Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Sunday Go To Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I’ve been fighting this stinking cold since Tuesday of last week.  It has been draining, but I’m almost over it and will be fine for our trip to New Orleans to interview David Brenner for Watchers 4.  I got to thinking about sickness over the last 5 days.  When Yashua/Jesus walked the earth everyone who was sick that came in his presence was healed.  Lepers, blind people, deaf people, those with withered hands, club feet, and everything else.  People who were possessed by demons were delivered.  People who died were raised from the dead.  In other words, sickness and death had nothing on Yashua/Jesus.  He reigned over them.  Everywhere He went goodness spread from Him, destroying the kingdom of the Fallen One.   This was HIs calling card, and I believe this is how we should tell the good news to people.  How can anyone argue against that?  If we show them who He was and what He did, it’s hard to make an argument against a loved one being healed!

Think for a moment, do we really believe there is a blind man hanging out in the throne room?  Do we imagine cancer or any other malady can reside there?  Of course not.  Sickness is the end result of sin in a fallen world that is ruled by the Prince of this world, The Fallen One, i.e. Satan, whose calling card is death and destruction.  When Yashua/Jesus returns, goodness will spread over the earth, starting from where His feet touch the Mount of Olives.  Sickness and disease will flee, because of His goodness.  The Kingdom of this world will at last be taken from the Fallen One and given to the rightful King, Yashua/Jesus.  Death & sickness, where is thy sting?  It won’t exist and He will heal the nations.

In closing today’s Bun:  We are told in James that if any of us is sick, let the elders anoint that person with oil, lay hands on them and pray.  Sadly, this practice is mostly not functioning in today’s church.  This, however was  what the first century church walked in.  It was part of their daily lives.  They expected people who were sick to recover.  I believe in the gift of healing for today as there is no place in the Guide Book to the Supernatural that proclaims it isn’t, although there are those who insist that those gifts died off in the first century.   We should be quick to pray for the sick,  believing that we serve a God who is more than able to heal.

On Another note:  I was flipping through the religious stations last night and there was a guy who was selling a financial “blessing,” for a seed of $45. a month, given to his “ministry,” for a year.  There was an 800 number on the screen, which I called and told the operator that if Yahsua/Jesus was here now he would take a whip and clear out the studio where this was being filmed.  I told him that this was scam and admonished him to take a look at what he was involved in!  We are in a time where the wolves are eating the sheep and false teaching abounds.  People are desperate for the real thing and this is why hundreds of misled people were giving their $45.  to charlatans like this   guy.  He has nothing but a fat bank account.  I can’t help but wonder if the words of Yahsua/Jesus will apply to this guy.  “Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you… ”   Let’s hope this guy repents and stops fleecing the flock.  Let’s pray the sheep wake up and realize what a scam looks like.  Let’s do what we are called to do by praying for the sick,  telling people what Yashua/Jesus did while on earth and that He’s coming soon!


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  1. Thank you for today’s Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! I completely understand what you are saying. I see so much of this down here in Brasil. People wanting a Financial Blessing, it is big. But no one talks or preaches about really what is going on in the world. Praying for you and love your ministry!!!

    • Amen and lol for calling the station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what the receptionist ? thought! The blind leading the blind! 😦 AND the not so blind getting rich or “accepted in the inner circle” and joining in on the scams!!

      Listened to Brannon Howse talking with Marquis Laughlin(Blk Am. Pastor) about these Wolves being prevelant and in the Blk Churchs with ie. Bishop Eddie Long wrapped in was it a scroll(?) and annointed a King (long lost Heb.heritage found) by a Messianic Jew! Needs to get his flock numbers back up(20,000-7500)!! Whole lot of fleecing going on! Seems he stiffed the congregaton through some invester he sponsered in his church (he got a cut!!) and fell from grace, divorcing etc. needs a new gimmick. Not fallen 2 far 7500 ignorant people seem to remain!!! A caller (Blk. Pastor) also brought up the “angry Blk” man and it sounded like a lot of Blk Liberation Theology(like Obama/Pastor!) being preached. A whole other topic to be PU by the 2 for another show. You can listen at Worldview Radio will be archived(daily) you can download also for 5 days free then they go into sp. group listners and forsale. The Eddie Long has audio of Youtube of annoiting taking place. ( i don’t know if I can paste show copyright laws) Some Santorum speech/2008 info also!! Where he says Protestant church about dead and irrelavant and VERY pro Catholic(ecumenical push to get ev. back to Rome his/the ONLY true Church!!)

      Divideing the Body!! Satan=Divide and conquer!!!!!

      It’s the IGNORANCE of unlearned Christians and those who “think” they are one under unlearned wolves ALL with itching ears and maybe going to hell that are to blame! If they spent more time studying the scriptures and the whole councel of the word, rightly dividing, the HS would bring them to Truth! Red Flags would shoot up and they’d run for their lives and the wolves would starve to death! More “digging in” and less “Halleluja Amen Brother” when’s the buffet.

      The Body’s a mess and the Harvest is waiting! Eph. Grace “The Mystery” & IICor. 5:18-20 “Ambassadors In the Ministry of Reconciliation”

      Glad your feeling better L.A. I have been thinking about your grueling trave sch. and being sick w/cold tired etc. My daughter caught a co-workers germs and she has asthma and it kicks her hard=made me think of you!! Still lifting you before the Lord! 🙂

    • re. comment Correction: It was where the Rick Santorum 2008 speech was given re. Catholicism vs Prostestanism etc.

      related to comment sort of @ Crosstalk a pew study reported that 1.8 mil. dead people are reg. to vote! 2.8 mil are reg to vote in at least 2 states this giving a whole new meaning to every vote counts! No wonder we are having trouble passing E-Verify!! Would really make it diff. for a certain elected Official we won’t mention!

      How do you think Christians are going to fare?

    • here’s what they want the flock to believe….

    • In the Eighties while living in So. CA. I was introduced to a woman throught mutual friends I was told she was a committed Christian and never married and I was raising my two young kids alone and they thought we’d hit it off. We made plans to go to dinner at the end of the week and while talking on the phone one night I we told one another where we worked. She told me she worked directly for Peter Popoff and without hesitation I told her he was a heretic and a charlaton and that she should resign her position. She got quite angry and tried to defend his “ministry” and we got into a heated discussion. Never did go to dinner with her and dont even remember her name.

      Peter Popoff was exposed by James Randi aka. “The Amazing Randi” using audio tape of Popoff’s wife telling him through a hidden ear piece the names and nature of his audience’s illnesses. He would use this information as a word from God, to show that he had a gift of knowledge. His empire suffered greatly, years later he’s still fleecing the flock, made up mostly of black women.

    • Gee John Michael you should’ve first asked if she could get you a deal on one of his prayer cloths! lol Some people are so gullible!

  2. Yeah its a sad thing to see people get taken in from scammers hiding behind the bible using the false “prosperity gospel” as calling card to gain riches. If only believers would take the time to read the Word one wouldn’t be so gullible to be decieved so easily if not at all.

  3. Well what did the guy that you were talking to on the phone say when you told him that it was a scam? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • HI John – He was taken aback and he then lowered his voice and said OK. Then I said Good bye. More people should call and get these wolves! Jam their phone lines!

    • L.A. I once got a fund drive call from a young colege Moody student. I told him I won’t support Moody any longer as they were moving towards New Age ideas and leaders. That Joe Stolh left to go work wth Bill Hybels(his wife is totally NA promoter) and their Youth Group Ministry which sells materials to thousands of church Youth Groups promotes Emergent leaders etc. Even Lutzer was making visits to Hybel’s Mega Church.

      He and Rick Warren both studied under Schuller and his New Age ideas. Scuellere kept “A Course in Miracles/New Age book in his drawer discreetly and taught them how to become big by being “Seeker Sensitive” now look what we have! Apostacy and moving to the Great Falling Away.

      He was totally unaware and very interested! We talked a while and I encouraged him to get informed, be aware and be weary of these wolves who are infitrating the Church. To go to Lighthouse Trails a Publishing and Ministry(researchers) dedicated to theses things ie. Contemplative/Emergent etc. This Ministry has related articles, quotes info etc. on leaders, colleges, churches/Denominations moving towards or already New Age, etc. Even the leaders of AWANA have moved towards Contempative. Leaders who gorify the Desert Fathers etc. . We have to make use of every opportunity because the time is short and the conspiring is full swing to silence the Church and we will have to witness at great peril or coward away. I say speak up now there is a spiritual dying mass out there and some are in our churches(bodies) unaware of truth. Sitting under Wolves being fleeced and possibly eternal damanation. Like you said L.A. “be gone from me I never knew you” “doing” a lot of good things, but never trusting In Christ as Paul’s Gospel teaches us, we are “The Mystery Hidden in God before the Foundations of the Earth” no one except in this Grace Dispensation will hold the place God has put us in after it’s over. They can become Believers, but not as the “Body o Christ”until we are all made into One New Man at end in the New Jerusalem.

    • Hi LA:

      In reply, I totally agree. I never thought of doing something like this but it is so right on. If we who see call their 800 numbers and speak the truth with love to these people, perhaps some who work for these charlatans will see too and have the courage to leave their groups and organizations. We should have thought of this long ago. Have you seen the articles regarding what’s going on at TBN with Crouch’s granddaughter finding fraud within the organization and reporting it and Paul and his son Matt said “God help anyone who comes against TBN”, mentioning people who have died for doing so. What times we live in, although deceivers have been doing this forever and the worst of it we probably only can imagine. Go get em LA and let’s the rest of us take a cue from him and do this type of thing too, speaking up wherever and whenever we can to those pulled in in hopes the light will help them finally see and flee. Amen!

    • I do this in comments to any post that is Polictical and Rel. quoting scripture and copy/pasting facts on subject. In Hopes that someone with an open mind will read, hear, watch and be set free, an open their minds from being robots. Casting our bread on the water! Fishing for men/women 🙂 We have to start being inovated about pulling people from the fire. Strike while the iron’s hot so to speak 🙂 Pray for God to give us His words for the situation(the HS will bring scriptures to mind)ask for open doors, favor then send His Word forth. That word that’s sharper than a two edge sword…


      The Mystery of the Gospel When we realize the position Jesus has placed us in in His Body and the riches He is sharing with His Body=Us we will be both humbled and empowered! “Grace” we were planned by God before the Foundations of the World. We were, every part and member of our body decided by God and the Born into the Dispensation of Grace and God gave us to Christ to be part of His Body and Jesus gave us back to GOD to be His sons and daughters! (David understood how God ordered all His parts!) We were designed to fill a necessary job for God for this age. We just have to fight that old sin nature as best we can to do it! By the power of the HS as we yield. One day at a time, or moment by moment sometimes!

      I enclosed this pt. 3 for you to read God’s words and click on the red vs. to read for yourselves just how Magnificent this Grace is and what a Mystery NOT prophesied, but given to Paul to the Gentiles by Jesus after His Resurrection. We the Body are different than the other “churches/assemblies of God.
      Our purpose is to be Ambassadors in the “Ministry of Reconcilliation” The Grace Message! We let God work out the whose for each church. 🙂

  4. The Prosperity gospel being preached and sending money to these wolves, dressed in suits, and glamorous idols surounding them, well it’s just sad ! LA, I agree Yeshua would clear them all out ! Come out of her my people and wake up, is what the LORD would likely say.

  5. A cold will usually run for at least 2 weeks… are feeling better in just 5 days? Hmmm, a lot of healing prayers went out for you here. I think it proves your point? There are really no small miracles!

  6. And they also have the audacity to set up funds for after you’re gone, I forget what they call it an annuity?
    And they’re the benefactors? I watched a tbn video concerning their current financial situation (being sued by granddaughter) and the next segment Matt and Paul are talking about the owner of Chick filet, he had adopted over 100 kids!! And of course, all Paul can say is, I wonder how he is going to divvy up all his cash?

    The LORD is our inheritance.

  7. I just had to reply to your post. I recently did the same thing. I rarely watch TV anymore but one late one night, I was just spinning the dial and happened on a particular channel that run all those late night ‘seed’ programs. I just couldn’t help myself and phoned the number and told them they were fleecing the flock and stealing from the poor. I got pretty upset and the person on the other end listened quietly but I could tell he didn’t receive what I had to say. The ‘preacher’ was pushing a $200 seed that night… but on other programs he was going for the mega $1000 seed. It was almost amusing how he was painfully twisting the scriptures to fulfill his pitch. Some people just look like the devil… this one had dark dyed black hair a goatee and that sing-song snake oil voice … lol. How appropriate.
    Blessings L.A. I have been reading your posts for a while now and totally agree with you. Most people don’t have any idea of what the Bible says and therefore suffer for lack of knowledge. Jesus is LORD and He is returning soon. :^)
    Heb. 11:6

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised is smaller exposures encountered during ministry inoculate us from more severe infections.

    LA, such inoculations may be needed for trips to the interior of Mexico and chichen itza.

    Isaiah 58
    6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?
    7 Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?
    8 Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward.

    9 Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity;
    10 And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday:
    11 And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

    12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

    • Strongly agree, have (wow!) and will pray.

      The prospect of the mayan calendar being broken as a yoke of slavery and band of wickedness to release the lost out of those nations, tribes, tongues, and peoples is set before us — that they may believe Christ’s sacrifice is enough — as the Lamb Slain from the foundation of the world, completed at the Cross.

      He has the keys of hell and death and has taken captivity captive. They may overcome us for a time, but that won’t stop Messiah.

      And the promise to Him as Seed of Abraham is to possess the gate of his enemies.

      Genesis 22
      15 And the angel of the LORD called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time, 16 And said,
      By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son:
      17 That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven,
      and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;
      18 And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.

      Even moreso, God be blessed. (Ps. 68)

    • Nomemoleste, Those are great words reminding us of our GREAT JESUS. I often marvel @ Abraham, his only son!!! Whew! GOD power!

      NOTHING can stand against GOD/Jesus, and esp. the New Age, for a while maybe but the end is determined. L.A. you are right we need to start praying ASAP re. that event, such wickedness. We get so caught up in the day to day stuff/distracted.

  9. LA, thanks for the stand you take on wolves in “the ministry”. There is enough coming against the”true church” right now and it is good to hear of someone in your standing to take a stand!
    BTW, it is not surprising that you came down with a nasty after having been east. We are being inundated with spraying and all manner of illnesses lately. The enemy is busy in our skies and who knows what he is throwing our way…I pray often for you and others who are attempting to wake up “the church” to the deceit afoot!

  10. L A, Glad you are on the way to recovery! Thank you for your ministry and I look forward to hearing you soon and will order Watchers 4 when available to go with the others.

  11. L.A a little off topic, well not concerning the days we live in! I got a letter from PITN to renew my magazine…the letter was about why? your Watchers 1,2,3 videos are flying off their shelf. “L.A. has put his finger on something so vital that our viewing audience has been electrified” they continue “peope have discovered that the world has begun a race into the future depicted by the prophets … then ends with where else can you see an interview with a Dr. specializing in the removing alien implants? (alien/demon) 😦

    The Watcher’s series are now the #1 best selling DVD’s in our 32yr history! Prophecy In The News

    I think the Mayan stuff Satan thought he’d use to draw minds away from God and God’s using it to open man’s eyes that the Bible is the sure Word of God and Revelation, Daniel and all the other prophets, Ps and ALL said it first! From Cover to Cover!! God will not be mocked!

    He has a remnant for ev. hour and this is your hour! 🙂

    I only have Watchers 3 thanks to you Christmas deal and it was “!!” 🙂 Thank You!

  12. Yes, L.A. Great article!

    I believe in the Word of the Lord and I have been praying, calling in health to you in the Name of Jesus. For by His stripes we are healed as God is our healer.

    I’m glad to hear of your recovery and that the “storm” is over in the Name of Jesus!



  13. What catches me is ” YOU WILL DO GREATER THINGS THAN THESE IN THOSE DAYS”. We are in those days and we can do greater things than “HE”. AMEN to that. To think of all that have gone before us, that we get to be here in these days doing what “HE” said we could do,”THINGS GREATER THAN ME”.Like heal the sick, Raise the dead, ” THESE DRY BONES”. If you believe it will be done, Proven to me by Faith.

  14. To All that would: my dad is a 49 year old pastor and family man who is an anointed man of God with cancer. He is currently going through chemo and will be having surgery in Apirl to remove these tumors from his stomach lining. He is really losing weight and is not a big man to begin with…his name is Pastor Ray Christenson, please lift him up in your prayers! Thanks and much love to my family in Christ, Ray Jr.

    • Dear Ray,

      I was healed by God in Nov 1997 of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, I too was scheduled for Chemo, six rounds and twenty-one doses of radiation. I stopped it all, one day short of having the therapy the oncologist had prescribed. Against his advice and I still have the registered letter he sent me protecting him from liability for not taking the treatment.

      I would reccomend a couple of books by Doug Kaufmann, The Fungus Link and The Germ That Causes Cancer.
      I was cured before I bought the books but have found them invaluable to my friends and family. We all know someone with cancer.

      Medicine treats cancer three ways, they cut, they poison or they burn. It’s all they know and it’s all we have in a conventional way to deal with this terrible disease. We all get cancer on a regular basis, cancer cell activity, our immune system fights it off. Encourage you father to do all he can to build up his immunity now.

      It’s a tough situation your father is in and I will be praying for his full and complete healing. The power of Jesus Christ is here today as it was when He walked among us. His ways are not conventional they are supernatural.



    • Tom Horn is researching who could be “Petrus Romanus” the next and final Pope, who might be the False Prophet. In “Nephilim : The Revealing” one of the good guys in the Vatican completes his research on who the AntiChrist will be. He is killed by two near -human looking Nephilim. The Pope if I remember correctly, then dies within a couple of days.

      Tom is researching who the False Prophet will be. There are rumours about the Pope’s health. I hope Tom and Co. are being careful.

  15. We as Christians should all start to pray for the sick by the laying on of hands. This is very scriptural and has never been taken away from the body of Christ. Too often, we fear what others will think so we hold back. Let’s stop feeling embarrassed. It is not about us anyway. We are just servants willing to do what Jesus said.

    • We are sons not servants, but sons serve! 🙂 I was healed/my arm healed from surgery with a tight cap. It looked like I was forever holding a purse across my middle=9 yrs. Then when our Pastor was going to have eek Benny Hinn as a guest(BUT CANCELLED/broke connections)the following week I was praying for someone with my arms up to the LORD/one slanted I felt my arm creaking and stretching like I could hear it in my head and I was healed! I also was interceding for a grandmother friend/worker’s newborn grandson. He had a rare blood disorder from the 2 parents and was dying. God showed me in a dream the “little boy about 2 in shorts running past me”. I told her it was hard for her to hold onto her faith(Catholic) as it was her grandson, but like Moses and Aaron I would stand in Faith with her. I told her he would be OK because God showed me & God saved that little boy! I believe in miracles, I believe the sign gifts ended as scripture states because they were for the Jew and Jesus performed and fulfilled the prophecy, but God can heal anyone anytime HE chooses and does still today. I pray for all those today asking for our prayers for healing and God’s will be done. Nothing is too hard for Him, but He has a plan and we need to trust His reasons and plans in whatever the outcome because HE is a loving Father! We are His and perfect healing is with HIM!

  16. Wow, sure a lot today so I will try to get to it all! LA, glad you are better! I’m sure this was a very difficult trip back east emotionally and physically, but we are all going to be outta here pretty soon anyway so I try not to let all that stuff get to me too much. Keep your eyes on the prize always! Not on the circumstance 😉
    Don’t pray enough, but started praying for you immediately after you postefthe Mexico trip. I thought you were either crazy, had the biggest set of u know whats, or it was the hand of God! Any of those 3 or maybe a combination thereof lol! Heck, I’ve been praying for the tribulation saints for 2 years now, cuz those guys are really gonna need it! Anyway, Charles Stanley said this morning how Daniel SLEPT in the lions den cuz he trusted God that much! Something tells me, you walk like that too!
    Ray, have prayed for your Dad and also the Ulrichs. Really start rooting around on your own for some answers to the cancer thing. There are some things that really help that most physicans dont even know about! Get him on a prayer chain and get all the church elders from every church around to lay hands on him at the same time. God Bless you all!

  17. Some Catholic parishes are good. I have found this several times in my life–also know of a bad diocese where I lived. Being utterly discouraged by the state of my mainline Protestant church, I visited the Catholic parish here today. The priest was giving a sermon (best one I ever heard) on salvation by faith alone.

    Some of what Santorum says about this situation in mainline churches is true. Possibly Tom Horn and Chris Pinto have some truth to tell too. In the world of man, sin is everywhere. And goodness pops out in unexpected places.

    • Chris Pinto would say as he does Come out of her, Mystery Babylon! The harlot. Seems a strane on your walk to remain in a false system including the priest with the “best” msg. The Bible says call no man father, to start with. The Pope is NOT God, nor infallible and Mary isn’t Immaculate or mediater co-redemptress. Enough said to run! Saints are all believers and we don’t pray to any of them. Holy Water isn’t holy, but dirty as I remember! Just read the Catechism and you’ll know exactly what they believe. Mainline churches are the problem for the most part! Read Roger Oaklands work.

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