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  1. What does the latest hunting and killing of the dictator of the month club do for the world while the Fallen One is whispering the Syrian is next….great book on the Cosmic Chess Match BTW lots to ponder…join us on facebook if you can for a cameo appearance search link: la marzulli fan club

  2. hey thats good news I really like the
    comment section here,read it everyday
    thanks for bringing it back LA.

  3. Thanks LA. Still read your blog daily without the comments.
    Am really enjoying the daily update on Prophecy in The News too!

  4. Thanks L.A.,

    Great to see the comments section back up and running!!! I have been thinking about your analogy to the current events
    as moves in a chest match and you are right on!!! Some of the moves aren’t as obvious and only hindsight will reveal why
    something was orchestrated. I think the Ps. 83 and Isa. 17 are the next big events to watch for, and I believe tied together.

    Keep on Keepin on brother.
    Thank you for your watchful eye and GOD given talents.

  5. Yes LA, sure good to see your back and opened comments again, hope the discussions work to the good of all.

    His Blessings, Gibbs

  6. LA,, I’m with you that war is soon to erupt and that will hit us in America hard.

    I also wonder now about the plight of Libya. That don’t look good either.

  7. YAAAAYYYYY!!!! I only commented once in a while, but always loved reading the comments to see opinions and experiences from others. THANKS!!!!

  8. Lynn great to have you back this week , Thank you for your update on the middle east .I also believe its comming to a boil and Israel is right where the good book says she would be ,hated by so many (unjustly) Does anyone have advise on people who are unwittingly part of the new world order one world religion . I see so many who consider themselves Christians but are openly taking part in this evil system are we to quietly stay away from them, or attempt to educate them ? I STAND WITH ISRAEL NO MATTER WHAT!

  9. Missed you Mr. Lamarzulli and welcome back. I have not missed one day of your blog and your insight since I found your site almost eight months ago.
    God bless you for being a watcher and keeping us informed.
    Your sister from Canada.

  10. Hi LA Glad the comments are open again.
    I agree with you that war may soon break
    out again and this time with Syria. I wonder
    how much we will be involved in it if Israel
    is attacked. I don’t think this administration
    will be quick to come to the aid of Israel.

  11. If you haven’t gotten LA’s “The Cosmic Chess Match” yet, I encourage you to do so. The last 50 pages alone are worth the price of the book! You’ll see the world with a whole new set of eyes.
    LA, what instrument did you play in the Guru’s band? And have you ever been able to pick yourself out of the crowd in the “Woodstock” documentary (one of my all-time favorite films)?
    lynne w.

  12. L.A. Would this be appropiate to post here as it exposes the Elite and their long executed plan leading to the hour we live and the players involved. The Arab Spring also in their plan is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood (now they have Libya)and the squashing of Israel. Too bad in all their wisdom God has another plan for their world plan & it’s to crush them(Elite)! This man’s book/research is quite informative on what is and has been going on over the years to bring in their NWO/One Rel. Time definately’s running out for people to choose Jesus Christ. PS. re.Sandie’s post Kissinger is a devil/CFR Keep wondering why Palin was at an event kissing his cheek!!! I was always taught Birds of a feather flock together! I think this whole batch are related or kissin cousins!!

    South West Radio Ministry guest Oct.5 &6th “The Power Elite” Pt. 1 & 2 http://www.swrc.com/ministry/schedule/schedule.html

  13. Dear L.A., I shouted for joy when I saw you opened your blog for comments again. I haven’t missed a day reading your blog and I thank God for you, dear brother. Cosmic Chess Match is fantastic and I plan on buying several copies to hand out. I saw today in the news where Syrian protestors were chanting, “You are next, Bashar”. Chilling! The pieces are falling into place. I long for the return of the Rider on the white horse.

  14. I am SO glad to have the comments back opened as well LA. Thank you so much. I am so sorry for all of the “pithy” negative comments you may receive here or while doing your radio show. There are many of us who really listen to you and appreciate all of your wonderful spiritual insight. At least I don’t feel alone and like I am some kind of crazy person by being able to listen to you and read your blogs. I never missed your radio shows and miss them desperately since you discontinued them. I agree that time is about up. I feel war is imminent in the middle east as well. To me, it’s a miracle of the Lord that it hasn’t broken out by now. I expected it a few years ago but all is in the Lord’s timing. The evil ones only THINK they have the control but we know the Lord has a surprise up His sleeve for them! We win! God Bless you brother and thank you again for all of your hardwork and willingness to stand for the truths of the Lord even while many others may mock you. I guess Noah must have felt the same say while building that ark……Blessings to you.

  15. So glad to have you back Brother Lynn. Thank you for barring the doors shut for a while as I believe it helped in releiving much tension that was swelling to excess overload.

    I pray your time off helped reinvigorate the Watchman on the wall the Lord has called you to be.

    May we continue to seek the Truth of the Lord as we struggle against the enemy and his crafty tactics and discern the signs of these times we live in while we fight this Good Fight.

    Many blessings to you Brother Lynn.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  16. This is my very favorite blogging site. Thanks L.A. for re-opening it.

    I’ve just finished reading the Cosmic Chess Match and it is quite terrific..

    Rule #1. Prophecy Proves the Scriptures.

    Rule #2: Genealogies of the O.T. rpoves the birth of Christ, the 77th man from Adam. It’s just like our County Records at the courthouse.

    Rule #3: Darwin was not a credentialed PH.D in Science at all. He had a Ph.D in theology. (O.M.G.)

    • Incredible! Seems like I istened to something re. his hoax/or beliefs and NWO. So figures as an agent ! Thanks for the heads up I just read it to my grandson as they are really pusing evolution(classroom video on David Hawking) and anything International(math/metric only).

  17. I’ve just finished reading the Cosmic Chess Match. Well done! Powerful testimony brother. Keep up the great work! All praise and glory to God, in Christ Jesus name. Amen!

  18. Oops, forgot to mention that I read your book Cosmic Chessmatch. Wow!!!
    It was amazing and so looking forward to your next book. Thank you LA

  19. Thanks LA, for coming to Columbus, GA !!! Really appreciate all that you brought, during your presentation here. Lord Bless you !!

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