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When we interviewed Chuck Missler for Watchers 2, he spoke of a managed agenda.  It is the subject of today’s BLOG.  Last week I was with a friend and we were joined by another friend, who as he approached, called to us from a distance,  “did you hear about the Penn State sex scandal…?”  I looked at my friend and whispered, “He’s caught up in the matrix, the managed agenda, and he doesn’t even know it.”

Take a look at the images above.  Many of them are iconic and others have been placed in front of us, in my opinion, to manage the agenda.  Why is it that we don’t hear about the massive flooding in Thailand, or the ongoing famine in East Africa?  Why is it that all three major news outlets go with the same lead story night after night.  Why is it that most of the media is now controlled by just five corporations?  Why is it that Ron Paul gets only 89 seconds in what is supposed to be a debate?  Why is it that the Federal Reserve dictates our interest rate when it is not part of our government but is an independent group of bankers?  Why is it that most people know more about the whereabouts of Lindsay Lohan than what their congressman or congresswoman voted on for the entire year?  Why is it that the collapse of  World Trade Tower, Building #7, can’t be investigated?  How about the big government bail-outs, for Frannie and Freddie, and Wall street?  Why do we have 900 military installations world-wide?   How many more years will be in Afghanistan?  Why is there endless war?

I believe that we are being controlled by a carefully managed agenda.  Remember my friend whose first comment was about the Penn State, sex scandal.  He’s bought into the managed agenda.  When Herman Cain was publicly eviscerated by our media, who controlled the dialogue, the flow of information?  Cain, like Meg Whitman before him, was derailed by accusations that in the end may turn out to be unsubstantiated.  He was tried and judged by a media, that like a pack of hungry sharks, feeds on the blood of their latest victim.  It is a controlled agenda.  Why would all of the networks make a concerted, joint effort, to go after Cain, or Penn State? The FOX news web-site this morning leads with a story about , Natalie Wood?     Fox News – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos  With all due respect, why should I care about Natalie Wood?

The world is falling apart in front of us and FOX chooses to tell us that after 40 years, they may reopen the case!  There’s not one story on the current situation in Syria, not one.  How do you spell obfuscation?

In closing today’s post: The managed agenda keeps you and me from seeing what is really going on right in front of us.  The supernatural is never discussed, prophecy is never mentioned, Jesus is persona-non-grata.  Wake up as the hour is getting late, the enemy of our souls grows bolder, and lawlessness is rampant.  Come out of the system of thought control, of a managed agenda, of someone telling you and me what to think about!  Have you ever noticed that restaurants plays music that is 30 years old?  It’s the music that we are familiar with, that reminds us of a more stable time…. All is well, everything is OK.  Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.  Keep moving along as there’s nothing to see here.  Keep quiet and do your job and don’t get out of line.  Report any suspicious activity.  Prepare for your TSA pat-down, papers please!   Everyone with a yellow cross move to the line on the left… quickly now!  


Watchers 3 – Fingerprints of the Supernatural!

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Dear Mr. Marzulli,

I just finished reading your book The Cosmic Chess Match.

I really liked it and believe you offer one of the comprehensive syntheses of the underlying biblical message of spiritual warfare.

I was also amazed by Madness In The Fast Lane and noticed something about it that you would find interesting.

In it we see two woman who doggedly seek death by throwing themselves quite effectively into what should be 5 quite lethal traffic collisions. Yet death eludes them every time.

This has a Revelation 9:6 flavor to it. 



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CLOSED: Infamous Los Angeles late-term abortion clinic 

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46 thoughts on “The Managed Agenda

  1. EBT, WIC,& FOOD STAMPS TO END in exchange for RFID
    “Planned Nationwide Usage of the biometric information sharing capability by fiscal year 2009-2013

    • wow….hate to admit it but a few months ago I decided that I had to apply for food stamps and did a really horrible application process only to be told that since I am self employed that I cannot just figure my income but the amount of money left after all the business expenses are deducted….but they have their own “formula” to figure out from my business gross. Long story short, where I actually take home less than $700 per month avg. They say that I actually profit about $500 more than that…..HUH? anyhow, I was refused and did not fight it, deciding to continue my “lilies of the field” lifestyle plan and let it go. My one son supplies my phone and another my internet and TV at home so it is not like I am suffering! All I really need is a small mortgage payment and heat, water, and electric and I muddle through with what ever groceries are on sale and in better times I did get a couple month stock of food put away that I was hoping I could keep put away for that rainy day. Well, it seems to be starting to drizzle….I actually am quite content. Besides, if it gets too bad my kids will put this crazy old lady in a home….kidding!!!! I don’t let them know quite how frugally I live.

      Now I am thinking that once again the Lord protected me from my own weakness and I must rely on Him!
      Thank you so much for this video. It really makes me feel like I had a narrow escape from a premature temptation to ask the beast system to help me! It just ain’t happenin’ here! Whew, we do have to be on our toes!!!!

    • Trying changing your color and give it another try…
      I’m not trying to play the race card here but I have personally experienced a bias. A friend of the family who happens to be a sensor citizen and in desperate need of help, tried to apply for food stamps and was flatly denied, his next door neighbor who is about the same age, and happens to make around the same income, which is little to nothing was giving a very generous monthly amount food stamps….the only difference between the two is they are of different races.
      People can say what they want, I have seen it first hand, if you are Caucasian you are not expected to need help and God help you if you do…discrimination is this country? No doubt about it.
      Sorry to bring up that 1000 pound elephant in the room but its true..

    • Thanks Matt but I think I would now prefer to muddle through! I truly believe it was for good reason that God kept me out of that system now! And unfortunately, you are kinda right but even more than race it is because I work and they would prefer we gave up and became completely dependent on the government… sad that most will think they have no choice! I am repentant for my weak moment in even applying! I will trust the Lord to provide and there is probably enough fat in my thighs now that I am older and slowing down some to keep me alive through at least half of the tribulation! LOL

    • Elaine, the sad fact is, so many people are abusing the system that legitimate folks that actually need the help simply can’t get it.
      I personally know some people that are perfectly healthy and able to work, however, they claim disability for one reason or another and go to quack doctors until they find one that’s either incompetent or corrupt enough to go along with it. I have to tell you that it disgusts me to see that…I have two brothers in laws and one sister in law that abuses the system in such a way. All of them are healthy and physically able to work but yet they are all on disablity. They tell me that is the latest fad,,, “why work when you can get on government cheese” I personally don’t see how they can look at themselves in the mirror and continue to abuse the system like that….I have too much self esteem to even consider such a ruse. Many folks legitimately need help right now, and then you have these bums lying around doing nothing, watching soap operas and playing video games all day long. I do not respect such a person; I was raised to work if I am able, and help those in needs when I can, no excuses. I work hard where I am, it’s long tedious hours in a very dangerous and cold environment, I never complain about 12 to 16 hour days I put in… .then I see them (in laws) making more then I do while doing absolutely nothing all the while on the government cheese, it just drives me crazy. I wasn’t raised to be like that, I couldn’t do it with a clear conscience, but to some, messing over the system is a badge of honor to be admired. To me they are thieves’ as they take away from the people who really need help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing help from time to time,, no shame in that,at all just about all of us have been there one time or another,, the shame is not needing the help and getting it anyway just because you can, just because you figured out a way to mess over the system….this is the kind of world we live in today; greed. , the true “God” of this country is the dollar bill, don’t believe me??…take a ride out on Black Friday and witness the sea of humanity, with all the idiots pushing and shoving for that last Xbox or Hi Def TV…it’s a sight to behold.

    • And also Elaine you touched on something Id like to make a comment on, you said “it is because I work and they would prefer we gave up and became completely dependent on the government” this comment is so true. When I was trying to work my way through school, I worked odd part time jobs, but still was coming our short due to the expense, I went to a few places to see if I could somehow get assistance through the government with the tuition and books .. a loan, not a hand out,..well, they actually penalized me for working a part time job. The government “pawn” told me and I will never forget this ” if you quit your jobs and just take a year off, you can come back after a year and I’m sure we can do something for you” Now there you have it, I was trying to better myself, trying to pay my own way through but yet the government saw this as a negative. Their suggestion was, for me to quit my minimum wage part time job as I went to school and become totally dependant on them, and then and only then would they be willing to help. When I told the person, its seems like you are penalizing me for working a minimum wage part time job he said,” look at it however you want. “ It is what it is… it’s the only way we can help…next”
      Instead of them helping just a little, they wanted to own me lock stock and barrel….no thanks.

  2. The Marketeers of Everything and Anything can still legally use Subliminal Messages in their ads, videos and displays.

    The technique was outlawed in the Outdoor Movie Industry, which was quite big in the 70’s. But not for other stuff.

    On the Physical Side, a grocery store would use Pink, flourescernt lights above the meat displays, making the hamburger look more Red and Fresher. That was outlawed.

    But subliminal messaging has to do with our Sub-Conscience mind. (Maybe that’s called the Unconscious mind, today-?)

    Our eyes and ears see and hear more than is being Registered in the Conscious mind.

    In the Hard Rock, Satanic types of music, the Artists would put in Backward Masking suggestions, that evidently could be understood by the sub-conscious.

    I have an old, used book on the subject, published in 1972. “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Brian Key…

    You see, the Mind is Quicker than the Eye,

    We have been highly manipulated is a fact, and their Science Behind it, is even greater now, than back in the 70’s

    I have purchased subliminal mesage tapes back in the early ’80’s…One was called “Stop Procrastinatiion” Sounds of Ocean Waves covering up a Hi or Low (?) frequncy messages.

    All of a sudden, maybe an hour or 2, I looked at my Apartment and OMG, I’ve got to clean up this pad up…or whatever else had to be done…
    “GET ER DONE!, Now!”

    • I took a class back in college on subliminals and it was pretty funny that the instructor had a terrible time finding them in magazine ads but I just sort of had a gift so I helped him with lesson plans! Probably because I am an artist? But I also think that when the Lord “seals” His own that he literally seals our receptors so we can keep the demonic messages out….also we can see the delusions that others so blindly accept… wise as serpents?
      Found this on another site and it is my scripture for the day! It fits this comment too.Wanted to share with all my friends here:
      Isaiah ch. 60 verse 1. Arise shine, for your light (illumination) has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. 2. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness (sin) the people, but the Lord shall rise upon thee and the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon thee.

    • (I’ve never quite figured out the mechanics of posting here, as I wanted to comment on the previous items but there’s no “reply” button left up there!)
      I have a book, long since out of print, called “Living Poor with Style.” It was written back in the 60s by some inspired hippies. Great book.
      I think we christians need to do some drastic reorganizing of lifestyles if we’re going to survive economically in the US. It’s becoming so expensive even the census bureau was shocked to find out how many folks are hovering near the edge of poverty.
      I think christians should consider “intentional communities.” Yes, it sounds like hippies all over again but think about this…buying a chunk of land, putting in “tiny homes” (measured in hundreds of sq. ft, not thousands) that are dirt cheap, giving everyone their own space. And finally, sharing! Not 44 lawnmowers (to borrow the name of a CCM song from the 80s), but one lawnmower for the entire community. Not 44 internet subscriptions but one.
      Think how that might promote the values of the early church in Acts.

    • Hey Binny! I know what you mean and maybe it is because I came from that hippie era but I have long learned to live without a lot of unnecessary “stuff”…..for instance, in my picture framing business I use lots of paper towels and glass cleaner but at home I use vinegar or just water and a washable cloth. I also figure things like paper plates are a silly waste of money when it takes the same amount of effort to wash a plate as it does to haul out big bags of trash. And I rarely buy trash bags because I generate so little garbage that a recycled bag from other purchases works just fine hanging on a door knob to the kitchen shed……instead of buying big fancy trash bags my garbage can goes out with 3 or 4 small free bags.
      Also, my son and his wife moved here to an apartment that was going to waste in my house because I can no longer do the stairs often and now we split the utilities and still have our own semi separate homes! We also share a lawnmower with my friend a few blocks away and have a car, big work truck and a van that we can alternate according to who needs to transport what. I also have a few friends that have that same spirit of “community.” One comes to my shop and helps with the display windows and pushes the vacuum so I don’t wear out my old bad back and I can conserve my stamina for doing the jobs. She doesn’t ask for or get paid but knows she can count on me for help in the departments that I am good at and my son often goes to help her with one of her big jobs, again, not for pay but to help a friend. Another friend had some extra planking and I came home one day to find her just finishing up a new floor for my old falling apart porch!
      I guess what I am saying is that we are the church and we can live together as that “family” even if we do not live in the same house! Practical assistance as opposed to “pay” is the best way to love one another!

  3. Chuck Missler should know alot about a managed agenda Ephesians 5:11 – “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.” The Greek meaning for reprove is “by conviction to bring to the light, to expose “Truth will not always be hidden be sure to listen to the audios

    • Wow, I’m always amazed at the anger christians can direct towards their own kind. The guy who runs that blog is angry because…Chuck has a retreat in New Zealand that…get ready for this….might serve wine to private guests????
      That’s enough to make me lose my salvation. I’m stumbling….Chuck, oh Chuck, you deceiver!!! I demand my money back for your commentary series. I’m sending back all your books. They’re all tainted with wine stains.
      Folks, get a life.

    • I get so tired of so called fellow Christians demeaning Great teachers such as Chuck Missler! I also have done research on the sites that bash him and always get disgusted at the hate behind it . Chuck is an amazing man and has helped thousands understand the bible and prophecy ,he is a Great man of God And not in any way a false teacher:)

    • nothing but the BLOOD. nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS. The sheeple and their dumbed down, unGODLY, non careing, head-in-the-clouds, self-rightous. i,m a good person,i don,t need JESUS, thought pattern,and lifestyle,makes me vomit. I clean my mouth out daily. Bring your firey eyes to this evil planet,quickly. LORD JESUS.

    • The way the internet is today, there’s not a name you can’t find someone slandering. (Even little me, who makes lowly backpacking videos, has garnered the wrath of someone on the internet whose site is inactive, so I can’t even email him to complain.) Some of Chuck Missler’s other detractors are all bend out of shape over some plagerism charges going back to the 90s when apparently some of his assistants copied some verbiage from someone else’s book for his Alien Encounters classic. Or something like that. But the detractor won’t let it go! He seems to want Chuck to grovel.
      We’re all sinners. If that is a reason not to become a public figure, then we mind as well go back to prehistoric times when everyone looked out for themselves.

    • Chuck Missler is awesome. L.A. is awesome. I thank God for the watchmen He provides us! God, bless them and honor them and provide abundantly every need, and prepare a table before them in the presence of their enemies! Thank you, God, for our watchmen, fearless men of God who tremble at your Word!

    • I love Chuck’s mathematical analogies and powerpoints. 66/40 us one of my favorite shows. I’m thinking about going to the same Bible College he went to LBU or go the more affordable route at Koinonia Institute.

      Btw, the post reminds me of a show on mind tricks by Derren Brown. Youtube search “London Eye Derren Brown”

    • Hey LA- This verse came to mind when you mentioned the hate mail.

      “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” -Jhn 15:19

    • That blog commentary on Chuck Missler had a lot more info to convey than just serving alcohol in a business establishment…(judging by the comments) I wonder if any of you bothered to read the whole thing & really examine the evidence there…if you did, I do believe you would have to admit that some of his connections are questionable. I try never to dismiss anything without really checking it out…..Proverbs 18:13.

      I like Chuck Missler’s teachings, have many of his DVD’s, respect his knowledge incredibly, therefore I am deeply saddened to learn of these revelations, IMHO however, I do believe as a Christian, we are held accountable (to our Heavenly Father) for how we use ALL of our resources, talents & abilities. This is not about judging the man, it is about examining his “fruit”. If we are not fruit inspectors, how will we ever discern good from evil. Matt. 7:16-18

      I, for one, am thankful for this information. I will be praying for Chuck Missler.

  4. It is my understanding that “energies” from one event (like collapse of the economy) can be redirected to other events that further agendas (9/11). So, whenever I see things like Natalie Woods, Penn State, etc. being brought to the forefront, I always ask myself which curtain I’m not supposed to be peaking behind. I’m not sure if this is a type of spirtual warfare being manifested or not, but I wouldn’t dismiss the thought.

  5. just check out the united nations plans for us all “agenda 21!!”

    and praise God for the closing of that blood temple to molech!!!

    • particularly chilling is this twisted rhetoric!

      “In a world on its way to rapid globalization, the reference to a world Authority becomes the only horizon compatible with the new realities of our time and the needs of humankind. However, it should not be forgotten that this development, given wounded human nature, will not come about without anguish and suffering.Through the account of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), the Bible warns us how the “diversity” of peoples can turn into a vehicle for selfishness and an instrument of division. In humanity there is a real risk that peoples will end up not understanding each other and that cultural diversities will lead to irremediable oppositions. The image of the Tower of Babel also warns us that we must avoid a “unity” that is only apparent, where selfishness and divisions endure because the foundations of the society are not stable. In both cases, Babel is the image of what peoples and individuals can become when they do not recognize their intrinsic transcendent dignity and brotherhood.
      The spirit of Babel is the antithesis of the Spirit of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-12), of God’s design for the whole of humanity: that is, unity in truth. Only a spirit of concord that rises above divisions and conflicts will allow humanity to be authentically one family and to conceive of a new world with the creation of a world public Authority at the service of the common good.”


    • We are toe to toe with the coming Holy Roman Empire… The fourth reich. And they blatantly say to fall in line with their call for unity or be considered a dissident. This pull quote you commented on sums up the entire crux of this document. Ladies and gentleman, they issued this to the g-20 summit. And although this may come from a lesser office of Vatican and is a trial balloon, Satan is tipping his hand here and telling us exactly what is coming.

      Buckle up. We are in rough waters from here on out.

  6. Peeking behind the curtain at what the elites are watching, such as Ted Talks, we find this:

    with a related longer youtube here

    From the Ted Talk, they seem to have found a gene (DAF-2) that when changed causes aging to slow down in worms, flies, and mice. They experimented the worms because they have a very short life span. which doubles where the mutated DAF-2 gene is found. Since it works in mice, it may work the same way in humans.

    LA points to the Mark of the Beast as possibly having the ability to reprogram DNA to offer immortality. Of course, even if lifespan were only doubled so that you could remain a child or a teen or young adult — twice as long — then most in the world would gladly opt for that, with the con that if they can extend their lives genetic engineering or some other mechanism will be developed to allow them to live indefinitely.

    But those that live substantially longer would become basically another species. And they would consider themselves the dominant species. And they would likely want to both mark themselves to prevent dilution of their offspring with inferiors (normal humans). And they would likely want to wipe out inferiors so that there own species can have resources.

    Of course all the while manipulated by the rebel angels. But it doesn’t take a real offer of unlimited energy or indefinitely extended life span to get those that reject Christ to wipe out innocents. We’ve seen that with legalized abortion far exceeding the atrocities of the nazis or communists. All it takes is some scheme — they’ll believe the lies.And the scheme they jump on in prophecy is economic exclusivity. Not being able to buy or sell without using the Mark and worshiping the Beast. Lying signs and wonders are just as effective in deluding the damned as real tech. Lies like the False Messiah (Antichrist) and the False Prophet. Lies like buying indulgences to forgive sins.

    We know the prophecies, that babies will live to be 100 years old, and death will flee from those that want to die. So there may be demonstrations of remarkable genetic changes. But they end up with sores messing with the very blueprint of life. It’s like current drug based medical practice — which creates addicts with chronic diseases — rather than healing. Even a daily low milligram dose of aspirin has serious side effects.

    And the funny thing is that the same researcher that talks about extending life with certain genetic mutations is also big on fasting. I can testify that many diseases clear up and improve greatly with fasting. It took a year to drop 50 lbs to the low end of my healthy weight range (currently 125). During that time, leg cramps which I suffered from for years haven’t happened at all. The beginnings of symptoms of prostate problems disappeared. Sleep apnea problems greatly improved. And feeling “balloon headed” also vanished. During which time I’ve taken less than a dozen aspirins — or any other med. And I’m over 50. I do take gummie vitamins (a One a Day, once each day, along with gummie Calcium). The gummies are much more palatable that regular pills. Most importantly, I have the will power to fast, which I didn’t have, taking doctor prescribed meds for high blood pressure and thinners — which the doctor wanted me to take to “reduce my odds” of having a stroke. In fact, I’d started drinking, which I hadn’t done for years.Quitting prescription meds removed desire for wine and beer. I’m more convinced than ever that sorcery (pharmakeia, drugs, witchery) is a major trap.

    And I’ll happily go to be present with Christ whenever my body dies. Nothing keeps me here in the world; there’s much I don’t like. But it does help to feel better physically. That’s not something those that get the Mark are going to be able to say for long — that they “feel better.”

    I believe that the fallen angels are manipulating human genetics for their own purposes, whether to create an army, or vehicles to possess, or just playing control games like bored convicts to in prison messing with whatever they can get away with. But we have every proof around us that all it takes to corrupt the damned is rejecting Christ as Savior and being willing to believe lies. Here’s the proof. Most of us right now, Good Christians, tolerate and even ignore: legalized abortion (murder), institutionalized idolatry (such as the names of their gods in the days of the week), covetousness, and divorce. Doing those things have an impact. Not in the least by opening doors to the enemy.

    I hope and pray that Stephen Yulish is healed — as a blessing from God. And not through the machinations of the enemy. In the Name of Yahshua Messiah, also called Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, who sacrificed His own body at the Cross to ransom us, and overcame death to ascend to the Throne of Heaven, who will soon come again to complete His work and His promises in this world, not in the least to save the Great Multitude of end time Saints out of Great Tribulation. Hallelu-YAH! All Blessing, Thanks, Power, Wisdom, Strength, Glory, and Honor return to Him in continuing increase forever and ever.

  7. LA, what is your opinion on this, it looks interesting.

    “Could a strange mummified skull found in Peru be the remains of an extraterrestrial? Anthropologists are baffled by the bizarrely shaped head, which is nearly as large as its body. According to Renato Davila Riquelme of the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco, three experts who have investigated the remains conclude that it is ‘not a human being”

  8. “Foreign hackers targeted U.S. water plant in apparent malicious cyber attack, expert says”

    Foreign hackers caused a pump at an Illinois water plant to fail last week, according to a preliminary state report. Experts said the cyber-attack, if confirmed, would be the first known to have damaged one of the systems that supply Americans with water, electricity and other essentials of modern life”

    And so it begins…….

  9. LA,
    Is this a new position for Eric Von Daniken?
    Greek Gods Were Extraterrestrials, Says Erich von Daniken in Latest Book, Odyssey of the Gods.

    “We modern humans, according to Hesiod, belong to the fifth race
    created by Zeus, the iron race, a mixture of ‘good and evil.’

    – Erich von Daniken, Author, Odyssey of the Gods:
    The History of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Greece

  10. A beautiful film about the life of Francis of Assisi and the words of Christ reminds us….


    [25] Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?
    [26] Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
    [27] Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
    [28] And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
    [29] And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
    [30] Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
    [31] Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
    [32] (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
    [33] But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
    [34] Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

  11. Dear Binny,

    Is it interesting that the Missler detractors are pointing toward more ad hominem items than thing that are tangible in his work? Over all I have found Chuck’s teaching to be spot on, there are some things that Nan has authored that I have a problem with, but is that enough to discard the whole body of work that Missler has done? Hal Lindsey has a respectable body of work as well, and there are some things again that I don’t always hold with. Heard a respectable apologist the other day not chide Hal on his writings, but on his divorces. Same could be said for the late Dr. Walter Martin, he was divorced as well and remarried (gasp). So he as well was a bad Christian and all they do is suspect. I will note that some of these detractors do not focus at all on the ones who teach false doctrine and/or point out the problems with the doctrine. An exception to this is Lighthouse Trails Research at They will point out problems with what the person is teaching. And at least so far I have not seen the lame use of ad hominem attacks. Thanks Binny for your references! I will contemplate this topic this afternoon with a glass of red, with my hubby who was married previously to an unbeliever who left him. (oohh I am so bad,snark)

    • Oh Indy! He certainly does bless me all my life….I have had great (welll……sort of LOL) income and other times the pits of poverty. But, while I was recuperating (forgive me if I have already told this story here) from a broken leg and really worried about the money and being unable to work for a month and a half with no saving……after 2 weeks of sponge baths I was thrilled to actually get in the shower and my epiphany was how rich I am compared to our ancestors! I have hot water coming right through the walls in my heated house and sweet smelling soaps and shampoo that I didn’t have to kill a hog and render fat to make myself! What incredible luxury! Then as I finished my shower and limped my walker out to the kitchen in my miracle fabric fleece robe and non skid slippers, I poured a cup of coffee (another modern miracle!) and drained the last of the milk from the plastic jug that came from a store and did not require milking and raising a cow…..I paused with my hand over the trash bin and marvelled at the vessel….In Christ’s time on earth it would have been so precious. Unbreakable and certainly could be reusable and would last for hundreds of years if taken care of! And I was frivolously just tossing it away! I am fabulously wealthy! Think how many times vessels are mentioned in the Bible. If I could go back in time with the secrets of those plastic jugs I could have an empire bigger than Rome’s!!! Then to keep me humble I had to put a lid on my cup and drop it in the bottom of a clean sock so I could wrap the sock over the walker handle and get the coffee back to the couch…..this “rich” woman drinking sock coffee……God makes me laugh so much! How great He is!

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