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L. A. Marzulli

Judge Napolitano: What if they’re lying to you about Ron Paul? – Fox Business – YouTube

The media pundits tell us who is leading in the polls.  They all chime in chorus like and point to Mitt Romney and tell us that he’s the front-runner.  You will notice that most never mention Ron Paul, or dismiss him as a candidate who can’t win, so much for honest journalism.  How do they know PAul can’t win?  Who made that decision?

In the last elections we  were told by then candidate Barak Obama, that he would close Gitmo, bring our boys home from Afghanistan…. last time I checked they were celebrating the 10th year anniversary at Gitmo and my neighbor’s son, who is a Marine, is still in waging war in Afghanistan.  So much for campaign promises.  Our congress is at the lowest approval rating in history.  We are trillions of dollars in debt.  Unemployment, while in some states dropped a bit recently is much higher than 10% in other states.  Foreclosures are at record levels.   We have 900 military bases world-wide, which by anyones definition is an hegemony and now we are being manipulated to once again go to war, this time it will be with Iran.  I’m sure there will be another Gulf of Tonkin episode that will rally everyone to gear up the endless war machine and attack Iran.   I realize that the Iranians are perhaps not dealing with a full deck of cards, as they do have an apocalyptic mind-set when it comes to the destruction of Israel.  I get it, but why should interfere with what the Iranians or for that matter anyone else is doing?  I don’t see us rushing into Darfur to save the Christians who are being slaughtered by Muslims, which is real genocide happening in real-time.  I guess there’s no oil there…

The media is an out of control machine that on one hand can proclaim a man or women as king and the next, publicly eviscerate them, think Anthony Weiner, or anyone else that has been used to keep the American public distracted with endless bread and circus.

In closing today’s short post: I agree with Judge Napolitano that we manipulated at every turn, that what we think we see often is not reality.  Dr. Stan Monteith puts it this way…  reality is scoffed at and illusion is king.  We are living with an endless stream of media drivel as we know more about  Casey Anthony, Chaz Bono, or the latest antics of GaGa, then we do Ezekiel 38.  Meanwhile we are loosing our freedoms as out elected officials vote to detain suspected americans indefinitely without bringing charges against him or her.  We are so far beyond the pale that I wonder if we can ever get back to any standard of what was once a norm.   Take a minute a watch the video as I believe it will get you thinking… Please check out the Other News links at the bottom of this post.  The perfect storm is gathering and soon it will break as the Middle East will erupt into war,  the Euro will crash, followed by the dollar and gas prices will sky rocket.  I believe we will also see commodities double in price.  These are tenuous times and we need to understand that we are caught in what I believe is the final end game of the Prince of the power of the air.   Who rules the airways?  Is there a dark cabal of men and women behind the scenes, a brotherhood of darkness as Dr. Stan calls them?

Hello L.A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, i let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love, one of his friends just purchased another copy! Just wanted to say good work and I love how you can break down scripture like that and explain what is really going on, because the church’s fail to talk about it Terry

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.


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45 thoughts on “Who Rules the Air?

  1. But wait, Tim Tebow is doing stuff!

    Ron Paul is all the rage in “inide” media like drudge or alex jones. While I think Paul is OK, he’d be just as impotent as obama if elected, because it’s a muppet puppet show. In a perfect world, he’d be a good choice, but I just don’t trust the whole system anymore.

    That said, I think Paul is going to win 2012, but it will change nothing. “THEY” know people are sick of the two party system, and so my opinion is that they’ve selected Paul as a third choice.

    We’ll see.

    • Ron Paul doesnt fit into the New World Order’s Agenda. He’s a not a Bildeberger, A Trilaterlist, or a Club of Rome member. He wants to print money from the treasury and eliminate the Federal Reserve. His Ideas Are GENIUS!

      He’s an outsider even though I have heard the rumor he may be a Freemason however that has yet to be conformed or vetted. He’s a true American who’s not corrupted by big business or lobbyist so is his son. He reninds me of JFK.

      Ron Paul would rewrite all most all of Obamas radical executive orders and he would bring our troops home. He might actually save America in the short term but he cant out manuever our debtload.

      Iran should have been the only agenda when President Obama entered the white house not the agenda today. Even Russia is saying oops we let them go to far. When “Im-in-jihad” openly started saying in 2005 that Iran intends to destroy the US and Israel to order to usher in their Messiah “An Act of War” should have been declared in congress giving the president authority to bomb their nuclear sites.

      Now Israel will become the burdensome stone and probably go it alone at first. The Global Economy is in the perfect storm very similar to where the world was just prior to the great depression.

      My personal opinion is that it doesnt matter who is in the white house now. The Congressional Budget Office says that we cant pay the interest on our debt starting in 2015. Another Great Depression is coming. One so big a days wage will be a loaf of bread. We are past the point of no return.

      Only the One True King can save us now. Maranatha Father

    • Overall, you have some decent points overall.

      But for discussion, I’d like to disagree on Iran. I think that THEY just want to use the POSSIBILITY of Iran getting a nuke as an excuse to make them an enemy.

      Even IF Iran got a nuke, so what? We have them. Russia had them. China and North Korea (probably) have them. Iran is no threat to the US if they have one. If they want to hurt USA, close the straits as LA has warned. No need for a nuke to cripple us, they could do it slowly and I’d wager if “I’m in Jiahad” is as evil as everyone says (no doubt he’s quasi-evil) he’d rather do it the slow and painful way through Hormuz to watch us suffer.

      And as far as Iran’s threat to Israel. If Iran gets a nuke, they will be absolutely NO THREAT to Israel.

      How can that be?

      Because, God is Sovereign. If Iran posed an actual threat to Israel, God would intervene. Who knows, that may be what happens one day (ezekiel 38?)

      So why does anyone need to do anything about Iran? By thinking someone has to do something, we are effectively saying God can’t or won’t act to save Israel His people.

      So tell me again. Why do we or anyone else need to do anything about Iran?

      (PS, I do support Israel’s right to exist as a nation)

    • Shia Muslims believe they need to usher in the world’s ruin in order for their savior to come out of a hole, and they hate Israel and us (U.S.) As soon as they believe they have a realistic shot at doing it, they’ll usher in that ruin, and why not usher in ruin by making sure your most hated enemies explode first?

      I’d agree that Iran isn’t nuked up yet, that they’re the most convenient bad guy for the current show; but they will pull the trigger, no way they won’t. They look forward to it. Diplomacy can’t move them.

      That’s my opinion, anyway, based on some other people’s opinions. Got a book coming out in March. Just kidding about the book.

      let’s look up guys!

    • Before Shia Muslims were the enemy, it was Commies. Communist Russia, while horrible in their way (as are perhaps a minority of Muslims) “hated us” etc., etc. Who will be the enemy once Shia Islam isn’t a threat?

      My guess: us Christians. Then the laws and such we supported to deal with “the Muslim problem” will be turned against us.

    • Frank, do you really think Paul will win in 2012? I hope you are not a gambling man, as it will be Romney hands down. The media has already spoken and that’s who will run against Obama.
      The media views Gingrich as a right wing radical and extremist, Santorum as a homophobe, Huntsman lacking ambition better suited for vice president, and Paul as a deranged lunatic. So there you have it, Romney has the cash flow, he plays middle of the road, will not answer pointed question that could possible get him in political trouble, a true professional politician at its finest. Hope we can believe in?? I think not…..

    • But wait, Tim Tebow is doing stuff!

      and the problem with that is exactly…………

      hey frank,

      let’s not lose sight of what’s important ok. he’s planting seeds in a very large, very public forum.
      maybe in heaven you’ll even meet someone who came to,
      or rededicated to Jesus because tim tebow was doing/saying things!!!
      eyeballs don’t do what elbows do. we are all one body. lets not forget that.
      we all have a calling or purpose.
      don’t place God’s work in a category with lohan.

    • Yeah, I ain’t much of a gambler. I never win. Romney probably will win, but the conspiracy nut inside me could see why they would let Paul in

      My comment on tebow, is not to rip the man (though, he should be cautious to walk his talk) but rather the media and the people looking to elevate him. Tebow has touched more lives with the Gospel (john 3:16) in terms of seed throwing, in one football game, than I have in one year of blogging. So, no real beef on him. Just the media saying, “look…” rather than focusing on real issues, or other heroes of fatih (say persecuted Church, or real kingdom champions like Wurmbrand)

    • I’m also slightly critical of the tebow situation 1) because anything the media latches onto and promotes , usually ends up turning sour. 2) he has been lifted up high in the public eye, so I fear the media may be trying to set him (and all Christians by association) for a fall.

      So, keep him in prayer.

    • sorry frank but it did sound a bit snipey

      i apologize if i seemed rash.

      yes, big time prayer!!!

      some folks may never have another hero of faith.
      satan’s media will not in and of itself focus on anything Godly.
      this is why tebow is special. God has allowed him to prominience.

      pray, pray, pray!!!

    • Matt, you may be on to something…Mitt looks like he could be the 2012 President.

      Here is article/commentary that might be of interest called “Title: Mitt Romney Is Hiding A Secret He Does Not Want You To Know”

      “A former member of the House of Theosophy, told me that “a person could read 1,000 New Age books and not understand the plan to produce Antichrist, but he could read the right 10 books and understand the plan perfectly”. He studied those 10 books with me for over two years; in fact, while we were studying the last book, two more books were published, and since they were deemed to very important, we continued working together until we finished them.

      By the November elections, 1988, I concluded that the national elections were certainly manipulated to achieve the results which the Global Elite desired. My conviction to this effect has only increased over the years since then.

      In the presidential campaign of 2008, I concluded that Mitt Romney was running a campaign designed to place him in the leadership position in the 2012 campaign; in other words, Mitt was not persuing a strategy designed to win in 2008, but to win in 2012.

      My conclusion was that America was probably going to have a Mormon President in 2012.”


  2. I saw that clip of Napolitano yesterday and thought, “Uh oh, hope they don’t start the move to get rid of the judge from Fox now……I like Shepard Smith too….he is an old fashioned honest reporter with a brilliant way of using inflection and expression to tell us when he is giving real news or propaganda. God bless you L.A.! Everyone in the country should view that but unfortunately many will see the fox logo and close their ears before they ever hear how honestly bipartisan he is! I think Ron Paul may just be a write in with a chance. And, if the electoral votes negate his win it might be the last straw leading us into civil war…..Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    • Hi Elaine. I also saw that news clip yesterday. Interesting for main stream TV. By the way…do you know how Janet Napolitano and he are related? They seem to be coming from completely opposite sides of the political aisle! Weird.

  3. If Ron Paul were to win the Presidential election my fear is that he would not be allowed to stay in office for long – going against the “rules of the game” has always been a “deal breaker”. So yeah, if you’re in office and cherish your earthly life, it’s always in the best interest of that Pres to maintain obeisance to the “overlords” agendas.
    On another note…. historically speaking, haven’t we have been told (ad nauseum) that war is always good for the economy? And also that many “official” wars/police actions by the US have been started during an election year? As they say, “the show must go on.” (focus on that word ‘show’)
    Blessings to all,

    • Apparently war isn’t good for the overall economy.

      I don’t think Paul would be able to stay around long. Actually, on future quake, Tom Bionic’s 2012 prediction is where I sort of fall. That is, paul will win, but before he gets officially in a huge war/crisis would happen keeping him from being overly effective.

      Or else, Paul wins, then we see another Bush style move to get Romney in.

    • I think this is all a dog and pony show, the elite know what time it is; the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill expressly says so. (google Klaus Dona and watch his video, or Lynn Marzulli had him on his radio program once. He had an artifact that was found in Ecuador resembling the pyramid replete with the all seeing eye. It has the constellation orion on the back with these words: the son of the creator comes.) IMO there will be no election in November. We all need to get our oil in our lamps and be ready.

    • You gave me an interesting thought…..”they” love to tell us what they are up to but always in such subtle ways that the sheeple do not see it.
      I remember during the campaign or shortly after, that Obama gave a speech in Oakland County Michigan and I think it was at the Saturn plant in Lake Orion…..not a big deal except the town is pronounced “Lake OR’-ee-an) but he said it the usual “Or-EYE’-on” and it has stuck in my head. I remember that I thought then that someone didn’t check out the venue and advise him very well and he should have said it the way the town likes it pronounce if he wanted to have them like him……now I think he may have known just what he was saying!

    • actually i’m beginning to think paul is a distraction.

      only there to let you think you have a chance.

      the NWO has it all sussed. we ain’t nor are we supposed to stop them.

      we must concentrate on gathering all we can for the kingdom!!!

  4. When it comes to domestic policy, I mostly agree with Ron Paul’s positions on fiscal issues. I don’t agree with him where legalizing heroin and cocaine as well as other illicit drugs are concerned. He is also agreeable to legalizing prostitution and leaving gay marriage up to the states. These positions alone are enough to make me doubt his election as POTUS doing anything good for the country. Our fiscal problems are not the root but they are the result of a spiritual problem.
    When it comes to foreign policy, I agree that we need to stop being an empire and nation building. Paul’s positions on Israel and the Palestinians concern me deeply as well. He has basically called this situation as another apartheid and that the Palestinians are basically living in a concentration camp. This I believe is a lie from the pit of hell. Although I do not want to see us go to war with Iran, they have threatened to destroy Israel and I have no doubt that if they get WMDS, chaos will ensue. I believe that God will not allow Israel to be destroyed but I do believe that many will die and Iran will be a big part of that.
    Simply put, just because I believe Paul is right on the money as far as economic policy is concerned is not enough to make me consider him to be a good choice. If it comes down to a choice between him and the current fraud in the White House, I will hold my nose and vote for Paul but I am sick of choosing the lesser of two evils.

    • Amen! Good to know this.

      But why vote for a lesser evil? Write darth vader in and be done it.

      I’m writing in Capt. America.

      No matter which side gets in, we lose. No matter who I vote for, they’re going to follow their own agenda.

    • I agree with him about drugs and prostitution….not because I think either is good but because all the money and revenue that goes into the prison system and prosecution and police and on and on….could be better spent to help those who need help salvaging their lives from the natural effects of those things once they and only they decide that they are ruining their lives…..These crimes’ only victim is the criminal himself and it seems more evil to me to make a huge mega business (s) out of catching and punishing them! You know that the laws do not deter anyone who really wants to do those things! They will always find a way. How many prisons could be closed if the “victimless” crimes were not big money makers?

    • Elaine, I normally agree with you on just about everything but this is one area where with all do respect [and I do mean that dear sister] we will have to part ways. For one thing, I am not talking about pot. I was an old time rock and roller who smoked my share of pot back in the day. In many ways, I think alcohol can be a more dangerous substance than pot but that is a discussion for another day. However, cocaine and heroin are a completely different story as well as hallucinogenics. From what I understand, the word sorcery in the Bible actually translates to pharmakeia and is condemned by our King. I don’t believe that drug addicts need to be put in jail for many years but I also don’t believe legalizing dangerous substances is the answer either. I have seen too many lives absolutely ruined by cocaine and a friend died from a heroin overdose. If a prison sentence helps some get clean and go strait, then that is a good thing. For one thing, if they are in jail, they are not behind the wheel and that’s a good thing. Prostitution is a disease spreading behavior that not only puts at risk the girls and their customers but wives who don’t know and possibly an unborn child as well. I just can’t bring myself to justify legalizing sinful behaviors because our prisons are overcrowded.
      God bless dear sister.

    • Clang! I think we DO agree about those substances and behaviors…..They are definitely bad and ruin lives. And to tell you the truth, I was thinking of marijuana mainly….that it should be legal the same way alcohol is. Not unregulated but legal because, just like Prohibition did not stop people from drinking…..just made it a crime to even have as well as a sin to overindulge. The Bible says Temperance in all things and laws won’t ever make a person repent….only resent….and then like I said, use all those mega dollars that go to prosecute and imprison to help them who need to come out of that sin and sickness. It would be more like helping a diabetic who just can’t stop eating Sara Lee until they go into a comatose state….isn’t that a buzz?
      But, heavy drugs like heroin are only worse than some of those horridly potent prescription drugs that also get abused but are only illegal if they are not your own prescription. There is where a crime would still be involved. Legalization would mean that black market drugs laced with who knows what and smuggled in by the murderous drug cartels (and likely our own gov’t?) would instead be manufactured under the FDA. Remember that Laudanum and even cocaine were legal and sold over the counter in what we think of as “the good old days” and yeah, there were tragic addictions but not a crime. I absolutely love the Eugene O’Neill play “Long Days Journey Into Night” and it makes me cry but it would really make me howl with grief to see that Mama be thrown in prison on top of it all!
      We can still differ on this and I still love you and don’t want you to think that I want a free for all druggie party!!!!! I just think legalization would eliminate a lot of dirty money and murder. Then we could look for a way to help solve the real problems that addicts have.
      How do you feel about methadone for heroin addicts?

    • I know where you are coming from Elaine and I figured you were probably considering marijuana in a different category as I do. I also agree that there are legal pharmaceutical drugs that are just as bad as the illicit ones. Believe me, I think some of the big drug companies are no better than the drug kingpins that peddle their wares.
      I know you love me and the feeling is mutual. That is why I love coming here to LA’s blog. We can disagree on issues and still feel the true Agape love that our King has instilled in us.
      As far as methadone treatment is concerned, if it helps a heroin addict kick the habit, I don’t have a problem with a short term use
      under very strict observation and regulation.
      thanks for the article about Ron Paul’s stance on Israel. I will check it out a little later for sure.

    • You are right Frank, the US will never get out of the mess its in with any politician, it doesn’t mater who is running. What’s broken simply can not be fixed with politics as it is rotting spiritually from within. Folks care more about idols and gossip in the tabloids and media as Christianity is losing its foothold not only in the US but around the world as well. So I really don’t expect many to know what Ezekiel 38 is or what it means.
      Christianity is on a serious decline word wide.

    • Glad you brought up the comments on Israel and Palestine. Saw just recently an interview with Paul where he stated that and was doing some research on his background on the topic.

    • Ron Paul is educating people on issues that they normally aren’t exposed to. In this sense alone, he’s winning. Will they allow him the nomination or the presidency? Absolutely not! But I’ll still vote for him and support him because of his ideas.

      Now, when it comes to the drugs, prostitution, et al… this is a point where his views have been a bit muddied… once again thanks to the mainstream media. He’s not in favor of illicit drugs, gay marriage, or prostitution. In fact, he’s against all of these things. However, he recognizes that the more control the federal government has, the less free we are. Here’s an example: Leave the issue of marriage up to each state, then there is less federal interference and noise on the issue, and the people of the state can vote on it. Maybe some states legalize gay marriage. BUT, many states will ban it. Now, if the federal gov’t is involved, they can make a sweeping ruling that in effect takes away every individual’s voice… such is the case with Roe v. Wade. The feds determined that abortion is legal. Period, end of story, no one can vote on it or say boo about it. Now, you leave it to the states, you’re going to end up with a LOT of states that outlaw abortion, and set a trend. See what I’m saying? To urge federal mandates on anything is to encourage fascism. There are lots of things I’d like to see banned outright, but it is a slippery slope.

      In the case of Israel, Ron Paul’s stance has been very muddied as well. Many evangelicals are claiming that Ron Paul is anti-Israel, which is not the case. He simply believes that the U.S. has no moral highground and no right to interfere with the affairs of Israel. Here’s how he feels:

      “I believe that Israel is one of our most important friends in the world. And the views that I hold have many adherents in Israel today,” Paul was quoted as saying by Haaretz. He says he would “allow Israel to defend herself as she sees fit, without the permission and interference of the U.S. or the United Nations.”

      That’s a far cry from “anti-Israel”, but don’t let the mainstream goons hear you say that. Didn’t you know Ron Paul is a racist anti-Semite who wants to sell crack to your babies? This is THEIR line that THEY are pushing. Don’t buy into it.

  5. If we want the end times to happen sooner rather than later (meaning our abandoning Israel and our becoming so liberal with drugs and marriage that we truly are in the days of Noah), then vote for Ron Paul.


    • Methinks you might be referring to what is known as “controlled opposition”? I’ve heard this used in regards to Ron Paul’s candidacy as being such. A good example of this is from when Ross Perot was “placed” to run against Bush Sr. in 1992. Lots of similarities to this R.P. (coinkydink in initials) candidacy. Hmm………

    • Or if R. Paul runs as third party that will really swing the election for sure to Obama and that is the plan all along?

    • you never know man. i’m not surprised by anything anymore!

      not after i found out a vote for one candidate can result in 500 for his opponent.

  7. The U.S. military said on Wednesday that a new aircraft carrier strike group had arrived in the Arabian Sea and that another was on its way to the region. These TWO Carrier Strike Groups in the theater means Two Carriers, 3 Ticonderoga-Class Missile Cruisers, and 7 Destroyers, 5 Frigates, and close to 180 various aircraft, including 8 squadrons of F/A-18s. That’s a ton of firepower and might positioned in striking distance of a belligerent Iran. How many hours would the Iranian navy last once full scale combat began? 5 Hours? 10 Hours? 50 Hours? Not a long life if you are a sailor on an Iranian ship.
    This really has nothing to do with Iran’s nukes, and everything to do with Iran’s threats to close the straights of Hormuz. The US has simply demonstrated that they are not going to let that happen. Iran threatens the world’s oil supplies regularly. Some may recall when we had to reflag Kuwaiti oil tankers with US flags, and escort them, when Iran declared the straights closed to shipping. This is why we have a Navy. I do agree tensions are getting hotter by the minute and after the assassination of another Iranian nuclear scientist that poor guy held as a spy in Iran can forget coming home alive.

  8. Hey! I just got this in a spam email from the Ron Paul campaign…..bizarrely coincidental with this thread copied my favorite part (especially the very bottom one! SHould do that to Congress as well….then only those who really care about the country would even run!:
    I’ll lay out my Plan to Restore America, which:

    *** CUTS $1 trillion in federal spending during the first year of my presidency without taking one penny from our seniors, our veterans, or our national defense;

    *** BALANCES the federal budget in my third year;

    *** ELIMINATES FIVE federal departments, including the bloated Department of Education, which Newt Gingrich voted to create, and Rick Santorum voted to dramatically expand;

    *** REDUCES the federal workforce by 10%, slashes congressional pay and perks, curbs excessive federal travel, and lowers my salary as President from $400,000 to $39,336 – which is roughly equal to the median personal income of the American worker.

    • Thanks for posting those highlights. It sounds too good to be true.

      Check out these excerpts from Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter commentary:

      IV. The Two Mormon candidates captured 56% of the votes in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential primary!

      …..Might 2012 be the “Year of the Mormon”?

      “Why are Christians Biblically forbidden to support a Mormon for public office? Mormonism is as false a religion as is Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Roman Catholicism. And, the following Scripture forbids any Christian from giving any kind of support or encouragement to a member of a false religion”

      “Why, Mormon doctrine teaches that the Mormon father god is a flesh and bone man who came to the Virgin Mary to force her to have physical sex with him so Jesus could be conceived! Fully 99.9% of all genuine Christians do not know this horrific fact.”


  9. Hey LA- Were you sent an invite to this event. 🙂

    “Some 125 evangelical leaders and their spouses will gather this weekend at a Texas ranch to discuss the latest iteration of Operation What To Do About Mitt Romney. While organizers say it is not a meeting to stop the GOP front runner, the invitation is urgent: “This coming election could prove to be the most critical of our lifetime,” it reads.  The real kicker: Event sponsor and former American Family Association chairman Don Wildmon has asked invitees if they would be “be willing to compromise and change your choice to one that the body as a whole supports in order to not divide our strength,” according to someone who has received the invitation. The implication? Time’s running out to anoint a consensus candidate for social conservatives.”


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