How many Jews should be allowed to live in Israel?

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L.A. Marzulli

“If Israel attacks Iran, I will issue a Fatwa to confront Israel and the US,” Head of Islamist ‘al-Azmiya’ stream Sheikh Ala Mazi Abulezam said on Wednesday, according to Iran’s Fars news agency.

Egypt sheikh calls on Muslims to support Iran against Israel, US – Bikya Masr : Bikya Masr

Here’s a rhetorical question:  How many Jews should be allowed to live in Israel?

Answer:  ZERO!

The elephant in the room is simply this.  In the eyes of the Palestinians and the Moslem world, Israel does not have the right to exist, period.   Let’s not beat around the bush and pretend that somehow the people whose religion calls for its followers,  to kill the Jew hiding behind the tree, is somehow going to change its stripes.   The above statement, put forth by yet another in the long line of anti Israeli, Moslem, clerics, is the latest vitriol against the Jewish state.  This Fatwa – a religious decree – makes it clear that in the end Sunni, or Shia, Moslem will set aside there 1300 year old differences, and as the saying goes embrace the statement, the  enemy of my enemy is my friend.

1. President Bashar Al Assad, of Syria announced several weeks ago, that if he were attacked or sanctioned he would reign missiles on Tel Aviv.  What does Israel have to do with the internal struggles of Syria?  Why is Israel and the Jews in-particular the scapegoats for the repressive regime?  Why does Assad threaten Israel and not some other country?  The answer is simple, because he knows that it’s the one commonality that unites the Arab and Moslem world; the hatred of Israel and the Jews.

2.  HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH are armed to the teeth and recently Nasrralah, who is the leader of Hezbollah – the party of God – announced that his military could take on Israel without the aid of Iran or any other source of help.

3.  With the overthrow of Libya, sophisticated rockets and other weapons have reached GAZA, and HAMAS.  This emboldens the leadership and ups the ante in the region as Israel has to deal with this new military dynamic that before the Arab spring did not exist.

4.  The King of Jordan stated several years ago that unless the Palestinians had their own state there would be a regional war.  Because there is no agreement between the Palestinians and Israel the situation may have reached reached a point of no return.

5.  There is speculation that by April 2012, Iran will have five nuclear weapons.  The Iranians also have the missile system to deliver a payload to Tel Aviv.  Their end game in my opinion is to nuke Israel.

In closing todays post:  War is on the horizon.  We can delude ourselves and pretend otherwise, but the writing is on the wall.  Over the weekend I did an interview on the FOX news channel.   I was able to articulate that in my, opinion  the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 are screaming at us in unprecedented ways.   War is coming to the Middle East and will affect every person on this planet, especially if a nuclear weapon is deployed.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…


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Dear Mr. Marzulli,

I just finished reading your book The Cosmic Chess Match.

I really liked it and believe you offer one of the comprehensive syntheses of the underlying biblical message of spiritual warfare.

I was also amazed by Madness In The Fast Lane and noticed something about it that you would find interesting.

In it we see two woman who doggedly seek death by throwing themselves quite effectively into what should be 5 quite lethal traffic collisions. Yet death eludes them every time.

This has a Revelation 9:6 flavor to it. 



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14 thoughts on “How many Jews should be allowed to live in Israel?

  1. Massive loss of life either way as the prophetic word of the Lord unfolds. We must pray for the protection of Israel and trust that God is in control. Ultimately Israels many enemies will be destroyed, to the glory of God as His unwavering commitment to Israel becomes evident to the whole world.

  2. Excellent, excellent post, L.A.!! War is indeed on the horizon. Is the destruction of Damascus imminent? The Lord of Hosts stands with Israel and Israel will not cease being a nation again. The Lord has promised this. Woe unto those who lift a hand against her. Unfortunately, we (the United States) is one of the nations lifting the hand against her. May we all pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the apostle Paul wrote, but we know the only lasting peace will be when the Prince of Peace, Jesus, returns and Israel will finally say, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.” Praise the Lord!

  3. Jordan’s king urges Syria’s Assad to step down
    Abdullah becomes first Arab ruler to make such a demand of Syria’s leader
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — Jordan’s King Abdullah said Monday that Syrian President Bashar Assad should step down, making him the first Arab ruler to issue such a call over the regime’s deadly crackdown on an 8-month-old uprising.

    The surprising statement comes as Arabs close ranks against Damascus. On Saturday, the Arab League voted to suspend Syria over attacks on protesters that the U.N. estimates have killed 3,500 people since mid-March.

    • I was just going to post this up. Getting pretty interesting, as always, something is bound to happen sooner or later, and when it does look out!

  4. I spoke with a nice lady whose family is originally from Nazareth. She’s ‘palestinean’. Her mom now lives in Damascus. She told me how hard it is for people in her situation to visit Jordan. Virtually impossible. It was easier for her to visit the USA. So now she lives here. Jordan is part of the problem, they want to create a people who have no home. They are not willing to accomodate anyone. And these are their brothers. This reminds me of Cain, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’

  5. There is only one alternative to military action, the collapse of the current regime in Iran. That doesn’t appear to be on the horizon. Sanctions will not work (as China recently and correctly pointed out). China advocates diplomacy, though they surely know full well that diplomacy will also not be successful.
    Since the attack is unlikely to ever be approved by the UN, strategic and tactical considerations will be the primary determinants regarding how and when the attack will take place.

    • WOW Gordy! Good clip but then I wanted more and clicked on the Meggiddo II the new age from the array at the end.
      Wonderful, wonderful expose of the movement beginning at “the beginning” ……I am only watching half because I have to go to work but my customers will just have to cope because I am going to finish watching there!
      Would be great to see a short first person account film in this genre from L.A.! I’d use it to witness!

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