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L. A. Marzulli

Note 1: Before I launch into todays first post since the Antelope Valley Prophecy conference I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Tucker for making the conference the success that it was.  It was wonderful to be a speaker and although I only had one hour to present, I believe it made an impact on the attendees.  Thanks Steve!

Note 2: I will also be appearing tonight on Coast to Coast!

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The Impact Zone!

The above map, while not up to date, gives the layman an overview about what I would call, the impact zone.  This is Middle East War, 101. Israel is surrounded by hostile Moslem nations that seek her destruction.  The war drums are beating, the troops are moving into position and the impact zone is Israel.

This week Israeli’s and “Palestinians” – there is no such thing as a Palestinian by the way – will meet in Jordan with King Abdullah of Jordan,  presiding over the “festivities.”  I find it revealing that the meeting is with the King and I have pointed out what I believe will be the end game in the Middle East. That after the coming war, the King will give Jordan to the Palestinians to create the long sought after Palestinian homeland.  He will be heralded as the greatest peace maker in history.  Watch what happens this week as the talks collapse and the drums of war continue to beat louder.

I blogged about the Straights of Hormuz being the only offensive military option for Iran and just a few days ago Iran ended war games to close Hormuz should they be sanctioned or attacked.  This is a very real threat and the Iranians will do their best to accomplish this should they be attacked.   This will drive oil prices well above $300 a barrel.  Another area to keep an eye on is the Gate of Tears, which another 30 to 40 %  of the world’s oil flows through.  The Iranians have cells in Yemen and I believe it will be a two-step attack should war erupt.  They will close both oil check points.

Meanwhile,  HAMAS has thousands of missiles and some newly acquired arms from “liberated” Libya.  These are stinger missiles which are hand-held and can bring down helicopters.  They were first deployed by the Mujahedeen during the Soviet conflict in Afghanistan.

In the north. Hezbollah has perhaps as many as 100,000 missiles pointed at Israel, and Syria has chemical weapons that are ready to be fired against her too.

Israel is surrounded on all sides by countries that threaten her existentially.  Make no mistake about this, the goal of the Arab/Moslem nations that surround her want to annihilate every last Jew in the country.  War is coming and we need to brace ourselves for it.  While I believe in the Rapture of the church, I find it incredulous that some  teachers/pastors are telling their people not to worry because we’re going to get beamed out of here.  I find this alarming and would point to WWII and the Jews who saw what was coming and left Nazi Germany before the Holocaust began.  I would also point out that WWII killed 50 million people and there was no second coming.

In closing today’s Post:  There is no sin in stock piling food and water and resources and to prepare for what I see as game changer when the Middle East war erupts.  While the most important step we can take is to know Him, the one who gives us eternal life and who died for us 2000 years ago,  we should be prepared to meet the future.  War is coming and the Middle East is the impact zone….


Watchers 3 & The Cosmic Chess Match!

Mr. Marzulli,
I just finished reading The Cosmic Chess Match and Politics, Prophesy, & The Supernatural. Great stuff!  Because I just recently read them your theory of the Luciferian Dialectic is fresh in my mind. As I was browsing through various media outlets today one headline in particular caught my attention. It describes a meeting between the Israelis and the Palestinians hosted by Jordan. I thought this might interest you.
Eric Reeves

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.

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39 thoughts on “The Impact Zone…

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the holocaust LA. We can’t just assume that we’ll be raptured up before bad stuff happens. And bad stuff will happen.

    • It was a Sunday morning – and the church had once again been packed to the brim. With the modern music ministry and play acting, the pastor had attracted people from all around to come and watch the drama. There were over 2,000 members to this congregation, and the church seemed to be going places. All was going well, until one Sunday morning that the pastor would never forget. Just before the sermon, two men came barging into church in sky masks with semi-automatic machine guns by their sides. With a loud voice they proclaimed, “alright, whoever wants to take a bullet for Jesus stay seated, the rest of you can leave.” Hundreds and hundreds of people fled for the doors, as fast as they could. At the end of the melee, there were only about 10 people who remained seated in their pews. At this, the two gunmen took off their masks. To the pastor’s surprise, they were the elders of his church. They turned to the pastor and said, “we got rid of the hypocrites, now you can begin your sermon.”

    • Here is something I learned that has helped me keep threats of bodily harm in perspective. We have been given the gift of eternal life the moment we gave ourselves to the Lord. We have it here on Earth. Once we die, life with the Lord is continuation of the eternal. Eternal means eternal, there is no break. It’s something we have already acquired from the Lord’s good grace. It’s time we start acting like that as we go about our daily lives.

      So if there is any dangerous scenario we find ourselves in, then there is something the Lord wants us to do by pulling others from the fire. We have become the Lord’s volunteer firemen and the world is raging. We can rest when the job is done and we have quenched the blaze with the gospel. And if we die, God already had our seat reserved for us at the honorary table.

  2. Welcome back. Believing you had an impact at the conference.
    In reference to the rapture. A friend and I always talked about the possibility of being martyred if the rapture didn’t happen
    as we were taught. There will be a lot of disillusioned “Christians” if they don’t get beamed out of here before persecution
    comes. With all the compromise in church how many believers will be left when the Lord returns.
    3 John 2

    • You asked that with all the compromise in the church if there would be any believers left. Your question is the exact question asked by Jesus after His parable of remaining strong in prayer to God for our eventual justice.

      Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Luke 8

  3. Hey LA-

    I do believe in the “pre-show” view before the main event.

    Yes there is wisdom in having a stock of food, water, gasoline and other survival/emergency gear/equipment like a electric generator and firearms. Do you have a preferred site or company for MRE-type foods that you recommend?

    Btw, LA I read your review on the movie Knowing and I’m going to have to watch it again with my new “LA Marzulli goggles.” =)

    • Yes to both L.A. and Eyeballs! Larry Taylor and Stewart Best have had a lot to say about the movie “Knowing” as well…..eerie how the other faction slides info about their dastardly plans into “entertainment”!
      But my main reason for this reply is for us reeeaaally poor folk (LOL?) and want to remind all that it is possible to prepare even on a very tight budget! I sent for a ceramic filter like the ones that go in the Berkey and watched a youtube on how to make your own gravity fed filter for water for under $30 using 2 five gallon food safe buckets with lids because I can’t afford the big fancy one. And I manage to get at least 3 or 4 extra cans or bags of beans every week and over the past year or so have managed to fill the pantry for at least a few months worth of food. Also got a batch of heirloom seeds which will keep viable in the freezer for up to 25 years for about $10 and planted a small garden last year and harvested the seeds to make it a bigger stash.
      Finally, I got 25 pounds of hard red winter wheat berries and taught myself to make unleavened sprouted wheat bread just so I know how.

    • hey Stamp! here is the link to the company I got mine from. I got the pkg of 2 7″ filters for $55 and gave one to one of my sons (the awake one!) for Christmas but he has to get his own buckets….LOL. I am sure they would work easier and last longer if you ran the water through a cloth first to remove chunks! Supposed to do 5000 gal. each so one oughta give 4 people a gallon a day for 3 and 1/2 years (pre-wrath) or 2 people for the entire 7 years? I may still get another when money eases up here for just in case…..good barter goods!

      now I will see if I can find that “make your own” video

    • here ya go….not the same one that inspired me to do this and just a little different in that the one I first saw did not do the circle cut out but had the filter and gasket sandwich the top bucket right to the lid of the fresh water container bucket with just a 1/2″ drill hole through both but I am sure either method works fine…!

    • I too have stocked up a bit, although I have not gone crazy.

      Here is a tough question for us to consider. Twinkies come in two a pack. When our neighbor is starving, do we let mercy reign and share with him our last morsel of food? The question is rhetorical, but asking it because I want to point out that preparing physically ahead of time does not make us the “chosen ones” because we saw what was coming. We are the chosen ones because we have faith in the Lord and we know that with or without food we have our place in heaven.

      So when your neighbor pleads for mercy from you, smile, hand him your last twinkie and use that time to tell them that Jesus taught us that Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

    • So true Hopeful! And I think that it is easier to share with that neighbor when we stop to think that nothing really belongs to us! It is all the Lord’s and, like Joseph in Egypt, we are just keeping “stuff” for His distribution plan. I also think that when the day comes that we are faced with the need to share with strangers that we should remember that He gives everything and loves us as His children……I hope I can give to each in need just as though they were my own child or grandchild. I also stuck a note at the back of my pantry (just in case) that tells any looter to take my Bible as well, that it will give them real sustenance.

    • I would take Jesus at His word.

      Matthew 24:6 And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

  4. L.A, You have a long night ahead of you, although you are only on for the first hour,
    I look forward to what you have to say on the Shroud. Would be much better if you were on for the entire show.

  5. Stocking piling food is a sin! In fact stock piling more than 7 days worth of food now makes you a terrorist according to the new NDAA citizens detention bill Obama just signed.

    I think we will be zapped out of here before the carnage but if not bring it on. I’m tired of waiting. I feel like grazing cattle sitting in the slaughter yard except 95% of the cattle dont realize where we are.

    Currently reading Ruth Graham Lotz’s book “Expecting to See Jesus; A Wake-Up Call for God’s People.” Good Stuff

    • Richard! I think stockpiling is just a precaution….hoarding and not sharing when it all happens will be a sin! Otherwise Joseph was sinning when he store the wheat in the seven years of plenty…..

    • I agree 100% Elaine. I do believe God will provide for many of his children in the coming days. Who can say whether it will be a miraculous manna from heaven or a well stocked Christian whose path you cross. I, like yourself don’t have a lot of resources right now but I intend to share what I have.

    • People like myself have been prepping for decades. no big deal. were ready. i,m with you brother- BRING IT ON- so we can get ourselfs in the city -New Jerusalem! – Yea!!! Christs coming is just around the corner. Lets get the show started, the faster it ignites the quicker with Jesus and the saints we are!! Come Lord Jesus come!!

    • I agree with Elaine 100%. I’ll go one further and say that stock piling some food can actually be of great benefit to doing the Lord’s will. I use the metaphor that we are in God’s volunteer fire department. So I view food and necessities as tools of the trade to get close to the fire and pull the huddled child from the smoky corner.

      If you want to have an eager and willing audience, go to someone who is hungry, hand them your last twinkie and then tell them the gospel. Trust me they will listen intently, because you are a living example of our merciful Lord.

    • I think Richard was being sarcastic, i.e, if the government says 7+ day’s worth of food is bad, then it must be a sin. That’s a pretty darn disturbing rule: prudence is outlawed. Joseph would indeed have broken modern American law.

      I hope no one reports I’ve been stockpiling air in my basement. Some days I’m just short of breath. And it gets kind of expensive to keep buying those little bags of chips out of the vending machines— all that air in ’em is supposedly still free, but they really gouge you for the potato chips and packaging.

    • Hi James- That’s funny. =)

      I found this article that talks about it and a youtube video with Senator Rand Paul.



    • You are probably right….James was being facetious and I responded like an old fuddy duddy before I really thought about it! And I think the air in potato chip bags is fattening because that itty bit of product couldn’t have done that to my butt!!!!

    • It has been a few days since this discussion but thought I’d share my new idea. I had to go to the dollar store for glass cleaner and scotch tape for my store and I always get a canned good or store-able food item or two to bring my total up to the nearest $5 mark so as I shopped for another $3 worth of stuff, 3 cans of potted meat for $1 and a can of refried beans but then I found a box with 10 individually wrapped packages of cookies……hmmm, not the best nutrition but after Hopeful’s remarks about Twinkies, I bought them and when I got home I scotch taped each one to a can of soup, stew or beans in my pantry and started a special shelf that I can go to easily grab something when the day comes that I have someone in need at my door. I am going to find an appropriate “sweet” scripture to tape on them as well. I am thinking of the little boy in the movie “The Road” when he gets to taste coca cola for the first time…….and later when they find a bomb shelter with cheese puffs and other goodies. In the movie it made me cringe when they gave thanks to the dead people who left the stuff. I thought as I watched that movie that the people should have had a Bible in that shelter and maybe just a single verse will someday be the thing that will lead a child to seek Jesus! I am going to get a pkg of 10 every week and in just 2 1/2 months I can have a sweet treat and a witness for 100 children!

  6. This is the best scene I have seen about mercy of our fellow man from the 1998 movie Les Miserables. I think we will all have to be like this Bishop with our material wealth and supplies. I tear up everytime I watch this.

    • And speaking of the French revolution…..I read somewhere that Marie Antionette’s famous quote was far more cruel than we have thought…..”cake” was what they called creosote buildup in their stoves that needed to be scraped out every so often.

  7. copy/paste from an email newsletter from Jerusalem:

    The Muslim Brotherhood, which has dominated the first two rounds of voting for Egypt’s new parliament, has now declared that one of their first steps on taking power will be to submit the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, signed more than thirty years ago by my dear friend Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat (who was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood for signing it), to the nation for a vote. The outcome of that vote is not in question, and Egypt and Israel would technically be at war again.

    This would be a disaster for Israel. The Egyptian army is the largest of any of Israel’s neighbors, and the long border including the Sinai would have to be defended at a ruinous financial cost.

  8. So true LA…I had never looked at it that way. I was one of the ones who falsely assumed I would be out of here before the bad stuff happens. But that just is not the case. Thank you for opening my eyes! May God bless you!

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