The 2012 NO-SHOW! Another excerpt from the Cosmic Chess Match!

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L. A. Marzulli

Here’s a recent article that bolsters my point about the 2012 No-Show.  What the 2012 hype has done is drawn people away from REAL prophecy that is happening right under our noses, what is happening in the Middle East!  This, I believe is a deliberate obfuscation by The Fallen One!  Clever isn’t he?

Phew! Mayan prediction of world ending in 2012 may be a ‘misreading’ – it’s just the start of a new era, says expert

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From the Cosmic Chess Match

The Mayan Calendar

The Maya were a group of people living in Central Mexico.  Their culture and civilization spanned from 2000 B.C. until the conquest of the Spanish in the 16th century.

The height of Mayan culture extended from 250 to 900 A.D.   One of the remarkable accomplishments of the Maya was their precise astrological calculation of the stars and planets. This ability remains a mystery to modern researchers because the Maya did not possess knowledge of the wheel, yet they built intricate stonework complexes and understood astronomy.   How did they acquire this knowledge?  How did the Maya devise calendars of such accuracy that only in our modern day can they be rivaled?

The Mayan Calendar is the primary focus of our discussion because it is the source of endless books, movies, Internet sites, radio and television interviews, etc.

Briefly stated the Maya believed in a god-man whose name was Quetzalcoatl that translates the Plumed Serpent.  The Maya built huge temple complexes.  One such complex is the Temple of Kulkulcan at Chechen Itza in which a pyramid of stone, not unlike the great pyramid of Giza, was constructed between the 9th and 12th centuries A.D.

One of the most unique features of this pyramid is on the winter and Summer solstice the image of a large undulating serpent is created by the sun.  This image appears to be moving down the sides of the pyramid.[1]  How did the people in this culture know how to do this and why the image of the serpent?

Were they contacted by a race of aliens?  Some, like the majority of guests who appear on the popular Ancient Alien series produced by the History Channel on which I was guest for Seasons One and Two, believe this.  Did they stumble on this knowledge by themselves or was it given to them?  Here’s a theory that correlates with the cosmic chess match.

It has to do with the manifestation of the fallen angels on the planet.  If we recall what was discussed in Chapter 4 of this book, the cohabiting of the fallen angels with the daughters of men that created the Nephilim, then we can postulate that the knowledge the Maya attained from the plumed serpent may have come from a fallen angel.

In researching material for this book, I have found a wide dispersion of theories regarding Quetzalcoatl.  Some believe he was one of the disciples of Jesus: others that he was a European explorer who was mistaken as a god. Others believe that he descended from the sky.  The bottom line for me is this: we will never know who Quetzalcoatl was.  However, we can see that the knowledge he gave to the Maya is affecting the modern culture today in ways that no one would have predicted a century ago.

There is much discussion on the 2012 phenomenon.  People are wondering whether or not we are headed toward the destruction that some say is foretold in the Mayan calendar.

As I mentioned earlier, television shows abound on the subject and as of this writing there are about one hundred books that have been published regarding 2012.  Why is this happening now?  Why are the so-called prophecies of the Maya (based solely on their calendar) reaching a worldwide audience?

I will venture to answer this after I have finished discussing the other so called prophets and seers because I believe all of this is from the same source, from the Fallen One.

Human Sacrifice

 One of the most brutal and horrific aspects of the Mayan culture was the practice of human sacrifice to “appease” the gods.  When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived and began to explore the world of the Maya, they were overcome with revulsion when they entered a room at the top of one of the temples … that reminded the men of a butcher shop back home in Spain.[2]

Accounts that I have read report the same nightmarish scenarios of human sacrifice.  Some of us have seen the Mel Gibson movie, Apocalypto. It shows what I believe is an accurate portrayal of how human sacrifice was carried out. If the victim’s heart was to be taken out, reported one Spanish observer in the sixteenth century,

…they conducted him with great display…. and placed him on the sacrificial stone. Four of them took hold of his arms and legs, spreading them out. Then the executioner came, with a flint knife in his hand, and with great skill made and incision between the ribs on the left side, below the nipple, then he plunged in his hand and like a ravenous tiger tore out the living heart, which he laid on the plate….[3]

Human sacrifice is certainly nothing new and it was practiced by cultures all over the world in antiquity.  However, we must ask ourselves to whom was the victim’s heart being offered, and why?  Who initiated this?

In my opinion, this has the fingerprints of the Fallen One all over it.

Travel with me for a moment.  Let us suppose that a fallen angel manifested in this region and set itself up as a god and, like the similar account that we read in The Book Of Enoch, gave out knowledge that was far superior to the primitive peoples’ who lived there.  This may account for the human sacrifice because we have the ancient accounts telling us that the Nephilim drank the blood of men and each other.  They were cannibals.[4]  Is there a connection here?  I would propose that there is.

The Mayan Calendar with its complexity may have been handed down, like the Enochian knowledge was reported to have been, by a fallen angel who became known as the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl.  In doing this an entire race of people became enslaved in satanic, ritual sacrifice that opened up portals into the second heaven.  In other words, like we are told in the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels gave men the secrets of heaven.  This is one of the main reasons why they were punished; the other being that they had sex with the daughters of men.

I believe that this is a deliberate set up and I will tell you why in the conclusion of this chapter.  However, having established who the Maya were, it is time for us to move to the next so-called prophet.


[2] In Search of Quetzalcoatl – Pierre Honore – Adventure Unlimited Press – 1961 – 2007 – Pg. 28

[3] Friar Diego de Landa, Yucatan before and after the Conquest – quoted from – Fingerprints of the Gods – by Graham Hancock, Random House – 1995 – pgs 96 & 97

[4] The Book of Enoch – R. H. Charles – SPCK 1917 – I –VII:4 pg.35


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30 thoughts on “The 2012 NO-SHOW! Another excerpt from the Cosmic Chess Match!

  1. I have always ignored that film for some reason until I read your blog on this subject last month. The scene on the temple and the decapitated heads rolling down the steps was an eye opener. I compare this type of activity like abortion clinics. It’s done in secret but the procedure is the same and their blood is crying out for justice.

    • It is so hard to believe the Truth that the U.S.A. has aborted 50,000,000 babies…God will take vengeance as L.A. has said…Maybe it’s starting now, with the downturn of America. It sure seems that way.

    • Hi Greg-

      Here is God’s promise in Palms 145 that He is slow to anger and full of mercy but read what He say’s in verses 19-20.

      “He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
      He also will hear their cry and save them.
      The LORD preserves all who love Him,
      But all the wicked He will destroy.”

      God be merciful to us but may Your justice be swift!

  2. I aggre L.A. (based solely on their calendar) If you do the Jewish calender 2012 is already gone. Jewish year is not the same length as a solar year on the civil calendar used by most of the western world, so the date shifts on the civil calendar.

    • I’m going to buy a Jewish-Solar calendar..I have great trouble to learn their months, etc. I know their year starts at about October sometime.

  3. The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.. The Mayans were no exceptions, and had no Divine Protection..

    Muhammed said that a Messenger from god told him what to write….Well, Lucifer was his messenger…Allah is not our Creator God…

    Our entire humanity was in control of the Devil except for the Israelites…Then, along came our Jesus, who is our protector from the Devil’s Lies, deceptions and so on.

    The Rightous side of Adam, being the Line of Seth, probably were protected as well. But, Killer-Cain was not…I call that the lst Division of Humanity…as Cain was “kicked out” of the Community.

    The Mayan Calendar subject still holds my interest. The History Channel seems to put their “spin factor” when they use a Christian point of view…A “Generic” Christian wouldn’t catch the spin factor, so they get deceived a little here and a little there.

    Remember, Daniel prayed for something…and it took God’s Messenger-Angel (Michael or Gabriel-?) 21 days to deliver the message? He had to fight with and get reinforcements to break thru the Luciferian barriers. He told Daniel, that they heard the prayer immediately, but had trouble getting to him.

    The good angels are 2/3’s and the bad angels are 1/3…

    Bible times are written using the “Jewish” calendar system, which we know is 360 days long and not based on the solar cycle. And, the times listed in Revelation are using the 360 day calendar…for a Time.

    Our present Gregorian calendar system was changed from the Julian in the year 1732, February 11th, ok. It was moved ahead by 11 days…so, that February 11th, and February 22nd was the very same day. George Washington was born on Feb. 11th, 1732 and also on Feb 22nd, 1732. Got it?

    His birthday was actually listed two times on our calendars in the 60’s when I sold them on my newspaper route. And, my customers would ask if George Washington’s birthday was listed twice….with a laugh…”Of Course” I said.

    I’ve got a theory, what if they moved the date the wrong way…making all of our dates incorrect?

    Gotta Keep Laughing, my friends.

  4. Actually, either Gary Stearman or J.R. Church found a flaw in the present Jewish calendar, saying something to the effect that it is missing 243 years…something like that…Their year is listed 57__ something, like 5744…I’d have to look it up. But J.R. said that they need to add about 240 years or so…

    “When Israel matures as a fig tree…then the end shall come” How long does it take for a fig tree to mature? Or does that really matter or be relevant.? Will Israel have “Matured” when their next war happens? They’ve had several already, right?

  5. It was literally impossible for the Mayan civilzation to build temples on top of Mountain Plateaus. We can’t do it today with our modern equipment and technology(s). It’s impossible even on the low, level ground.

    As an electrician, the Pyramid can be considered to be a basic radio device…like our old Crystal sets. The Quartz stones, Granite stones are getting Squeezed by an immense of weight and pressure from the stones above them. This causes a Frequency to be generated.

    Then, the Aztecs or Mayans made all of those drawings on the surface and mountainsides, that only be viewed from an airplane…Is this an Angelic Joke or what? The Nazca Lines.

    Then, there’s the Rose-Red City of Petra, hewn out of mountainside…The “Mayan” technology was world-wide.

  6. The Castillo Temple I’ve seen on the history channel

    Know what I’d like to see? Convert all of the measurements of the Castillo Temple from Metric to biblical Cubits…And see if some other pattern emerges.

    Speculating that it is built upon the #6.

    The Great Pyramid is built upon the “Boss number”, #5.

  7. The Mayans got their info from the same place Mohammed got his.. and Joseph Smith for that matter.. maybe those fallen ones know what THEYRE gonna do and when, but they do NOT know what GOD will do and when. We can relax, nothings gonna happen til God says so.

  8. Dear LA. my father had this happen to him and 2 friends when they were out hunting in the early 70s in the sw virginia mountains and he wont talk much about it but my mother tells this story. I would love to hear some of your thoughts or others on here as to what may have happened or what you think about it. Hes not a religioius man until a cpl years ago..ok here goes.

    My father and i thin 2 cousins or friends had been out hiking and hunting one day as they were in their late teenage years. They get to this area a bit farther than theyd been before but still relatively close to home when from out of nowhere they hear trees falling and hitting forest floot in great clattering sounds. Now this in itself might cos nothing but a thought of dead trees or rotting limbs crashing to the ground.

    However….The gigantic Roar that came forth from this area was too much for them and they all ran. Now we have no bears in this area and wildcats are rare, but as a hunter my father knew those sounds. He said this was dinosaur like and years later when they started make those dinosaur movies he told my mother it sounded like the sound of a T REX!!! Ive never known this man to lie even exaggerate and i would love to hear your thoughts on this. He thinks he might have strayed into some thin area of time or dimensional pocket??? Any thoughts pls?

    • My money’s on swamp/volcanic gas escaping from a narrow fissure, esp. If there was a UFO too.


      I’m not averse to dinosaurs being alive still. They found dino bones with reasonably fresh red bloodcells a few years back. It was swept under the rug. Also look into the Ropen, or Ogopogo and/or Mkole membme (sp?) There are some good cases for dinos now. Also, fraud too.

  9. I love the fact that pagans and atheists love to beat the “more people have died in the name of God than for any other reason” drum, when not only is it untrue (communism seems to have killed the most, ironic) they also neglect to mention that these “pagan utopias” practiced human sacrifice.

  10. December 21, 2012 is the devil’s date. The world will NOT end on that date, but the world will think it is. You are right in pointing out that focus on that date distract from the REAL prophecy going on all around us. I wouldnt be surprised if something bad happens this dec. 21 or close to it just to set in motion that it is a year prior to the mayan “prophecy”… In quotes deliberately.

    • Hi Hopeful_watcher- I read someone thesis that day marks 333 days since Obama was placed in office…or something to that effect. It’s also falls on a significant Jewish date. I skimmed the article but don’t have time to prove his calculations. Certain numbers play a critical role in the Occult, so we can be on alert of a possible event. However, I don’t give it much precedence since God is in control of all these events.

  11. Tom Horn’s book Apollyon Rising 2012 quotes Virgil’s Eclogue speaking of the ages:

    Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung
    Has come and gone, and the majestic roll
    Of circling centuries begins anew:
    Astraea returns,
    Returns old Saturn’s reign,
    With a new breed of men sent down from heaven.[4]

    The golden age, in which the theosophists et al are waiting for, has been spoken about for ages. This is about the return of the men of reknown: during the time of Atlantis. Men coming back down from heaven. Think also about how God described the gentile kingdoms before the return of His Kingdom: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Iron/Clay. They await the next golden age.

    Throughout the centuries of man’s existance forces against God have come down to appeal to man: ‘did God really say?’ You too can become gods. Quetzalcoatl imo is one such a person who came to fool those people groups who hadn’t been deceived like the earlier people groups. They were given heavenly knowledge; they ate the apple. I believe the info they were taught will lead them to accept the false christ. A good lie is 99% true. A false christ is going to reappear: Apollyon, imo is Quetzalcoatl coming back, but it’s not the real Christ. I don’t believe 12/21/2012 is the real date either. It’s May 2012. If you do the research you’ll see their astonomical alignment they ‘celebrated’ or observed was when the Pleiades, Earth, and sun aligned. This happens in May. This upcoming May is the one to watch. November 20 this year was huge in that they could observe the Pleiades 6 months prior to May 20. That is why I believe the crystal skulls were important -it way a doorway to help aid in Quetzalcoatl’s journey back to his throne to the zenith on May 20. Google Jaime Maussan May 20, 2012: the crop circle is saying it’s the return of Quetzalcoatl.

  12. Hi folks. Off topic here a bit but what is a good version of the book(s) of Enoch to get. As with the Guidebook, there is many options/translations, I’m not sure what to choose…Thanks for watchin’ LA.. this blog is a good daily dose for me.

  13. Newsweek, Lisa Mller

    “2012: A Y2K for the New Age”
    5-01-2009 8:00 PM EDT


    Pyburn complains that the 2012 phenomenon makes exotics out of the Maya. “When people who have been colonized and oppressed decide they want to use their heritage to promote themselves, that’s their choice. When it’s being done by wealthy First-World nations, I think that’s exploitative and I have a problem with it.” Her Indiana University colleague Quetzil Castañeda makes a similar argument a different way. “The Maya,” he says, is a Western tag for a diverse group of people who lived—and indeed still live—without any unifying language or culture. To speak of any belief as “Mayan” is like saying “all brown people are the same. We obliterate the fact that they speak 28 different languages, there are 8 million of them—today. If they’re all called Maya, they must be identical.” In Mexico, he adds, the real Maya think of 2012 as “a gringo invention.” In America, we have always been uniquely receptive to end-times prophesy—Y2K is the most recent example. What’s unique about 2012 is that it appeals not to fundamentalist Christians but to the New Age set.

    • I love it ~ “A Gringo Invention”- ha,ha. The contemporary people probably think this hype is nuts.

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