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  1. re: secularized, paganized, occultic, and idolized holidays…

    If someone told me they wanted to celebrate my birthday on the same day as saturnalia, or a solstice, or on some market day, or with statues or artifacts — I’d tell them “no thank you.” That said, I believe if you keep Yahshua Messiah (Jesus Christ / YHWH Adonai) the only true Son of God as the center and focus of your holidays, then He can and will turn curses into blessings, as he has done with each of us who believes in Him as Savior.

    Chris Pinto has a quite gracious examination of the issue…

    It seems that in the US there’s an attempt to substitute watered down secularized holidays as counterfeits of the the holy days given by God to Moses.

    1 valentine’s … vs. Passover
    2 easter … vs. Unleavened Bread
    3 independence day … vs. First Fruits
    4 halloween … vs. Pentecost
    5 thanksgiving … vs. Trumpets
    6 xmas … vs. Atonement
    7 new years … vs. Tabernacles

    1 valentine’s cp. lupercalia to celebrate the wolf (the beast) and not “The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World”
    2 easter cp. ishtar, astarte, oestre to celebrate moonstruck madness (like march hare fertility rights) instead of “Our Daily Bread” and “the Washing of the Water of the Word.”
    3 independence day to celebrate rebellion and war vice “Peace which passes all understanding”
    4 halloween, the darkest most occult celebration, in masks and costumes, with open emulation of monsters and demons, instead focusing on “The Light of the World” (as in the “I am” sayings of Christ in the Book of John)
    5 thanksgiving as a day of gluttony not fasting, and napping not caring for those in need as in the Isaiah 58 sense, not praying or praising our soon coming Lord of Lords and King of Kings, who is also our High Priest (again Jesus Christ)
    6 xmas to spur the market in a shopping frenzy, and keep people on the road and in stores, not serving others, as Christ shows that leaders should (and as king David did, who served His generation)
    7 new years, more obvious in the dragon of chinese new year, where old man time (saturn = kronos) rolls around again in a cycle of inevitable rebirth, vice coming before the throne of Father-God, who Jesus has said that He as the Son of God and the Father are One — to receive blessing and judgment

    I’m convinced that just as in Israel when He walked the earth, that Christ is the fulfillment of the holy days given to Moses.

    Just as He should be the center and focus and fulfillment of our modern holidays.

    The question is will you keep Him in the forefront of your celebrations and gatherings, that they be true blessings and not debauchery, revelry, gluttony, greed, and curses.

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  2. some day……….. right.


    Tiny Biocomputers Move Closer to Reality

    Several research groups are developing DNA-based circuits that could one day monitor and treat disease from inside the body

    By Tim Requarth and Greg Wayne | Thursday, December 15, 2011

    http://www.scientificamerican.com/media/inline/a-circuit-in-every-cell_1.jpgImage: Illustration by Thomas Fuchs



    Researchers in nanomedicine have long dreamed of an age when molecular-scale computing devices could be embedded in our bodies to monitor health and treat diseases before they progress. The advantage of such computers, which would be made of biological materials, would lie in their ability to speak the biochemical language of life.

    Several research groups have recently reported progress in this field. A team at the California Institute of Technology, writing in the journal Science, made use of DNA nanostructures called seesaw gates to construct logic circuits analogous to those used in microprocessors. Just as silicon-based components use electric current to represent 1’s and 0’s, bio-based circuits use concentrations of DNA molecules in a test tube. When new DNA strands are added to the test tube as “input,” the solution undergoes a cascade of chemical interactions to release different DNA strands as “output.” In theory, the input could be a molecular indicator of a disease, and the output could be an appropriate therapeutic molecule. A common problem in constructing a computer in a test tube is that it is hard to control which interactions among molecules occur. The brilliance of the seesaw gate is that a particular gate responds only to particular input DNA strands.

    In a subsequent Nature paper, the Caltech researchers showed off the power of their technique by building a DNA-based circuit that could play a simple memory game. A circuit with memory could, if integrated into living cells, recognize and treat complex diseases based on a series of biological clues.

    This circuitry has not been integrated into living tissue, however, in part because its ability to communicate with cells is limited. Zhen Xie of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his collaborators have recently made progress on this front. As they reported in Science, they designed an RNA-based circuit that was simpler but could still distinguish modified cancer cells from noncancerous cells and, more important, trigger the cancer cells to self-destruct.

    Both techniques have been used only in artificial scenarios. Yet the advances in DNA-based circuits offer a new, powerful platform to potentially realize researchers’ long-held biocomputing dreams.

    • Interesting article. I have a suspicion that DNA represents God’s kingdom the same way the tabernacle/temple does. That DNA is what is meant by our being in the image of God. This DNA was God’s crowning achievement in His creation of life.
      To put it another way, if we want to know more about how God operates and who God is, study DNA.
      Now obviously, we’re hardly able to even understand the interior architecture of the cell, let alone DNA. But when I read an article like the above, it reminds me of the Tower of Bable.
      Perhaps this also gives us a rough idea of how long it is before Jesus comes back (meaning, when God confused the languages and put an end to the Tower’s construction). When man is finally able to create biological computers that can manipulate other cells, that’s when the hammer comes down.
      If this reasoning is correct, we’ve still got a long time to wait. (For what it’s worth, I was listening to a Chuck Missler teaching on Ezekiel the other day, part of his commentary series, where he conjectured that it might be 2040 or thereabouts.) I’m figuring another 30 years. I hope I’m still sane by then. I’ll be 88 and both my parents died of dementia.

    • By the time we the great unwashed masses get to hear about some technology that is “right around the corner”, the military industrial complex has long since progressed beyond it to other more esoteric realms beyond our wildest imagination.

      Articles like this in the popular media represent unclassified information, the release of which constitutes no disadvantage to the military industrial complex. That means that whatever their intent for this technology, they’ve mastered it sufficiently that they consider our knowledge of it to constitute no threat in terms of enabling the intended targets to defend against it.

      Implicit in my analysis is the assumption that this is no more intended to “monitor health and treat diseases” than the recently perfected bird flu death virus that they’ve developed, again, to help us because they love us and care for us so much.

      US silences scientists over man-made super flu that could ‘change world history’ http://www.news.com.au/technology/sci-tech/push-to-silence-scientists-over-man-made-super-flu-that-could-kill-half-the-planet/story-fn5fsgyc-1226227455717

      Autism rates are exploding, more people are dying of more diverse forms of cancer every year, and life expectancy is dropping in the U.S.

      It’s not about helping us Binny. It never was. I’m sorry to have to tell you that.

  3. Let’s pretend for just a little while that there really are dangerous terrorists living in caves armed with AK-47s and laptops who are able to evade our vast, limitless, multibillion dollar; multiagency; human, satellite, and electronic surveillance networks and inflict logistically and technically awe inspiring attacks like that which occurred on September 11, 2001 upon our nation.

    Well, then, this might be a legitimate response to such a threat

    Now if we return to reality for a moment, such an effort is preposterous, of course, since it’s focused on a non-existent threat. So we’re faced with a dilemma. We have to decide whether this is just complete disinformation – intended to represent a capability that does not in fact exist – or disinformation in the sense that it misrepresents the applications of such a technology.

    Knowing our loving government, I suspect the latter.

    Of note: One of the acknowledged problems with all vaccines is that they are almost universally contaminated with viruses and other pathogens from the tissue and other media used to cultivate them. This is always “accidental” of course, but think of the possibilities for for “accidents” resulting from contaminations with this or other viruses engineered to effect other behavioral and attitudinal effects.

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