Pre-Order Watchers 3 now and save $5…. Fingerprints of the Supernatural

Watchers 3 – Fingerprints of the Supernatural!

L.A. Marzulli, author of the Cosmic Chess Match and popular guest on talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, hosts the third installment of the Watchers series. All over the world mysterious and unexplained events continue with little or no explanation from our governments or media. People are seeing multiple suns or hearing strange, anomalous sounds. NASA’s SOHO images seem to be revealing unknown objects around the sun. Planet X/Nibiru – could there be large unseen forces affecting our solar system? Then there’s the Shroud of Turin, which may be the most probed, enigmatic artifact on the planet. L.A. talks with two of the premier experts: recently knighted The Right Honorable Barrie Schwortz, whose photographs of the Shroud are iconic, and Dame Isabel Piczek, muralist and particle physicist. With the unprecedented Arab Spring, how does the unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Jordan affect Israel? Is this uprising of millions of people being fanned by unseen supernatural forces? Later, the world experts weigh in on the Torah Codes, explaining how science and an understanding of ancient Hebrew are both required to get the best results. What new updates have been discovered by Dr. Roger Leir? Have so-called “alien implants” become more inscrutable and is there evidence that the technology may be ramping up for some unknown purpose? L.A. Marzulli will interview the experts on each topic. Watchers 3 has the most impressive line-up so far in the series.

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In Other News! Tracking the Birth Pangs….

Experts: Okla. Quakes Too Powerful to be Man-made

Experts: Okla. Quakes Too Powerful to be Man-made –


Iran Threatens ‘Street War’ in Tel Avi 

Iran Threatens ‘Street War’ in Tel Aviv – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News


India, China Pose Greatest Nuclear War Threat 

India, China Pose Greatest Nuclear War Threat | AFCEA SIGNAL Scape


Why Iran’s Top Leaders Believe That the End of Days Has Come

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Price of rice set to soar 

Price of rice set to soar – FRANCE 24


Iran Sought Miniaturized Nuclear-Weapon Design to Fit Missiles, IAEA Says 

Iran Sought Miniaturized Nuclear-Weapon Design to Fit Missiles, IAEA Says – Bloomberg


SWAT teams dispatched as gun battle unfolds near Escobares

SWAT teams dispatched as gun battle unfolds near Escobares | escobares, swat, teams –

24 thoughts on “Pre-Order Watchers 3 now and save $5…. Fingerprints of the Supernatural

  1. Just a thought on the Iran leaders article……how bizarre that they who have such darkness in their faith can see that “it” is coming fast but we who have the illumination of God’s word have so many who are deaf and blind!!!!!!

    • LOVED the commentary! In a snarky way he does get the point as to why some worship the concept of aliens visiting earth.

    • YES!!!! And the Jay Leno comment sure hit a true note but he should have said “think Jay Leno is the best show to shirk your real job to appear on!”

  2. Following is an interesting article by one Latin America’s top ufo researchers:
    He provides evidence that many so called alien encounters are encounters with fallen angels (The Watchers).

    Under The Gaze of The Watchers – The Testament of Amram
    Submitted by Scott Corrales on Thu, 10/13/2011 – 10:04
    By Scott Corrales
    Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
    UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent

    Under The Gaze of The Watchers

    I saw Watchers in my vision, a dream vision, and behold two of them argued about me […]
    and they were engaged in a great quarrel concerning me. I asked them: “You, why do you
    argue thus about me?” They answered and said to me: “We have been made masters and rule over the sons of men.” And they said to me: “Which of us do you choose?…

    The preceding is a fragment from “The Testament of Amram”, a document written in Aramaic that forms part of the Qumran scrolls, more commonly known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The entire fragment, which takes up some eight patchy paragraphs, relates a story told by Moses’ father, Amram, to his children, concerning the burden of choice: whether to serve the evil Watcher Melkiresha, a viper-faced demon, or his counterpart, the Watcher Melchizedek, who is ruler of the “Sons of Light.”

    Much has been made over the last few decades of the link between the role played by the biblical Watchers and that played by UFOs and their occupants, as well as the phenomena associated with them. This order of nonhuman beings, which fell from grace on account of their transgressions with “the daughters of men,” are at the core of a current controversy. The viper-eyed Melkiresha, allegorical though it may be, is strangely reminiscent of some of the more reptilian UFO entities that have been reported in a number of encounters. The Watchers, either as described in the Bible or by the Tibetan monks who discussed the topic with the Russian artist/mystic Nicholas Roerich (whose paintings of Asian hill-forts are often referred to in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft), are in essence a race of beings which have always lived in the skies and lord over humanity, reveling in intermarriage with humans. cont….

  3. hi folks, got a breaking story from steve quayle. obama, the pres. of mexico, and another leader are to meet in an illuminatti meeting to pray with the 13 crystal skulls on 11-11-11!!!

    i cannot verify this. maybe even a false flag. we do need to pray brothers and sisters!!!

    • I hope that’s not true. I read a recent email on SQ’s site that exposes the skulls for being very serious conduits of darkness; portal openers. You are right. We should ALL fast and pray on 11-11-11. It is up to us and only us. Jesus said that we are the light of the world now. Let’s arise and fast and pray in whatever capacity we are able to, for repentance for America, and for the church walk humbly with our God, do justly, and love mercy!

    • AMEN jacqueline!!! y’know we get a bad rap when things like this get reported and nothing happens. we get called conspiracy nut tin foil hat people.
      the truth is God answers His faithful prayer warriors and things are stopped dead in their evil tracks!!! sometimes it’s a false flag, but we don’t know which is which.
      we must be dilligent at all time especially now.

      yes very serious conduits. i understand the liquid crystal was poured into the skull of some demonic entity as
      a cast or mold of some sort. good grief!!!

  4. Dear L.A. I hope you’ll consider making audio books, too. Some of us are so busy that we don’t have the time to read, but we can listen to our iPods as we work. What a blessing that would be.

    • Really loved as well the e-book offerings that have the links that you can just click on. Hubby got me a “Nook” e-reader for my birthday and that has been a blessing. (of course Hubby is best blessing)

  5. Very ugly story that sadly is DRASTICALLY never reported on as it should be. Here we have just a microcosm on what is going on ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY, yet barely a whisper gets mentioned of it…unless of course it is too late and the story becomes sensational, much like this one.

    The thing…one again…that struck me IMMEDIATELY were the EYES! Or maybe I should say what was looking THROUGH those eyes of these two young girls.

    It seems that every single day now we are getting reports of “random” acts of just stupid, crazy violence, totally void of any common sense. It is like “Life in the Fast Lane” on steroids happening on the sites where you know to look.

    I am sure most of you have already seen this as I just it got off of Drudge. But again, it is the EYES looking back, especially the girl on the left that further lend evidence to me that evil is VERY real and it is in our own towns and even in our churches.

    While on the subject, I ask for your prayers please as I, along with another reader of Brother Lynn’s BLOG are working with a victim of SRA…from a multi-generational family of Satan Worshipers. As a matter of fact, I am about to spend time in prayer and place the spiritual armor on tighter than usual as just as quick as I get this posted, ministry of deliverance will continue with this dear sister who loves Jesus Christ with every fiber of her being, but because of “Triggers” and mind control done to her for DECADES, it is a spiritual battle every single night when we get online to work slowly through this literal Hell she is dealing with on a daily basis.

    Here is the link to the story I was originally talking about:

    May the Lord shine brightly on this BLOG as the Good Fight is carried out each and every day. Many blessings to you all.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  6. My post about the two girls stabbing/slashing with man over 300 times is awaiting moderation due to the smokingun link I believe. But if you have not done so already, I urge you to go to Drudge and look at the headline: HORROR: Cops bust two women for slashing man 300 times during satanic sex ritual…

    The thing I mainly am pointing out is once again…the EYES. Check it out when or if you can.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

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