Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! And The Comment Section…

I’ve opened up the comment section again and the response has been very good …. so far.   Here are some guidelines for those of you who come here.

1.  No profanity.

2.  No personal attacks.  If you disagree that’s fine but stay on point not pointing out the faults of the person you disagree with.

3.  A small number of you are what I would call Contrarians.  In other words, you take the opposite position that I take, thus a contrarian.  It’s fine to disagree, however, if you believe that the church is Israel and the Jews are the Synagogue of Satan, why don’t you go somewhere else?  Another term for you is TROLL.   There are a few of you who come here day after day and disagree, cause dissension and never buy one of our DVDs or books.   Please go somewhere else as those of us with like minds are tired of you.

4.  Keep your comments short and pithy.  I don’t want long posts that are off topic.  Sawyer was famous for this.  I’ll say it again as plain as I can.  If you come here to disrupt or bash Israel, I will block you from the comment section.

Now onto the Bun:  Destroy the works of the devil….

We had two earthquakes over 7.0 in the last two days…. This begs the question, is it really business as usual?  I think not, and so I will state again that we are in the birth pangs that Yashua/Jesus warns us will proceed his coming.

I was up in Oregon where I spoke for about 9 hours in two days, all from the Cosmic Chess Match.   I kept repeating to those in attendance that we are to destroy the works of the Fallen One.  I finished my presentation and wanted to relax but after dinner I headed over to the main hall to listen to the next speaker, planning on leaving early and going to bed.  However, father had a different plan.

There was a woman who came up to me after I finished the last session and she asked about SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse – I talked with her for a few minutes and then we parted.  After dinner when I was in the back of the hall, Bonnie, the conference coordinator, came up and whispered that there was a woman who she thought was SRA.  I immediately thought of the woman who I had spoken to earlier.  We left the hall and sure enough it was the same woman.  Coincidentally I had met a man and his wife who had been dealing with SRA in Canada.  They had purchased all of my books and DVDs and were excited about the information that I had lectured on.  I had dinner with them that night and our conversation was lively as we discussed SRA and the end times.

I asked Bonnie to call this man and his wife and we ushered the SRA women into a private cabin.  For the next two hours we held a deliverance.  We took authority in the name of Yashua and commanded the demons to come out.  The women manifested twice and was delivered of two demons.   We all knew that we had only scratched the surface, but after two hours the woman had enough.   We offered to have her stay with us and she accepted, but just after she was settled in her room she bolted and left the campsite.

In closing:  We are told to destroy the works of the devil.  This woman was demon possessed as well as had programmed alters which we never got to.   I spoke to Russ Dizdar about this and he thought that she most likely a runner, sent to spy us out by the coven that sent her.   I’m telling you this to warn of what is all around us and how the enemy at some point will give the signal and these “super soldiers” as Russ calls them will create havoc.  We are in a Cosmic Chess Match and it’s time to gird up the loins of our minds and fight and destroy the works of the Fallen One.







Middle East Update!!!!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

With the death of Moamar Kaddafi the Middle East turns another corner in the ongoing phenomena known as the Arab Spring. Coincidentally, the day after his killing, Obama announced the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. Meanwhile in Syria, Bashar Assad is still backed into a corner and is desperately clutching onto the reigns of power. I believe that Assad is a lion backed into a corner. With all of this that is going on I will go out on a limb here and state that I believe war will erupt soon and here’s why.  I believe that it is a matter of weeks not months and here’s why.

1. The Middle East is more unstable than ever and there is one common thread that all of the Arab states enjoy and that is their mutual hatred of Israel.

2. The Syrian president Bashar Assad must certainly see the hand writing on the wall as dictator after dictator has been toppled. He knows that he most likely will be next despot that is deposed,  yet he continues to murder his own people in what can only be described as a ruthless disregard for human life in a maniacal attempt to hold onto his power base.

3. Obama announced that the US will pull out all of its troops from Iraq. Is the timing of this deliberate? I believe it is. With the US pulling out of Iraq the Malaki government, which I have stated before is enervated at best, will most likely cave, as sectarian violence escalates. This will make room for the strongman to come in and that is non-other than the Hashemite King of Jordan, King Abdullah II.

4. Assad has already threatened Israel, proclaiming that if he is attacked he will fire missiles at Tel Aviv.  Israel has responded to this threat by declaring that if Syria attacks Tel Aviv, the Israeli’s will strike Damascus!  I can’t help but think that the Isaiah prophecies may come into play sooner than any of us could have imagined!

5. INTEL from both Israel and Lebanon seems to point to a preemptive attack by Israeli forces to thwart Hezbollah’s expected missile attack on Tel Aviv.  If the Israeli’s attack one wonders whether Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon or Russia will jump into the fray.  If the Iranians jump in it could mean the closing of the Straights of Hormuz and the Gate of Tears and that would impact oil prices globally.

6. In addition to this, the global financial landscape grows increasingly unstable. Greece is on the verge of total collapse and I believe this has been orchestrated by the elites who want to set up a one world government.
Our dollar is at an all time low against the Yen. Are these the signs of the impending collapse that other researchers have forecasted, and warned against?

In closing today’s post: I will state here that war is imminent. It’s going to happen and I believe it is soon. If we throw in one of the volcanos that seem to be seething all over the globe in places like Iceland, South America, and Indonesia one wonders if we are seeing what I have stated are the birth pangs that Yashua/Jesus warns us will herald His second coming.
I believe that we are seeing the last moves of what I have come to call the cosmic chess match being played out before our eyes.

Watchers 3! Fingerprints of the Supernatural Teaser!

Work has been proceeding on Watchers 3, “Fingerprints of the Supernatural” with L.A. Marzulli.

The new preview has been posted by
Pinlight on YouTube and here’s the link:

Pinlight is currently in post production in Hollywood and has one more
interview to shoot next week. We plan to release the film before
Thanksgiving next month.

Topics in Watchers 3 will be interesting. Here’s some of what will be
in the film:

– The Unexplained — discussions about strange noises heard all over
the world. Fireballs seen in various countries and one that hit Peru
and started a forest fire. Did a nuke create the VA earthquake? What
is happening now with the moon? Why did NASA send up two satellites
to study the moon’s gravitational field? Stan Deyo comments on earth
changes and the expansion of the earth, the hollow earth theory,
Nibiru and comet theories.

– The Two Sun phenomena — two suns are being seen all over the
world. Some are lens anomalies but other sightings can’t be as
quickly dismissed. Is NASA hiding proof that there is another large
body orbiting our sun? Could there be more than one? Deborah Sontag
and Marshall Masters.

– The Torah Codes — update on Torah Code technology and some of the
latest findings with Rabbi Glazerson and Prof. Robert Haralick.

– The Shroud of Turin — interviews with two of the world experts on
the Shroud, including recently knighted Sir Barrie Shwortz who took
all the famous pictures that everyone has seen of the Shroud. We also
interview Dame Isabel Piczek, Hungarian muralist / physicist who at
age 14 was commissioned by the Vatican to paint one of their murals
and has studied the Shroud and believes that it is the imprint of a
singularity during the resurrection.

– The Middle East Update with Dan Gordon, screenplay writer of
numerous hit feature films as well as a Captain in the Israeli
reserves brings his perspective of what is really going on in Israel
and with its neighbors. Also Bill Salhus, author and commentator on
the Middle East in reference to the fulfillment of ancient Biblical
texts, as well as Rabbi Aaron Parry who also comments.

all the best,

Richard Shaw
Director / Producer
Pinlight LLC
Hollywood, CA
Mobile: 818-912-9392

The Cosmic Chess Match – Another excerpt!

The Cosmic Chess Match!

 Purchase your copy! go to

Chapter 23: Counter Move: From the Ashes of the Holocaust the Nation Israel is Born!

He turned my sorrow into Joy (John 16:20)


The Holocaust almost succeeded in wiping out every Jew on the planet.   As I have mentioned, the Fallen One saw the Jews coming back into the Holy Land and so he raised up his man for the time, Hitler, to destroy them in an attempt to negate the prophecy that we see in Ezekiel 37 that tells us that the Lord will gather the Jews from the four corners of the earth and bring them back into the Holy Land.

However, the Most High God caused the nation of Israel to be born from the ashes of the Holocaust.

After the end of WWII, the Jews began to migrate from Europe to the Middle East, specifically to what is now Israel.  Some came from the recently liberated death camps; others migrated after experiencing the discrimination perpetrated by countries that had been supportive of the Germans overt anti-Semitism.  Still others sensed a deep longing, which is called Al Alya, calling them back to their ancestral home of Israel.

From the ashes of the Holocaust came the rebirth of the nation of Israel.  What the Fallen One had meant for death and destruction, the Most High God turned into the fulfillment of prophecy.

This was a macro move in that it sets the prophetic clock ticking. Some of us lose sight of the significance of this clock, but since the birth of Israel in 1947 it is winding down and getting closer to the time when He, Yashua/Jesus, will return and He will destroy the evil one with the breathe of His mouth.

The Fallen One was once again out maneuvered.  Like the crucifixion where he thought that killing Jesus would bring about victory, but instead brought about his ultimate defeat, the Holocaust was the birth pangs of the nation of Israel.

This move has far reaching repercussions in that to Bible prophecy scholars it is a historical milestone.  Clarence Larkin in his books that were penned decades before Israel became a nation heralded that the time was approaching when Israel would return to their ancestral homeland.  He and others of his ilk were right because Israel did return just like the prophecies stated that she would.  Larkin knew that what was written would come to pass.  He was thought of as a fool to his critics but the startling fact is that Israel did return and just like the prophecies stated, became a nation in a day.

What most people don’t realize is that prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes, but it has been obfuscated by the 2012 phenomenon that has drawn people from what is true to what I believe is false.  (More on this later)

In Conclusion

The Holocaust was an orchestrated attempt at the annihilation of the Jews.  There are some who will read this and wonder why a loving God would allow such a thing in the first place.  I have no easy answer for that, except to say that this battle, which has been raging for centuries between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, is playing hardball to the extreme.  Unfortunately it’s not over and I believe that we are headed toward some of the most uncertain and tumultuous days that have ever come upon the earth.  Jesus tells us what I believe may be the most sobering words in all of Scripture: Unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive (Matt. 24:22)

What is at stake is the survival of the human race.  The Fallen One, now that he knows his time is short and he has been defeated, is trying to drag as many others down with him as he can.  We see a cogent example of this when Hitler proclaimed toward the end of WWII that because the German people had failed him they deserved to be destroyed.  Like the master whom he served, the Fallen One, Hitler was only concerned with himself and his own personal power base.  He left a legacy of death and destruction and more than 50 million bodies in his wake.

Gilad Shalit: One for you… One Thousand for me!

Commentary & Analysis


L.A. Marzulli

I have to postpone my Blog about the Conference/Cruise in light of what I feel is a more important story.  Here’s the deal.  You are 10 years old and have a bag of marbles.  You have a nice blue one that your friend wants.  Your friend  figures that he’ll trade one of his marbles for the blue one that he wants.  Sounds fair doesn’t it?  You then say, “This blue marble is special and is worth a thousand of your marbles.”  Your friend looks at you like you’ve lost your marbles and heads home for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, figuring that you’ll come to your senses eventually and make a fair trade.

It seems like a very straight ahead story doesn’t it, yet this is what the Israeli’s have agreed to, to swap over one thousand terrorists, some with 36 consecutive life sentences, for one captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.  This is how things are done in the Middle East.  There is not even a hint of fairness, or compromise, just a totally lopsided  deal in which HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and the Arab street are declaring a day of celebration.  You think land for peace is any different?

PUMP Update:  I went to Graingers yesterday and got the depressing news that a new pump will cost $500 … I’m off to purchase it and install it myself so we have water pressure!  i have to get going which is why the Blog is short and pithy today…. Where did I put my pipe wrench?

BBC News – Gilad Shalit freed in Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap


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In Other News:  Tracking the Birth Pangs!

Dust Storm Roils Through South Plains

Dust Storm Roils Through South Plains | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


New Mexico: 3.8 magnitude earthquake 
Officials cite no damage from 3.8 magnitude earthquake – The Santa Fe New Mexican


Admitted Weather Modification Texas Cloud Seeding 2011

Admitted Weather Modification Texas Cloud Seeding 2011 – YouTube


Underwater Volcano Eruption! 

Underwater Volcano Eruption of El Hierro – News – Hydro International


Fukushima victims: homeless,desperate and angry

Fukushima victims: homeless,desperate and angry | Reuters


Three Syrian generals disappear. Minority regions braced for civil war

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security


Pakistan Sinking: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw gallons of water accumulated-had never happened to us before

Pakistan Sinking: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw gallons of water accumulated-had never happened to us before – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

I’m Back!

Hello! I’m back from the Conference!

Here’s the rub though – the enemy never rests and my wife and I returned to no water in the water tank! Hard to believe that a one inch threaded plug would work itself loose, empty the 5000 tank and thus burn out the pressure pump!  I’m off to Graingers to buy another one and install it myself and then get the water back up and running.

The conference went great and I spoke for almost 10 hours, with a Power Point presentation from The Cosmic Chess Match.   I was sea-sick for most of the time… more about this tomorrow! LOL…

Off to Graingers and then a shoot for Watchers 3, at 1 pm if all goes well.