Islam and Sharia Law in Tunisia… The World is Watching.

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L.A. Marzulli

Islamists claim win in Tunisia’s Arab Spring vote

Islamists claim win in Tunisia’s Arab Spring vote | Reuters

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia when one man set himself on fire because he could no longer feed his family due to rising food prices.   His actions set off a chain of events that resulted in Egypt and Libya, toppling their despots with Syria, Yemen and Bahrain perhaps next in line.  Now we see the first results of the Arab Spring as elections were held in Tunisia. One thing is for certain, while some pundits are hailing this election as a victory for democracy, I would point out that the newly formed government in Tunisia is a far cry from the Jeffersonian democracy that we enjoy in the United States.

At the heart of the Tunisian elections is what is being called a moderate Islamist party.  However, further scrutiny reveals that these so-called moderates are embracing Sharia law which is a far cry from the freedoms that we enjoy in the west.  Sharia means that women will be deemed second class citizens and minorities will have Dhimi or second class status, which means that they will more than likely have to pay a special tax known as the Jhiza.  What will happen to the Christian and Jewish minorities is anyones guess, but I would imagine that most will leave the country.

The new government has also sanctioned polygamy which again synchs with Islam’s allowing up to four wives.  How does that benefit women?  The Feminist in the west are strangely silent….

The picture above shows a group of cheering women all covered in Hijabs.  My question is this, will they still be cheering let’s say a year or two from now?

In closing today’s post:  I believe that Tunisia will set a precedent for the MIddle East in that Egypt and Libya may more or less follow suit.  If we are honest, there is no spring-board to true Jeffersonian democracy in the Middle East, as all they have known for 1300 years is Islam and Sharia.  A strong case can be made that Jeffersonian democracy sprang from the Protestant reformation.  How do we arrive at phrases that declare, all men and women are equal and have certain inalienable rights? These concepts are based on the Judeo/Christian Bible.  The recent elections do not surprise me in the least and in fact, it is what I expected.  How will Tunisia treat Israel?  How will Tunisia govern its minorities?  Will the newly elected government be one of fairness and equity to all its citizens or will it favor only Moslems.  The world is watching…..

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21 thoughts on “Islam and Sharia Law in Tunisia… The World is Watching.

  1. Hey LA:
    It seems to me that at the beginning of this “Arab spring” thing, that you said you thought this is the way it may go…with the sharia law and all. Looks like you weren’t far off. I also wondered while looking at this picture of the arab women cheering and smiling how long that will last too. It amazes me that they can even act like that when they are so oppressed within their own religious society. Do they not realize that nothing will change with this outcome, just more of the same or worse? Mind boggling. Amen!

  2. When I see a close up picture of a few cheering I have come to believe they are planted pictures. They are oppressed and that may change the way they understand what is to change in their lives, I would imagine they have been told something a little different than what is really to come. My heart breaks with the thought the believers will leave, oh what a pity. May God get to these folks. Thank you L A for keeing us up on the latest that we may know how to pray for them.

    • Oh Joyce! I thought the same thing since I recently watched a documentary called “An unfinished film” on PBS about the Nazis forcing the Jews to act and portray the Warsaw ghetto as a happy place!
      Also, just a thought about the correlation of our (US) influence on Israel to give up Gaza and then “blam” Katrina (among several examples) and now in September the Turkish demanding apologies and remuneration for the flotilla farce and “blam” big earthquake…..only so many of these things can happen before we cannot call it coincidence any longer….I know most of us here believe that tipping point has long ago passed. I still think it may be God Himself who makes Damascus a ruinous heap! Assad’s threat toward Tel Aviv if Nato comes after him is like a death wish! Blam! LOL now I am going to counter the big bang theorists with my “big BLAM theory!” God said “BLAM” and there it all is!

  3. We definitely need to add tunisia and the Muslim countries to Project Josiah.

    The best way to combat this “Sharia Menace” is protectected by God’s armor, and the sword of His Word, one Muslim at a time. Witness to the Muslims in our life, and share Jesus, then they can bring that back to their homelands.

    I recommend the “Crescent Project” as a tool for witnessing to Muslims.

  4. False Messiahs, and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible even the elect Matthew 24:24. Sad story here. So many decieved people
    The antichrist will use the same methods

    • the whole new agey thing is just so goofy to me! This guy just stands there and “emits love”????? No speech or hopey changey stuff?
      No coincidence that they pronounce his name with a soft C… me Brasso is the stuff we used to use to polish brass….false gold.
      I have a good friend who is just so, so new agey that I pray for her everyday and hope she will snap out of it. I talk about the real Christ but she seems to just not grasp it. She thinks her “christ consciousness” crappola is what I am talking about and then rattles on about lightwork and I tell her that God put me in her life to be the rigid Bible literalist to keep her from going too “Oprah” on me! I bet she has heard of this guy and thinks it is wonderful. Pray for my friend to see that the “light” she sees is dark! Thanks

    • Yes, people really believe this. People will believe in anything except the God of the Bible. They find Him offensive, but will allow this charlatan to scam them clean of their money and senses. This level of gullibility just floors me! This guy is practicing Second Degree Reiki. And Rick Warren is promoting it at his Saddleback’s Wellness program,

    • If we are to take the word of God verbatim, and I do, then we can conclude that some human ailments are a result of an evil spirit that has taken up residence inside of us. So, if Satan is so inclined to use a new age guru as part of his deception, then the evil spirit need only to release their hold on the person and suddenly this guru looks like he is performing miracles.

    • That is great insight Hopeful, I had never thought about that and yet that is what we as Christians must do…point out EXACTLY how a deception is taking place. It does little good to tell people they are being deceived if we cannot tell them how it’s happening. In the future if the topic comes up, I will explain exactly how people such as the ones in this video can experience an overwhelming love and yet be deceived by it. You would think there would be no love in the presence of demons, but they know how to make it happen and they also know that is what will entice and deceive people. God seems to have shown me how they do it but I’m afraid the post would be much too long.

    • Steve Mc, write a blog post and publish it. I am always interested in other people’s take on the nature of the deception and would enjoy reading it. Likewise, you can follow the link on my comment name to a thesis I wrote about the coming deception as I see it. It’s called “Woe to us when good defeats evil.”

    • Thanks for the link Hopeful, I took a quick look and it looks interesting…hope to read it this weekend.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “blog post”. Although it’s easy to understand, I’m afraid if I commented here it would be too long unless Lynn happened to be on the topic.

  5. I’ve long thought that capitalism, which is motivated by greed, and socialism, which is motivated by laziness, are two extremes on a spectrum. Why modern christianity has embraced capitalism has puzzled and embarrassed me, as if it had God’s stamp of approval on it.
    Actually, when you look at the sort of economics portrayed in the OT and the NT, there’s a built-in mercy factor. The poor are accounted for and taken care of (eg. the law of gleaning). It wasn’t left to “volunteer organizations” but was built into the Torah. Clearly, Israel rejected such a system, as their lack of enforcing sabatical years proved (which led to their being held in captivity for 70 years, by the way).
    It may be that economic justice will forever elude us…until the Millennium arrives.
    But this is one reason why I feel the Occupy Wall Street folks have some legitimate gripes. But mankind has proven he can’t handle money correctly.

    • Agreed!

      Many Christians have made an idol out of capitalism. My local Christian radio show loves capitalism as though it were the 11th commandment. Yes, it may sometimes be better than communism, but the love of money is the root of much evil!

      Not to mention that capitalism funded the rise of nazism and marxist communism in russia. How’s that grab ya?

    • Yeah, Binny….not ever going to be a good system here on earth until the Master is installed for His Millennial kingdom!
      I think I might have said it here before but……I think that it will be so wonderful to do business out of love and happiness to give! I daydream about having my customers (custom framing) come in and be able to order and choose whatever they want without having to consider cost. I don’t think we will have anything to exchange for our labors….just joy in filling folks needs and wants and they will do the same. It will be beyond barter! I love to throw in an extra mat or upgrade to a better hardware when I can….just because it makes them happy. Then I tell them Jesus made me do it! It is from Him.

    • The year of Jubilee, once every 50 years, was an important “reset” socio-economic factor in Old Testament Israel. It prevented destitution and generational serfdom from taking root in the society.

      Left to run it self to its logical end, a society based on pure no holds barred laissez faire Capitalism, must inevitably lead to a few aristocratic elites lording it over vast hordes of peasants and serfs who lead a hand to mouth existence. in other words. the feudal world of pre-revolutionary France.

      Since the Bible teaches that the love of money is the root of all evil, and also teaches that all authorities are appointed by God, and are put in place to “be a terror to evil”, putting the two together, it follows that to govern a righteous and just society, the authorities must exercise judicious economic controls, and execute stern penalties on economic wrongdoers.

      So I agree, it seems bizarre that so many Christians in the USA would almost unquestioningly walk in lock step with a form of Capitalist extremism that is probably shaping up to be as devastating in its long term effects as any terrorist plot thought up by radical Islam or the IRA or others of their ilk.

    • Karl Marx used Capitalism…Money was very important for him to control. One of Marx’s books was entitled “Das Capital”.

      Marx said: ‘Money is the center of ther universe, the lifeblood of an economy. Next: ‘A person is worth Nothing, Unless that person joins a group (union-maybe) and that group is “cemnted” together with other groups with Money. Money is the “Mortar” that holds our groups toether. The groups are cemented to make a Wall…and The Foundation for the Wall is Money”

      In the early 1900’s, the Progressive Party installed the “federal” Reserve Banking system, and the Marxist – Graduated Income Tax system. The Progressive party was socialist/communist! They eventually disbanded and infiltrated the Democrat Party primarily, and hi-jacked the Unions.

      Their main goal, back then, was to De-Christianize American thought.

  6. This regarding Tunisia’s new government sanctioning polygamy:
    Isaiah 4:1 For seven women will take hold of one man, saying “we will
    eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by
    your name, take away our reproach.” Given the times we are living in,
    I am not surprised that this is happening in the middle east and may
    soon come to America. I do believe we are being conditioned to
    think about polygamy as a “RELIGIOUS CHOICE” and not a sin.
    Shows on tv like “Sisterwives” coming into American homes, is
    preparing our senses to “accept polygamy”

    • Kathleen,
      When I saw what that show was about, I had the exact same thought. Our country, and the entertainment industry, keep finding more and more sin for us to accept as tolerance. Church!!! WAKE!!! UP!!!

  7. I watched this Mike Hoggard broadcast yesterday & he makes some great points @ the end about the Wall Street protests.

    It’s not that Capitalism is the issue but the greed of man. The democratic/liberal/socialist way has an aura of “compassion” but it’s also based on greed.

    So it’s greed no matter how you go. Makes sense to me. Fallen man operating w/o God in his sin nature goes w/the greed. We have a tendency to want to point the blame to the “system” instead of at the heart of the matter which points back to all of us.

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