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Chapter 22: the Holocaust: the Deadliest Move of the Fallen One

In order to understand what happened in Germany under the Nazis in WWII, one must understand that there were dark, supernatural forces at work; and that through one man, Adolph Hitler, these Luciferian, satanic forces almost destroyed every Jew on the planet.

Towards the end of the war, trains carrying Jews east to the death camps were given preference over military transports, carrying troops and armaments badly needed by German forces.  Why?

The answer lies in what I believe was an attempt to wipe every Jew off the face of the earth.  Had Hitler been successful, and accomplished his diabolical goal, the Fallen One would have won the “re-match” because the prophecies that are stated in Ezekiel 37 would not have come to pass, thus proving the Most High God a liar.

In order to understand this we need to take a look at the time right before Hitler came to power.

We know that after 70 A.D., the Jews were scattered throughout the Roman Empire.  They tried to integrate throughout Europe and other nations, however, they tenaciously held to their religion and after hundreds of years of being persecuted in these borrowed homelands (re-read the ninth of Av chapter) a trickle of Jews began to go to the Holy Land.

This is important for us because in my opinion the Fallen One has been waiting for this time to begin because he knows only too well that the Jews will at some time be re-gathered from the four corners of the earth and reestablished in their ancient homeland, Israel.  The Fallen One is well aware of prophecy, although he doesn’t understand all the details of its fulfillment.

There are also other signs that are portends of this event.  One dramatic sign is that the latter rain that had not fallen in Israel for almost two thousand years began to fall at the turn of the 19th century. Then the earthquakes that have plagued the region for centuries suddenly stopped. Finally, the locusts that would fly up from Africa and devour crops stopped coming into the land.

All of these events are sending warning signs to the Fallen One. Rabbis who noted all of this for centuries and commented on it believed, as I do, that the lack of sufficient rainfall, earthquakes, and locusts were all the handiwork of God.  It was and still remains His land and Jerusalem is the apple off His eye.  Taken together these are the beginnings of the fulfillment of ancient prophetic texts that state:

(Ezekiel 37:14) And I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I am the LORD; I have spoken, and I will do it, declares the LORD.

 So we see that this prophecy written 2500 years prior to that time and collecting dust for all those centuries was about to be fulfilled.  This is a major move by the Most High God in that it signals what many prophecy scholars regard as the setting of the end-time clock.

The Fallen One sees this and because he is aware of prophecy, sets in motion his counter move.

Hitler as an Antichrist

We know from the writings of John the Apostle that:

(1 John 4:3)…and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

 It seems reasonable to me that the Fallen One would have his person chosen to be the antichrist always in the wings waiting to come onto the world scene, because he does not know when the time of the end is.  He does not know precisely when the Jews are going to be gathered back into the homeland, Israel.  Thus, he must maintain a vigilant watch to see what is transpiring.  Like the move he made with Herod in killing all of the children less than two years of age, he is relentless in his pursuit of dominating and controlling the earth.  He enjoys his power and as Jesus declares, which should be a sobering warning to all of us, Satan is the ruler of this world and one his many titles is the Prince of the Power of the Air.


The latter rains are beginning to fall in Israel, the locusts have stopped their migration and the earthquakes have diminished, and we have the steady trickle of Jews that are coming back into the homeland.  At this point Israel is not a nation; that won’t happen for decades, but the Fallen One is sensing that the situation is changing and so he sets his man in motion.  I believe that Hitler was satanically anointed for the task at hand.   Hitler was raised up for one purpose by the Fallen One and that purpose was to wipe out every Jew on the planet.

In Hitler we find the perfect reflection of evil.  I would go as far as to call it the face of evil.  I recently purchased a DVD series by Time/Life entitled, The Nazis: a Lesson from History.  It showed the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich.  It uncovered the occult connection that was prevalent in the Nazi party.  When watching the series I was amazed at the appeal and the mesmerizing affect Hitler had on the enormous crowds that turned out by the thousands to hear this fiery orator.  We must understand that Hitler told us in advance, in Mien Kampf, what his intentions were in regard to the Jews.

In Hitler’s words, the Jews were to blame for Germany’s defeat in WWI.  The Jews became the scapegoat for all of Germany’s woes.  They were thought of as less than human, vermin, a curse and a bane to the German people.   At first the Nazis forbade them to hold certain jobs; next came the “relocation” of entire towns to the death camps.  In the east, Poland was the site of unspeakable war crimes as entire Jewish populations of towns and villages were rounded up and shot.  Men, woman, children, the young and old alike, all were deemed to be inferior, less than human, vermin, and all were murdered.  Often the citizens of the towns watched the proceedings.

It is one of the most horrific chapters in human history, and it was, in my opinion, spawned from the gates of hell.  According to most reliable historians six million Jews who were killed in the death camps.

There are those who say that the Holocaust never happened and that the figures are greatly exaggerated.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Recently the actual blue prints of the Auschwitz concentration camp were presented to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He held the blueprints in front of the United Nations to remind everyone in the chamber of the stark realities of the Holocaust.  He then stated that his wife had lost most of her family in the death camps.  The body count in my mind stands at six million.

The death camps were horrific.  The average life span of someone was less than three months.  The women and children arriving at the camps were gassed immediately and so were the infirm or aged.  Only young men and those who were deemed fit to work were spared, at least for a short while.  The women who were attractive were spared and in some circumstances forced to “work” in brothels.  Those who went on to work as slave laborers endured some of the most unimaginable conditions to befall humans.  They were starved to death and worked without mercy. In short they were thought of as disposable shells.

Hitler and the Nazis almost succeeded in carrying out their plan.  For a while it looked as if they would bring about the death of every Jew.  Can you imagine if they had won the war?  Would they have demanded that the defeated countries hand over their Jewish populations?  The Germans did this during WWII when they demanded the Jews of the British-controlled Channel Islands to hand over their Jews.  Those who were turned in were never seen again because they were sent to the camps and killed.

The Fallen One raised up his man or antichrist for the hour, Hitler, to carry out his plan for wiping out every Jew.  It was a macro move of global, catastrophic, consequences.   Millions of lives were lost and millions more affected in ways that we will never fully grasp.  However, there was a counter move that the Fallen One did not foresee and as we shall discover, the Most High God turned the horrors of the Holocaust into the rebirth of the nation of Israel.


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