40 thoughts on “Still Under the Weather!

  1. LOL! LA you are hilarious. Sorry you’re sick, I’ve been under the weather all weak also. I’m praying diligently for your recovery and that you’ll back in health by Monday. God Bless!

  2. What a hoot LA, glad you can keep your since of humor, while sick – “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”. I just listened to Linda Moulton Howe on George Noory’s show talking about strange trumpet sounds and that of metal grinding being heard in the sky all over the world, and if not a hoax, then it is certainly spooky. Being one who loves a mystery, I’d sure like to investigate this one. I will say it is aptly timed as we enter into 2012. Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Cheers from you Christian Astronomy buddy!

    God bless!

    • Hey George~
      I was poking around late last night and came across reports of these same/or similar sounds in the 1800’s…gosh…I am sorry I don’t remember where. If I come across it again I w/ post it here for you.

      You crack me up ~ thank you!
      Get better in Jesus name.

  3. Nyquil will make you goofy. Ungoof quickly.

    I have decided to buy the new Torah vid, and I rarely succumb to buying stuff, preferring to donate where I can help a little. I think also I will buy Watchers 4. Now to find the spot on the site where I can buy these things.

  4. LA:

    You’re a true warrior, as you can laugh and make others laugh in spite of what you may be feeling or going through. You’ll be better soon. I had a nasty thing for almost 2.5 months. But God is good and I’m doing better. Thanks for your humor, as well as your diligence as a watchman. God bless. PS: Nyquil makes me goofy too. Amen!

  5. Feel better!!
    I had hernia surgery a few weeks ago, and the vicoden knocked me out all day and night after surgery. It felt great sleeping soo much! Much recovered now, and hope you do as well soon!

  6. Too, too cute!
    I am listening to Rob Skiba while I work and he just read some scripture about the days of Noah and the fallen angels and a long list of all the creatures they “sinned” against before the flood “and also afterward”….and it suddenly hit me…..Bible skeptics always make the argument that two of all the critters on the earth would not fit on the ark, therefore it is all a myth……but what if the same criteria, being pure in their generation (no mingled DNA) went for the animals as well as Noah and his family? That could mean that some species are indeed evolving and multiplying into subspecies, while some were from normal procreation of God’s creatures and so “pure” in their generation and only they were allowed on the ark? Also answers the old “Why didn’t he take dinosaurs?” since they are now finding that man did coexist with some…..hmmm, hairy mammoths?

    • Okay….back to learning patience! It is a couple hours later and Skiba is discussing this very thing…..see, don’t just listen to me LOL, listen to the whole message for yourself! Lord only knows what tangent I might take ya down before I finish it myself!!!!! I am the reason the Bible says, God created the foolish things of the earth to confound the wise”

    • 1) I think people, skeptics especially, have no comprehension as to just how big the ark was.

      2) who said all the animals were adult and full grown?

      3) dinosaurs, he could have taken eggs? That’s a wild guess.

      4) maybe God altered the carrying capacity of the ark supernaturally, sort of, a TV house effect. The house is bigger outside than it looks from out.

  7. Recombinant DNA in that bottle of Nyquil? I hate taking that stuff unless I really have too. It makes me feel really out of it the next day. Not good if I have to work.

  8. Not trying to be mean here, but you look … gray and leathery here… have you considered a moisturizer? Just askin…maybe some omega 3 fatty acids and a hat, a big, floppy hat, with some great big glasses, dark glasses, and maybe…oh, nevermind.

    Maybe grow a moustache or somethin…

    • The shadows don’t line up on the first photograph of the series of photographs towards the end of the article. Check the saucer shaped whatsis.

    • Thanks for the link LNL!
      Brian Ingram has done some research on this very thing…I have seen a vid where a father was taking a pix of his kids in front of one in Central America and when they looked @ the pix there was a beam.He didn’t see it w/ his natural eyes only in the photo, and it did not seem faked.
      Even the one in Vegas seems suspicious.The wattage on their beam is incredible…now area 51 has one as well,hum…so many bizzarro things to ponder these days~

  9. Good ol’ pharmekeia did the trick I see. It turned you into a gray alien, but hey, you have no nose, so it can’t get stuffed.

  10. Now just one second there gray guy, no matter how you got LA Marzulli’s login – in the Name of Jesus you’ve got to go! LA taught us RF-AQL.


    • Now for questions:

      Q1: You perhaps popped too much echinacea along with vitamin C, D, and zinc?

      Side effects and contraindications “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echinacea#Side_effects_and_contraindications”

      When taken by mouth, Echinacea does not usually cause side effects.[27] One of the most extensive and systematic studies to review the safety of Echinacea products concluded that overall, “adverse events are rare, mild and reversible,” with the most common symptoms being “gastrointestinal and skin-related.”[28] Such side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, itch, and rash. Echinacea has also been linked to rare allergic reactions, including asthma, shortness of breath, and one case of anaphylaxis.[28][29][30]. Muscle and joint pain has been associated with Echinacea, but it may have been caused by cold or flu symptoms for which the Echinacea products were administered.[28] There are isolated case reports of rare and idiosyncratic reactions including thrombocytopenic purpura, leucopenia, hepatitis, renal failure, and atrial fibrillation, although it is not clear that these were due to Echinacea itself.[31]

      Q2: Or perchance someone left extracted implants in an empty vitamin bottle ?!

      ( hehehe! )

  11. L A.. I hope you see this.. I was talking to an online friend of mine, a Jewish guy who lives in Jerusalem. He knows of your work. I asked him to pray for you, I said “That nut is going to Chichen Itza on Dec 21, 2012, can you believe it..” My friend stated he would take that prayer straight to the Wailing Wall, so you are WAY covered. My friend also said, ‘ LA is not a nut, God is with him, he will succeed.” I thought that was sweet and that you should be told.

    Now that I read the Nyquil story, I must argue with the friend. You are a royal nut.

    God Bless.

  12. Now you know why I don’t take OTC meds. = – )

    Speaking of the Wailing Wall, you all might find this of interest.

    Expert Warns of Waqf’s Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount
    by Elad Benari

    Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar warned on Thursday about the plans of the Muslim religious authority, the Waqf, for the Temple Mount.

    Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Mazar said that for the past 12 years, the Waqf has constantly built on the Temple Mount in an attempt to implement its final plan: the establishment of a huge mosque on the Mount.

    “There is no order there and no one to uphold the law,” she said. “No one can enforce the law there. Not the Israel Antiquities Authority, not the Nature and Parks Authority and not the city of Jerusalem. The police are there but they are precluded from enforcing.”

    The Temple Mount was left in the hands of the Waqf following Jerusalem’s reunification in 1967, a decision of then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. The Waqf has taken advantage of this and removed every sign of ancient Jewish presence at the most Jewish holy site. At the entrance, a Waqf sign says, “The Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard and everything in it is Islamic property”.

    Police, in an attempt to appease the Waqf, discriminate against Jews. They limit the number of Jewish worshippers allowed on the Temple Mount at one time in order to prevent conflict with Muslim worshippers. They often close the Mount to Jews in response to Muslim riots – despite evidence that Muslim riots have been planned in advance for the specific purpose of forcing Jews out.

    Mazar, a member of a group of Israelis who work to prevent the destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount, said that the State Comptroller wrote a report which exposed serious findings about Israeli authorities’ inability to enforce the law on the Temple Mount, but noted that the report has remained confidential to this day.

    “The Comptroller produced a thorough report and questioned all the right people. He came to important conclusions which so far have not been published. Our group has demanded and continues to demand that the contents of the report be published.”

    She warned that the excavations of antiquities being performed on the Temple Mount by the Waqf may lead to disaster.

    “It has been going on for 12 years. They’re digging there as if it’s a construction site. There is a danger that the ground will collapse under thousands of Muslims. It endangers the safety of the people. There must be engineering control over this huge monument. Every stone on the Temple Mount may contain some of the most important antiquities in the world.”

    Mazar added, “I do not accept the argument that this could lead to a world war. The Temple Mount is at the center of Jerusalem. We’re not harming the Muslim rituals. We only want to enforce the law and order so that a disaster can be prevented. The Waqf cannot be trusted. If something collapses there the Western Wall may also be damaged, because the Temple Mount is on a round hill and its edges will be in danger.”

    Mazar said the Waqf’s final plan is to unite all the mosques on the Temple Mount and create one big mosque. She added that it has been working for years to put the plan into practice and warned that if this happens, Jews will not be able to go to the Temple Mount.

    “We know that the Waqf’s goal is to unite all one the mosques, and unfortunately today it is far from being just an illusion,” she said. “We will definitely weep over this plan in the future.”

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