E.T. or the Nephilim?

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L. A. Marzulli

Mayan filmmaker offers photo as proof of aliens!!!!

Mayan filmmaker offers photo as proof of aliens, says Hawking agrees – MSN Movies News

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This explains who we are,” said Julia-Levy, the son of actor Raul Julia. “This explains why these big monuments are all around the world.

“The filmmakers behind “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” who said that their film will reveal evidence of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, have now released to TheWrap what they claim is photographic evidence of a pre-Mayan, alien civilization.

We are surrounded by the concept that we were seeded here by ET.  This new film, Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond, as well as The History Channels ongoing propaganda series, Ancient Aliens, promulgates this idea over and over again without ever mentioning the elephant in the room and that of course is the Nephilim.

We have The Bible, the writings of 1st century historian, Josephus, The Book of Enoch and other texts that tell us of a time when the fallen angels came to earth, took earthly wives, and had children born to them which were the NEPHILIM!  These giants – and authors like Stephen Quayle has postulated that they could have been as tall as 35 feet – in my opinion, are responsible for the construction of the megalithic structures that are found all over the planet.  Skeptical?  Take a look at this megalithic block which weighs over 14oo tons.  It is from Baal Bek and is the largest stone ever hewn by human or perhaps partly human hands on the planet.

 As I state in my lectures, you don’t get up on a Monday morning thousands of years ago, and decide to build using these megaliths…. unless of course you have the means to move these huge blocks.  The overwhelming evidence for the Nephilim is being deliberately ignored by Julia, and others of his ilk and here’s why.  If they accept the Nephilim then they admit the existence of the supernatural and thus they must deal with the creator of the universe, a holy God, and they don’t want to do that.  Instead they put their faith in ET, a higher race of extraterrestrials that are responsible for these structures.  They’re not alone as Richard Dawkins holds to the same theory, that we were somehow seeded here by ET!

Recently I spoke to a man who was special forces (ret.).  There’s no way to VET the story he told me.  However, he informed me that he was told by a man who was in his Bible study, who was also special forces (ret.), that years ago he was dispatched to the Solomon Islands on a secret mission.  He wasn’t told ahead of time what the mission was.  It was only when he got to the site that he and others who were dispatched with him saw the remains of giants that had been killed in what appeared to be some kind of fire fight or military engagement.  He said that the tallest giant measure 29′ 8″.  This story jibes with what Quayle has stated in the past and also serves to substantiates his Afghanistan giant that was allegedly killed by the military.  These are colorful stories that as I said before, can not be vetted, but back to the soon-to-be-released film.

Julia won’t consider that the Nephilim roamed the earth and that there may have been hundreds of thousands of these fallen angel/human hybrids.  This act of hybridization by the fallen angels,  resulted in the flood which I believe covered the whole earth and was not a localised incident.

In closing today’s post: The church at large, for the most part,  is as willfully ignorant of the Nephilim as Julia is.  Without understanding this key piece of scripture it is almost impossible to understand the depths of the cosmic chess match that we are engaged in.  Yashua/Jesus warns us that it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns.  Out of all of the scriptures He could have selected to make His point, he chooses Genesis 6.  This begs the question, what differentiates the days of Noah from any other in history.  In my opinion, it is the presence of the Fallen angels dwelling with men that solves the conundrum.  The giant head that Julia found in the jungles of Guatemala, may in fact be the handiwork of the Nephilim, not the ancient aliens that he so desperately wants to believe in.


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20 thoughts on “E.T. or the Nephilim?

  1. What astounds me about their stubborn silliness is that they think that anything made before the Bible was written is also pre-God! HAHAHA it is almost like they think one guy woke up one Monday late in the game and decided to write the Bible.
    Our incredible guide book is a miracle because it was written over so many centuries by many different writers AND is absolutely consistant
    Great post today L.A.!

  2. Great post LA, I so wish people would wake up! I know for my friends and family they keep their heads in the sand because they are afraid , so they rather not know anything that is happening:( I am now known as a religious freak in my community. Because I have in the past tried to share LAs books and the things that are happing with Israel, Nobody cares they are not looking for Jesus and don’t even want Him to come back, they are in love with the world:( We don’t celebrate halloween and boy am I getting a lot of grief from CHRISTIANS !! I tell them I don’t give any thing to satan , I believe satan is laughing, because sooo many of Gods children participate in his (satan) dark day celebrating him. People are so blind and don’t see the the evil behind halloween. And just believe everything is normal, God is all love and and if your a good person you’ll go to heaven. When not if something happens maybe people will start waking up and want to know what is going on in the world and start living for Jesus….. START LIVING for ETERNITY!

    • I know it is tough to avoid Halloween without seeming like a candy “scrooge” and people think you are just a fuddy duddy and hate children!
      I have been in a tough spot and had to participate as part of a merchant group and I cannot get out of it but we do it on a different day and it is called the “Boos, brews and brats” festival so at least Halloween is not mentioned and kids beg store to store. So when they come in I always say something like “Jesus help this poor child! they have to beg for candy to support their family!”…..then say wow that is a scary (or pretty) costume. or “Lord save us all! This is frightening me!” or “Dear Lord, please make them stop scaring me!” (and they do scare me but it is fear for their little souls!)
      I know maybe selling out but it is a chance to bless and pray for them…..I do not pass out candy at my home on the actual night and just leave the porch light off and pray for them anyway.

    • Here’s an idea, I’m going to print some out, they do have halloween ones. Not sure how effective tract ministry is these days, but we just plant the seed, God makes it grow.


      It’s kind of given me some ideas for my own tracts, if only I had more time.

      For me, it’s easier to subversivly lay tracts about than to go up to strangers and say “let me tell you about Jesus.” I suppose that’s why I blog, rather than preach on street corners. Still, if I get close enough to folks, I can talk about Jesus, but often hearts are closed.

      Know what I mean? I just never feel the “right moment” to witness.

      Anyways, enjoy the tracts because you can download easily there, rather than other sites.

      Pass it out to all the ghouls that come by!

      PS, the question burning in my mind is, do nephilim like Reese’s Pieces?

    • Frank…..I am sure that Reese’s Pieces are just to “heavenly” a flavor to appeal to the nephilim! But ya got me thinking and I am sure there is some company out there that makes candy in Christian forms or wrappers and since my obligatory treat function is done for this year I have plenty of time to find them or maybe print my own wrapper to go over my treats with an appropriate scripture! Thanks for the idea!

    • Every year I get really good candy and either Chick Tracts or Living Waters tracts and pass out about 90 tracts, different ones every year. It truly redeems the time. Fight back with the sword of the Spirit. And we need to be praying against the evil deeds of darkness, for Christ to rescue those held captive by the devil to do his will.

      Lord, let not the gates of hell prevail against us. Raise up workers into the harvest, save many souls through tracts and soulwinners, and snatch the enemy’s workers away from his grip. We plead your blood. Amen.

    • “PS, the question burning in my mind is, do nephilim like Reese’s Pieces?”

      Ha! My guess is that they prefer humans.

    • I just found a great paragraph that I am going to use in over wraps for candy bars next year! Maybe Catholic roots but hey, Christian intent!:

      We dress up in costumes to mock death; that’s the history of this practice. And it comes out of the bedrock belief of the Christian faith – that through his death on the cross Jesus has destroyed death. Death no longer has dominion over us, which means we can mock death because it has no power over us. That’s the essence of All Hallows Eve. That’s the context; that’s the meaning.

      Read more: IN GOOD FAITH: The deeper meaning of All Hallows Eve – Hingham, Massachusetts – The Hingham Journal http://www.wickedlocal.com/hingham/news/lifestyle/columnists/x294026808/IN-GOOD-FAITH-The-deeper-meaning-of-All-Hallows-Eve#ixzz1c63cwPQY

  3. Ok, Ok, make fun if you will but this is really weird(to me anyways). I was reading today’s post when I saw Raul Julia’s name mentioned, he’s been dead about 15-20 years. Well today for some goofy reason I thought about Raul Julia (in an mst3k episode that he was in) when I was working out at the gym and then I came home and saw LA’s post. Laugh if you will (and I would if it was someone else posted this), but I just thought it was quite a coincidence I haven’t thought about him in years.

    This explains who we are,” said Julia-Levy, the son of actor Raul Julia. “This explains why these big monuments are all around the world.

    • “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank”

      MST3K rocks! Huzzah!

      They all got different stuff going on. Check out rifftraxx and Cinematic titanic

  4. I believe the bible is real clear on this, but they changed, , new translations so on and so forth one little bit at a time until the right is wrong and we look like we are the out of step with the times…..praise the Lord I am out of step. Thank you L A for your faithfulness to the truth!!!!

  5. My “discern-o-meter” notes the following…

    1–Their film hasn’t even been shot yet.
    2–It’s being sponsored by the central american states most likely to benefit from the tourism.
    3–The monument can’t even be located anymore…saying it was taken away by the US back in the 30s.
    4–Something odd about the picture…the car’s right up next to it as if there’s a road there. Yet supposedly we’re to believe this monument photo was only published once and then removed. If it was that huge and that accessible to cars, why weren’t/aren’t there post cards, tourists standing next to it back in the day…?
    5–The filmmakers attach Hawking’s name to the project altho’ it sounds like he is clueless about their doing so.

    I don’t know. To me it all sounds like great promotion for a flash in the pan film that will make some really poor central american countries a bit of cash.

  6. There is much info in this video relates to Biblical teaching. However I am not sure the producer of this video is
    a born again Christian as he quotes many non Christian sources. This video and commentary on demonology should be best
    watched with the filter Biblical discernment.

    The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn

  7. We don’t hide behind closed doors on Halloween. (Not that anyone comes around anyway) Reminds me too much of the JW days
    hiding from all the pagan Holidays. But I do take the kids out on the streets w/everyone else & pass out some Christian Halloween styled tracts. I’d rather just give them out from the house but we’re too remote. That would be so much easier. Too bad I don’t have a UFO Christain tract because that would be PERFECT to hand out to the teens and adults! Darn. Well, maybe next time. It’s a dark day & pretty disgusting but if we can make even a blip of light handing out tracts I’m happy. There is one house that always displays a GIANT UFO on the roof w/a maze below. Have NOT been in that one but if I take a copy of L.A.’s book w/me to pass out I just might this this time! The kids costumes these days are so sexed out & the fake robotic yecky dead decorations are becomming more disgusting every year. It’s a reflection of our collective social state of mind I guess.

    Yesterday I got to see what our new “LOGO/THEME” is for the 2012 San Diego County Fair! Check this out: http://www.sdfair.com/

    • Lisa, that’s a great idea. Do you go house to house or do you station yourself somewhere? Do your children resent not being able to participate in the usual Halloween activities?

  8. Deut.32

    [16] They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger.
    [17] They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not.


    [20] But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.
    [21] Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

  9. I enjoyed the interview with Doug Hamp yesterday – great idea. (Sorry I’m putting this comment here; my computer wouldn’t let me access the comments yesterday… grrrrrr)
    I hope that becomes a regular feature. It doesn’t keep me up until the wee hours on Wednesday nights!

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