Satan and the Media

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L. A. Marzulli

I’m fighting a cold and had a very rough night with little sleep. I fly out of Philly tomorrow so please keep my in prayer!

Rick Santorum, made a comment several years ago about evil and Satan. Our weasel-in-the-stream media has seized on this and are running with it, having a field day. These yahoos assure us that there is no devil, no evil, no supernatural, and that anyone who believes in such is a throwback to a Neanderthal. So let me try to understand something. I guess the Holocaust had no supernatural element to it. The 70,000 people that were ritualistically sacrificed by the Mayan’s had no supernatural dynamic to it. Tell that to the man who is getting his heart cut out of him!
We celebrate Christmas, the virgin birth of the God-man Yashua/Jesus which is a supernatural event and then later on we celebrate his resurrection, which is another supernatural event that changed the western world. It’s acceptable to embrace those holidays, but when someone like Rick Santorum begins to talk about evil and Satan and anything supernatural, he’s crossed the line of what is acceptable in our society, at least to these weasels in the media who because of their position of power, steer the dialogue into the arena of ridicule and personal attacks.

There is a supernatural and it is more real than what we consider our present state of reality. I call it super-realtiy. There are angels and there are fallen angels and demons. I wonder what these folks would do if they ever came across someone who was possessed? I wonder how they would react to someone who began to manifest a demon?

In closing todays post: We live in a world where we will see signs in the heavens and in the earth that will make men faint from fear. We are about to enter a time when Satan will manifest everything he has with all signs and lying wonders. We are on the verge of what I have come to call, The Coming Great Deception. There are supernatural forces that are at work and what will these folks do when it begins to happen? I have been asked to go to Chtizen Itza on December 21, 2012. It is going into the belly of the beast, as we will be inside the pyramid, during the winter solstice. I do not want to go alone as this would violate the principle that Yashua/Jesus put in place in sending out teams. We are trying to assemble a team of people who will go to this ritualistic site and stand against, “The Prophets of Baal.” I will be sending out an email blast, detailing this soon. In the meantime, Santorum is one of us, in that he knows there are dark, supernatural forces that are controlling much of what we see on this planet. I applaud him for his openness and honesty!

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  1. I agree with you LA and have already voted for him in our Ohio primary by abstentee ballot. He doesn’t back down from the truth. The media hates God and hates the truth

  2. Yesterday in Phoenix Santorum said this about his speach from 2008.

    Asked whether he still thinks Satan is attacking the United States, Santorum called the inquiry “not relevant to what’s being discussed in America today.”

    “If they want to dig up old speeches of me talking to religious groups, they can go ahead and do so, but I’m going to stay on message and I’m going to talk about things that Americans want to talk about,” Santorum said, “which is creating jobs, making our country more secure, and yeah, taking on the forces around his world who want to do harm to America, and you bet I will take them on.”

  3. how right you are la. all media has been satan’s most potent perversion. so far reaching into practically everyones life.
    a very difficult mindset to break. i still listen to music i grew up with. i have a different awareness about it but those
    hooks and riffs are imprinted in my mind. i still like some of it. then there’s the mainSLEAZE news with it’s info babes,
    agenda bias, and obfuscations.

  4. I agree with what you said, L.A. It will be a miracle if Santorum’s candidacy can survive ongoing assaults of this nature. They are ridiculous. Presidents like George Bush openly talked about their Christianity. Perhaps, however, if Bush had referred to Satan, even in an old dug-up speech given at a Christian college, he would have been excoriated. Satan is a part of the Bible, referred to explicitly–“Get thee behind me, Satan!” the Lord said. No reason we should not talk about this Biblical figure as easily as we talk about St. Paul or the Woman at the Well.

  5. Yeah, Bob Schieffer was tryibg to goad him last week,too and he had all the right answers. Maybe him with Paul as VP or vice versa and Judge Napolitano as AG? Hope springs eternal in the human beast (typo intended!)

  6. The sad thing is santorum thinks satan is only attacking america now. We’ve been in his hand for a good long while.

    2 Corinthians 4:4

    4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    Though Christian principles were widely accepted by most, USA was never a Christian nation. Founded by freemasons and deists, with hundreds and perhaps thousands of masonic temples in our land.

    Also, william h kennedy did a VFTV with D. Gilbert that exposed allied power’s occult use in WWII.

    Still, God ordained this great land, and has blessed us, sadly I don’t think it will last. The Godly values once widely accepted are withering. Satan isn’t just now attacking, but rather tightening his grip on a land that he held for some time. But he’s only doing so because God allows it, and perhaps it means our Lord Jesus will come soon!

    • Also, partial praise report.

      My gum infection seems to be gone, maybe a little residual tenderness, but seems good so far.

      Gonna go in for round 2, so once those wisdom teeth are out, I’ll report in..

      Thanks for the prayers!

  7. The air-waves are controlled by Anti-God Forces is an absolute fact to me.

    You see: “Lies are in Series and Truth is in Parallel” (Electrical Speaking, ok)

    Lies are re-enforced with Holding Contacts, that are Music, Money, & Media)

    The Truth “Circuit” is re-enforced with The Bible, The Stars, and The Great Pyramad of Truth…and once “started up”, opens up the Lie Circuits.

    One subtle example is: “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide”…This is not a bible verse, ok. Instead it is a saying of a puppet, Jiminy Crickett, a Walt Disney character.

    The Bible teaches us to live by every word of God, not puppets. Actually, O.T. Law rebukes the teachings of puppets, and is not allowed.

    The lst Catholic President was J.F. Kennedy. The citizens were concerned if he would follow the dictates of the Vatican, as that is their Supreme Ruler, (instead of Christ). The Vatican Pope speaks for Christ, is their point of view.

    And realize that the Bible was Legislated to a Degree.

    PUBLIC LAW 97-280, 96 Statute 1211, 10/4/ 1981 (or 1982-?) It is entitled: “Congress Declares the Bible is the Word of God”

    Now that is a fact, and as a result, we may realize that there is a huge conflict of law in our society.

  8. Excuse me, Off-Post: Today is Washington’s Birthday…Feb. 22, 1732.

    He actually had 2 birth dates. February 11th and Feb. 22, 1732. This is a fact.

    You see, we changed calendar systems back then, similar to a leap year situation.

    We went from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar system…and this required that we add 11 days to the calendar.

    So, February 11th, became February 22nd, 1732.

    Since I have a tendency to question most everyting, What If: What if the calendar should have been moved back 11 days, instead of forward 11 days.? LOL Why? Because all contracts would be considered null and void, wouldn’t they?

    Pray Obama out with Psalms Ch. 109.

  9. The worldly aren’t neutral. Those who are friends with the world are enemies of God.

    Gifts and callings are given to all, without repentance. That includes the false prophets – the media as an institution – and not just edgar cayce or nostradamus.

    Same goes for worldly politics. They can’t be true public servants because they aren’t servants of God.

    This has been and remains enemy territory.

    What was it Paul wrote about turning two people over to satan that they learn not to blaspheme?

    Turn the prophets of baal over to satan for the same. Look how he eviscerates the pop stars, as LA points out.

    • 1 Timothy 1
      18 This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;
      19 Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:
      20 Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.

      “” (still checking out how to use jumbofiles for related content)

    • mediafire works fine as long as you have good pop-up blockers to kill the adds (such as adblock in firefox)

  10. This Footage is a real eye opener.This is old footage by the quality and was smuggled from Area 51 it has recently surfaced for the public to view…You decide.

  11. Here’s the spatial array analysis of 1st John that I tried to upload using jumbofiles.


    Repetition of key phrases and concepts up and across may be one way that error checking across cultures, languages, and times is built in to the Word.

  12. Come on, LA. I know you to be a man who seeks and respects the Truth. Is the truth about Santorum and his public record so unpleasant that any comments that point that out won’t be posted here?

    And is Amerika so bent on becoming a police state that it will even accept an alleged Xtian who pays lip service to God, but won’t honor His Word, or his own oath to the Constitution for the United States before Him, while rejecting a man (Dr. Ron Paul) whose record shows the exact opposite: that there is AT MOST one, and only one, man in the race who will tell people the truth and walk humbly before YHVH?

    Ultimately, people who look for ANY savior to come out of Washington, DC, will be gravely disappointed. But – were Dr. Paul and the Bought-and-Paid-For Establishment Alternatives (all of ’em) to be honestly reported about, at least a few more people would recognize just how badly they have been lied to, and what it is we are told in Rev. 18:4 to “come out of”.

  13. Here is the point to the above:

    It surprises and saddens me to see how many “Christian conservatives” have been duped by the likes of a Rick Santorum.

    If he is such a man of ‘faith’, and conviction – then why can he not be trusted to KEEP HIS OATHS?! Why has he so consistently (via his voting records, in both the House and Senate) said one thing, and done another – whether it’s on the economy and insider bail-outs, or when it comes to “God-given Rights”? His support for the Bill of Rights is among the most double-minded, or just downright disingenuous, among all self-proclaimed ‘conservatives’. With “Xtians” like gun-controlling, police-state loving Santorum — who needs a Tyrant like Obama?

    Truth be told, Satan DOES know how to divide his house. (Which is why the Savior said it ULTIMATELY “will not stand”.) Since the Path is “narrow, and few there be that find it”, the Adversary knows that there is MORE than one way to steer innocent but ignorant people into the ditch.

    The Waste-stream media’s distaste for Santorum is a ruse. (They know “any PR is good PR”, especially if you can “energize” people into believing he’s an alternative, as opposed to another Establishment Insider. “Run Right, govern Left” still applies, in spades, to him.) He is every bit as bought-and-paid for as Newt Romney, Mitt Gingrinch [sic], or Obama. And his real function seems to be as a distraction – to make SURE that real issues, like the destruction of a Constitutional Republic, dishonest weights and measures (the Abomination that is the fiat dollar, and the coming obvious meltdown), and the Police State – are NOT part of the debate.

    The issue is not which of the Establishment Sell-outs becomes the next mouthpiece for Big Brother. (If it is “NOT-Obama”, it simply means different people will go back to sleep.) What the Politicos and Presstitutes really fear is that a Ron Paul might end up in the debates, and actually tip off a few more of the Remnant to the Real Issues. And THAT is what ‘they’ will not allow to happen.

  14. I love you LA, as you and so many of your friends have opened my eyes through LA and friends, I really love this forum and I look forward to reading everyone’s comments on a daily basis. I find strength with like minded people and I know we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ, our Beloved Savior. I do believe in this ‘great deception’ as it’s all around us. I have come to my (own) opinion that President Obama fits everything I’ve read and studied as being the anti-christ. I know I might get ostracized by many, but the signs are all around us. I would love to hear any other comments from readers to see if I’m totally off base. I pray for our country every day and really do believe that this country will completely disentegrate if Obama is re-elected. Perhaps, these are the plans of the world order nut jobs and he is their chosen puppet.

    God Bless You All

    • I agree, Kimberly! I come here every day…..I feel the strength too! I am with ya on your opinion that Obama may be destroying the country but also think that it seems so obvious that it may well be a trick of the fallen one to make him appear to be the one. I think he is not so bright as the media would have us believe and really is a puppet and forerunner of someone much worse!

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