1. Up WAY early Brother Lynn ;)…or someone is. Thanks for posting the show as I am listening to it now.

    As always, especially with the passing of one THE greatest Watchmen of our generation in David Flynn, the Lord ever raised up to serve Him for many years and just called Home, I thank YOU for continuing to provide us with such great God inspired insight, discernment, wisdom, knowledge and the courage to fly in the face of the enemy of our souls along with TPTB whose PC machine would shut you down in a heart beat and will once the time comes unless the Lord supernaturally protects you which personally, I can see happening.

    Until then, you remain in my prayers for personal reasons and I know the rest here share many of the same sentiments as you are now even MORE on the upper echelon of Watchmen for not just the readers of this BLOG but to those all over the world that I personally believe the Lord will draw to your BLOG as the end draws near and you still have time to make the most of this site.

    MANY blessings to you Brother Lynn.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Thanks for saying what’s on my heart too Jeff. I am sooooo thankful for LA and I absolutely love the updates with LA and Doug. God is so good to provide these watchers to help steer us. Praise Him! I continue to agree with you in prayer for protection for these men and will continue to uphold them in prayer daily. Thanks again LA. God bless you and keep you~~Kelly

    • I agree with Jeff and Kelly, thank you L.A. and Doug.

      Also, let’s thank God for Jeff and Kelly; they are true warriors for and servants of Yeshua. May God bless them both richly.

      You guys are in my prayers. Your strength in Christ is wonderful for us to see.

    • I agree too.. God has blessed you well, Mr L A.. I keep you and your family in my prayers. Not only do we need you, we appreciate you just as much. May our Father continue to keep you safe sane and healthy and able to keep doing the wonderful work you do for the Kingdom. Grace and Peace to you, sir.

  2. Thanks so much for the update with Doug Hamp. It gives me so much encoragement. I go to this blog and prochecy in the news update with Gary Sterman on a daily basis.

  3. That was a fun update. King Abdullah wasn’t on my radar but after preliminary research and some things that Walid Shoebat expressed about the AC, I’m definately watching him as a very good candidate. Also the timing of Malachi’s last pope prophecy makes it more exciting and possible for 2012-2013 to be the window for World War III and the Harpazo.

    Has anyone notice the increase presence of fallen angel/demi-god themes in shows and movies last year and upcoming like Wrath of the Titans? The human conscience is ready for the grand deception which I liken to a great magic show that everyone will watch and marvel at the god-like abilities of Satan’s anointed magician.

    Notice the comment about being human and god from the below movie trailer.

  4. This was recorded in 2010. Link of King Abdullah interview below:

    King Abdullah II of Jordan believes Iran has taken away the moderate voice by hijacking the Israeli-Palestinian issue.


  5. Questions that I wanted to unravel about the King Abdullah is his background and how it parrellels with prophecy ….. And does he represent the majority of us? Is he likeable? He has a beautiful family (just do a image search) which from first impression he’s a family man and faithful to one wife. He’s a word wizard and has a demeanor that makes him pleasant to listen and one can’t help but to just look into his blue-eyes. His better half also adds to the mix and watch how she will also gain favor around the world.

    Here’s a video that goes in more personal detail which paints a perfect picture of what I would consider a world leader that everyone will accept.

    • I’m thinkin’ maybe. I saw where the actress Fran Drescher…(or however you spell it) just said she and her husband were abducted and both have marks on them to prove it. Maybe it’s just the same ol’ Hollywood gossip or just maybe she thought it was time to talk about it.

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