Israel and Iran: Two Different Supernatural Paradigms!

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L. A. Marzulli 

Iran Rattles Saber at Israel, US

Iran Rattles Saber at Israel, US – Middle East – News – Israel National News

The “Zionist regime’s military attack against Iran would lead to heavy damages to the US as well as [to the] Zionist regime,” Iran’s Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Hassan Fayrouz Abadi said. Iran would attack Israel in a “surprising” way, he was quoted by Army Radio as saying.  Iran’s bellicose rhetoric comes as senior ministers in Jerusalem took Israel’s media to task for discussing a potential strike on Iran, which commentators have suggested may be near.

*** Thanks to all of you who wrote me about the Coast to Coast interview!  John B. Wells and I had what I would consider a great three-hour show.  I’ve recouped and so on with the BLOGGING!

Iran has made it very clear, in what would appear to be endless vitriol against Israel, that it plans at some point to wipe her off the map.  Benjamin Netanyahu has also made it unmistakably clear that in his opinion it’s 1939,  Iran is Germany and Im-in-a-Jihad (Mahmoud Amedinejhad) is Hitler.  I believe he knows of what he speaks and thus at some point Israel will have to act or live with a neighbor who has nuclear weapons with an ideology that poses a real existential threat to Israel.

Netanyahu also has said, that if the Arabs would lay down their arms there would be peace, but if Israel laid down her arms there would be no Israel.   I believe that his assessment of the situation is correct.

The one dynamic that almost everyone ignores is that the tension is built on two different sets of supernatural paradigms.  Israel exists in part because of supernatural events that have shaped their ethos and held them together during almost 200o years of Diaspora.  Iran, on the other hand, adheres to the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran.  In essence we have two different sets of supernatural events that have shaped the body politic of both countries and these are at loggerheads with one another.  Of course one wonders that if supernatural events occurred in the past might they happen in our world today, or have all supernatural events stopped?

This is where Biblical prophecy comes into play and here’s why.  We read in passages like Ezekiel 37 and 38 that at the end of days a confederacy of nations will go up against Israel, who have been gathered from the four corners of the earth and established in their ancient land.  Certainly we can agree that Israel has been gathered and dwells in the land and now with the latest saber-rattling from Iran as well as Israel one wonders if we are on the verge of seeing this prophecy of Ezekiel 38, fulfilled.

Iran is mostly Shia Moslem and they hold to the belief that the Imam Mahdi, the one whom they await to usher in a time of peace and an Islamic Caliphate, will only come during a time of chaos.  The Iranians look at the Arab Spring and the toppling of three of the regions dictators, as the chaos that they have been waiting for.  Behind the scenes is Russia who helped put the rods in Iran’s reactors and who is listed as the first nation in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.  It would appear that we may be close to seeing this prophecy come to pass….

If Iran is attacked will we see Syria, Lebanon and HAMAS join in the fray?  In other words will the entire region be plunged into war?   The Iranians will more than likely close the Straits of Hormuz and the Gate of Tears which are the waterways that upwards of 40% of the world’s oil comes through.  If war erupts will Egypt and Libya also attack Israel?

In closing today’s post:  The situation in the Middle East is more unstable than ever and with Iran’s belief in the coming of the Mahdi it verges on the Apocalyptic!  Israel and Iran have two completely different supernatural paradigms and both can’t be right.  In the end I belive that we will see the fulfillment of the passages of Ezekiel fulfilled and when the dust clears Israel will still be there….


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Oops, forgot to mention that I read your book Cosmic Chessmatch. Wow!!! It was amazing and so looking forward to your next book. Thank you LA (Kathleen)

I’ve just finished reading the Cosmic Chess Match. Well done!  (Marlo)

I’ve just finished reading the Cosmic Chess Match and it is quite terrific… (Greg)

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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pangs!

Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran 

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran To Prevent Nuclear Capability | World News | Sky News


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Family Radio Founder Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teachings 

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29 thoughts on “Israel and Iran: Two Different Supernatural Paradigms!

  1. The prophecy regarding the huge Social Unrest in Egypt has happened! Egypt is not included in the 6 nastion Russian Alliance…I think their Answan Dam gets nuked before The Russian Alliance attacks.

    Israel might use The David approach and do the First Shot…Maybe Iran will attack lst, and also have their terrorist cells in the U.S.A. do something to us…

    It’s OK for the Islamist to lie to further their cause…

    Secretary of State Hillary is busy making arrangements for her Mom’s funeral. Obama is doing NOTHING!

  2. L.A., it would be nice if we had an “Edit” Button…on your site.

    And, I’m going to start my 2nd reading of “The Cosmic Chess Match” soon…

    • I am finding it a good book to just pick up and leaf through to a random chapter on a daily basis…….same as with the Bible……it gets me thinking about the other chapters near it and my head is filled all day.
      Thank You, Lord for giving us these brains….the original take along toy!

  3. I can see why L.A. would need to recuperate!!!! That Coast 2 Coast was the best episode ever on their show and I emailed them to say so!!!! The hosts quote about scientists made me laugh out loud and L.A. did his usual brilliant presentation that MUST have opened some eyes and saved some souls! Praise Jesus!
    And Harold Camping has repented!
    This is the day the Lord hath made and I for one am glad in it!

    • Not sure about that but he did have a stroke right after his May last year debacle….maybe figured he better rethink his whole false prophet record before he got “struck down” completely by the big slap upside the head from Heaven!…. especially if he had a heart attack as well!

    • I didn’t listen to Harold Camping’s repentance yet, but I sure hope he has repented of his teaching on the person and nature of Jesus. He holds to the same heresy as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both Harold and the J.W.s teach that Jesus is a created being, namely Michael the Archangel. Yet Jesus said, “If you believe not that I AM, you shall die in your sins.” As a former Jehovah’s Witness, I take great umbrage with Harold Camping. Not only has he misled many with his date setting, he teaches the age old heresy of Arianism. You can be wrong in your eschatology and still go to heaven. If you’re wrong on who Jesus is, you cannot go to heaven.

  4. I’m just thinking to myself here. The nations are” in position” to fulfill the Ezekiel prophecy but it doesn’t even allude to Israel making the 1st move on the Chessboard. Am I missing somethimg?

    • It would be a huge and costly mistake for Iran to attack Israel. Remember 67 and 73, the Arab nations were hell bent on driving Israel into the sea. It didn’t happen. Arab nations just seem to lack military expertise. The Iran/Iraq war for example, The U.S. destroyed the Iraqi army within 30 days, something Iran was unable to do in 8 years.
      The Arab nations waste their human capital turning out hundreds of thousands of Islamic scholars from tens of thousands of madrasas while Israel turns out thousands of engineers, scientists, project managers, and all kinds of people with practical expertise to generate economic growth and military prowess.

  5. US, UK ‘Planning for War’ Against Iran

    Has anyone else found something strange here? Israel historically does not telegraph her blows. When they identify a serious threat they act swiftly and quietly with little regard for world opinion.The only “telegraphing” they’d do for a strike against Iran would be putting bombs on target. Not to mention the logistical difficulty they’d have on actually striking Iran. The strike against Iraq in the 80’s was really at their tactical limit, distance wise; however, that was their capability 25-30 years ago. They just tested a missile that could deliver a nuke that distance. Remember the US currently has tanker assets in the region that could be used by their fighters in Iraqi airspace to extend their range.

  6. What about the Psalm 83 war??

    Psa 83:4 They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from [being] a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”
    Psa 83:5 For they have consulted together with one consent; They form a confederacy against You:

    • Read the whole Psalm. The plan to destroy Israel is shown to be fruitless as God will pour out His wrath on their enemies. I believe you’ll see that Israel is protected.

  7. Israel Holds War Homefront Exercise To Defend Against Iran, Syria, Gaza Missiles

    By Joel Leyden
    Israel News Agency

    Jerusalem — November 2, 2011 …. Anticipating a real threat of missile attacks against the civilian population of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Home Front Command will be holding an exercise in the center of the country tomorrow.

    The Israel Home Front Command is preparing to conduct a rocket and missile attack simulation in the Dan Region – the Center of Israel on Thursday. The security and rescue forces of the IDF, police and fire departments are to take part in the exercise, which will concentrate mainly in Holon, a city south of Tel Aviv. Roads will not be closed for the purpose of this drill, and the Israel public’s participation will not be required.

    An air raid siren is scheduled to sound across the Tel Aviv metropolitan area at 10 a.m. In the event of a true emergency, a second siren will sound after the first. Heavy military traffic is expected in the morning and explosions might be heard in the region.

    • NEWS ANALYSIS Posted: November 02, 2011

      WND Exclusive
      Buzz of Israel prepping for Iran attack just a smoke screen?
      Aaron Klein warns of different war that could remake Middle East

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

      NEW YORK – The media buzz claiming Israel is preparing an attack on Iran’s suspected nuclear installations has reached a fevered pitch. My information, however, indicates the Jewish state is prepping for a different war, an international effort that could potentially escalate into a direct confrontation with Iran.

      If Israel were indeed on the brink of launching air raids on the mullahs, it would not first hold such a public discussion on the matter or leak to the news media the debate about the subject from within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.

      The visible Israeli military preparations, including this week’s missile tests, most likely are related to the strong possibility of a U.S.-NATO-led campaign against Israel’s Syrian neighbor to the north. The regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad – a key partner to Iran – has been accused of major human rights violations, including “crimes against humanity,” in clamping down on a violent insurgency targeting Assad’s rule. That uprising is in large part led by Muslim Brotherhood-oriented militants, some reportedly armed by Turkey.

      Aaron Klein’s latest book, “Red Army: The Radical Network that must be defeated to save America,” exposes the radical socialist network that seized political power in Washington over decades, shaped Obama’s presidential agenda and threatens the future of the U.S.

      The same “Responsibility to Protect” global doctrine used to justify the U.S.-NATO airstrikes in Libya could be applied to Assad. Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by President Obama, is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.”

      Mass demonstrations were held last week in Syrian insurgent strongholds calling for the international coalition in Libya to deploy in Syria. Damascus officials claimed to me that NATO troops are currently training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria. Separately, informed Middle East security officials said Iran has been inspecting Syrian forces and has been advising Syria about possible Syrian military responses should NATO attack Assad’s regime.

      The same officials also said Russia recently sold Syria a large quantity of Iskander ballistic missiles and that, in light of the NATO threat, the Russian government renewed its pledge to sell Syria the advanced S-300 anti-missile system.

      A Turkish-U.S.-NATO strike would have immediate implications for Israel. The Syrian president has publicly warned foreign intervention in Syria would cause an “earthquake” across the region and create another Afghanistan, while directly threatening the Jewish state.

      Assad reportedly made similar comments in a meeting in early October with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu. He was quoted stating, “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.”

      Assad also reportedly warned that “all these events will happen in three hours, but in the second three hours, Iran will attack the U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf and the U.S. and European interests will be targeted simultaneously.”

      The Syrian president’s threats are not empty. His military possesses tens of thousands of rockets and missiles capable of striking every zone within the Jewish state. The Syrian and Iranian-backed Hezbollah is similarly armed and can rain rockets and other projectiles in a combined onslaught with Iran’s proxies in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

      Syria’s military is not entirely capable of standing up to NATO. Its strategy, therefore, is to immediately target Israel to create a wider regional offensive that would greatly complicate an international effort to dispel the Assad regime.

      Iran could become directly involved in any war. Its Shiite fundamentalist influence in the region is now challenged by the Sunni-led Turkey, which is on the march, attempting to become the Islamic superpower in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. Turkey is being aided in its pursuit by the Obama administration.

      Iran rightly views the possibility of a Turkish-NATO effort in Syria as a thinly veiled attempt to check its own power by changing the Iranian-backed leadership in Damascus to a Muslim Brotherhood-oriented Turkish partner. If Tehran feels Syria is losing the war effort, Iran could escalate the conflict by attacking U.S. or Israeli interests. In turn, Israel or the U.S. could retaliate by striking Iran.

      A “Responsibility to Protect” war in Syria likely would translate into a larger regional war, a clash of Shiite and Sunni superpowers, backed by larger international players, all seeking to remake the Middle East in their interests. Israel is wise to prepare for the possible coming storm.

  8. LA I listened to all of your CTC interview and really really enjoyed it. It really put so much in perspective for me and feel so blessed to know about you and listen to you! Wow! I’m in little Billings MT and people think I’m such a conspiracy “nut.” However one day when I asked anyone at work if they had any experiences with UFO’S you wouldn’t believe the responses I got. People started to share experiences they have never shared before especially some who grew up in rural Montana. It gave me an opportunity to share some of what I have learned from you about the supernatural. I’m getting ready to order some books from you. I’m not really sure where to start because I want to buy books I can share with others but I personally want your newest! I love the truth you impart to all of us and I pray for you and your family often. Thanks again and God bless~~

  9. Oh Wow’: What Do Steve Jobs’s Last Words Really Mean?
    By Christopher John Farley

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco June 6, 2011.

    “Oh wow.” Two words that can have many meanings.

    Steve Jobs’s sister Mona Simpson has a moving tribute in the New York Times detailing some of his final moments and his last words.

    According to the article, titled “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs,” Jobs’s last words were “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.” (The words were rendered in all capital letters in the essay.)

    People are fascinated by last words. They can be viewed as a summing up of a life. Because the person saying them has nothing left to gain (except in terms of their legacy), they can be seen by some as an honest a representation of a person’s true opinions as one can get in this life. And there’s a mystical quality to last words–we hear them and wonder if the person saying them can give us any insight or information about what’s really on the other side.

    Sometimes last words seem grim. Sigmund Freud reportedly remarked “Now it’s nothing but torture and makes no sense anymore.”

    Others display deathbed wit. One of the last things Oscar Wilde said before his death was “My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” (Although widely cited as his last words, according to the biography “Oscar Wilde” by Richard Ellmann, he actually said this many days before his death.)

    Some last words are optimistic. Legend has it that Beethoven declared “I shall hear in heaven!”

    But how accurate are such reports about the last words of famous figures? Ray Robinson, author of “Famous Last Words, Fond Farewells, Deathbed Diatribes, and Exclamations Upon Expiration,” notes in the introduction to his book that “I’ve come to appreciate the difficulty of authenticating so-called exit lines, since witnesses are often too distraught or confused to remember things accurately, or simply choose to edit or improve the remarks for the sake of posterity….”

    Simpson, in her essay, suggested that her brother Steve Jobs’s last words had something to do with his “capacity for wonderment, the artist’s belief in the ideal, the still more beautiful later.”

    Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, in a recent interview on “60 Minutes,” said that in his final encounters with his subject, the Apple founder began to talk more about his thoughts on God and an afterlife. Was Jobs’s final wow somehow connected?

    Inventor Thomas Edison’s last words were close in spirit to Jobs’s reported exit line.

    According to various sources, including the book “Edison: Inventing the Century” by Neil Baldwin, hours before his death, Edison emerged from a coma, opened his eyes, looked upwards and said “It is very beautiful over there.”

    Which may be another way of saying “Oh wow.”

  10. Since 1978 I have been watching for this event to happen that is Ez. 38 & 39. I went to Israel 11/1979 with Hilton Sutton to present to the Knesset, military & political leaders, the major of Jerusalem among others, a documentary on Ez 38 & 39.
    It was pretty amazing for me at the time – I was only 24 years old & felt honored to among them.

    As I have grown in the Word & end time prophecy naturally I have changed some of my views on it all. But I am a literallist
    when it come to the Word in so many ways.

    One this is & I ask you all… according to this scripture:

    “Ez. 39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall make fires of the weapons and burn them, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall make fires of them seven years;”

    Do you believe as I do that this marks the beginning of the 7 year tribulation?

    Thank you for your input!

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