the hopelessness,overwhelming depression, ANGER, ect……….. But it always passes.

    Psalm 23: 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
    your Word , your Authority and your Spirit they comfort me.
    I always walk through , sometimes kicking and screaming but always i walk through

    The key to our Victory: Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony. Those who take communion everyday or frequently swear by it. The is a website that has a book on communion .i have read it and it is very good and informative.

    If you would like talk further (Privately) go to my website and my email is on the front page.
    Im a Business man like you and maybe we can help each other.


  12. I have been feeling the same things you are describing….God told me in Sept that He was going to take me deeper when it comes to prayer, precept by precept for weeks now He has been training me as His soldier.
    He took me to Ephesians and a 2 month lesson on the armor. and the 2 edged sword…all of which is put on to do battle in prayer.
    He has shown me the war is won check mate but there is a battle going on for every soul. As I have witnessed Gods moving in response to the ways He has shown me to pray, I have begun experiencing exactly what you described….even the anger for no reason, I am not an angry person. Thank you for sharing I have been very discouraged and it has effected the way I pray…Prayer is hard work.
    As I go through these same things I will lift you up in prayer. I am sorry you are going through this but it does help to know I am not the only one and to know where it is coming from.

  13. It bothers me when I see people write, HS for the Holy Spirit, or G-d for God. What’s next? JC for Jesus Christ?

    To me, it just doesnt honor God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

  14. Hello
    Please pray for husband Michael who needs surgery to correct part of colon that has moved and is now pressing against his stomach.
    Many thanks…the Lord bless. Olivia

  15. Remember guys to close those doors they are many and left even partially cracked is as good as a sealed invitation to torment and despair. When I first began my war as a soldier of the Lord I was and am still surprised at some of the mild things that can unleash the worse sorts of stark terror and dread. Those pagans sure didnt help but o well. Keep up the fight and if unsure Pray! I watched a video once where a preacher quoted another about his greatest dream or achievement in life would be to go one day without forgetting for 15 seconds to think of the LORD! Now thats where I wanna be! GOD bless you all!

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