Sharia is Coming – The Rise of the Islamic Caliphate

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L. A. Marzulli

Egypt’s Islamists claim sweep of second round vote

Egypt’s Islamists claim sweep of second round vote | Reuters

A source from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) said it was on track to win about 40 percent of votes for party lists, based on results from most districts.

Blast hits Egypt’s gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel

Blast hits Egypt’s gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel | Reuters

(Reuters) – An Egyptian pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan was bombed Sunday, the 10th such attack this year, but no fire erupted because the line that runs through North Sinai was already disabled, a security source said.

Sharia is coming to Egypt and most likely the rest of the Middle East.  As I pointed out in previous blogs when the Arab Spring first erupted, there will be no democracy in Egypt and other countries, as there is no spring board, nothing in the history of the people that inhabit the countries in the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, that would facilitate the personal freedoms that we enjoy in the west.  In these countries all men are not created in the image and likeness of God and not everyone has inalienable rights – Jews and Christians are routinely treated as lesser citizens or what is known as Dhimmi status –  as illustrated by the jack-booted-thug stomping on a defenseless woman.  Islam has dominated the region for 1300 years and Sharia law will come to govern every aspect of their lives.  The recent election in Egypt graphically proves this point as Islamist now control about 40% of the newly formed government.

This picture above will become iconic as in my opinion it represents what will happen to those who want a modicum of freedom and liberty.  As George Orwell stated in his classic work 1984, the future is this: Picture a boot stomping down on the face of a man or women and doing it over and over again.  Sadly, Egypt has arrived in this Orwellian nightmare. This is the new Egypt, a place of riots, discontent, repression, and fear.  The Egyptian people have traded one ruthless form of government for another.  Where are the talking heads in our weasel-in-the-stream media now, who assured us that we would see a democracy spring forth in Egypt?  Their silence is deafening.  Where is the outrage from our feminists leaders like Gloria Allred who made sure we heard about Nicki Diaz, but somehow is silent when a woman “over there,” is getting the life literally stomped out of her?  Where are the pro-abortionists who rant and rave that they have the right to kill their unborn babies on demand even up until the 9 month of pregnancy?  I guess they’re all sleeping.

Meanwhile, Islamist’s blew up the gas pipeline that feeds Israel and Jordan with gas from Egypt.  They do have a knack for blowing things up don’t they?  Why not focus on a better infrastructure for the people, better farming practices, creating more doctors or scientist,  better education, women’s rights?  No, the answer is to make sure the Israeli’s don’t get energy and that goes for Jordan too, as King Abdullah is one of the most westernized leaders in the region.

In closing today’s post: The Middle East continues to slide into chaos with no end in sight.  Syria is fighting a civil war, while Jordan has mobilized troops along its  borders with Syria, with US troops participating.  Russia has moved warships into Syrian ports.  Assad clings to power by a thread.  Iran marches toward the nuclear club with hope that the ensuing chaos will bring about the Imam Mahdi.  Will we see a loose affiliation of these countries, similar to the old Ottoman Empire which dominated the region for over 400 years.  Is all of this leading to another Islamic Caliphate?  Only time will tell….

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I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains…

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies ‘of heart attack’ 

BBC News – North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies ‘of heart attack’


North Korea Fires Off Missile As Kim Jong-Il Dies 

North Korea Fires Off Missile As Kim Jong-Il Dies | Danger Room |


Hundreds Dead, More Missing After Philippine Storm 

Hundreds Dead, More Missing After Philippine Storm : NPR


Philippines: more than 650 dead in floods (photo report) 

Philippines: more than 650 dead in floods (photo report) NEW ZETATALK – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift


UN condemns Egyptian army over protests 

UN condemns Egyptian army over protests – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Sale weatherman: Get ready for ‘worst winter in 200 years’

Sale weatherman: Get ready for ‘worst winter in 200 years’ | Manchester Evening News –


5.9-magnitude quake hits Sulawesi, Indonesia — USGS 

5.9-magnitude quake hits Sulawesi, Indonesia — USGS – Xinhua |

25 thoughts on “Sharia is Coming – The Rise of the Islamic Caliphate

    • When I heard about that, I bought one to check it out. I believe God has believers placed in congress who are part of the restraining force. My prayer is that we’ll wake up as a nation but it may only happen when God allows a large scale natural disaster or terrorist attack. In Watchers 3, Stan Deyo talks about the Hopi Prophecy and shows a map of the US. If the water raises as described by the Hopi, this will cripple the US especially with the amount of nuclear power plants we have, over 100.

  1. The Cosmic Chess match continues..Caliphate..and now an ailing Pope.
    With all the 2012 distractions, now we have the St. Malachy prophecy being mentioned.

    A good book by the way. I sent it on to my daughter, a doubter, turned off by hypocritical Christians. Hopefully it will make her
    aware of what’s going on in the “Cosmos.” and open her eyes to the Truth.


  2. You are so right Brother Lynn. We are on the precipice of seeing Biblical prophecy fulfilled in our time as it is happening right before our eyes.

    We have been watching the Words of our King Jesus lived out before us from Matthew 10 and Matthew 24 and He is showing us that Psalm 83 and Ezekial 38 are indeed right around the corner.

    We thank our Almighty YHWH for your Watchmanship on the walls of His Strong Tower of Refuge during these perilous times we live in.

    As always, this Good Fight we are involved in is made easier by your due diligence to keep us informed, awake and aware.

    Our prayers are with you my Brother as our King Jesus prepares His return and continues to work through you in the meantime.

    May WE occupy until He does return or call us to meet Him in the air.

    In Christ alone as we prepare,

    Jeff D

  3. Hi LA and all brothers and sisters:

    It is amazing what can transpire in a week within this world. My computer was out on the fritz AGAIN, for the last 7-10 days or so and I wasn’t able to check the blog and I don’t have any television service, so I end up in a black hole as to what happens in real time and what is being played out next. Thankfully, a family friend blessed me with a beautiful new computer set up and I am back again able to see what the Lord is doing at this time (in real time). I want to say a belated Happy Birthday to LA and also ask you regulars here who belong to Christ to pray feverently for this family friend of mine and their family. The husband (also our family friend) asked Jesus into his life during a crisis many many years ago but never continued on with his walk with the Lord. Therefore, he is somewhat ignorant of the Word and now he has had a desire to know more about the “origin of man” as he puts it and has been doing a lot of research into the whole alien seeding us here, nephilim, book of enoch stuff but from a new age type perspective. I was able to talk with him and share a bit but mostly I am praying like crazy for him and the family. The wife is my close friend and she believes in the Lord but is not strong in the word or prayer. I believe the Lord wants to do a real beautiful work here with them. Please pray. I am in a horrible financial situation and can’t get any of LA’s materials to him but I was able to get him to check out the LA website and he found it very interesting. Please pray that the Lord will open his eyes to the truth in God’s Holy Word and that he will see the truthful aspects of his research but from a biblical perspective and that the Lord will fill him with the Spirit that he would not be decieved further. God bless you all and thanks in advance for your prayers and concerns. You are definately a group of believers whose love for the Lord, His word, and others always shines through. Amen!

  4. I have been writing on Facebook and on my e-mail about Sharia law coming to a United Socialist States of Amerika for the last two years. It is like beating my head against the wall with Christians. This is a “deadly” serious issue. I was sorry to see the photo. It needs to be pasted or seared on every Christian mind. I guess ignorance is bliss, however, according to accounts, even Kadafi was sodomized before he was killed. If you research a little bit you might find that sodomy is a way to ultimately humiliate a man in an Islamic tirade. I wish I could say I pray for the US, however, I find myself praying more for the safety of my family and “real God saved, Bible believing Christians.” We will take the the brunt so as did Christ, unless taken out first in His good graceful manner. In Christ: Chaplain Dave

    • I disagree bro. It’s actually part of the managed agenda, trying to get us Christians up in arms against Muslims, when we ought to be sharing the Gospel with them.

      Future Quake has covered this topic in GREAT detail. Go hit their archive of “past shows” and do a “find on page” for Sharia.

      I’ll post some links after this post.

    • Future Quake Debunks Sharia Law.

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

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    • Frank – While I agree with you in part, I would respectfully disagree that Sharia is not a threat. It is what is dominating Iran, Saudi Arabia, and now Egypt. Will it come here? Most likely not as Americans would not stand for it….

    • Thanks bro LA.

      I’m not 100% sure on middle eastern sharia, but I agree it’s not coming to America, despite what some would have us believe.

      Later !

    • That is a good question will Sharia law come to the U.S., possible but not probable. Then again will Obama be reelected? If democracy in the Middle East becomes Sharia law, will Sharia Law become democracy elsewhere? Really perhaps none of this matters when the anti-Christ comes he will be hell bent on destroying nations.
      And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would have been saved.

    • I have a completely different spin on this guys. These evil ideologies are not the final step in Satan’s plan. Sharia is similar to Nazism, in that it is offensive to all moderate and peace loving nations. However, these evil ideologies are pawns in the plans of Satan. They are a catalyst to creating a scenario where the “good guys” unite against the evil ones in an effort to finally create the utopian heaven on Earth where there is no war or suffering. Unbeknownst to all who are unrighteous and caught up in this snare, they are uniting under the banner of good who worship the Antichrist.

    • In other words, Satan has no intention for Sharia making it to America. He just wants us to be so scared of its proliferation, that we accept any positive ideology which opposes it.

  5. “North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies ‘of heart attack”

    A leader with no leadership credentials? A younger son elevated to the top position with elder, more capable siblings passed over? One of the most militarized societies in the world with several powerful generals controlling thousands of troops?

    I would be surprised if there were not a succession crisis, and this prospect should scare every thoughtful person on the globe, given NK’s past willingness to take the nation to the brink of war for purely political reasons (to say nothing of their nuclear arsenal). Hopefully, the transition to whatever emerges will be as smooth as it was with the death of Kim Il-sung (when many also predicted chaos, war, and loose nukes), but I see no scenario whereby a regime will emerge that will be more friendly to the US.

    By the way, in a country full of people lacking of food, it doesn’t look like Jr. missed too many meals. He’s a pudgy, obviously well fed individual, looks nothing like your typical gaunt-faced, malnourished North Korean.

  6. LA- I just listened to most of the Stan Deyo show with you, Rob and Dante. I like how you directed everything back to Israel and the middle east. Not sure if the link was posted but for those tuning in, it can be downloaded at:

    [audio src="" /]

  7. Perhaps you are right. I hope so. Having worked with legalistic religious groups, and coupled with the silence of the Christian Church on basically everything, nothing much supprises me.
    Keep the faith and thanks for the good work….In Christ, Chaplain Dave

  8. Re: Rise of the Caliphate

    I’d call it the kingdom-of-the-south (KOS) ruled by one of the princes of the rebel angels. See Daniel 7-12 and Revelation 13. In particular, ruled by the king of the south, aka allah or the moon god or false prophet. Same as the southern portion of the old Roman empire south of the Mediterranean.

    Of course there’s a kingdom-of-the-north (KON) also ruled by a prince of the rebel angels, the prince-of-grecia. Same as the northern portion of the old Roman empire, north of the Mediterranean. Otherwise known as an alliance between the lion, leopard, and bear. The lion is the old british empire or UK now. The leopard (cp. panzer) is primarily Germany, the old nazi reich or EU now. And the bear of course is the old soviet empire or Russia now. (Or if you might prefer: KON=UK+EU+RUS=Brits+Nazis+Soviets=The-beast)

    The names and nations change much more quickly than the blood lines or the peoples, or the spiritual forces that drive them.

    Keeping things pithy… slight change since last I presented this:

    The collective spirits of end time evil — which means they have centers and global spheres of influence

    1 the beast … based in the KON … catholicism
    2 the false prophet … based in the KOS … islam
    3 death & hell … based in Latin America … syncretism (note: santa muerte)
    4 mystery babylon … based in Jerusalem … judaism (definitely not the remnant of the Jewish faithful in every generation, who like Abraham and David recognize Messiah)
    5 abaddon … based in India … hinduism (note: shiva)
    6 “the great” … based in the US … apostate christianity (note: pro-abortion, pro-addiction, pro-cult, pro-war, pro-divorce, pro-covetousness — anti-christ, cp. nicolaitans)
    7 the dragon … based in China … ancestor worship (the orient is far more about false elders than buddhism, taoism, or confucianism )

    Compare with the one world, pluralistic, all faiths religion = catholicism+islam+syncretism+judaism+hinduism+”apostasy”+ancestor worship
    Or with the new world order, pluralistic, 7 headed beast

    ps. “the great” (elites, those who lord over others) = “the chiefs and kings and great of the earth” (cp. baalim)

    ruling princess of the fallen:
    1 king of the north … the antichrist … false messiah (an office of the rebel angels, cp. pope)
    2 king of the south … balaam … false prophet
    3 kings of the west … hell/”the grave” false pastor (cp. have a name that they live and are dead)
    4 king of the temple mount … jezebel … false teacher (cp. those that say they are jews and are not)
    5 kings of the east … the destroyer … false apostle (cp. those who say they are apostles and are not)
    6 kings of the west … nicolaitans … false deacon(s) / servant
    7 kings of the east … satan (prince of the power of the air) … false elder(s)

    pps. The symbol for the US is the eagle in prophecy. Likewise for Mexico. Together they make the two wings of an eagle. The border between the US and Mexico grows more porous every day. Especially to commerce. Definitely for visitors and overstayers (make up half the illegals). And of course to the illegals. “Wherever the carcass is (death) there the eagles will be gathered together.”

    bonus: 1 sea, 2 earth, 3 rivers and fountains (thermal vents), 4 sun-moon-stars, 5 abyss, 6 euphrates, 7 air …. as in Trumpets and Vials

    In Rev. 13, beast from the sea=KON=lion+leopard+bear, beast from the earth=KOS=Caliphate

    Short enough?

  9. I cried when I first saw this picture. This picture doesn’t just represent a broken system, such as Sharia, but it shows us what happens when an oppressed and twisted mindset meets a scenario of lawlessness. When a young man with little future and distorted emotions can act on any lust filled impulse with no chance for personal consequence to keep him in check. There are others who are smiling in this picture and others who have some moral objection(you can see it in their faces and body language) and yet they still participated, just like how the German society became complicite to the insanity that became their country. It is of little consolation that one of the men tries to cover her up, but made no effort to stop the one stomping on her chest. My stomach churned at this moral degradation so prominently on display.

    It reminded me of one time i was at a water park with one of my kids. We were waiting in line to ride this water jet on a boogie board ride, its like a surf board kind of ride, where one person goes at a time. Well this one woman fell off her board and fell in the corner where the water jets were spraying so hard it was making it difficult for her to stand up. It also pulled the bottom of her bathing suit down to her knees. Well they turned the water off so she could get up, but I remember nearly every male stood there and gawked and some even pointed and laughed as she was exposed and tried to cover herself. I turned around and faced my boy and myself away averting our eyes, trying to allow her any possible dignity she could have in the situation. I was truly saddened by the event.

    An age of lawlessness is coming and only those who have circumcised their hearts to the Lord will not resort to basic animal emotions with no sense of decency.

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