Syria and the Hook in the Jaw?

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L. A. Marzulli

Report: Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention

Syrian official says Damascus agrees ‘in principle’ to allow entrance of Arab League observer mission; 22-member body proposed sending hundreds of observers to the to help end the bloodshed.

Report: Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

I arrived safely in Oklahoma City and my gracious host Bob Ulrich, whisked me off to Cattleman’s steak house where we had a wonderful late night supper before heading back to Edmond and the Hotel.  I slept really well last night and this morning I’m ready  for the interviews with Gary Stearman on Prophecy in the News.

Another note:  My co-producer and good friend, the amazing Richard Shaw finished WATCHERS 3 – Fingerprints of the Supernatural, last night and it has a running time of 1 hour 10 minutes!  We will be in DVD production perhaps as early as today…. if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy that offer won’t last much longer! (shameless plug)

OK – Back to the BLOG!  The story above makes it plain that the Rooskies are a major player in the Middle East. For those of us who filter everything through the lens of prophecy, it appears that the Middle East uprising, particularly in Syria may be the hook in the Jaw, which the Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophecy portrays,  that draws them into the fray.  The stage seems to be set with Iran – which is Persia in the text – who seems very determined to rid the world of Israel and the Jews.  Take a look at the Palestinian map of Israel.  There is no Israel only Palestine!   Hello?

It is also important to note that Syria and Iran are allies, their common enemy being Israel.  With Hezbollah in Lebanon, directly to Israel’s north and HAMAS in Gaza, Israel is surrounded by factions that pose a very real existential threat to her.  War is coming to the region and at some point there will be an incident that sets it in motion.

For those of us who look at these events through the prophetic paradigm it appears that the stage is set for prophecy to be fulfilled.  Meanwhile the distraction of 2012 and the endless clowns that our weasels-in-the-stream media holds up in front of us, have certainly obfuscated the severity of what is shaping up “over there.”  Of course I believe that this is deliberate as it serves to dumb down the American public in general and keep them in the dark.

In closing todays Post:  There are millions of people who don’t have a clue as to what is happening.  As I posted last week, they are caught up in the Matrix, the managed agenda, that steers the conversation where those who are in control want it to go.  The church, for the most part slumbers and bickers amongst itself.  Just look at some of the comments about Chuck Missler.  All of the tension and uncertainty that we see in the Middle East  is mounting.  There will be a flash point that will ignite the fires of war.  There will be nukes that are used.  This will create the greatest climate of fear on the planet as we are now wired together by the Internet.  We will watch in horror the devastation and we will cry out for help… this is when “they” show up, as our saviours, as our creators.  They will have free energy and a chip that will extend our life to perhaps 500 years, disease free.  It’s coming, but so is the Rider on the White Horse!!!  Watch and be ready….




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  1. LA just thought I’d let everyone know I just found out butterball turkey is halal certified, since we are told not to eat meat sacrified to idols just wanted to give a warning to everyone, it’s on their website glad I found out before I bought one, gosh I wonder whats next

    • We should pray over our food, 1st of all. Even if it’s a Beer. Bless your food pantry or cupboards and whqtever else.

      Protect yourself and family with an Audible reading of Psalms Ch 91, In Jesus Name…

  2. More on Ezekiel 38 & 39 from Chris White…
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