WWIII – Iran and the Bomb – War is Coming…

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L. A. Marzulli

Threatening Iran and attacking Iran will harm America,’ Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned in a defiant speech on Friday.

‘Sanctions will not have any impact on ‘our determination to continue our nuclear course’ and it will impose any threats ‘at the right time’, he added.

‘I have no fear of saying that we will back and help any nation or group that wants to confront and fight against the Zionist regime (Israel).’


Please read the above quotes taken from the article that I linked to.  I believe that any reasonable person, can plainly see the writing on the wall as it were.   War is coming.  There is a clash of civilizations – something which I wrote about in P.P.&S – that is about to reach a crescendo.  As I mentioned in an earlier BLOG this week, the tension between Islam and Israel is based on supernatural events that have shaped the culture and body politic, in different ways.  If those events had never happened the Middle East would not be in the “fix” that we see it in today and everyone would be eating milk and cookies together.  However, what we see is unmitigated vitriol against Israel that continues without a comma, day after dar, week after week and year after year.  When will our so-called leaders realize that once, not if the Iranians achieve nuclear status they will use there newly acquired weapon to fight against the Zionist regime. 

Khomeimi has stated this “goal,” as well as President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad.  War is coming to the region and from my perspective it is the fulfillment of prophecy that was written thousands of years ago.  This war will be a game changer as I have stated numerous times.  I believe it will lead to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble – not Bob, Fred, or Ernie’s – as I constantly remind the readers here.  Every day we get closer to some conflict.  While there are no stories In The Other News Section today about Syria, the tension and conflict continues there.  There are thousands of missiles pointed at Israel from the North and now from Gaza.  Israel gave up the Gaza strip in hope of the promise of land for peace.  However, there was no peace and even before the last Israeli had left the settlements the rockets and mortar fire started from Gaza across the border into Israel.

In closing todays post: This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and most Americans will gather together to eat, drink and be merry as we watch the apex, or more appropriately what I would consider our nadir, of our collective cultural achievement, complete with Madonna entertaining us at half-time. (Why not have Yo0-Yo Ma instead?) Most Americans and the church at large, don’t follow what is happening over there.  Most are eager to relax and watch their team battle it out on the grid iron.   However, there is a dark shadow that hovers just out of sight, whispering that all is not well, as everyone who enters the stadium where the game will be played will have to go through a full body scanner.  While we make merry, like the ancient Babylonian Kings, the hand-writing is on the wall.  War is coming…


Hello Mr. Marzulli,
         I have just finished your wonderfully written book The Cosmic Chess Match and I’m still amazed how it has altered my thinking on how I view the Holy Scriptures. I could hardly put the book down when I started it. From beginning to end I thanked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for your service to the King of Kings. Every Christian needs to read this book to be greatly encourage in our battle against the Deceiver, Satan. May God continue to bless you and your family. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Continue to keep up the work God has planned for you. I hope some day to meet you either in this life or the next in the Eternal Kingdom that God is building.
                                 Yours in Christ,
                                     Bob DeHaan

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25 thoughts on “WWIII – Iran and the Bomb – War is Coming…

  1. We are creeping closer and closer. Something is coming. I read (on drudge?) Israel plans to attack in the spring. My question is when will all hell break loose? I pray God will warn us in the body as He has in the past.

    Btw, great job on VFTB. Awesome interview, and I’ve been toying with buying watchers, but this has really made me pumped to do so.

    Yo yo ma has been barred from the superbowl, because while I feel he may be a little overrated, he has talent, and that is not allowed at the superbowl.

    • Frank, you should get Watchers 3.

      Here’s one of my partial scenarios for war this year. Iran attacks the US. Let’s say at a football game where millions are watching. Does this remind anyone of the movie, Sum of All Fears. I heard 2012 has been called the Year of Fear.

      Maybe we should pray about fasting TV this Sunday and plan to be on our knees, seeking God. I’m sure we’ll be more built up and feel better than screaming at the tube.

    • YES! Frank, good idea! Of course it will be easy for me….not a sports fan and I never watch the stuper bowl….but since I am in love with an old jock, I give rides to the boys who have had a beverage or two when they call to say their party is over!
      Now, if you were to ask me to fast from House, M.D. or Boss when it returns….then it would be a sacrifice!

    • I’m fixin to get #3, it seems really good, but I want to see them all.

      Is it really fasting if I rarely watch TV? 🙂

      Although I do have a soft spot for Ultraman and Batman.

    • I got the package special of all 3 from Prophecy In The News and it came with an alien discussion dvd with Tom Horn, Gary Stearman and LA. Plus 1 year subscription to their magazine. All must haves and worth every penny!

    • This superbowl game at Lucas Oil Stadium is fixing to break records in the viewer totals. Did you know the stadium has a retractable roof? Not speculating, but could you imagine if something similar to the UFO event over Jerusalem happened at the superbowl? Something descends and hovers for a few minutes and then jets off in the blink of an eye.

      That would be a game changer.

  2. L.A. -most people here do not ever want to face the realitiy of the unseen and that which was declared by:The Lord God and the profits -it would disrupt their mind set of living in their own illusion . But those of us with a true spirit feel it coming and know that it must – there is only one way to take down the evil system that surrounds us and it was said what will be: is the generation that see,s all the signs being given -that is this one today! The past is only a story to most people and they do not see the relevance of Gods promises even in their daily lives let alone in his play book of history -He keeps his word -mankind does not so the key is turning and the lock will soon be opened to a true nightmare beyond peoples narrow view . Peace- Terra

  3. LA- In your closing, you reminded me of another Len who said these words:

    “America has a king and his name is Sport. It also has a queen and her name is Entertainment. Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for God’s joy.” -Len Ravenhill

    • Nice! I love it.

      So, I have a thought. Let’s say the Body of Christ is like the Justice League, people like us would be Batman. The crazy guy, with no special powers (positions, influecne) that saves the day in the end because of what he knows.

    • Frank, I never heard it put that way. 🙂

      We are definitely soldiers for Christ and must have our full armor of God and know how to use our weapons.

      Len Ravenhill brings it and he’s like a drill instructor preparing us for the real battle. Many of his sermons are found at sermonindex.net.

  4. I would like to request some prayer. Lately I have been witnessing to some Muslims and everything was going so far, so good.
    Well a few nights ago, I had a dream that there was this demon/ fallen angel that was calling my name nonstop trying to sleep with me. I happened to be in a bed next to a mirror and saw his shadow on top of me with his hands grabbing my neck. On his body he had the Quran written out and he told me he was the prince behind Islam.
    Ever since that night, I have been harassed here and there by them. My husband and I are planning on praying for every room in our house. I need prayer to have the strength to endure this and I also have twin toddlers who I think might be seeing something. Pray for our protection and if anyone has any ideas what we can do, let me know!

    “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” -Psalms 27:1

    • Prayed for you, in the name of Jesus Christ, this spirit be rebuked.

      Also maybe blast praise music, and walk around the hous rebuking in Christ’s name.

    • Overcoming Dark Rituals Dark Powers, Russ Dizdar

    • Yaffa – Anoint every door post with oil and when you do say, this place is consecrated by the BLOOD of Yashua/Jesus. Sleep with a BIBLE open by your bedside. Pray every night over your twins. Put on the armor of GOD every sunset. L.A.

  5. Thats Right, Fellow Soldiers.. arm up and stand by.. orders for deployment are COMING SOON! (have this amusing mental picture of the Call from on High like the opening of the doors on the last day of school and hundreds of 7th graders stampeding and squealing with joy as they race out of class for the summer)

  6. Yaffa, I’ll be praying for a hedge of protection around your family and your house.
    I had a weird dream the other night too. (My reading Georg Otis’s “The Twilight Labyrinth” before going to be didn’t help matters any. That’s a book about demonic strongholds and why they exist where they are.) Shook me up so much that when I woke up at 3AM I turned on the radio and listened the rest of the night so I wouldn’t fall back asleep.
    Something’s in the air. (We know who that is.)

  7. All, check out drudge and news headlines now.

    Iran promising “major event” and a strike by them or Israel looks likely.

  8. Homs reported as FLASHPOINT in Syria, 100+ dead including children, shelling ongoing
    “http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16162872” (via drudge)

  9. Another great article, L.A. I’m wondering how to pray at this point? Each day I pray for protection for Israel and America, blessings for those of us who love God, and to be counted worthy to go if there’s a Rapture. I don’t know how else to pray. Prophecy will fulfill itself regardless, so at times I feel like I can do nothing but sit back and watch.

    Also, since others have posted dreams, I had an extremely vivid one last night. I was studying in a college dorm, when suddenly I found myself outside in a white dress, dancing like a ballerina to a Christian song. The song led me down the sidewalk to a pavilion, where an evening wedding was being prepared. The candles were unlit, but red roses and pearls were strewn on silk tablecloths everywhere. A few people in tuxes and formals were milling around. I danced for a moment and then began to leave. Woke up feeling very much at peace, and wondering if the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me how close we are to the Wedding Supper. Candles weren’t lit, but preparations were definitely under way. God has encouraged me in dreams before, so I try and pay attention when they are especially vivid. I posted the entire dream on my blog just to get it out of my system!

    Will keep praying. We are sooooooo close. I can feel it!

  10. great comment under a C2C show on youtube with Paddy Heron!

    “God chose the jews through Abraham to do a job for HIM. He didn’t choose them becasue they were any better than the rest of us, they were NOT.They need a Saviour like the rest of us, but for God’s Sovereign reasons, He chose to use them to make known the truth of who He was/is.He chooses the base things of this world to confound the “wise”.God loves equally jew & gentile, but the jew has a function and was CHOSEN to fulfill that function”

    great show too….

    • Just a reminder for those who may be interested. 02-07-12 on Coast to Coast the guest will be Dr.Raymond Moody who will discuss NDEs & the Paranormal.

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  12. Very well stated! I have watched these people of this nation act like a bunch of ostriches burying their collective heads in the sand ( ball games, ect.),anything but face reality and deny their own enjoyment ( pleasures), which is why I haven’t had very many close friends in my life. We don’t have very much to talk about or very much in common! My heart truly goes out to them when the coming calamity transpires, they will never even know what hit them!

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