Sunday Go to Meeting Musical Bun!

The Sunday Musical Bun!


L. A. Marzulli

This is an MP3 recording that was finished in 1995.  It came from an album that was never released.  I teamed up with vocalist Laura Smith and you will hear the two of us singing our hearts out in this song, proclaiming what the King has done for us.  Here are the lyrics with some commentary.

Click here to listen ———->You Hung Tough For Me

You have made me sound of mind – We discussed this in last weeks bun.  We have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and s sound mind!

Your grace has touched my spirit – His grace, the unmerited favor that He bestows upon us, as a result of being born from above,  quickens our spirit and we see the world through a different set of eyes.

You have calmed my troubled soul – This is a personal testimony on my part.  When we believe in Him and put our faith in Him, he will give us peace that passed understanding.

And filled my heart with love for you – We love Him whom we have never seen.  Talk about supernatural!

And when you hung on Calvary you hung tough for me. –  This is the essence of salvation.  WHen the Messiah shed His blood on Calvary, he did so once, for the remission of all the sins – the nasty stuff that all of us do – that would be committed by you and me throughout all time.  By believing in Him who was sent – Yashua/Jesus, and understanding that His blood sacrificed for us leads us to right standing with God so that we are now called the sons and daughters of God.

Your love has made me come alive – We are all dead in our sins and will die in them unless we come to Him who is able to save us from our sins.  When we are born from above – all we need to do to become born from above, is admit our sin and ask to be redeemed by His blood – he connects our spirit to Him.  This is the basis of our joy, of what can grow into ineffable peace and joy.

I feel your presence in me – How does this work?  I have no idea but it is life changing when it does!  It has nothing to do with religion!  It is a personal experience.

Someday I’ll see you face to face – This is the blessed hope of all believers!

Risen saviour sovereign Lord – The resurrection is the most pivotal point in all of history!  It is the ultimate game changer and it spelled checkmate for The Fallen One!

And when you hung on Calvary you hung tough for me. –

I will praise your name – We sing our praise to Him who set us free from the bondage of sin and death.

Your unchanging the same – He is the same today, yesterday and forever!

For you are holy – Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord, God Most High!

You bought me with your blood and I rejoice – The Blood of Jesus!

You have made me sound of mind

You grace has touched my spirit 

You have calmed my troubled soul 

And filled my heart with love for you

And when you hung on Calvary you hung tough for me. – Repeat

25 thoughts on “Sunday Go to Meeting Musical Bun!

  1. Make more music available like this recording for us, what an awesome worship tune. I just finished reading Cosmic Chess Match the other day. You blew me away with your hart felt testimony of Jesus and where you have been and the road traveled. I have been taught to count the cost, and brother I know you have payed. Confessed sins are under the blood of Jesus. I have a deeper affection in Jesus for you, knowing you. You see personableness is what I know Jesus is all about. Glory be to Jesus.
    Rinaldo Bonovento

  2. LA quote:
    “I feel your presence in me – How does this work? I have no idea but it is life changing when it does! It has nothing to do with religion! It is a personal experience.”

    That sense of dwelling with Christ (and the interaction that comes from living with Him daily) eclipses the need for less tangible proofs. Indeed it’s a very interpersonal experience.

    ps. disclosure alert: “” (they keep looking for “piece of a jawbone” fossil remnant that’s evidence of alien life, and whether on mars, the moon, in antarctica, or deep in the ocean … any seeming impression of a shipwrecked ufo will do)

    • JRed on the “shipwreck.”


  3. Wow! You read my heart! Great lyrics, great music GREAT SAVIOR !! //// PRAISE HIM ! THE ONLY TRUE GOD!
    YESHUA!! Sorry, got caught up 🙂

  4. I’ve been following your blog for about a year (and love it by the way), and I’ve never commented. Yet, I must say that this song really struck a chord in me.

    The fact that Jesus hung tough for us in an unimaginable way means that we should hang tough for Him. Right now, my wife is deployed, I’m in law school about to take the bar, and we have two very small kids, and no family around. The pressure and weight of all of these responsibilities really weigh me down.

    I look to Jesus Christ for strength. I am strengthened by the Spirit, and encouraged by Christ’s steadfastness.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I felt compelled, and this is how this song speaks to me. God bless.


  6. Thank you for sharing that. The spirit filled lyrics made for a great Sunday Bun. Nice melody and you voices complimented each other quite nicely. Your faith and spirit makes this ministry of truth seekers more fullfilled in our search. Stands strong good and faithful servant.

  7. Here’s how personal the attacks get.

    LA was due to be interviewed by Russ Dizdar this week, which was blocked when blogtalk was hacked.

    LA was due to be interviewed by Derek Gilbert today, which was blocked by an internet outage.

    Just what is it about Watchers 3 that the enemy wants to muzzle or delay??

  8. There is something amiss with the new internet and the one working currently. I have been studying this for a bit now and older videos that were sort of on the outskirts and banned are now in and videos such as the documentaries really delving into nwo affairs are getting harder and harder to come by. Watch closely, soon it will all be gone or you will pay exorbitant fees just to use.

  9. LA, Thank you for the music. God has given you several gifts. Thank you for sharing them here. I loved the song.

  10. Dear L.A……..thank you for the music…..Very inspiring….Love to hear a solo! …..Thanks for all that you do

  11. What does this mean for Israel?

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    Sources tell Egyptian daily that Syrian security forces tried to help smuggle Syrian president’s family out of country.

  12. ‘Search for Aliens Is on Again, but Next Quest Is Finding Money’

    The astronomic equivalent of a so called 65 million year old fossil is a so called 65 million light year old count down “10 9 8 7 6 5….”

  13. Another watchman gone. Don’t know how I missed this one, but I just found out that Byron LeBeau of Curs-ed Net Radio passed away on Dec. 7, 2011. L.A. did an excellent show with him on Jan 11, 2011.

  14. I wasn’t going to click on it but did anyway. That was good, I didn’t know that you could sing. That was very good.

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