Middle East Update!!!!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

With the death of Moamar Kaddafi the Middle East turns another corner in the ongoing phenomena known as the Arab Spring. Coincidentally, the day after his killing, Obama announced the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. Meanwhile in Syria, Bashar Assad is still backed into a corner and is desperately clutching onto the reigns of power. I believe that Assad is a lion backed into a corner. With all of this that is going on I will go out on a limb here and state that I believe war will erupt soon and here’s why.  I believe that it is a matter of weeks not months and here’s why.

1. The Middle East is more unstable than ever and there is one common thread that all of the Arab states enjoy and that is their mutual hatred of Israel.

2. The Syrian president Bashar Assad must certainly see the hand writing on the wall as dictator after dictator has been toppled. He knows that he most likely will be next despot that is deposed,  yet he continues to murder his own people in what can only be described as a ruthless disregard for human life in a maniacal attempt to hold onto his power base.

3. Obama announced that the US will pull out all of its troops from Iraq. Is the timing of this deliberate? I believe it is. With the US pulling out of Iraq the Malaki government, which I have stated before is enervated at best, will most likely cave, as sectarian violence escalates. This will make room for the strongman to come in and that is non-other than the Hashemite King of Jordan, King Abdullah II.

4. Assad has already threatened Israel, proclaiming that if he is attacked he will fire missiles at Tel Aviv.  Israel has responded to this threat by declaring that if Syria attacks Tel Aviv, the Israeli’s will strike Damascus!  I can’t help but think that the Isaiah prophecies may come into play sooner than any of us could have imagined!

5. INTEL from both Israel and Lebanon seems to point to a preemptive attack by Israeli forces to thwart Hezbollah’s expected missile attack on Tel Aviv.  If the Israeli’s attack one wonders whether Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon or Russia will jump into the fray.  If the Iranians jump in it could mean the closing of the Straights of Hormuz and the Gate of Tears and that would impact oil prices globally.

6. In addition to this, the global financial landscape grows increasingly unstable. Greece is on the verge of total collapse and I believe this has been orchestrated by the elites who want to set up a one world government.
Our dollar is at an all time low against the Yen. Are these the signs of the impending collapse that other researchers have forecasted, and warned against?

In closing today’s post: I will state here that war is imminent. It’s going to happen and I believe it is soon. If we throw in one of the volcanos that seem to be seething all over the globe in places like Iceland, South America, and Indonesia one wonders if we are seeing what I have stated are the birth pangs that Yashua/Jesus warns us will herald His second coming.
I believe that we are seeing the last moves of what I have come to call the cosmic chess match being played out before our eyes.