Strange Sounds heard WORLDWIDE – Groaning from the Supernatural or Something Else?

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L. A. Marzulli

1/16/2012 — ‘Strange sounds’ heard WORLDWIDE — what is it?!

1/16/2012 — ‘Strange sounds’ heard WORLDWIDE — what is it?! – YouTube

Here is a clip from Youtuber, Dutchsense.  He has gathered videos from all over the world that display what can only be described as bizarre sounds.  There are a variety of loud, sustained, tones that are captured in a variety of locations.  As a musician it sounds like someone playing notes on a synthesizer, and running that through a series of very large amplifiers.  It is certainly a possibility that it is what we are hearing.  Are these sounds a coordinated global prank?  Are they the groanings of the earth itself, and is somehow related to the seismic and volcanic activity that have been increasing in the last few years?  Are they portals or gateways that are opening up in what I would consider these last days?  Could it be that we are hearing the sounds of the abyss being opened as someone suggested in our comment section yesterday?

I find it interesting what some people say in the comment section of the YOUTUBE piece.  You would think that people’s curiosity would at least be piqued.   We have Darwinism to thank for the denial of the supernatural and the skeptical western mind that tells us there is only the empirical, what we can see, hear, taste, feel and reproduce in a laboratory.   Yet, many of us look at these strange noises through a supernatural filter and wonder if what we are hearing is not of this earth.

We covered some of these strange sounds in a segment of Watchers 3, where the announcer who is at a baseball game comments that what he is hearing – which is like a great wind blowing – sounds supernatural.  

We are told that in the last days there would be signs in the heavens and earth.  Are these strange sounds that are appearing globally a fulfillment of this prophecy?  Is the veil that separated this dimension from the supernatural thinning?  Are these the sounds of an invisible war that we can’t see at the moment?

In closing today’s post: I don’t have any idea of what these noises are.  I do, however, find them disturbing, if they are real and not generated by a musician with a synthesizer.  These strange sounds may be another “fingerprint of the supernatural,” or they may have a perfectly natural explanation to what is causing them.

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Hello L.A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, i let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love, one of his friends just purchased another copy! Just wanted to say good work and I love how you can break down scripture like that and explain what is really going on, because the church’s fail to talk about it Terry

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.


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63 thoughts on “Strange Sounds heard WORLDWIDE – Groaning from the Supernatural or Something Else?

  1. LA i live out in the country and have been hearing those sounds.No one around here could be faking what we have been hearing outside. look at this Strange PHENOMENON

    • hmmmm, I don’t understand Spanish but it is kind of interesting that the video appears to show a considerable heating near the idolatrous shrine area? I’m just sayin’.

      And I have mentioned the time I heard the “noise” often enough here but L.A.’s take on it as a musician has me thinking I may go back to the byte show archives and listen to Yusef Battles talks on sonofusion again!

  2. I’ve been listening to these youtube videos since the beginning of the week. Several are clearly copies but I believe most of them are legitimate. And nobody has a good explanation. People say “it’s a plane” when it is clearly not, or “it’s a nearby highway” when there is no highway.

    One of the sounds was heard in Puerto Rico by pretty much the entire island, and it even made it onto the evening news. The thing is they interviewed seismologists and volcanologists and both groups said there was no earth movement recorded during the sound.

    Which rules out one of the other explanations someone had which was the sound was caused by the huge boring machines that the government is using to build an underground tunnel network. It does sound like a machine of some sort but these tunnel networks have supposedly been around for a long time and we’ve never heard this sound before.

    It’s interesting also to note that in some videos the sound is loud and in others it is faint and seemingly in the distance, which means the sound has a definite source and is not “all around us”.

    Although a good number of people at least appear to be taking the sounds seriously, it always amazes me how so many people think you are loony for believing in the supernatural even when there is no satisfactory natural explanation. I feel sorry for those people.

    • yeah, and speaking of the haarp and chemtrail mystery…..yesterday for a very brief moment, the sky opened a hole in the snow clouds and a brief glimpse of blue skies was plaid with crisscross lines! We don’t seem to have so much of that here, I think because the wind off Lake Michigan disperses them? Anyhow, I NEVER get sick but twice in 2 months I have gotten the very same bug. Got it in November and again this week. In my experiance ya just don’t get a flu or other bug again when you have just had it….sneezing fits, cough and locked up chest with a runny nose….but absolutely no fever which makes me think it is not so much a virus but more of an irritant? Chemtrails or ? Anyone else?

  3. A truly interesting topic indeed.

    Here’s my take, for anyone that cares.

    My first instinct is that this particular video is a hoax.

    1) the birdsong in the first and last video seems quite similar.
    2) why are the birds (singing) and not reacting?
    3) why is it so many people were out recording the horizon and sky in the second week of January.

    4) these noises sound like something out of Godzilla

    So, this leads me to believe it could be viral marketing for another cloverfield movie, or the 2012 godzillla movie that’s tentatively scheduled for this year.

    Other thoughts, it reminded me of the “bloop” a few years back. I’ll post a separate link right after this.

    However, if it is real, and not a hoax, I would very much like to know what it is. My thought is if it’s supernatural, even hearing a recording should give me chills, much like with evps do occasionally, but I get nothing here.

    Anyways, anyone got other good links/info on this?

    • Hey Frank….I know I would feel the same way, the natural tendency is to look for a logical cause…..unless you hear this for yourself like I did. I even checked to see if a ship had come into the river during the night after I heard it because without a freeway with huge trucks barreling by for at least a hundred miles… a freighter would have been the only thing that could have made the noise here. Hmmm, and as I type I am remembering a smell here last summer too…..the fire dept. told us they had checked every possible source and they had “burped” one of the natural gas wells in town….but I think it was someone on this very blog that poiunted out natural gas is odorless as it comes out of the earth and they add the stink for safety purposes so…..hmmm, strange things in the earth and in the heavens!

    • Indeed elaine. What was the smell? If sulfur, i would seriously think demonic.

      I don’t doubt you heard something unusual. It’s the video I question. Maybe someone heard about real ones like yours, then made hoax video.

      I am not ruling out supernatural, just trying to ask good questions so we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

    • Yes, I guess….I could not smell very much of it in my downstairs apartment but my son and his wife smelled it up stairs in theirs and my boy, after checking for gas leaks in the house, went outside and it was stronger and he talked to neighbors who were outside because of the smell too….I think I wrecked my nose with paint and solvents all those years doing theater scenery?

    • Is that sherlock holmes?

      If we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be true.

      Occam’s razor: the simplest explanation must be true.

      Frank’s thoughts: some combination of these two, with a good dose of Batman-ology and a pinch of scooby doo must be true.

      Future quake: tom bionic said it, I believe it, that settles it. (A joke)

    • The same bird screech is heard at 0:48 and again at 10:35 and 13:38. So obviously at least two of those three videos (Chicago, Edmonton and Kiev) are copycats. Kiev was the first so if any of these are authentic it is this one.

      But most of those videos do not have the same bird sound so they are not copies. Of course people can use a variety of means to generate strange noises and upload it to youtube to see how many people will “fall for it” but having read so many comments by people who have experienced the sound I just can’t see how they could all be fake. Especially when the Kiev sounds made the news as did the Puerto Rico sounds.

      Also the Conklin Alberta video ( sounds the most similar to the Kiev video but it is not definitely not the same audio. So either they did a very good job mimicking the sound somehow or the video is authentic.

    • Interesting elaine. Well, I hope to hear more information.

      Oddly the last few days I’ve felt sort of “disturbed” and kind of antsy and resless. Hard to focus at/on work (maybe I just don’t like the job?). I haven’t been able to figure out what it is.

      It’s also interesting to note that this noise preceded, by some amount of time, the crazy snow in seattle and japan. But if haarp, why were these not heard before?

      My money’s still on godzilla.

    • Hey Frank….I am feeling that way too and I love my work! But today I have been delving into all those byte show archives and it really seemed pertinant to this discussion toward the end of the Joseph P. Farrell show called Cosmic War #1 mp3 done in Sept. 2007….. Now I am stuck listening to the whole series and it looks like I will be listening to the all night because Farrell and GeorgeAnn are so prolific! Word for the day: Paleo-physics!
      I just feel like I am driven to pray and study! so much for picture framing today and God bless the folks who did the site! So handy!

    • Those pre-quake pounds are interesting, but way different.

      Leviathan, I think refers to a literal creature, BUT it is also metaphorical for satan in some spots. Job features a detailed description along with behemoth, and don’t tell me leviathan is a crocodile, or behemoth a hippo. Get real.

      Vince, good homework on picking out the copycatting. Indeed, someone could be making it up, after all godzilla’s roar is just someone rubbing a violin.

      Except for the people who have actually heard it, I too would dismiss this as hoax.

    • Frank I remember the bloop mystery; if I remember right they never did find an explanation for it. As far as these new sounds heard all over the world, while these sounds may or may not be supernatural in nature, I do agree that we are dovetailing into a crisis point and that what is coming will be dramatic and tremendous.

    • I’d never heard of this bloop but you guys made me go look it up. For those who don’t know about it this site has a short but thorough overview of the mystery.

      The word Leviathan comes to mind, except I’m still not sure if the biblical mentions of Leviathan refer to an actual sea creature or a metaphor for something else.

    • Correct matt, they never ID’d it, but they did conclude it was likely a life form larger than a blue whale.

      My thoughts, either Leviathan or the great fish that ate Jonah.

      Agreed, I think times are about to get weird.

  4. I watched the video, this was my first time hearing these sounds. As I was praying, the verse came to me: walk by faith and not by sight. We are about to experience that craziest stuff! Regardless os what this is, remeber that the devil has a short time to deceive us, so expect him to go all out. Do not be alarmed by what you see or hear. It is all a plan to deceive if possible even the elect. So don’t be shaken. I was actually going back in my thoughts to a steve quayle/ tom horn interview I heard about sounds and how certain low sounds are demonic and cause fear. And that we all have certain sounds….these sounds sounded very demonic. Interesting note, ever thought about how scary movies always have the same low tunes in them? Very much like these? The devil operates on fear. These noises may very well be to cause a mass fear, to bring out the mass deception. Just a thought.

    • Great point about the sound causing fear. I remember a news report that discovered the cause of a haunting in a classroom ended up being a very specific vibration coming from a furnace or something that causes anxiety in people and the feeling that they are not alone. When they fixed the furnace the “haunting” stopped. Now, that’s not to say that there are not real hauntings I’m just making the point that certain sounds affect us in certain ways. Ever wonder why nobody likes to get yelled at?

      And I am reminded of the scripture that says God spoke and the world came into being. Tom Horn talks about this as well, that the “god particle” is actually a sound wave that holds everything together and he speculates that it is the voice of God himself. (and Jesus is the word [sound] of God through him all things were created and without him nothing was created) So if the entire world is based on sound waves, and God’s world (the supernatural world) is all about sounds then … I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it makes me wonder if there is a connection.

  5. Check out this “strange noise” video right before the Colorado Earthquake from last summer.

    Makes me think of HAARP

    Something scary is coming. I often think of Stan Deyo talking about different dimensions we cant see. What if these noises are the fallen angels being pushed from the 2nd heaven to earth? What if one day soon they will choose to be seen and a scene strait out of District 9 occurs with hunderds mile wide crafts over each city? What if these are the demons from the “middle / hollow earth / pole theories” talked about during WWII and the Nazi’s?

    I wonder if there is any noise coming from known portals such on Mt Hermon?

    • Richard….That’s a real interesting question about Mt Hermon. I would like to know the answer to that too.

  6. okay, listening to Yusef Battle and looked up Schumann resonance!
    Hmmm, a lot for my pea brain but it does seems like maybe the sound is like the sound made when blowing over the top of a bottle but as heard from the bottom of that bottle? Got that surfing and don’t know where now, but it would make sense if the south pole is opening! I would love to hear L.A., Stan Deyo, Yusef Battle and Joseph P Farell do a round table on this topic!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You know what I really hope it’s NOT? I hope and pray it ‘s Revelation 9. I’m sure it’s not. But this is what it says,

    “And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

    And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

    And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.” As if the bottomless pit is groaning, awaiting the opening. Pure speculation.

    That or an earthquake.

    ********OR!! Much nicer!!!! The earth is groaning for the revealing of the sons of God!!!!

    • Isaiah 24:21-23 ” It shalll come to pass in that day that the LORD will punish on high the host of exalted ones, and on earth the kings of the earth, They will be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, And will be shut up in the prison; After many days they will be punished. Then the moon will be disgraced & the sun ashamed……

    • Jeremiah 25:30-32 “Therefore prophesy against them all these words, and say to them:

      The LORD will roar from on high,
      And utter His voice from His holy habitation;
      He will roar mightily against His fold.
      He will give a shout, as those who tread the grapes,
      Against all the inhabitants of the earth.
      31 A noise will come to the ends of the earth—
      For the LORD has a controversy with the nations;
      He will plead His case with all flesh.
      He will give those who are wicked to the sword,’ says the LORD.”

      32 Thus says the LORD of hosts:

      Behold, disaster shall go forth
      From nation to nation,
      And a great whirlwind shall be raised up
      From the farthest parts of the earth.

    • That entire chapter of Isaiah 24 is an interesting description of the time of Jesus’ return. It describes the passing away of the old earth and the punishment of the fallen angels and the birth of the new earth with Jesus reigning from Jerusalem.

      Isiah 24
      17Fear, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth.

      18And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.

      19The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

      20The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

      It’s interesting that it talks about “the noise of the fear” and “he that cometh up out of the pit” in the same sentence. And the part about “the windows from on high are open” sounds an awful lot like portals opening.

    • Vincent, that is the passage I referred to in my post a little while ago. It sure does seem to fit with this story. We have not seen people fleeing or falling into an abyss yet but what happens if folks start hearing it 24 hours a day. That would be enough to drive most people off a ledge.

    • Vincent, I do believe you may be correct when you say that the windows being opened might represent portals opening

      . “And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.”

      FOR……….the windows from on high are open. It almost sounds as if that is the reason that the foundations of the earth shake and people are falling into the pit and snare. Because the “portals have been opened?” Interesting comment you made.

  8. My yearly Earthquake update, plot that out. Sources are the USGS. Please note, for some reason their totals change periodically, even for past years. Not sure why, but they do.

    1990 – 16590
    91 – 16484
    92 – 19524
    93 – 21476
    94 – 19371
    95 – 21007
    96 – 19938
    97 – 19872
    98 – 21688
    99 – 20832
    2000 – 22256
    01 – 23534
    02 – 27454
    03 – 31419
    04 – 31194
    05 – 30478
    06 – 29568
    07 – 29685
    08 – 31777
    09 – 14792
    2010 – 21549
    11 – 21969

  9. Well here’s another data point for those that like to play connect the dots.

    The BBC did a great show on “The Core” (the earth’s center) and how that impacts the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA).


    Turns out that there was “Hubble Trouble” where the telescope would glitch out over South America in a very regular pattern. The reason is due to a 1/3 strength magnetic field over much of South America, which is growing. Less magnetic field, less protection from space radiation. So Hubble was getting hit with more radiation in the SAA.

    There’s a lake of molten metal the size of mars under the earth. There’s a solid iron core the size of the moon inside that. Let’s just call the mars sized molten metal core “the Lake of Fire” (LOF) to mess with folks in the blog here. Which may be exactly accurate. Not sure yet.

    The movement of the LOF generates the magnetic poles on the earth. The strange (and very wonderful) thing is that the further you go into the LOF (according to the BBC report), the greater the number of magnetic poles. So the SAA is actually a combination of a north pole that nullifies some of the surrounding predominant south poles (magnetic poles) around South America.

    Of course that relates to eventual poles shifts and even pole splits(!) where earth can have more than 1 set of poles at the outer edge.

    The data point for this comment (for those apt to learn) is that the SAA is getting bigger and expected to cover South America in a number of years. The way NASA solved the Hubble Trouble was to turn off sensors when it’s passing over the SAA (which is about half the size of South America turned sideways).

    So as the LOF (molten metal part of the core) varies, which it does on a daily basis, there are large effects in localized areas of earth’s magnetic field. I would not be surprised at all if that produces noises, no different than magnetics from coils are used to make speakers.

    Best I can tell, there’s a greater likelihood of poles splitting or being “nulled out” long before any N-S global pole reversal. The deeper they look in the LOF, the greater the number of discrete and separate N-S fields — all moving and interacting in very complex ways — which can null each other out near the surface, or greatly decrease magnetic field strength in a very large area like the SAA.

    As to whether there are impacts on dimensions and gateways, I’ll leave that up to others. Light is electromagnetic radiation (as we currently describe it). Angels-of-light might be affected or able to take advantage of global magnetic field variations. Or even cause them, perhaps with a magnetic “key” to open “the bottomless pit.” Or use it as a prison.

    Still don’t get it? Just kick back and enjoy…

  10. It does sound like it is from some kind of an electronic source, like a synthesizer, to me, but someone would have to have a huge sound system to play it through like an outdoor concert setup. That would make it easy to pinpoint the source it it were so.

    • Although I’m sure many of the videos are fake, I am not prepared to discount the entire phenomena quite so easily. I still believe many of these videos are authentic.

    • I took a picture of some “earth lights” last year on my cell phone. Didn’t know what it was @ the time but had short rainbow colors in the sky. I saw it a couple different times around our area.

    • LNL: Do you still have that photo and could post it? Don’t know if what I saw at one time was earth lights, nice to compare to your photo.

    • Sure, I’ll go dig it up. Now that I’m thinking about it – I actually took a video of it when I was @ a stop light. I can’t remember if I also snapped a picture @ the same time. There’s probably a way to capture a picture from a video too.

  11. What I find is these phenomenon all start out looking like a hoax, as the first probably are, but tend to become more credible as time goes on.
    Look how crop circles had looked when they first were experienced. Now they are works of art impossible to explain with boards and a rope. Some examples of conspiracies that might fall under this umbrella as truth first presented as a hoax are HAARP, NWO with secret socities, UFOs, chemtrails, poison in vaccinations, etc.

    You can not minimize the psychological effect this has. First there are the mistrusting that lead the charge on these events. These events look like a hoax to the majority or at least can be explained away, i.e. its just swamp gas. These tinfoil hat people are scorned and ridiculed. There is an added benifit that these conspiracy theorists can be monitored because they are easy to spot. Then these “hoaxes” start to become more credible as time goes on. Finally, there will be some revealing of the truth. This revealing will vindicate all early believers puffing them up with pride and shame all those who ridiculed making them more compliant to any new BS you want to feed them. Out of fear and shame they won’t question the new establishment.

    So what we most do when we are presented with any new event is to dig deeper. What we are seeing more often then not is Satan’s early beginnings of a broader propoganda meant to decieve.

  12. Hi LA. I need an answer to a question. If you can. Just before I woke up this morning the word Hasmonean was being pushed to the forefront of my mind. I have not read about the Hasmoneans or thought about them or heard anything about them. I have no reason for this word to be in my brain What ?, if anything would they have to do with the times we are living in now?

  13. BTW: thanks so much for publishing conferences that you are attending! Hope to go to the one at the end of the year in North Carolina.

  14. Stars and planets all have their own frequency.

    The Earth is “tuned” to 440 cps (or a multiple therof) This is the “A” Note on the piano. There’s actually a scince-musician out there, that is making music arrangements according to the heavenly or with the Heavenlay Star Frequencies. I should have marked down his name, as I don’t remember it now.

    Anyhow, in the last days the Earth will be groaning….

  15. Thanks L.A. , Your blog answered my email question.

    About the sounds, I have never heard anything like this but last summer I did hear some noise which sounded exactly like thunder rolling. There was a clear blue cloudless sky on a warm summer day and the air was still as a mouse, though we do usually have a at least a little bit of a breeze on this hill that our farm is on. My (then 8 year old) granddaughter was outside with me when these rolling thunder sounds started in the eastern part of the sky. I have a pretty good view here and I could not even see a plane at that time. The noise lasted only about 15 seconds or so. My granddaughter said “What was that Granny?”, of course I didn’t know. I came in and checked the internet for an earthquake but there was nothing. I did not hear of any reports of blasting or construction nearby. I haven’t heard a thing since. Anybody else hear thunder that isn’t there?

    • So it appears that the Kiev video got its sounds from the War of the Worlds movie. That doesn’t explain the thumping sounds in Colorado and Puerto Rico, nor the tornado sound that ends with a flash in Florida.

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