Hook In the Jaw? Warnings from Russia…

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L. A. Marzulli

Syria: Russia warns against crossing ‘red line’

Syria: Russia warns against crossing ‘red line’ – Adnkronos Security

Russia warned Arab leaders against crossing a “red line” in trying to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and said it wasn’t the job of the United Nations to dictate who stays in power and who goes.

The Middle East and Syria in particular, continues in the throes of the Arab Spring, as President Bashar al Assad desperately clings to the reigns of power.  The region is plagues by ongoing sectarian strife and violence.  If you scroll down to In Other News section, I posted a link to a story that reports upwards of 75 people died in riots at a soccer game in Egypt.  (Second prize, two weeks in Cairo….)   As I posted several weeks ago, Russia has stated that an attack on Tehran, Iran, is like attacking Moscow.  Now the Rooskies are stating that there is a redline in regard to Syria and if the UN, or anyone else crosses it, Russia will throw here weight to defend Assad.  I pointed out this week that the battle lines are being drawn and this story is further confirmation of this.   I can only help but think that this may be the hook in the jaw that the prophet Ezekiel refers to.

Combined with this is the revealing that Iran supposedly already has a nuke and that they have missiles that can reach the USA. Israel: Iran’s nuclear arms program is complete, its missiles can reach US   DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

I wrote in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural that the US is not in prophecy because it is taken out either by a series of dirty nukes that came across our porous southern border in the late 1990’s, or by a real nuclear event or an EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse weapon)  The threat of an EMP is a very real one, and the Iranians will soon have the means to deploy one.  They could retrofit an oil tanker creating a missile launcher and sail it close to our coast line and then launch the missile.   We have had a series of politicians, Newt Gingrich for one, (I’m not endorsing him just quoting the man!)  that have warned of a very real threat of an EMP.  It would essentially put us back in pre-industrial revolution times.

In closing todays post:  WWIII, unfortunately seems to be forming in front or our eyes.  I believe that this is a prelude to the time of Jacob’s Trouble – not Bob, Fred, or Ernie’s! – The situation in the Middle East is tenuous and unstable.  As we see with the riots at an Egyptian soccer game, the slightest provocation is met with unmitigated violence.   Russia is the 900 pound gorilla in the room and offsets the US presence in the region.   I think the Russian bear is nibbling at the hook and soon it will be set in her jaw, drawing her into the fray that was written about 2600 years ago.


Hello L.A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, I let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love with it, one of his friends just purchased another copy! Just wanted to say good work and I love how you can break down scripture like that and explain what is really going on, because of the church’s fail to talk about it Terry

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Flesh-eating bug that you can catch on the bus or train is spreading in the UK
MRSA strain USA300: Flesh-eating bug spread by coughs and sneezes ‘has spread from U.S. to UK’ | Mail Online


Solar Eclipse Over The USA – May 20, 2012 – NASA 

Solar Eclipse Over The USA – May 20, 2012 – NASA – YouTube


Palestinians throw shoes at UN chief’s convoy 

Palestinians throw shoes at UN chief’s convoy – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Deadly football clashes

In pictures: Deadly football clashes – In Pictures – Al Jazeera English


Yair Lapid: Jerusalem belongs only to the people of Israel 

Yair Lapid: Jerusalem belongs only to the people of Israel – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


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San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closed After Radiation Leak 

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closed After Radiation Leak – ABC News

73 thoughts on “Hook In the Jaw? Warnings from Russia…

  1. “I think the Russian bear is nibbling at the hook and soon it will be set in her jaw, drawing her into the fray that was written about 2600 years ago.”

    I agree, I think the Lord might be getting ready to put a coat of honey on that hook.

  2. Off the record, do you think we’ll be called home before the US gets .. uh.. well.. judged.. or pulsed/nuked?

    • Amen Gina! Lets hope the reason the United States is not listed in bible prophecy is because the rapture occurs but if it could occur after my Italy trip sometime around June 1st that would be great.

    • i doubt it. nothing in the bible really supports it.

      God would have to apologize to the roman christians and the israelites for that matter.

      we have been a sinful, ineffectual church.

      prepare your hearts for major persecution involving the guillitine.

    • Mark, I beg to differ since Gina is referring to the rapture of the Church. The pre-show we will experience, but the main event is like nothing we’ve known in history. We are not appointed to that type of wrath. Persecutions and trials are part of a disciples life for refining and bearing fruit. The Tribulation period is not for His Bride. With that said, many will be saved during the Tribulation and they will have to make the choice to take the mark or die.

    • Isn’t the Wrath the last half of the Trib? We Christians could be persecuted in the first half but miss out on Jacob’s Troubles……….perhaps.

    • That is how understand the scripture to read as well, we will be present for the first half (which is Satan doing his best) and not the second half (which God’s hand giving over to wrath). There is also lots of precedence for this throughout the bible.

      For example: Noah was present the entire time while he built amongst the wolves, then he was shielded from wrath in the ark.

      Another: God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE, the Isrealites were slaves and persecuted under pharoah in Egypt. God did not pluck them up to save them from hardship. But when the time came, they placed the blood of the slaughtered lamb above their door and they were passed over from the Lord’s wrath. This is not just coincidental symbolism here, IMHO.

      Do you not think these stories hold any significance to what we are about to face?

    • In other words, we need to prepare our hearts for similar things that the Israelites suffered at the hands of pharoah.

      If you do not describe that as persecution, then we have drastically different defintions.

    • ghillie, hopeful i agree completely. the analogy of noah is best.
      during the trib most of us will be martyed though. i remember reading
      about the preferred method of execution was beheading. not sure where tho.’
      those scriptures about being caught up happen i believe just
      befre the wrath. we will not be here for the calling of the rocks to hide us
      on that terrible last day.

    • I was just looking over the many comments and saw this and was thinking…
      This is to Hopeful_Watcher: ” God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE, the Isrealites were slaves and persecuted under pharoah in Egypt. God did not pluck them up to save them from hardship. But when the time came, they placed the blood of the slaughtered lamb above their door and they were passed over from the Lord’s wrath. This is not just coincidental symbolism here, IMHO.”

      I don’t see this meaning the Body of Christ at all! The Israelites out of Nat’l Israel will realize they picked another Christ the antiChrist and when they fear complete innillation they will call Blessed is He who cometh in the Name of the Lord(Jesus) and He promises to come and save them. He said He will not come(2nd Coming) until they call Him whom they pierced! “But when the time came, they placed the blood of the slaughtered lamb above their door and they were passed over from the Lord’s wrath.” (Great Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble. This will be when they in Faith put the Blood of the Lamb over the doorposts of their heart I think.

      I do think every word has a meaning in the Bible and they mostly speak of Israel and God and their Messiah, restoration! We are The Mystery hidden in God.

    • My first impression was a bug. But what strikes me is that we are ready to explain it as being supernatural in origin. Reminds me of what Doug Hamp said in the latest prophecy update; after World War 3, the space brothers will come to the rescue and many will be fooled.

    • I think the regulars of this blog, and I know l.a. agrees with this, believe that any UFO disclosure and alien phenomena is either direct demonic influence or in the very least benefits their agenda.

      So I would like to propose a pact right here on this blog and hope that everyone here reads this and agrees. That if we see ANY kind of real time disclosure, either in person or on tv, that we immediatly rebuke it in the name of Jesus and TURN OFF THE TV, or leave the area if you are present. Trust me, if its legit, they will show video footage from every angle over and over on a continuous loop. By turning off the tv, what we do is separate ourselves from the emotional response of those around us and succumbing to being affected by this. People will be in shock, some crying, some giving praise and none of this helps us to keep the emotional distance required to discern. By putting some distance between us and the event, we have the time to ask the Lord to shield us with the holy spirit.

      I take this pledge to do this.

  3. What’s fascinating about Ez 39 is verse 6 that speaks of the USA as being part of “them that dwell carelessly in the isles.” Chuck Missler suspects this to be the nuke exchange with the USA which is likely an EMP.

  4. When Challenger exploded over north Texas, I felt and heard the shockwave in south Texas. I’d been listening that morning and when they went no radio contact due to reentry … followed not long after by the shockwave, it was obvious.

    EMPs will be similar. The only break is that electromagnetic radiation drops off as 1/distance squared. If it’s a major attack instead of just DC, NYC, and LA, the entire world will go back to horses and bicycles.

    And that may be what allows the EU & UK to join with or take over Russia.

    As for sending the mid-east back to the stone age, Israel could easily use an EMP first strike, especially high up over Iran. So it’s a standoff. So far.

    • Hey Nome! I don’t know exactly why but you reminded me that I heard a scientist on TV waaaay back when I was a kid and I think it was Nixon giving the OK to an atomic bomb test and the scientist was saying that there was danger that if weather conditions were just right that a blast could ignite the atmosphere and spread the destruction around the whole world…..maybe a crackpot, maybe I am remembering wrong….I was just a kid

    • Thanks LNL! I was wrong. It was Columbia that exploded over Texas. Challenger exploded on launch. I was at sea during Challenger.

      Elaine, I remember something like that regarding a cobalt-bomb. Here’s a comment from snopes…
      Delta-V wroted: “IIRC, Teller (who was already thinking of fusion devices) came up with the possibility that the fission reaction would initiate a fusion reaction in Nitrogen present in the air. If this reaction were self-sustaining, it could ‘ignite’ the atmosphere. Note that they meant a fusion reaction, not a chemical reacion…N2+x02->2NOx is an endothermic reaction and cannot be self-sustaning. They refer to an N+N->Si reaction. I believe Konopinski disproved the idea before the Trinity test. In any case, in 1946 Konopinski, Teller, and Marvin published LA-602 “Ignition of the Atmosphere with Nuclear Bombs”, which showed that the radiative losses exceeded the energy production.”


    • Good job searching that out, Nome! And since they figured out that it would not be possible in 1946 which was 5 years before I was born……I guess I really did waste that brain cell! LOL ….But for me to have heard it at all means the theory must have died hard?

  5. Stan Deyo, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle are always talking about surving such calamities. Why would anyone want to survive this? Have you ever seen Hiroshima survivors? No thanks. I’m running strait for the mushroom cloud. I’m coming home father!

  6. Wow, things lining up nicely. Msnbc and others found a “super-earth” in the habitable zone. “Holy grail” of exo-planet research.

  7. Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant, David McNeill, 2-03-2012

  8. Kurdistan rising…

    intel estimate: Based on tribal structures, from the Black Sea to the Caspian to the Mediterranean… one country that Russia could not resist taking over. Remember they play chess.

  9. Obama at the national prayer breakfast hypocritically claims that as a christian, he has a duty to speak for those that can’t speak for themselves, while:
    – ignoring the cries of those aborted through legalized murder and strongly promoting partial birth abortion
    – making the military a mercenary force of the defense-industrial complex (global arms merchants) mainly now for the saudis
    – stealing trillions from the US to bail out wall street speculators, bankers, and political supporters
    – enabling a massive underground economy through lax enforcement of laws about both illegal entry and foreign visitors that overstay visas
    – institutionalizing slavery of illegals as a voiceless sub-minimum-wage class in the millions
    – used to transport rivers of addicting drugs into the US, and $50 billion a year in laundered drug money back out, along with illegal arms, and human trafficking
    – keeping them silenced with no work history, no school history, no credit history, no medical history, no family history, no legal identity, and no hope of becoming legal citizens
    – while letting illegal employers, illegal transporters, illegal harborers, for-profit-schools, and other major criminals abuse and neglect them
    – to undermine the legal economy, and hard won laws protecting civil rights, workers rights, workplace safety, product safety, and freedom from harassment

    Look what he and his cronies do and compare with what he says.


    Other Obama remarks…
    – the wealthy [should] pay more in taxes and his health care overhaul [is also] rooted in his [c]hristian values
    – for me as a [c]hristian, [that’s] Jesus’ teaching … for unto whom much is given, much shall be required
    – his faith also guides some of his foreign policy … sending U.S. troops to Africa to target a notoriously violent rebel group
    – the biblical call to care for the least of these, for the poor, for those at the margins of our society
    – to answer … Proverbs [in speaking] for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute
    – personal religious beliefs alone should not dictate a politician’s decisions, leaders should not abandon their faith entirely
    – If we leave our values at the door, we abandon much of the moral glue that has held our nation together
    – prefers to worship in private [but] starts each morning with a brief prayer, then spends time reading scripture.

    … which also looks to me like a well honed attack at Mitt Romney.

    • And just for the record, I believe Romney is worse. This isn’t about politics.

      It’s about exposing the methods, tools, and puppets of the rebel angels.

  10. L.A., you gave me a bit of a fright last night when I was listening to Derek Gilbert interview you on “View From The Bunker.” You said ,and we know, that those who take the Mark of the Beast are eternally damned but you seemed unsure of the answer when Derek asked you what would happen to people who were forced to take the Mark. You seemed unsure about their fate.

    • I would have to be physically restrained in chains in order to take any mark, but I don’t think it will come to that because Satan wants those with the will to worship the beast. If they gave me an ultimatum of take the mark or die, I would willingly and joyfully choose the latter. If they forcibely gave me the mark against my will, I would chop my hand off or fillet my entire forehead, or if its a chip surgically remove it. Sorry if that’s gruesome. God may know that I was forced and forgive me, but I would take no chances.

    • Hopeful!!!! YES! I have thought that the admonition to cut off your hand or pluck out your eye if “it offend thee” was a warning that we must get the mark gone before it perverts our DNA. Also, what exactly did he see when John said the mark was in the forehead? Could he have been looking at a gizmo like the thing at the driver’s license bureau where you lean your forehead against the counter mounted thing to test your vision? Could it have to do with iris scans?
      To give two ways that the mark may be read, again makes me think that the mark of the “beast” may have to do with the mammal/physical animal that we are. That sure could fit with L.A.’s DNA theory!

    • Elaine, interesting thoughts on the theory.

      You know, the more time goes on and the closer we get, the less I try and “figure” it out. I used to be such a truth seeker that I thought we must dig it up, so that we can avoid being decieved. At some point I realized that truth, genuine truth, is much easier to grasp for it is right under our nose. And that is that our faith will be our eyes. We are told that even the elect will be decieved, if that were possible. What that means is that it is NOT possible. Everything in our brain can scream danger and fear, but if we have placed our faith in the holy spirit to be our guide, He will say “do not fear” and “look, there is the narrow gate which you could not see. Take my hand and I will guide you.”

      So, I still speculate, still theorize, still try and figure it out, but deep in my heart I know its not genuine truth. It is Jesus and He alone.

    • AMEN!!!!! I used to be fearful but as my faith has grown the fear has disappeared. Paradoxically, the things happening get more and more fearsome but I feel safe in His keeping so it is like a great adventure story…..kind of like the way we all felt watching the first Indiana Jones movie…..non stop action and lots of creepy things to watch but feel totally safe that the great Director will bring us to a happy ending!

  11. Baxter on the 2/02 Politics and Religion recaps the events of the 1967 Israel Arab war.
    ‘Is The Demise Of Assad’s Regime Eminent?


  12. re. missing God’s judgements…I agree with mark somewhat. Jesus said that In this world you would have tribulation, but not the Great Trib. That does not mean we escape via rapture the demises of men. We are not seeking a worldly Kingdom as promised in a covenant with the JEWS, we seek a heavenly Kingdom in the Body of Christ and Abraham also sought a heavenly Kingdom(City) the New Jerusalem not built with hands whose builder and maker is GOD. and the Bride will join that City at the end of the Millenium when we The Body of Christ, Abraham and the Bride(the remnant in the Millenial Kingdom all unite in the New Jerusalem as ONE BODY. Until then death will come to all who are not alive at the Rapture and who knows what death God has planned to bring us home. It could be torture, it could be nucleur fallout it could be imprisonment or all of the above! We see a wicked vial world coming into being. A world that Jesus was describing as in the days of Noah when VIOLENCE was in the land!! (fallen ones, nephilim and vial wicked aggressive men and impure women(men) taking by force what they wanted!!! We are in the shadows of this aready. I have never seen in my lifetime such a downword spiral, all encompassing evils taking place at one time from every end of the earth. I was born in 1947 and even the hippie days and Nixon era and Clinton’s perversion is no match for the deterioation going on!!! This week my 6th grade grandson was involved once again in a bullying incident and the perpetrator was arrested for Mastur…in front of a girl and punching him HARD numerous times in the arm. (Last year in 5th grade 9 days before sch. was out another bully charged him into the door knob wrestled him to the ground and punched his rib cage until the teacher (who was in the doorway w/another teacher) pulled him off. He was ligning up & the minions of the Bully threatened him and he put up his lunch bag in defense and the “B” came charging up to take him out. )The 1st is now in Juvinal Detention, the police demanded. The prev. my daughter agreed to only an intervention process through Juv. Detenton + community serv. etc. I live in a bedroom community Tampa Bay,Fl. area, We have aprx. 20 youth incarcerated for MUDER in our Juvinal Detention alone!!! You would never suspect it if you looked around! The schools and busses are vial, mean places.(the PE teacher said a different kind of mean, just plain evi mean). My grandson can hardly take the language spewed out of the “kids”!! It is only going to get worse and worse. The world is A-moral and No morals and the church is unlearned for the most part, or apostate/New Age. Should God be angry with a Just Anger? Should we be spared collateral damage I don’t know, but we are cleasned and washed in the blood and seen Righteous by God through Jesus, we are His BODY! We are not appointed to wrath, but yet people die ev. day in accidents, diseases etc. so why not that also. I know my Redeemer lives and I live IN Him! I sure don’t want my nails pulled out and beat, or a dull sword slicing my head off, but we think about where to split if needed and able and what to take with to survive in or out of home, because that’s the day we live in! I don’t ike this google stuff/new rules either ep.should BHO win! We don’t have any candidate who will fight back this stuff except Ron Paul and he’s been accused of Mason hand signals!!! Mormonism is Masonism so as it should be our trust is in the Lord/LORD.

    • Great words Linda. What’s more is that I think we really dread our own mortality TOO MUCH. Does that mean, i want to die? Of course not!! But Jesus was resurrected! In the end there will be a resurrection of the dead. So, dead or not, I will be included in the glory of Heaven. Which is more tragic? Someone dying before their desired time or someone dying at a ripe old age without the salvation of Jesus Christ?

    • I think God gave us the “will to live” so those who know Him wouldn’t be so eager to get home to Him that we didn’t stick around here long enough to do whatever tasks He wanted us to do! I know I’d be willing to try bungy jumping without a cord or walking on water off a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan! Not suicide but less careful.

    • Elaine, you are on fire speaking with the holy spirit today. Paul’s words echo the truth in what you say.

      Phillipians 1:22 Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! 23 I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; 24 but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. 25 Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, 26 so that through my being with you again your boasting in Christ Jesus will abound on account of me.

    • Not to forget the instruction to those in Great Babylon, “come out from them my people, lest you suffer their plagues.” Or the instruction to the Church at Philadelphia, who practiced loving God and others, that they would be spared from the hour of temptation that comes upon the world.

      We know that if we go sit the seat of the wicked, that the wages of wickedness will find us. Compare Lot. And what of unequal yokes? Or those that are friends with the world? There’s no good reason to go to a bar, unless we go by two’s and that for ministry, well armed spiritually. I learned this the hard way ministering to winos — by myself on the street. It wasn’t long be the good Lord corrected me through his agencies. One drunk I had in my vehicle urgently had to take a piss (couldn’t wait). When I stopped the officer was right behind me, and gave me a ticket, saying as he walked up, “the last person that parked here, heard the screech before the crash as someone plowed into them.” I was protected from harm, but not from repercussions.

      For whatever ultimate purpose that the traumatic experiences we go through are allowed — all through the Bible — Genesis to Revelation, the most stark is that “The great multitude come out of great tribulation” (in Rev. 7). The Almighty is going to allow them to go through that — just as He is going to send the Trumpet and Vial judgments on the world. I hope it’s a “tail end of Jude” or “fitches and cumin” situation that the great multitude are somehow the most stubborn Christians. Jude: “on some save with fear pulling them out of the fire” and Isaiah…

      Isaiah 28
      21 For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.
      22 Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord GOD of hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth.
      23 Give ye ear, and hear my voice; hearken, and hear my speech.
      24 Doth the plowman plow all day to sow? doth he open and break the clods of his ground?
      25 When he hath made plain the face thereof, doth he not cast abroad the fitches, and scatter the cummin, and cast in the principal wheat and the appointed barley and the rie in their place?

      26 For his God doth instruct him to discretion, and doth teach him.
      27 For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument, neither is a cart wheel turned about upon the cummin; but the fitches are beaten out with a staff, and the cummin with a rod.
      28 Bread corn is bruised; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the wheel of his cart, nor bruise it with his horsemen.

      29 This also cometh forth from the LORD of hosts, which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working.

      That final great harvest may be of those that are just hardened against believing in Christ.

      And why should I count myself any better than them, that I should be spared the trauma? The promise is that we shall not suffer more than we can bear. Which leaves me definitely trembling, Jonah considered.

    • Hi Nome….I have worked as a bar tender and I do not think that a bar is neccessarily a bad place. Not all folks who go to them are “lost” or evil anymore than those who go to the grocery store or Walmart! ( Does it mean I will develop bad taste and go to Walmart dressed silly just because others do?)
      It is just a place.
      I live in a city that was once in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most bars and churches per capita…..hmmm. I have had some really uplifting discussions with bar patrons who are Christians and maybe some of those who were nearby heard a good word!
      Granted there are places that pride themselves on being dens of iniquity and I have stepped in to some and turned immediately on my heel and left because it seemed crude or bad…….but there are also places where good people go to have a glass of wine with a friend (or maybe a bunch of friends….like maybe a wedding?) I understand why you said it but there are enough economic challenges right now to pick on a whole group of businesses just because some of them are not righteous.
      Or is it bad to hang out with people just because they are, oh, let’s say a tax collector?

    • I am adamentaly opposed to any Mid Trib theories. I wrote a lengthy reply re. The Body of Christ The Mystery and about our being IN Christ and Imputed with His Righteouness not appointed to wrath as we are already sitting in the Heavenlies with Him sharing His throne, power and Glory! We are The Mystery not prophesied , but hidden in God before the Foundations of the World. Grace/unmerited favor. Washed in the Blood/covered in the Blood accepted In The Beloved, Sons(daughters) not servants(sons can serve, but servants can’t be sons). We are The Groom, not the wife, or the Bride! We come back with the Groom and the Bride is purified during the Trib. the wife that played the Harlot as in Hosea. She is made pure w/o spot or wrinkle in faith at the end of the Millenium.

      The Gr. Tribulation Saints will never be The Body! They have missed the dispensation of Grace/The Mystery and come to Christ by Faith during the Trib. as Tribulation Saints. hey wil have to keep themselves pure and in Faith as David did when he said “please do not take thy HS from me”. The HS will come on people, but not sealed in them/by Him. Those who make it through severe judgement and dillusion will enter the Millenium as Nations and peoples by Faith the rest will be destroyed ie. Noah in the ark/ the flood took away the evil and Noah started it all up again. The Millenium will comprise those who come in by faith as Abraham no one comes into it w/o Faith then out of it will come rebellion and Jesus will deal with it swiftly! Then Satan will be loosed and those who in the Millenium rebel and they will be destroyed. Then The New Jerusalem will come down and the Bride will join the Body and Abraham with all who died in faith looking for THAT Heavenly city not made with hands, but builder and maker is God! God will then make One New Man of all!

      We don’t look for signs we await the last one that is to be added to the BODY, during this dispensation of Grace! The Jews look for signs as they are the sign people. They were to be looking for the signs and should’ve recognized the appointed time and recognized their Messiah, but they rejected Him and crucified Him! When Paul received his commission by Jesus to go to the Gentiles(on the road to Damascus) and the Jews rejected their risen Lord the Church began and Isaiah’s prophecy was fulfilled. Acts28:25-28. They would not see nor hear, but the Gentiles would. We were never the Covenant people, we were never under the law the law was given to the Jews by Moses 400+ yrs to reveal sin, after Abraham’s Faith and covenant. We were OUTSIDE the Promise to Abraham of a people and a land for God, of David for a Kingdom and a throne their Messiah would sit on. We were a Mystery hidden in God before the Foundations of the World and NOT prophesied. No one was taught about Grace. The Apostes were sent to the Jews only. Paul went to the Jew first then the Jew and Gentiles and then to the Gentiles when the Brethren rejected the risen Lord. That is when they were set aside and The Church/Body of Christ began. Rev. is to the Brethern, the Jew. The letters to the “churches” is poorly translated and should’ve been Assemblies, or synagogues!!! They will recognize exactly when they did what each assembly was chatised for! They are called servants we are called Sons(daughters). It speaks of works and we are under Grace w/o works. I wrote a better explanation 1st, but accidently deleted!! 😦 but it would bless you GREATLY to listen to the Rev. Series: The Churches. To rightly divide the word of God and not make everything the church. Lion and Lamb Ministry/Dr David Picos DD sign up and get learning the Bible scripture by scripture, dividing the world of God w/o mans Traditions.

      This is the YouTube link where you can go through the whole Rev. Series. I guarentee you will be Blessed and come away with Great understanding of Rev. and will have rightly divided the word!!! The Body,the wife, the bride. The Body of Christ vs Israel and Israel(the remnant) out of Israel(Nat’l Israel).

      I think that Once we are removed when the last believer during Grace dispensation has entered the Body the judgements will begin, but I don’t think like batabing!!! It will evolve as God works out His Plan and brings all things into play and when whatever He needs in place it will begin and grow more severe going into the Great Tribulation/Jacob’s trouble! Judgement for rejecting the Messiah(both Jew and world) and for not keeping the Sabbath. The last 7 yrs. of Judgement that was stopped temporarily for the Mystery the Body of Christ to be fulfilled. Then even the judgements increase in intensity. Just like now as we see things progress worse and worse. It seems like soooo close, but how do we know what terrible things will transpire over what amount of time before we are removed/called up! What terrible things will transpire after we go until those 7yrs.

      Just a thought. 🙂

    • If I get your drift it was to Nomeleste I think that mentioned “no good reason to go to bars….”

      There and everywhere are where the fish are 🙂 we are to be fishers of men to tell them of the Good News The Ministry of reconciliation!!! Salvation by Grace through Faith. Grace to all those who believe and place their trust in Christ(and to the arguers, when we believe and trust we have already had remorse and see our corruptible state & in need of a savior!)

      I am not a legalist and don’t object to a glass of wine (all things are lawful, but all things are not expediant) except when a weaker brother is concerned! That’s why they called Jesus a wine bibber @ the party dancing in joy for the bride and groom and drinking wine. He made the better wine!

    • I shoud add this from Pastor David a reply to a question from someone. (Pre the 1000 yrs.)

      “Christ is our Head, we are His Body. Where The LORD Jesus Christ is…there we are! We, The Body of Christ, are to be called home at the Rapture. Then the resumption of the Bride of Christ Church begins. When we return AFTER the Great Tribulation, there is the first resurrection of the members of the BRIDE. The Groom (Head and Body) marries the Bride, and the MArriage Supper begins and lasts for a 1000 years.

    • Hi Linda,
      It is too bad your grandson cannot be home schooled or attend a Christian school. Many evil spirits inhabit our government controlled schools. No King James Bible allowed. No Ten Commandments allowed. No prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ allowed. It seems only sex perverted education; the religion of evolution; and Copernicanism is allowed to be
      My neighbor’s daughter lives and works in Tampa. She hates it there, and wishes she could find a job in Michigan. The only redeeming thing that she has is nieces and nephews there who she dearly loves.
      You wrote a lot information biblically that will take time to digest. I will look further into the “Lion and Lamb Ministry.” For me this world is not my home, though I have two small houses, two new cars, which I like and enjoy, but the wickedness of this world really makes me wish the Lord Jesus Christ would give the shout, “Come up hither, Robert John Rutkowski”, I am more than ready to leave. I got good news from a throat specialist. He said I had cancer. The bad news is a ninety-five per cent cure rate if I take the radium treatments. If I don’t take the treatments, he said I got six to twelve months. I am thinking this might be God’s ticket for me to get out early. What do you think? My mother passed away December 25, 2011, so my job of taking care of her for nine years is gone. I have no other obligations. What saith the scriptures?

  13. Robert Rutkowski! I am praying for you.
    Just something to think about……if sickness is a “way out” then why did Christ heal the sick? A ninety five percent cure rate with the treatment or soon death in cancer agony? Seems like not getting the treatment might be a suicidal decision. If He wants you to get an early escape, He can just take you or maybe send a meteor through your roof? Pray, pray, pray and maybe your job in this life is to witness to someone during the cure or after you are better?

    • I was reading your reply Elaine re. cancer. I think the answer lies in God’s word. “After doing all that you can STAND”. The things we endure are the very things God allows and sometimes chooses to bring into our lives t use for His Glory! We are WEAK and life is HARD and God is GOOD. We are not our own we have been bought with a price (the BLOOD of Christ). We are soldiers in the army of God fighting battles for souls and we may suffer loss, be injured and mamed and die, but we do all for the honor of God! I can not walk in this person’s shoes so I can hardly understand what this person has and is going through, but the word of God teaches us we have a loving Father and a Savior that sticks closer than a brother, we are His Body! Jesus promises to go through the fire with us. THROUGH! We must do all we can by the power of the HS and Trust Him in these things.

      We as The Body can intercede on this persons behalf and pray for a swift recovery and pray always God’s Will Be Done!

    • Yes!!!! Thank you Linda……I watched my father die from cancer and Robert’s temptation to take THAT as an “easy way out” just made me need to pray for him!
      Our Pastor came and visited my Dad every day for several months….they were good friends. Each time the minister left, Dad would hold his hand in the air but said nothing…..it was not a wave. It got more and more difficult for him to muster the strength to even lift a finger….but he always did.
      We did not know what that was about until the eulogy when the Pastor told us that long ago he and my Dad had a conversation about a fictional martyr who was to be burned at the stake…..a variation on the old “If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it”
      Someone asked the martyr if his God could help him in the flames and the martyr said, “I will signal you even as the flames take my voice by raising my fingers that God is giving me the strength to bear it”
      Well, when I read Robert’s post, all I could think was that if someone had been able to cut the ropes and help the martyr off of the stake, that the martyr would have taken the rescue and gone on to live and minister.
      Oddly, my Dad had liver cancer from inhalers that he needed to breath after too many years in foundry dust. Just 2 years after Dad died at just 67 years old…..they successfully developed liver transplants. I know I would have knocked down the hospital doors to be able to donate some of my liver to save my daddy but it was not the Lord’s plan…..the treatment came too late.
      So, if the radiation treatment has a 95% success rate, I hope Robert will consider it. Again….I will pray, pray, pray for this friend I have not met yet!

    • Thank You back Elaine and we join Faiths in prayer for our dear brother and hope he conquers this battle, but we will always be connected IN CHRIST! I am sorry for your lloss I also lost my father to liver desease. He was an alcoholic, he tried, to overcome it, but just didn’t win. I lived in Co. and he in Mn. so we didn;’t get to say a lot on the phone(his hearing was bad, so short conversations). It happened fast(distance) he was dying and I was driving. It was not too long before I understood born again and Grace. I worried if he was saved(Luthern, but somewhat ostersized and not active ) his own brother a deacon shunned him. I agonized and still do sometimes, but he was self taught, a reader and read the Bible. I don’t know if he understood Grace, or read Matt., etc. to the Jew and saw only his sin and works. My mother was Catholic(Episcopal converted) I spent some time talking to her about God.Salvation/Grace and Trust only-Believing! She said she is trusting in Jesus alone, she died last Sept. @87. So now it’s in God’s hands, I won’t know till I get home!

      You made me weep as I read your thoughts! It’s a wonderful thing to have sisters and brothers In Christ to share our burdens, if only having experienced some of the trials. Our dear brother needs us now and someone may need him later!! God Bess All!

  14. Thanks Elaine and Linda for your prayers and concern. I believe I have other health problems not diagnosed, but I really don’t want to talk about myself anymore. One thing I would like to mention why I believe the King James Bible is infallible. Primarily, the Holy Spirit, It is the comforter. The Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in it, the Lord Jesus Christ, would not leave us with a fallible bible. Secondly, there is no one living, or in the past who is smart enough to correct the King James Bible. You may think I jest, but I will have others show you through their writings. I could repeat what they wrote, but shouldn’t they receive the credit for the research and work they done? Dr. Peter S. Ruckman of Pensacola, Florida, “Manuscript Evidence” and “Biblical Scholarship”, are good starter books in defense of the King James Bible. Warning, this man does not talk nice. He is no doubt one of the most hated men in scholarly circles. He just shows you what liars they are. He was one of the brightest students in its history at Bob Jones University. He went from freshman year Hebrew Language to Graduate School Hebrew Language. He didn’t need the three years in between like the other students needed to get to Graduate School. He has taught Hebrew and Greek Language courses for many years. He proclaims himself to be, “God’s ‘”junk yard dog'”,” and his primary ministry defending the King James Bible. He has written over a hundred books; they are all good. He has been a street preacher and prison evangelist for a number of years.

    The second author is Dr. G. A. Riplinger. “New Age Bible Versions” and “Hazardous Materials” are two good starter books. A former catholic and professor at Kent State University she is mockingly and viciously attacked by her critics. Her toll free number for ordering is 1-800-435-4535, and Dr. Ruckman’s number for ordering is 1-800-659-1478. If you can’t afford it, call one of my home numbers 1-517-764-3209. I will send them to you free. Leave a message where you want them sent. I can’t talk. My voice is almost gone.

    • Bless you Robert! Still praying for you.
      I agree about the KJV but also use the NKJV study bible for the great study notes but always go back and read original KJV as well to verify…..however…..because it has been many thousand years and words have changed or prophets had to describe future amazements with archaic terms in addition to the frame of reference in the time of King James…..I love hearing when great teachers help with meanings from the original languages.
      Stan Deyo spent many months translating just the first 6 verses of Genesis (you can probably find an interview on his work….fascinating!) He is the one who figured out that the original Hebrew actually said “the earth had been made without form and void” instead of just “the earth was without form and void.” Big difference!

      L.A. and his peers will often give us insight into stuff like that as well.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Stan Deyo has an interesting site. I go to it often, but I stand firm on my statement that the King James Bible is infallible. Otherwise, I would have no final authority, and consequently no hope. The New King James Bible is just another addition to the many(over 250 translations in the last hundred years) that delete and/or add to the words of God. They are rooted in Alexandrian manuscripts. The Roman Catholic Church fathers instituted the changes to conform with their doctrines. The King James Bible has its lineage back to Antioch, where they were first called Christians. The significance of what I say goes over most Christians’ heads. Not that I am so mentally superior, but I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me it so. For the study of prophecy, doctrine, cross referencing is necessary, and you need an infallible book. People that don’t understand the book have to change its words. Also, a lot of money is made by coming out with new, new, improved editions. I would say pray about it, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide as you thumb through the pages of a King James Bible. Why would God give you a fallible book? The Devil would; God wouldn’t. Timothy3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiritation of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
      17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

    • Hey Robert! I was not arguing that point….I agree that the King James is the one! If you reread my post, I was saying that I like the study notes in the NKJV and use them with my King James. It would be swell if someone took those study notes and put them in the good ol’ straight King James!!!!! And when Deyo came up with the “was made” I think it is from the original texts that does not mean that KJV was wrong but just like we have words that can mean slightly different things and yet have the same basic meaning…..one little whoopdee doo on a figure affected the word “was”….okay, hard to think up an example….um,….I’ll get back to ya because all I can think of right now is the phrase “we’ll see” which kinda means “maybe” or “we will actually see something,” or, “we might see something”.
      Bad example….I’ll work on it or somebody else will jump in and help?

    • Alexandrian manuscripts! I beleive this is where the ghurus from India came to Alexandria to study and where Platoism, and Indiian Mysticism/Hindu background was getting mixed into Christian Doctrins. I’ll have to go back to my New Age Versions of the Bible book and look up! So many Liberal thinking comes from those Alexandrian manuscripts, just because they are older they say they are the better/purer! They are leading people into mysticism and work well for the emergents and ecumenicism and rituals introduced by the Desert Fathers(Catholics). They are corrupted ideas! My people perish for lack of knowledge and these are aiding! I had a Missionery Allience Head praise these as the “better” as our church was going New Age and the Pastor was joining Bill Hybel’s campus churches. Their were already around 400 in the Fl. area. The church was falling apart and the congregation that started the church were being shoved out, or wanting to leave and the unlearned were the remaining! We left quick whenafter I called the Head for Fl. he talked down to me and praised the Alexandrian Manuscrpt. as the suppior! I knew then it was hopeless. I then went to a Independent Baptist church until it was Awana youth Heads going the same route, Rick Wrren promoted in library, Beth Moore for ladies studies 2 yrs in a row and a LOT of NIV congregation. Clicks etc. wanting the brief to get on with the after church lunches. When I joined in a Bible Study and interacted (equally as others) I was accused of dominating the class. Seems the legallistic wife of teacher didn’t like being disagreed with by scripture(and her friends sided) Pastor said she was a tremendous troublemaker, driving people away constantly; and I said you all stay I’ll go. Well in the end she died shortly after of a heart attack and her husband stepped down after found with pornography! They were cited as such great oustanding spiritual people in the church! We were in proverbs re. sin and fleeing from it! So as it goes today in the confused “Church”. On that note I think there are a lot of people that don’t see their complete depravity before God and outside of God! This may be a good place to insert this good teaching from David Hocking!


    • Robert not only is it profitable for them, but they need to change at least 10% to conform to copyright laws, so a whole lot of changing going on. They need to Justify the changes so the marketing spin starts! They also are apostate so it’s easy to spin the word of God! 😦 Amazing since Jesus is the Logos! That was avery generous offer re. books. You have a sweet heart for God 🙂

  15. This past week, Israel “Hinted” that a good time to strike Iran would be in the early Spring, and June, July time slots.

  16. Elaine & Robert KJB all the way!!!!! There’s very little in error or poor coice of translation in the King James Bible. One example though is the churches.. Had KJB used assemblies ie. letter to the (Churches)Rev., assemblies,synagogues there would be less confusion! James also. You can learn about this also @ Lion and Lamb Ministry Rev. series: The Churches video posted here.

    The book Robert noted New Age Versions of the Bible is EXCELLANT!! She does get great flack as she challenges among many the “Beloved NIV” Same as the Jehova Witness Bible. I think the NKJBV has an occultic symbol on the cover. I believe the Pubisher of NIV also publishes the Satanic Bible. Wescott and Hort New Greek Translation(?) were heavy into the occult, they even solicited young college men to experiment in contacting spirits. Friends of Madame Blavatsky(Theosophy) who by the way Hitler followed and was friends of!

    I’m babysitting so I don’t have it handy to be coherant, but that book is an eye opener! No wonder Satan would use Wescott and Hort and the NIV to stee millions away from God and Jesus. So many important scriptures missing, others tampered with! Taking away/diminishing the deity of God/Jesus. Highlighting Satan as if he is the Bright Morning Star!

    I don’t know about the footnotes etc., but if they start out with an occutic cover the rest is suspect to me. I stick to KJB! I have learned more in 3mos. at Lion and Lamb then I have since 1979 becoming Born Again. I’ve been digging into scripture diligently sice, but what I learned there in dividing the word and context has been phenominal.

    • Hello Linda and Elaine,
      I am adamant about infallibility because it is about final authority, and God promised to preserve his words. Secular publishers are now producing King James Bibles with spelling and grammatical changes that are not warranted that is why I support the ministry, “Bearing Precious Seed,” who produce King James Bibles for worldwide distribution. I discovered the true blessings by cross referencing in understanding prophecy and doctrines. Going to Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic makes no sense. There are no originals in existance anywhere. If you know, please tell me where? The men that translated the King James Bible were better equipped intellectually, the manuscripts at hand, and most of all the Holy Spirit guiding them. But lets forgo this for a moment, I believe the “Blessed Hope” is nearer than most Christians are aware. An excellent exegesis by “johnmcternan.name” on the book of Obadiah will bring the reality of the nearness of the translation of the body of Christ. I will re-recommend any writings by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, but he definately is not for sissies. I think we will all be in Heaven before the summer ends. I may be wrong, but I am hoping not.

    • Robert I’ve wondered about this also. I see 2012 as not a victory over these corrupt people but the contrary, a launch into everything apostate and their global thrust taking over. We can not overcome what they have set in motion, nor can we ever set right the financial theft that has taken place worldwide and the desire for entitilement esp. as things get worse and unemployment spirals out of control. They have NO ONE in the running or shadows to set this stuff right. They are falling for the same ole thing. They select the runners and we get to choose between lack luster that never could win and the 2 choices they want to win and of them one will, but either way a CFR gets in! I think they are seeing it, but in denial! Romney, a god and groomed to be the world leader, Newt a CFR member and for everything. we are against, Paul ???, Santorum another weak link and what can we possible expect from him?

      Have you considered Rosh Hashanah?
      Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset Sun, Sep 16, 2012 and ends at sunset Tue, Sep 18, 2012 . . Feast of Trumpets than 10 days of awe and then Yom Kippur and then Tabernacles(Jesus dwelling among them). The Spring Feasts were fulfilled and the fall Feasts are yet to come.
      I have CD’s on this study. Pastor Mark Blitz. Look at the Arab Spring…The Muslim Brotherhood in power now and BHO’s connected to them! If you connect all the dots that have been laid before us I would say we are on borrowed time.

      I’m not a pessimist I am actually an optomistic realists! I feel these things are what the HS is showing me and the question left is the timing! Will it be dragged out, or will it be pretty fast. I am waiting for the immenant call come hither=up! For where the Lord is there will I be! In Christ!

    • Hi Linda,
      I believe the Jewish Feast Days are for Jews, except Pentecost. That is the Feast Day Apostle Paul, commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel of grace to the gentiles, sought to observe. Read Acts 20:16 and 1 Corinthians 16:8. And Solomon 3:8-13 “The voice of my beloved! behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains skipping upon the hills.
      9 My beloved is like a roe or young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.
      10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my fair one, and come away.
      11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
      12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of the birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; (turtle is probably a dove; see Jeremiah 8:7)
      13 The fig tree putteth forth her figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise my love, my fair one, and come away.”
      For a man this is hard to understand. The soul is feminine in a man’s body. I was going to cite you the verse, but I couldn’t find it. It is in Job or the Psalms. I would appreciate if you could find it for me. Now some believe these verses apply to the translation of the body of Christ, and the timing would be around Pentecost. Now read 2 Corinthians 11:2 “For I am jealous over you with a godly jealously: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ”. You see, some of these spirituals truths, I can’t seem to grasp.

      I understand words, but I am too fleshly to understand spiritual things. My mind understands, but my heart can’t.
      The body of Christ is defined spiritually as feminine, and as is the soul of man. I have been looking for the Lord’s return since 1962. I believe there are enough signs to indicate this will be the year we will hear the shout. I am familiar with Pastor Mark Blitz thoughts on these matters. Now, I am gonna recommend another pastor to listen to on the internet, “mikehoggard.com”. He wasn’t King James exclusively, when he graduated from a bible college. He was typical bible corrector, showing his congregation how smart he was, because he knew some Greek and Hebrew. For over a hundred years these bible colleges and seminarys have attacked the words of God to make themselves the final authority destroying the faith of many. Listen to the program January 29,2012. I still can’t believe, I can’t find that verse I am looking for. If you got some spare time, see if you can. I would appreciate it. Thank you, Robert

    • Thank you Robert! I like Hoggard and we seem to read in the same circles 🙂 I think where we may disagree is I do NOT believe the Bride is the The Mystery the BODY of Christ!! The wife is Israel and right now she plays the harlot after other gods she is set aside temporarly, but still loved!!! Like Hosea God will bring her back and make her pure w/o spot and wrinkle and she will be resurrected and marry Jesus as the Bride of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are the Groom(The Body In Christ!) We can’t be the groom and the Bride. These things are not taught, traditions of men are furthered and promoted. Eph. 3 is not taught, Paul’s Gospel given to the Gentile by Christ Himself AFTER the Jews rejected their Risen Lord,is not taught as OUR Gospel. Penticost is taught as the beginning! I don’t believe that’s when the Church started, but at the point of final rejection. Read Acts.28:25-28 (vs28 Be it known therefore unto you , that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it!) & Acts 22:10(go & it will be told what is appointed for thee…). Jesus went to the Jew exclusively=His Bretheren, God’s chosen people. Chosen when He made them a people out of Abraham/called out to follow God in FAITH! Before Penticost the Jew coud only have the HS set upon them for a work,power etc. as David cried “do not take thy HS from me” It will be ike that again after the Body of Christ is removed, back under law as Grace is over!!! The HS does not leave, but resumes the way it was before Grace. The Believers in the room waited the HS, to receive POWER that had never happened before, it was the beginning of their ministry w/al signs and wonder and POWER to the Jew/Brethern. The “sign” people!

      Abrahm was a pagan gentile out of Ur. God had to be doing a marvelous thing in stirring Abrahm’s discontent and desire for something different then his father making idols etc.!!! That was a huge thing to leave his father and his inheritance, name, land and follow God to a new strange land and receive the Promises in Faith as a far off. Remember also there was a lot of strange and violent things going on! (Fallen ones/Nephilim)etc.

      ” My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my fair one, and come away.” I see this as Israel the Bride to be being wooed and taken, just as Abraham His chosen man of Faith (to make a people) was wooed setting it all in motion!!

      I see Rosh Hashanna as the beginning of dealing with Israel for the final work, to prepare them for the Kingdom they will rule with Christ, but to start that work HE must call us out and resume what HE started, then the weeks of awe/reflecting(maybe that’s the interlude from us gone/chaos and what’s coming, then Yom Kippur/judgement (Jacob’s Trouble in the final Yom Kuppur=Day of Atonement, the Tabernacles. Jesus dwelling on earth among them in the Kingdom on David’s throne. The Jews now receiving their Promised land and ruling with their KING of Kings over all the Gentile Nations who come into the Kingdom by Faith(a remnant of peoples.

      Regarding M.Blitz I feel a sense of Judiaism, more than Eph., but his ideas on the feast are very interesting and I don’t think one single thing has changed by Jesus because they still met in the synagogues/assemblies, but were In Faith. These were not the Gentie believers, but Jewish believers. (the 2 will be made one new man in the end the partition being torn between both and between God aand entering in the Holy of Holies. We are already entered into that In Christ as The Body!

      Well I said I would’t tarri at my emails and then saw your response! 🙂 I a painting my daughters laundry while she’s out of town so I need to get to work and ean up the mess before she gets back lol

      I wil read and I will try to search out the info. can’t stress enough that you go to Lion and Lamb Ministry(David Picos DD) and listen to the Rev. series:The Churches and then all of series!! He makes ev. so clear as he uses the KJB verses Old & New to show you what and where he is teaching from & proving the teaching. I had to listen over and over just to the churches my head was fied with so much confusion. Even last night I realized from a teaching on Eternal Security vs Conditional Security with Chris Pinto that a dear favorite Pastor deceased 2yrs now was more of a Conditiona Security in many ways. So now I can spot thigs/errors esp. much easier and quicker. I wish I had nown then what I know now, I too have been waiting since 1979 for that call/shout! I still listen and try to keep the dust I gather on my daily walk short and cleansed before I close my eyes, sometimes I forget and then when I wake I thank God I didn’t die or rapture and have to be judged for those things I’ve done while In Christ! All that wood, hay, & stubble, my fleshy actions(yes my actions that are sin!!) ICor. 3:11-17

      Scroll back up to LLM Pic=Rev Series and play! I think you can open from there I didn’t try it 🙂 When going to his site be sure it’s Ambassadores for Christ! David Picos DD there’s a few and reverse is Lamb…David Reagan! lol

    • Hello Again,
      I agree that Israel, the Jews, are the wife of God, corporately not individually. It was a nation that became God’s wife not an individual. So as a nation, they must repent. They have never done this. There are three classes of people:Gentiles, Jews, and Christians. If a Jew becomes a Christian, He is no longer a Jew in God’s eyes. He has entered the Kingdom of God. God, Jesus Christ lives within him, as in all Christians. Jesus Christ is the bridegroom, but Israel, the Jews, are the wife. Bridegrooms do not marry wives. They marry brides who become their wives. In Saint John 3:29, the Bridegroom(theLord Jesus Christ) has a bride. Once the body of Christ is translated, there are no more opportunities to be a part of the body of Christ. In 2corinthians 11:2 “For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.” He is not talking to Jews, but Christians. Virgin is not someone that is married. Israel in the old testament is portrayed as a harlot wife. She cannot become the bride of Jesus Christ. The marriage ceremony of the church has already taken place. In Saint Matthew 25 the ten virgins are not Christians. A bridegroom does not marry virgins. He marries a virgin. The body of Christ is already complete. The wise virgins will attend the marriage. They are not the bride. I started listening to Revelations series by Picos, but I could only hear one segment. I really liked what I heard. I’ll try again to see if I can find the other parts. I found the verse I was looking for. It is Psalm 34:2 “My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.” The Jews are his brethren.; we are the sons.


  17. Please forgive my typos, first I pulled off my letter L dusting the keyboard! Then I miss missing L’s, or am hurried and miss letters that didn’t type. I am not a typer and pressure’s not always good! I need typing Grace!

  18. Glad you found the verse Robert!, Glad you started Rev. series, you will be bessed(well actually there is a blessing for reading/listening/studying lol)! It’s amazing how a word can be passed over, guess we are not ready yet to hear, or careless?

    “My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.” I love how the HS helps us remember things He’s shown us and then helps us find it when we need it! 🙂

  19. Thank You L.A. for letting us share our thoughts with each other as you spark our thoughts. I think the Body is really needing to talk and share with ea. other in these trying days! To think these things through and linethings up with scripture. You are a gracious brother! (I can’t correct as it’s erasing the next letter automactically)

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