3 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli on Coast to Coast tonight!

  1. Brilliant show….as always! I guess your take on the shroud is a large part of what made me a fan of your teachings. When I was a young teen or early 20s kid, I first saw an article on the shroud. It was in a Reader’s Digest book of strange things.
    I had my schoolin’ fresh in my young head and the first thing I thought was photosynthesis with interaction from the herbs used on the body and linen had made a real photograph negative when God (who is light) came back into the earthly carcass! If every thought produces a firing of electrical energy between synapses then how huge a flash would there be when that same thought of God reentered an entire human body of cells at the same instant!
    Well, my old fashioned Baptist mama said it was Catholic and therefore idolatrous like their relics of saints so I just kinda quit thinking about it for 40 years LOL at least I quit discussing it with Mom…..now in my old age I find Marzulli and have mellowed with age to know that faith is not a matter of which “club” or denomination we are a part of!

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