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  1. Sad news, but happy for David as he is in the presence of the Lord. His was one of the first websites of it’s nature (then called “Watcher’s Web Of Conspiracy”) that I encountered when I finally got on the internet in the late 90’s. He (and Chuck Missler at the time) helped rekindle interest in subject matter that Gene Scott dealt with when I watched him in the 80’s. Some videos of his presentation at the Ancient of Days conference are still on the internet.

    • Thanks for posting that video. This is the first I’ve heard of his research. The mathematics involved in the Roswell crash and the alien crop circle is amazing. I’m only 30-mins into it and will try to finish later.

      May David’s family be encouraged by our God of All Comfort and Mercy.

    • If this video intrigues you, his book “Temple at the Center of Time” will blow your mind. Highly recommended reading. There were more “wow” moments for me in that book than all my other books combined.

  2. Wow. What happened? Was he sick? This is a real shock to me. That guy was brilliant. It’s too bad he won’t be able to share his insights with us anymore. What a loss for us.

    • David had a brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme and was operated on for it around November I think of last year (2011).

  3. I just now read this and am just heartbroken. I guess I thought he was healing from his brain tumor and doing so much better. I really loved him as a great teacher, researcher and brother in the Lord. David was the first person to open my eyes to so much. I was very blind before I read his stuff and watched his videos. I really prayed for him when he was so sick. On another level I’m also rejoicing in a way that he gets to be home now. It just makes me wish I could go soon too. Sometimes it’s just all too much down here ya’ know? Oh well…onward and upward we grow…

  4. He in now forever more in the Presence of the Lord and all I can say, is “Thank you Lord for his work and [ministry] on this earth to us and the revelation and knowlegde he shared and imparted to us!!” He truly was one of the first to help me understand the importance of numbers and the significance of them, amongst many other things that dealt with anamolous stuff in the universe. God Bless his family and those he worked with to carry on! Lord raise up more to carry on the work, In Jesus~ Amen!!

  5. Hallelu’YAH ! I send love & prayers for all he have touched with truth,love,Thank U Most High for sharing him with us…Seeds of truth he broadcast over this earth..Job well done My Bro.David..Hallelu’YAH…His work was the first seed planted in my mind..10 yrs.ago! Rest well..until that Great Day come..when you return in the Army of The LORD..with Yahshua…The snakehead crusher! We have the Victory..your garment of flesh was worn long enough..Come home my son..recieve your new Robe,your crown..you shall put on..He now sit among the saints..with prayers upon their lips…waiting and watching for that Grand Day to appear,be patient children yet a little while…My Father’s plan is almost @ it’s full circle of time.The Day will come..I’ll look around and say..FATHER! There’s my Bro David Flynn…We waited for this Day! We all together now ..your children..rejoicing Forever more..What a great Day! Hallelu’YAH,Hallelu’YAH,Hallelu’YAH !No more pain..no more sorrow ! We are together now.. As FAMILY…just as you planned…Worship & praise in “New Jerusalem” ~Barakah Shalom…Blessings Peace~MommaBee

  6. I am shocked deeply to hear this. Also anxious to find out what happened. I am an off and on visitor to his web site. Was this an accident or was he Ill and I didn’t even know? God bless his family with comfort.

  7. Great loss to the kingdom of God. His was one of the first websites connecting the dots for regarding the alien/fallen angel theory.

    His book, “Temple at The Center of Time” is eye opening and jaw dropping with all the mathematical calculations he uses to prove various dates, times and places.

    He was genuinely humble as he actually would answer your questions on his YouTube site.

    The feeling of sadness is great in knowing of his loss but the sense of joy knowing he is now with our King, getting ready to mount up for war fills me with joy.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  8. I was “hiscity” on the watcher forums and watchermeetup.


    When David’s contributions faded away it was hard to understand his and his brother’s increasing absences, till of course we learned what had happened concerning the brain cancer. Seems like the attack was tailored to him.

    During the same time, I had a minor stroke. One of the yearly attacks they try to throw at me in the dec-jan timeframe. Like the major accident where they T-boned me the year before that. It’s like clockwork. And I believe directly satanic. (Lord Jesus please investigate.)

    David Flynn is another of those that have exposed the “alien=rebel angel agenda” (if not one of the first) — who may well have suffered direct major attack.

    Russ Dizdar (house flooded, lost library)
    Tom Horn (house burned, lost library)
    Richard Grund (attacked through association with his son in the Casey Anthony circus, in some sense a media based attack for a media personality)
    The Gilberts (mainly multiple relocations, but at one point they also had house flooding)
    Dr. Future and Tom Bionic (loss of radio program support and job loss)

    Consider: Dori Lynn, Joe Jordan, Steve Quayle, Tom Malone, etc. recalling that our war is with dark entities and higher powers — who exploit our weaknesses and dissensions. But that’s what God’s Armor is for — to take the blow when it comes. And to learn that when one door closes, if we’re patient (no ishmaels) another opens in due time.

    Consider also David Wilkerson … killed when he drove his car into a semi. Chance? Age? You think that’s what happened to Keith Green? (Ages ago now, I know.) Check out the connections between them.

    (note even while others were “silenced” like Thomas J. Euteneuer, catholic priest, who authored “Demonic Abortion” as part of heading a major pro-life organization — while involved in exorcisms … who may have had little real protection because of compromise with catholicism and human weakness)

    Nonetheless — we are enabled and exercised to be overcomers. Not in the least because we need to know the difference when Abba allows the world system to come crashing down as the wicked collectively reap what they’ve sown. How many of His lost lambs will feel they’ve been abandoned? But it’s not about feelings, is it … contrary to popular belief.

    Like how he proved Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah … and of course his own flesh as Christ.

    I hope Isaac Newton is showing David Flynn how to measure the depth, and breadth, and height of New Jerusalem, as it’s being constructed. Learning to be wise master builders, having turned the tables on the masons. After his reception of course — by the True Author and Finisher of our faith — Yahshua Messiah / Jesus Christ. (1st Cor. 15:44)

    It’s no surprise that David should pass 1-23-2012…

    From and including: 1-23-2012
    To, but not including : 12-21-2012

    It is 333 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 10 months, 28 days excluding the end date

    Alternative time units
    333 days can be converted to one of these units:

    28,771,200 seconds
    479,520 minutes
    7992 hours
    47 weeks (rounded down)

    I’ll leave the rest to Dudev, in the appropriate time.

    Regards all,

    nomemoleste aka hiscity

  9. We are all less now, with his loss. But David’s gain, obviously. I’m sure Father has already told him, “Well done my faithful servantt”

  10. He stood for the truth and made the good effort to tell others and the lord has taken him home- his good and faithful servants -many- for the time has arrived -for every eye shall see and every knee shall bow ! I have to laugh though, How these people in power today (Govts,politicians,corporations,entertainers,and many more) think they going to avoid death and the Lords Judgement -its hilarious ! As the Earth speaks for the Lord more and more and the signs and wonders in the heavens come to light and more is revealed -I hope more turn to Jesus there just is ,no other way to Peace . Thank you Mr. Marzulli for your efforts as well to keep up with what you do and state the truth ! Abortion – was only meant for the protection of the mothers life herself-(according to scripture)- period.

  11. Considering what a great impact he has had on people around the world and how many people he undoubtedly pushed closer to God with his insights, does anybody else get the feeling that God has basically told him “Your job is done now. We’re at the end.”

  12. I have this DVD, i have watched it many times, read David’s book. What a Gift David was to all who knew and read his books and knew his work. I think there are No words for his death that can make it easier no matter what reason we say. It is sad that David was taken he had so much truth for us who believe. He is at peace and with the true Creator and may God keep his hand and love over the family. I do hope someone will keep up the work that David started for David gave all of us a gift.

  13. I am . truly moved to such a depth of saddness and the loss of such a great man. He was indeed one of the greatest Christian minds that I had the honor of learning about Alien’s and the great coming deception. I know that he is in a much better place than we that are left behind to face possibly the most horrific times this world has ever known. Bless you my dear brother my friend and I hope that I will have the honor of meeting w/u on the other side.

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