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L. A. Marzulli

Below is the original post that mentions Iran closing the Straights of Hormuz.  Today is my 61st birthday and I’m taking the day off!

From October 19 – 2010:

Take a look a the map and you will notice the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. As I have posted before there are two choke points here, and at the present time the Iranians have control over these. They are the Gate of Tears, at the bottom of the Red Sean and the Straights of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. A lot of the world’s oil flows through these two points. When the war starts, if it’s regional, we will most likely see these two areas attacked and shut down.


From a post early in 2011:

The winds of war seem to be increasing as seen in this latest piece of INTEL from the DEBKA file. According to the story, President Obama has ordered another aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, bringing the total to two. This is the beginning of a military build up off the coast of Iran. May I remind you that our military presence in Iraq is around 90,000 troops. We are just a stone-throw away from Iran, with a very large and powerful army. The Iranians know this and have stated publicly – I BOGGED about this several weeks a go – that if the US or Israel attacks Iran, they will detonate weapons of mass destruction in American cities. So here’s the lay of the land as I see it. All sides are arming themselves to the teeth. Iranian troops are now training in Russia to learn to operate the S 300 anti missile system. (See story below – In Other News) Syria may have chemical weapons, Lebanon has the Russian SCUD II rockets, capable of hitting any Israeli city. The evil twin volcano in Iceland, Katla, may be ready to blow and as some pundits predict, if it does it could be 10x’s more destructive than what we have seen so far, in regard to the crippling ash cloud that closed European airports. If this volcano blows, and the ash cloud grounds the Israeli Air Force, this would be a perfect time to launch a  preemptive ground offensive against Israel. General Paul Valleley (ret) has stated that there is going to be a summer war. (see my BLOG on Monday of this week) The players are gathered together. My friend Bill Salus believes that we are seeing the buildup to what will be the fulfilment of the Psalm 83 prophecy, while I lean toward the Ezekiel 38 scenario. Is it possible that we will see both prophecies fulfilled in two separate campaigns that follow on the heels of one another? I also believe that Iran will close the Straights of Hormuz if there is an attack against her. This latest effort by the US to reenforce its naval presence, may create a deterrent, at least the Russians will think twice about entering the fray when it begins. On the other hand it will be most likely perceived by the Iranians as confrontational and Imperial arrogance by the US. In closing todays post. The Middle East is the key area to watch. We know, from the Guidebook the supernatural i.e. the Bible, that these wars, against Israel will take place. These prophecies were written hundreds of years ago and yet we see that current world events are shaping up, in these last days, to fulfill what was foretold. We also know that when we see these things begin to happen, earthquakes, floods, tsunami’s and wars and rumors of wars that our freedom, redemption, salvation is on the way. In other words the rightful King will return and set up his Kingdom in Jerusalem.


Watchers 3 is now shipping!

Undecided about what to give this holiday season?  Why not the Watchers series as it will get people thinking!

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.

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40 thoughts on “Redux – My original post about the Straights of Hormuz

  1. Happy birthday! ………..And I am right now marking Eric Bollings show to dvr everyday to shoot his ratings up! I don’t know if I will watch them all since I have no money to follow LOL but I am thrilled to see him take this stand for Jesus!

  2. Oh, Follow The Money is on Fox Biz and it is subscription so I urge anyone who has it to raise his ratings since I followed my money and learned that I cannot afford it! hahaha

  3. Our Atty General Eric Holder is a criminal and will enforce the law, acdg to his Socialist Plans! Obama’s taking a vacation from his vacation…Maybe something is “scheduled to happen” in Wash. D.C. (?)

    We’re watching Syria closely and of course, Iran…I’ll speculate that is diversionary tactics. So, the lst attack may come from Egypt. Then, the Answan Dam is taken out with a Nuke. The lake behind it is about 20 miles wide and over 200 miles long. I don’t know deep it is. Anyhow, Radioactive waters are released over the land of Egypt, and it is not habitable for 40 years!

    Jordan seems to be a bit “Neutral”, so far…And eventually the Jews flee southward towards Jordan.

    An old You Tube video, “Jihad in America, Part One” showed that the Islamic terrorists have 31 military training camps in 22 States! Obama told the F.B.I. to back off from their investigations as it was a State Issue!!!!!

    “In the latter times Israel & Judah will re-join, stick to stick”. This is a military alliance situation. Because King Solomon wasn’t wise enough to keep his nation together, there was a Civil War scenario, whereby the Northern tribes separated from the southern tribes…mostly because of over-taxation, and in the meantime, the Northern Tribes seemed to have back-slid immensely, and were removed from their land, for a long time, as God “Divorced” Himself from them, but would later Take Them Back.

    Jesus told his followers…”I’d rather you go to the lost sheep of Israel”…

    There’s a total News Black Out about this current situation!

  4. Lately, I’ve noticed that my name or “handle” isn’t listed above my comment. How do I restore that? I went to the Avatar symbol and couldn’t resolve or correct the situation.

    “Greg the Electrician”

  5. Have a wonderfully blessed day LA! Thank you so much for keeping us all informed . Can’t wait to watch Watchers 3.

    • Happy Birthday!!!! Left a message on Peggy’s FB page too. Figured I leave one here too. Keep on keeping on’. John and I pray for you often. Your work is spot on and you are a TRUE WATCHMAN!!
      May the Lord Keep you and Peggy safe and sound…

      Your friends,
      Don, John, and Debbie
      Mansfield, Ohio

  6. Thanks for posting the Eric Bolling interview, I wanted to knock the sly grin off of Mr. Barkers face as he proceeded to defile the name of Jesus.
    Congratulations to those who have the courage to stand up and say “Enough Already” My family is so weary of those who want to trample and yes, destroy our Christian beliefs and Christian Heritage that we hold so dear, here in our Beautiful Untied States of America… I can remember as school children in Texas, we grew up pledging allegiance to our flag and beginning our day in school with prayer. Teachers had the Holy Bible on their desks…now wouldn’t that just choke the atheists and non-believers? We were also taught, yes sir and yes ma’am back then, something you rarely hear from kids today.
    Please hold your ground “Commissioners and Judge’s” there in Athens, Texas…and please know that those of us here in the gulf coast area , and throughout Texas, are behind you and support and yes, “Pray” for your Victory…It is time to stand up and be heard ….I agree with every word that “the honorable commissioner “Joe Hall” said this morning on FOX news….the atheists sigh of “No God, No Hell” is “Garbage” May God continue to bless this Nation, and the Great State of Texas; even though we don’t always deserve it.

  7. Brother Lynn, you have blessed my life in so many ways over the years as I was first introduced to you via “The Nephilim Series”.

    It was how you introduced the Truths of God’s written Word through fiction/fact=”Faction” that FINALLY made ALL the missing dots and puzzle pieces come together for the first time. It was like the feeling I had as a baby Christian and REALLY reading my Bible and found it fascinating how if all suddenly made sense.

    Not only that, but you have been there willing to talk on the phone with me and pray against the attacks that to this day have only grown stronger as they continue to ratchet up in intensity as they come from The Accuser of our souls.

    May this be a very special day for you as you take a well deserved respite from standing in the gap, while being that ever fervent Watchman on the wall.

    The Lord has greatly blessed you with insight and an urgency to be a “Truther” in these very perilous times we live in. We are blessed mightily as a result.

    The Lord’s hand is upon you and this BLOG. Even if the Executive Order is given to flip the switch off from the ‘net, we know OUR God, Jehovah YHWH happens to BE the Power to keep yours and ours up in case of any special message He desires to give us if we are in imminent danger as True Born Again Christian’s.

    By the way, when I say you are a “Truther”, I am saying it in the purest sense of the word and not affiliating you with ANY group who may be labeled as such for any reason. You seek TRUTH and desire to put it out there having counted the cost as you picked up your cross to follow the commands of our King Jesus Christ.

    Have a very happy birthday my Brother and you be blessed in your spirit by the Lord this day as only He can.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  8. Happy Birthday L A!!! God has gifted you so abundantly in your insight, discernment & your research abilities to be able to be the watchman you are! Thank you so much for your tireless research & reporting to us what is really going on in the world & how it is prophecy being fulfilled. If I hadn’t stumbled across your books about the nephilim I still might not have connected the dots about the fallen angels & “aliens & UFO’s”. I had always questioned who the “Sons of God” in the Old Testament really were and I never got an answer to satisfy me. I knew there was something more to it than what my pastors would say. Thank you for alerting us of all the new developments in the world through a Christian viewpoint! God Bless You & your Family!

  9. Happy birthday Mr. Marzulli. It’s amazing that Obama doesn’t want the pipeline built in the states in lieu of the fact that Iran is practicing closing off the straits of Hormuz. Unbelievable.

    I found an interesting website on the Project Bluebeam lately which discusses how the rapture is going to be faked using holographic images from orbiting satellites. Wow.

    Also, I wonder if there’s been any followup on the recent archaeological discovery by David Elkington on what may be the sealed books of Daniel? Another interesting website.

    Take care and have a happy day. I have been enjoying Watchers 3. Every one in the series is wonderful!

    • 1. Obama shut down the Gulf Off-shore drilling operations, and stifled the process for licensing and permits.

      2. Obama has made Loan Guarantees to George Soros, who would be investing in Petrobra…Off shore oil drilling for Brazil/Venezuela, allowing the Socialist Dictator, Hugo Chavezto make huge profits.

      3. Obama made a National Statement, that Brazil would be our Prime provider of oil

      4. Obama made a Nat’l Statement that America would be Brazil’s Prime Customer.

      5. Therefore, that business tie has to be established by Obama, before there is other competition.

  10. I wonder if Abba celebrates our “conception days” ….

    I think we’ve been shorted a holiday!

    Granted it might make some parents blush 😉

    • Hey Nome! I had a boyfriend once who did celebrate his conception since he knew that was the day he first “came into the world….or at least the vestibule LOL) and on his birthday, instead of celebrating himself, he sent his mother flowers! I thought that was so cool!

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