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By the way my gift to all of you will be a link to the 46 minute Sound Paintings music, that took me over a year to create.  It is a musical sojourn that embraces many styles.  You can also go and check out a preview at

I will post the link next week and it will be up for several days so make sure that you check it out.  It’s free!


  1. Hey LA- Today I got my Watchers DVD set + interview with Tom Horn DVD + Prophecy In The News 1 year magazine subscription. What a good deal! I’m on Watchers 2 where Missler is talking about the managed agenda. Great material and guests….already I can’t wait for the fourth one.

    • LA- Watchers 3 was definitely my favorite. If anyone is on a budget and can’t get all 3, I’d recommend getting the third one. I’m finishing up the Interview DVD which is also very informative. Just curious, are you still doing the prophecy update with Doug Hamp?

  2. “Steve Quayle /Tom Horn: Mark of the Beast and 666” – 4 hours, 12-16-2011


    CAUTION: If you listen by earphones watch out for ear damage at the commercial breaks (esp. ~165 min. where some bozo tries to shatter your eardrums with a shofar).

  3. Technology that exists now which changes everything — because any spot in the brain can be burned without surgery, within minutes, as an outpatient.

    Which could lead to creating mental zombies (for harvesting organs), pedophilia control (mental eunuchs), crime control, fear ablation (for super soldiers), elimination of inhibitions, etc. Not only in humans but in animals.

    “Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery — healing without cuts”

    note: “”

    • Ay!, of course linear accelerators used for cancer treatments function much the same.

      Likewise fire can be a wonderful blessing or a terrible curse. Same goes for a knife or gun. The way that an MD would use this is likely very different than what the CIA would do in Guantanamo. Illegal drugs definitely have mostly negatives.

      I’m thinking of the number of deaths I’ve heard about from illegal use of plastic surgery and silicone injections.

      What catches my attention most about this is how specific the ablations can be in the brain with apparently no obvious external evidence.

      “” (effects of damage to the amygdala)

      Not suggesting any conclusions about Ellen G. White, but this shows what type of questions and situations can arise…

  4. Dec 17, 2011 Sphere flyover Oregon The sphere is unique and when zooming in closer than usual, This one i have seen in broad daylight.It came in between a tree and my house

  5. Apostasy Watch:

    “Crystal Cathedral sale to diocese … The deal was a triumph for ecumenism”

    By Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times, 12-18-2011


    The 85-year-old minister, who became the pivotal unifying force in the bankruptcy sale, said he has always respected the Roman Catholic faith and considers it the “mother church.” [Robert H.] Schuller also said he drew inspiration for his “Hour of Power” from Catholic Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, whose own popular TV show in the 1950s paved the way.

    “The Roman Catholic Church isn’t going to change its theologies,” Schuller said. “I trust them.”

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