Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! And The Comment Section…

I’ve opened up the comment section again and the response has been very good …. so far.   Here are some guidelines for those of you who come here.

1.  No profanity.

2.  No personal attacks.  If you disagree that’s fine but stay on point not pointing out the faults of the person you disagree with.

3.  A small number of you are what I would call Contrarians.  In other words, you take the opposite position that I take, thus a contrarian.  It’s fine to disagree, however, if you believe that the church is Israel and the Jews are the Synagogue of Satan, why don’t you go somewhere else?  Another term for you is TROLL.   There are a few of you who come here day after day and disagree, cause dissension and never buy one of our DVDs or books.   Please go somewhere else as those of us with like minds are tired of you.

4.  Keep your comments short and pithy.  I don’t want long posts that are off topic.  Sawyer was famous for this.  I’ll say it again as plain as I can.  If you come here to disrupt or bash Israel, I will block you from the comment section.

Now onto the Bun:  Destroy the works of the devil….

We had two earthquakes over 7.0 in the last two days…. This begs the question, is it really business as usual?  I think not, and so I will state again that we are in the birth pangs that Yashua/Jesus warns us will proceed his coming.

I was up in Oregon where I spoke for about 9 hours in two days, all from the Cosmic Chess Match.   I kept repeating to those in attendance that we are to destroy the works of the Fallen One.  I finished my presentation and wanted to relax but after dinner I headed over to the main hall to listen to the next speaker, planning on leaving early and going to bed.  However, father had a different plan.

There was a woman who came up to me after I finished the last session and she asked about SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse – I talked with her for a few minutes and then we parted.  After dinner when I was in the back of the hall, Bonnie, the conference coordinator, came up and whispered that there was a woman who she thought was SRA.  I immediately thought of the woman who I had spoken to earlier.  We left the hall and sure enough it was the same woman.  Coincidentally I had met a man and his wife who had been dealing with SRA in Canada.  They had purchased all of my books and DVDs and were excited about the information that I had lectured on.  I had dinner with them that night and our conversation was lively as we discussed SRA and the end times.

I asked Bonnie to call this man and his wife and we ushered the SRA women into a private cabin.  For the next two hours we held a deliverance.  We took authority in the name of Yashua and commanded the demons to come out.  The women manifested twice and was delivered of two demons.   We all knew that we had only scratched the surface, but after two hours the woman had enough.   We offered to have her stay with us and she accepted, but just after she was settled in her room she bolted and left the campsite.

In closing:  We are told to destroy the works of the devil.  This woman was demon possessed as well as had programmed alters which we never got to.   I spoke to Russ Dizdar about this and he thought that she most likely a runner, sent to spy us out by the coven that sent her.   I’m telling you this to warn of what is all around us and how the enemy at some point will give the signal and these “super soldiers” as Russ calls them will create havoc.  We are in a Cosmic Chess Match and it’s time to gird up the loins of our minds and fight and destroy the works of the Fallen One.







22 thoughts on “Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! And The Comment Section…

  1. Thank you so very much for your post today, it is so shocking to me to understand the depth of Satan’s doings. I am not aware at 63 years old that the slow turn of good into evil and to know it’s always been that way. Your work to expose is wonderful and I appreciate you.

  2. Yea L.A.! Glad to see rules and I know that I reached the point where some of the contrarian posts had said their piece and then defended their contrary views to the point that when I saw their names I kinda rolled my eyes, said “Lord guide them” and scrolled to more interesting contributors without reading their rehash! it is good that some learn that it is useless to keep whipping a dead horse and they make themselves invisible like a yapping chihuahua….cute dogs and they may be loved but usually end up being shut out of the room when they won’t sit quietly and let the grownups talk!
    And as to today’s news….when I first saw the photo on the news site about the Turkish earthquake I thought immediately, “Damascus shall be made a ruinous heap” and almost was surprised that this was not “it”
    Cosmic Chess match is great! I am at my grandkids right now and rereading it on purpose so I can say, “wow, listen to this” every once in a while….teenyboppers .they are thinking it is cool that you call the bible the guide book to the supernatural! Thanks!

  3. i can only name about five people, (and i know a lot of people, Christian or not), who are prepared for the birth-pangs to turn supernatural in nature. i am amazed at the millions who are ignorant about ALL the “sorrows” that are occuring. 2Pet. 3.3-7 and Rom.1.18-25 are upon us in full.

  4. that is unreal, i have been reading here for a long time and love your stuff, i just have a question. How is a christian suppose to call out demons? Im 22 and been a christian my whole life but would say I have been a real christian for about 2 years! How would I go about casting a demon? And how do you even know they are demon possessed? and 2 hours seems like a long time! what are you doing for those 2 hours? I see the supernatural manifesting itself into this world and there are alot of things i think today’s Christians are not prepared for! The church doesnt teach any of this stuff! thank you!

  5. so glad the comment section is open again! I agree with you about those who just want to argue everything, or write a book on here! YEAH for YOU!

    So many Christians do not believe the idea of demonic activity in today’s world. Somehow they think that was LONG ago, before we learned better! I pray God will open their eyes! I read an article today on RNN that there are 200,000 registered witches in the USA, and estimate of 2 million more not registered! And we wonder who our nation is so full of sin, abuse of children, murder of children, abortion, rape, hate, etc! when you open the door to evil, it WILL affect the nation!

    The only reason I like Oct. 31st is that it’s my birthday! I hate the time of year because there is evil, blood and such horrific things around us, and TV is FULL of it!

    Pray Christians, that this evil will be exposed more and more!

    • I’m speculating that this date was the birth date for Jesus Christ….and now it has been turned upside down.

  6. I’ve never had any personal experience with casting out demons but when I was in grad school back in the 70s in Philadelphia, I remember hearing about a deliverance some folks in my church were involved with that went on for DAYS.
    Also, when I say “grad school,” I really mean medical school (altho’ I quit in my 4th year). While there, the psychiatric dept. invited a priest to come and speak to our psych. class about exorcisms. (This was around the time “The Exocist” movie was on the cover of Time magazine.)
    So demons are real and even the world begrudgingly acknowledges that (but goes on as if it wasn’t true).

  7. L.A. I would have been out here alone without this blog spot ,You and other comments made gave me christian wisdom at a time when i needed it most THANK YOU ! AS FOR THE PROTAGONIST, ANTAGONIST FOLKS (BA HUMBUG) who needs them . I have been under what i believe is spiritual attack since a year ago, And have not been able to even afford the basics but SOON this to shall pass! Then i will be able to help provide to your ministry . G-D BLESS and have a nice week.

  8. Hi LA:

    Again, thanks so much for reopening this blog to comments. I think it is so critical for some of us. I truly appreciate your ministry and I believe the integrity with which you conduct it. It was amazing to read about your adventures with the SRA person. One of the commentors here was asking about info on casting out demons. I know there is a plethora of info out there but I was thinking perhaps, that could be a next book for you…a guidebook on how to handle or deal with the supernatural along with testimonies of deliverance. This would be a great seller here amongst the regular bloggers for sure and would be another source of help for those that might be lead this way. Think about doing it. I think it would go over like gangbusters. God bless you and your family as always. Amen!

  9. Brother Lynn,

    Thank you for sharing your story regarding SRA. I have asked for prayer on your BLOG before regarding my own dealing with this matter with a woman who is now a very dear sister in Christ.

    What is going on in the life of this woman however, could make a block buster movie. I am not using hyperbole. I got off the phone with Doc Jenn just a few minutes ago as she too is now involved in helping walk this Sister toward total healing. I can tell you Doc Jenn is a God send in this situation. She is going to try and contact you as soon as she can regarding a very private matter in this issue.

    One thing has certainly been verified through this whole experience and that is exactly what you said about the enemy being all around us. I would and believe I have in the past guaranteed you had spies right here on your own BLOG. The good news about that is you are discerning enough to already know it.

    We are in GOOD hands here folks. Please support this minitry however you can. Dr. Lynn, I will be odering W3 as soon as I can to add to my “Marz” collection.

    May the

  10. LA – Glad to see you’ve opened up again for comments, though I could see how things were getting a little too time consuming. Reactions of readers are interesting even as the reactions of characters serve to give dimension to a novel. On the subject of deliverance, I think that every traditional Christian should see one – The manifestation of supernatural powers are a powerful reminder that we are in a high-stakes battle and better get serious.

  11. Hi LA- I just want to thank you for your ministry. I first heard of you during the conference at Calvary Chapel Oceanside. Since then I’ve been reading your research and checking out your other guest like Doug Hamp and Gary Stearman. Another watchman that’s connecting that same dots is Tom Horn who’s research is on transhumanism and the coming of Osiris aka Apollyon in 2012. Grace and peace to you!

  12. Hi LA, thanks for your hard work. I just finished watching the conference you did with Norm Franz, and even though I felt like I knew and believed it all, those presentations really blew me away. I have watched them twice. Subsequently, we purchased the Cosmic Chessmatch and the Watchers 2 DVD. You should put it on your site if you haven’t already for sale. I know your readers will devour it. I agree with the person above who said that most people (unfortunately, even Christians) don’t believe in the spirit world. What is sad is that the people that do believe in it are not Christians. I have been involved in several instances of possession of facilities and people. It is quite the harrowing experience. May Yehovah bless you…hope you had a great Sukkot.

  13. LA,

    It’s great to have your comments open again! Thanks for a place to put down our throughs, questions, etc. after reading your posts and perhaps, the posts of others. Was able to attend your conference in Denver in June and was blessed.

    God bless.and keep you and your family1


  14. `m so sorry you have to put up with the scoffers!, I think people argue because they`re not sure of their own beliefs, there are so many of them on fb as well. I for one appreciate your ministry very much, and can`t wait to read your post. They Bible says we should be teachable. I never knew about all the facts you present, and am sharing as fast as I can.


  15. Thank you LA for opening up the comment section again.

    To those wanting to know how to command demons to come out, First i supposing your talking about others? use or say IN THE NAME OF JESUS the command them to come out. It is always best to fasting and prayed up when doing this. also make sure there is no secret sin in your life because if you don’t the devil will turn right around and torment you guilt, shame, and work to drag you farther out into sin. Most important make sure you understand that it is the Holy Spirit and the angels of G-D in actual operation as you use the Name Of Jesus . Pride thinking I am doing this is another trick satan will use to get you backed into a corner. Finally make sure the person that is getting delivered is born again believer in Jesus, if not you will just
    Make it worse as the bible says when those devils leave they will go search out another host , when they dont find one , they will return to the original host, and if it isnt sealed by the Holy Spirit IE Born again, they will bring seven friends and the state of the person will be worse Much worse than before.

    Mike Mills

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